5 ways to become more self-aware

5 ways to become more self aware by aren deu find your voice podcast

5 ways to become more self-aware

“Don’t let the past define you, instead let it refine you” #52

Aren Deu

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I’m okay

Now I am sure many of you listening to this are thinking, I am pretty self-aware, “I’m okay”. Of course, you definitely could be more self-aware than the average Joe, but what I urge you to do is to truly have an open mind for the next 2 minutes of reading this blog to see if you could, become even more self-aware!

I do believe that by being open for the next few minutes it could potentially allow you the opportunity to grow your behaviours, beliefs and self.

After all, who doesn’t want to grow as a person right?

5 ways to become more self aware by aren deu find your voice podcast

So to start I’d like to give you the shortest definition of self awareness just so we are singing from the same hymn sheet:

Self awareness falls under personal development, and in a nutshell means having a deep understanding of your values, strengths, weaknesses, habits and the common phrase YOUR WHY!

Sounds pretty powerful right? Now I am sure when you think about those things you will realise how important being self-aware is. Because if you are just moving through the world one day at a time in auto-pilot mode you could be in trouble down the road. If you are not adhering or complimenting your values, ethics you will feel a huge internal disconnect. Furthermore, if you aren’t working with strengths, weaknesses and moving towards your why, you are leaving yourself open to a life that lacks fulfilment when you look back in hindsight or take note of where you are.

So, one of the things I have realised through deliberately trying to become more self-aware is that, it has allowed me to start to create the life I want.


Now I am not sitting here saying I have the perfect life, but it is a life I have created over the past 5 years that I am very proud of. Also as I continue to work on myself, my vision for the next 5 years is so much clearer too.

You see I use to grow up thinking I wanted, a large house, swimming pool, 3 cars on the drive and have MTV coming around to do a cribs video. Anyone relate?

But through the exercises of self reflection (over a long period of time) and becoming more self-aware things changed. I swiftly realised more about who I am, who I am not and also the life I wanted to actually have.

So yes, sadly you won’t ever see me on MTV or aspiring to chase the fancy cars and houses.

But just for a moment imagine if I had not took time to work out who I wanted to become, what I wanted to achieve and where I wanted to be? I would likely have reached a destination and felt a level of dissatisfaction, unfulfillment and potentially unhappiness.

Please make sure this does not happen to you. Ignorance can be a bliss until i no longer becomes ignorance and we recognise we have been doing it wrong the whole time!

So I guess this is why I am really passionate about this topic and think we all really need to take a long hard think. We need to just take a moment to shut out the noise for a moment. Just be a little bit selfish, like my last solo episode said last week and focus on YOU. (Episode 52) This was another short episode that explained why focusing on YOU first is the best thing you can do, for yourself BUT also for others.

5 ways to become more self-aware

I digress. So anyway, as always with these short podcast episodes and blogs, I want to give value and tangible takeaways. I am not really a fan of just getting people pumped, without real useful pointers they can utilise. So with that this blog will give you 5 ways that you can become self-aware to really help you write your own story!

And remember creating the life you want isn’t the only benefit of becoming more self-aware! It is also useful for:

  • Those of you in leadership roles, to know how to lead a team better
  • Those in counselling professions, social workers (like me in my past life), education, nursing.

In fact id argue its required across all walks of life, if you truly want to be your best self and add as much value to the world as you possibly can, then its necessary! So here it is, 5 ways to become more self-aware:

1. Who are you

Know who you are & who you are not. In other words this requires some deep self awareness to recognise your own strengths & weaknesses. Remember this is not an interview question, so be honest with yourself. Write down the things you are great at. Then write the things you just aren’t too good at right now. Then you need to make an assessment on whether you need to increase that particular weakness, or continue to improve that strength. Both can work!

2. Accountability partner

Have an accountability partner. Now this works perfect if you have a business partner or a spouse, but even a sibling or friend could work. You need to of course be receptive to criticism. What? I have to openly take criticism I hear you think. Well sadly yes. But it’ll be worth it because the more you open yourself up to their feedback, the more you can potentially grow. Remember this blog and the podcast is designed to help you take control of your life. It is designed to help you grow as a person so you can effectively go out there and live on your own terms, regardless of your starting or current point in life.

3. Travel

Travel? Yes I go on about this, but I can’t stress how much it has helped me reflect. I have been so blessed to have travelled over 60 times in my life meeting people from all walks of life. Yet in that process, I have learned so much about other cultures and their way of life. Yet even more importantly about myself. I can’t talk about this enough.

But if some of you aren’t able to travel yet, due to your current circumstances then I have a quick solution. Venture into different neighbourhoods, mix with different demographics and gain an understanding for other cultures and people. You will be fascinated that we have so much in common. At a deeper root level, not superficial exterior we often showcase , we will realise what is important and how similar we are. We recognise the things that we find endearing about people, are what people showcase deep down. Compassion, kindness, trust, integrity. This is far greater than, cars, money or your Instagram follower count.

4. Meditate

Yes it is that word again, meditate. I mentioned this before but I have to stress the importance of this. You see meditation isn’t about just clearing your mind, or sitting still. In the short amount of time I have been doing it, I have realised it is about being able to present and have that awareness in a particular moment. That ability to shift into the moment, is where meditation will serve you so much in your life. Not dwelling on the past, or getting anxious about the future but instead experiencing the moment!

5. Document

Document, document, document! So I guess what I am saying here, is that you need to journal or record your progress as much as possible. The reason you need to this, is to detect your patterns and habits.

Are you realising that you are over eating on calories hence the reason your jeans don’t fit any more?

Are you recognising that your water intake is 2 cups of coffee and that’s why your pee looks like melted butter!

I could go on, but you need to think about the important things in your life, that you want to improve then document and journal about them. Recognise why you get angry at situations. Why do certain things frustrate you? Why you have some days when you have energy, and others you don’t? Could this be diet? Company? Lack of sleep? Remember:

The more details you know about yourself, the better you can manage yourself!

Aren Deu

Concluding thoughts

So there we have it. That is 5 ways to become more self-aware. Now I hope that adds some value and there’s some simple things you can incorporate into your daily habits, to help you become more self-aware. I am not an expert, so if you see me skip a day of meditation I apologise, but I must say I am lot more self-aware than I once used to be. Furthermore, simply having the openness to change and adopting the growth mindset perspective has helped me immensely!

For me, I accepted I wasn’t where I wanted to be in life, and I recognised in order to change that position, I needed to change. So for me now everything is about improving and if that means I have to take it on the chin and recognise I got it wrong, then so be it. Because the ultimate aim for me, is to work towards that perfect life of mine. To strive to be better every single day. To be able to not just help myself, but as many other people in the world as possible.

Furthermore, it is to help me Find my voice in the process, on this journey with you all and hopefully have a story that when I pass will be worth reading!

I hope you all have an amazing end to the week, or start of the week if you are reading this late and if you have any comments or feedback on this blog or the episode give me a shout. I am always open to feedback, so id love to learn more or hear if they helped you!

Thank you for your time and have an awesome day!

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