10 ways to reach your goals

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10 ways to reach your goals

Everyone wants to reach their goals and be happy, but things can get overwhelming from time to time. So I collated a quick 10 ways to reach your goals!

1. Get around better people

Okay so this sounds a little wrong. I mean what’s wrong with your current friends and peers? Well, have you ever heard that quote:

“Your network is your net worth?”

Well I really need you to understand that more than ever right now! Don’t just simply read over it. You see the chances are, if you look at the 4, 5 people you spend most of your time with, you can, the majority of the time see your net worth.

Are these current group of friends or family pushing you to be better? Do better? Or are you all in a comfortable position where you are just getting by and going through the motions?

Now I am not saying you should complete ditch those people, but in order to think bigger, do bigger things and learn the things you do not currently know, you must look elsewhere. You must expand your horizons and get around leaders, game changers and those who are either a few steps or many steps ahead.

10 ways to reach your goals network achieve and reach your goals aren deu

This, if your into the personal development arena, should inspire you to want to become more and learn of these people. I have learnt so much in my property journey by surrounding myself with those a few years ahead of me in terms of real life experience. I have learnt how to become a better podcaster for my own show, by listening to podcasts daily and studying the greats of the show.

Remember the blue print can also be found in books as well as people, but what you do need to do is level up and grow. You have to be in an environment of growth.

2. Prepare

Just like the old saying, “by failing to prepare you are preparing yourself to fail”. Now this can apply to any aspect of your life, so let’s choose the obvious example of working out.

Firstly, you need to be prioritising your health in order to achieve your goals. There truly can never be any wealth, without your health. You can accumulate all the money in the world, but if your health isn’t in check, it becomes pointless.

So, get your gym bag, or running shoes ready by your bed before you sleep. Ensure that protein shake is already stirred up in the fridge. Make sure that pint of water is by your bedside table for your to hydrate yourself first thing. These are all simple, things you can do to eliminate your chances of making excuses when you wake up!

Also, if we stick with the health side for now, your nutrition is just as important. Doing a Food shop on full stomach should always be the goal. Or else if you are anything like me, you will be in the fast food, junk aisles for the majority of the trip. It’s harder to binge on the wrong foods when they aren’t visible, so sometimes not buying things will help curb your urges too.

Now if you’re looking to implement this finally into your work place, then set your goals before you sleep. Look over them in the morning. Reaffirm the goals you have and need to achieve and imprint it, into your subconscious. Feel it, breathe it, taste it!

3. Switch it up

One of the key things I used to do with my clients was to substitute things for better alternatives rather than eliminate totally.

You see simply eliminating things from your life, is difficult. It takes an awful lot of willpower and although it’s possible to go a year without your favourite foods, it’s a lot easier to simply replace them with alternatives!

I have loads of tips of these on my fitness page if you’re interested.

4. Think smaller

Wait this isn’t telling you to dream small this is about focusing on the 1% rule! This also isn’t saying your goals that you set shouldn’t be BIG!

But hear me out for a moment, as the context of this is slightly different. So, we need to recognise it’s a hell of a lot easier to be 1% better a day than to master all your weaknesses in a week.

If you try to master all your flaws in a week, you will be overwhelmed, you will struggle and yes you will fail. But, if your only goal was to be 1% better, and you could seriously think yourself into just doing that 1% more each day, you will win. Over a long enough time line, those 1% incremental increases will compound and give you so much growth.

Getting a six-pack, will never happen, irrespective of how many sit ups you can fit into an hour, or a day. But it can happen when you dial in your sleep, nutrition, hydration and exercise over a set number of days.

achieve your goals and crush them aren deu blog 10 ways to reach your goals

So try small hacks that will develop and produce results over time.

An extra glass of water a day, 1 less takeaway a week, 5 extra calls a week to prospective clients, 5 more house viewings etc…

This will accumulate and help you over time just like Darren Hardy explains in the Compound effect!

5. Commit

Okay, so now this is where you have to just simply endure some discomfort.

You have to get used to being comfortable, being uncomfortable.

Nothing is easy, if it requires change and growth. But nothing is impossible either. I always remind myself, that if someone else has done it, why can’t I? This is the right question to ask yourself.

Now if you know you struggle with this, then you have to learn to make yourself accountable to someone. Your best friend, your wife or even better make yourself accountable to your coach! You are less likely to let others down with lame excuses!

6. Self Talk

Yes you have to be a little crazy!! I first actually started doing this myself about 8 years ago. I remember it vividly actually, because I felt a little cuckoo when I first used to do it.

I would train 3 × a day and under eat excessively 7 days a week for 18 months. Why? Well I wanted to be a boxing champion, I knew I was late to the game and I didn’t want my lack of effort to ever be the reason I failed. Now the under eating was due to a lack of nutrition and understanding at the time, but it helped me reach my weight goals!

Now during this time, I would convince myself with self talk that I was the only guy in the world mad enough to do it. That only I would endure so much pain and sacrifice so much 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now in terms of absolute truth, was I the only one? Possibly not, but did I care? Hell no!

My beliefs, in what I told myself spurred me on. They allowed me to run that last mile, do that last push up, spar that final round. You see we are the stories that we tell ourselves. So just make sure they are positive stories.

aren deu goals story find your voice blog 10 ways to reach your goals

7 Love yourself

This one is nice and short. Love yourself. You have to realise that you are the most important person in the world. Without filling your own cup up, you will never be able to fill others cups up.

Putting your own interests, health and wellness first will keep you fuelled to crush all of your goals. But remember we won’t always be perfect and some days we will get it so wrong!

But that’s okay. Try again tomorrow. Just don’t let 1 bad moment take over. Don’t be a drama queen about it!

8 Your journey

Remember this isn’t about what others are doing. This isn’t their journey. Believe it or not they have their own life and are living it, without considering you.

Only when we truly realise how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things, and how little others are actually thinking about us do we wake up! We wake up and realise, that only we can truly look after, and look out for ourselves daily. 24 hours a day, you need to be focused on your journey.

Be a better you and stay focused on your path. Never let the noise of others deter you from going to where you want. Like the great quote says:

“Comparison is the thief of joy” Never lose the joy of your own process and journey.

9. Dream oh so big!

Remember the only limit you have exists in your mind. You have to control your subconscious thoughts to believe you can achieve what you want. Not so blindly that you sit there wishfully hoping the world will change, but by taking action towards your dreams and sooner or later you will see opportunities present themselves.

Remember thinking big is the same as thinking small. It is free, it can be done right now and it can stimulate your mind to find the answers.

10 Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice Podcast aren deu authenticity excuses fears self help 10 ways to reach your goals

Okay, so I had to plug this in! My Podcast is called Find Your Voice. But there is a reason I am promoting this.

I have hit over 30,000 listens in 5 months with 125+ 5 star reviews! I have been out of my depth at times but this Podcast can teach and help you so much more:

It will help you eliminate your excuses. It will teach you to face your fears. There are lessons from market leaders to help you grow quicker, with less heartache. There are stories that will forever make you feel grateful.

Sometimes a simple change in perspective can massively alter the course of your life. I truly beleive in this more than anything I have ever done in my life.

It is 100% FREE and I am confident when you hear the stories, you will either be grateful, inspired and ready to execute on your goals!

I hope you truly found this useful and these tips help you reach your goals. Remember some goals take longer than others so do not worry if you don’t reach your goals in week 1, or year 1. Over a long enough time frame we are all capable of reaching our goals.

Have an awesome day!

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