10 ways to build your mental strength

10 ways to build your mental strength

The stronger your mental strength, the higher your chances of happiness, fulfilment and achievement. So what better way to start your day then read 10 ways to Build your mental strength. I massively encourage you to take even 1 or 2 of these tips on board today.

In a world full of noise where many of us spend days firefighting, we are only as strong as our thoughts, mindset and ability to be resilientt.

So with that, through my own experience, working with 100s of clients and through my more recent successful Podcast I have learnt so much more that I want to share with you.

I hope you enjoy these short and snappy tips that I don’t just preach, I actually do on a daily basis. They have massively helped my own sanity and I have seen my mental strength increase on a weekly basis.

1. Accept your VULNERABILITY.

It’s your biggest strength if you allow it to be. We often see vulnerability as something we should hide or be ashamed off. Yet it is in our vulnerability where we draw real strength and gain experience that can build resilience and help our perception moving forward. Never be afraid of sharing your vulnerability and never feel like you are alone. You aren’t and by sharing yours and accepting it you will empower others in similar situations to do the same.

2. Exercise daily for the “GOD DAMN I LOOK GOOD NAKED” feeling.

We all know the benefits of exercise both physically and mentally. But let’s be honest, by working out consistently we will change our appearance, which will change our confidence and make us just feel so much better! Who doesn’t want to look and feel better right?

Now before you make an excuse, the internet is full of so many ways to get fitter. I have so much free resources on my Facebook page (FREE) if you’re interested.

Alongside that, I do have sustainable plans that can help you improve your overall health and fitness. But you can find this information almost anywhere. Just get going, get moving, get hydrating, get prioritising your health.

improve mental strength exercise aren deu fitness

Now, the more consistent you are with pushing your physical and mental limits through exercise the more resilient you will become. At the same time your confidence will increase. The gym for me, is a prime example of where I can control how much effort I put in. I decide how often I go.

With this in mind, I control my fate, and through the years I have achieved results I am proud of. To add to this, I have been able to take that work ethic, drive, consistency into other aspects of my life too.

3. Never ARGUE with people who don’t matter to you.

Let them annoy someone else. I have had to bite my tongue on numerous occasions but I wasn’t always capable of doing this. Never try to react on emotion and always take a step back, a few breaths and think about your response. You will likely realise that by walking away in hindsight you will be thankful you never stooped to someone else’s level.

Besides, why waste your energy and time on people who don’t matter when we all struggle to have time for people who actually matter?

4. Compare your BEAUTIFUL self with no-one.

You are beautiful. Everything about you is unique. You are your own design and creation. Don’t compare it to someone else, as you don’t know everything about them and it is likely the grass is ever greener on the other side. You should only ever look at yourself and work on being the best you can be. Your potential should be your aim, nothing else.

Alongside this, recognise who you are not too. It is one thing realising who you are, but some of us just aren’t who we think we need to be, or have to be. Embrace YOU, be YOU and show the world YOU!

5. Celebrate your SUCCESSES daily.

You don’t need to get a promotion or a new car to celebrate. Why not celebrate the small wins? Sticking to your diet, negotiating a new lead/client, working out or being kind to someone you didn’t need to be kind too? Every day, we have an opportunity to be celebrating our wins regardless of how small they may seem.

celebrate successes mental strength tips aren deu

I have seen people celebrating, making the bed, drinking enough water, or simply journaling as small wins. It is always a good momentum carrier and confidence booster to start with tasks that don’t require 10/10 effort. Sometimes doing a task that is easier to just start and get consistent with, can work in your favour. It will show you the power of compounding and consistency, and then push you to do things slightly harder. And harder. Until you are doing things that may have initially overwhelmed you.

6. Get use to being alone from time to time.

Gym, books or just NETFLIXING it up! Yes, I just made up a new word. But I highly recommend getting yourself comfortable in your own skin and being alone with your own thoughts. It may feel awkward at first, but it becomes almost therapeutic like and soon you may even enjoy it more than people! I’m just kidding, people are awesome but so are you, so give yourself some time.

I have spent the past 2 months practising solitude, and I have found it brings me inner peace. It also brings me a whole surge of creativity that has helped me produce meaningful content to help my goal of making people happier and fulfilled.

7. Change your language.

Positivity all day every day should be your mantra. It is free, it makes you smile, it keeps you optimistic and it makes you feel good. So why would you not do it? Alter words like can’t, won’t, try to can, will and do. Think about how you talk on a daily basis and work on effectively promoting positive self talk to not only yourself, but those you come in contact with.

Remember to speak to yourself, how you speak to people you care about. If you can speak to them nicely, positively and encouragingly, why can’t you do that to yourself? After all, you are the most important world in your world!

8. Never let someone’s NEGATIVE opinion affect you.

Throughout life people will make negative comments about you or to you irrespective of how hard you try to do right by them or yourself. When someone gossips or speaks negatively about someone or you, it says more about them than it does about you.

This may be more difficult, as people often give ‘haters’ more energy than they require. The best tip for this, is to see your overall vision and goal. To simply know, more people need to hear your message, than the people who criticise you, should be enough to get you firing again!

9. Be GRATEFUL every single moment you can!

It could be your last. Never forget that.

Gratitude can be as simple as your warm bed, warm water, food in the fridge, air in your lungs. It can be something you are truly happy for.

A quick tip I always do is, “if something was no longer here tomorrow” would it affect my life? If it would, then be grateful for that.

mental strength aren deu find your voice gratitude

10. SLEEP should be your #1 priority.

Never sacrifice it for the grind. Grind the hours you are awake in the day, there are plenty of them around! The science behind a lack of a sleep on concentration, output and your ability to produce the best results is resounding so always prioritise it.

I have spoken about this many times, but if you wish to know more maybe check out this incredible book by a top health professional: Sleep Smarter

Have an awesome day!
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  1. Love what you do Aren, you know that. ?
    I know I’ll get to meet up with you one day soon, I know I’ll end up giving you a big hug and probably get really emotional, but I’m ok with that because I know you will be.

    1. Thank you brother, I am definitely looking forward to that day myself. Hopefully not too far in the near future and thank you again for supporting and reading.

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