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Are you ready to Buy a Health and Fitness Program to change your life right now. Health and Fitness has been a pillar behind everything I do in life. I always try to practice what I preach too.

“There can never be wealth without your health” – Aren Deu

So just in case you don’t want to see poorly taken topless selfies, then scroll down very quickly where you can buy a fitness program that will change your health and fitness for live!

A health and fitness program for life

Remember this is not a generic cookie cutter program. Furthermore, should you buy a health and fitness program from us, you are investing in something far beyond the 12-week period. This program will teach you, as well as guide you through the process. It is why we call it  the Ultimate Fitness Bible. It will teach you about, hard work, enjoyment but most importantly to really get the results right now, sustainability and consistency.

We look forward to hearing your testimonials and seeing your progress pictures in 12 weeks time.

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So my experience, in Health & Fitness stems from a young age with a few breaks in between.

Now granted these breaks included a 5-year stint at University but since my graduation almost 8 years ago (writing this in 2019) I have dedicated my life to helping others with their health and fitness. Furthermore, I have spent years improving my own physical and mental well-being.

Alongside this I have been fortunate to have trained under Olympic boxing coaches, ABA boxing coaches, MMA European champions, MMA world ranked athletes. I am grateful to have been able to train in arenas where people are operating at the very top level, and proud I was able to keep up.

I have personal training qualifications REPS 3 with a whole heap of extra courses under my belt, such as kettlebell, pad work, spin etc.

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But the real excitement for me in transforming my 100s of clients lives. Through the accumulation of over 1500 hours on the gym floor I have not only helped people physically, but more so mentally in their journeys. I pride myself on helping people reach their potential and unlocking their talents.

I’ve yet to see anyone fail under my guidance as a performance coach. I believe this is also down to me always over delivering.

Now, for anyone who may feel that it is okay for me, or easier, let me also tell you a few things.

I feel your pain, trust me…

I was overweight when I left university. In fact i had to get from 84kg to 64kg quick!

  • I’ve lost 2.5 stones in 7 weeks.
  • I have run 7 miles in 42 minutes.
  • I’ve deadlifted 2.8 x my body weight.
  • I have squatted over 2.1 x my body weight.
  • I have benched over 1.8 x my body weight.
  • I’ve been selected for boxing nationals.
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Now these aren’t national level scores or anything to boast about, but they are proud achievements of mine when I consider I left university:

  • Being unable to run a mile.
  • Being unable to squat, dead lift or bench having never lifted a weight until 25.
  • Struggling with shyness and anxiety to training 100s of people and helping them achieve their goals.
  • Struggled for 18 months with a binge eating disorder.

I am now a firm believer, that who ever you are, whatever age you are currently at and whatever occupation you find yourself working in your health and fitness should always be your number 1 priority.

We often neglect it, thinking it will just wait for us, but it won’t.

I have seen far too many family members and friends die due to poor health so I urge you to take it seriously. I have so much free advice on my Facebook Page, the members area and online through my blogs.

There is no excuse to not put the odds in your favour daily to live a healthier lifestyle.

The 4 principles

Follow my 4 principles (free pdf in members area) and you will achieve all the health and fitness results you desire!

Now please go out there and #JustDeuIt. Go and invest in yourselves and buy a health and fitness program that you can use for life.

Please note this plan also has the added wisdom and knowledge of my brother, Ennil Deu. Ennil Deu has a degree in Sports Science and is just as responsible for making this the success it already has been.

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