Learn to love Adversity

Learn to love Adversity find your voice

Learn to love Adversity

Learn to love adversity & get used to shit F***ing up.

We all preach & quote resilience quotes, experience, perspective & knowledge but yet we still avoid or fear adversity.

Adversity at any stage, whether you like it or not will help you grow!

It’ll make the next time seem that little bit more tolerable, and that feeling of pain a little less.

It’ll make those sleepless nights less frequent & reduce those anxiety attacks.

Here’s some fuck ups i’ve had over the years I wish I had quicker:

  1. Builder robbing me
  2. Roof falling down from leak
  3. Someone breaking into my property
  4. Japanese knotweed messing up my sale
  5. Builders doing a bodge dodge
  6. Business partners using my cashflow to fund their developments on the side
  7. Deals falling through due to agents
  8. Deals falling through due to vendors
  9. Deals falling through due to buyers
  10. Trusting the wrong people with my money
  11. Trusting the wrong people with my investors money
  12. Thinking 1 exit was enough for a property
  13. Believing a course would change my life
  14. Living months comparing myself to the nonsense people spew on social media to try & gain likes & raise finance
  15. Seeing people change for money
  16. Going over budget
  17. Finding wood rot
  18. Damp problems
  19. Tenants not paying
  20. Tenants ending up in jail
  21. Losing money on deals
  22. The wrong insurance
  23. Calculating refurbs incorrectly
  24. Looking for cheaper alternatives. Cheap is expensive!
  25. Not believing in myself enough

I could go on, I promise.

I’m also sure you can relate to many of these at some stage, or will do at 1 stage.

But the fact remains that most of these are my fault. I either had insufficient knowledge beforehand or I made choices with my emotions rather than my gut & brain!

It happens, we are human. Life goes on.

But at the same time, if I had all these things happen in my first 3 years (from the start of my BTL journey almost 9 years ago) I’d be laughing today!

But 1 thing is certain.

Problems, obstacles or challenges depending on what you want to call them will always arise & show their face.

These however will only seem like adversity when it’s something you’ve never experienced.

The pain, may be similar to those earlier problems, but take a second and reflect & tell yourself.

  1. These are level 2 problems now.
  2. You’ve graduate level 1 problems.
  3. Your better, wiser & stronger.
  4. Those level 1 problems didn’t kill you, so the chances are these won’t either
  5. Level 3 problems are around the corner so I better fix these level 2 ones quickly!

Embrace failure & adversity and get use to f***king shit up!

Because having problems when you hit level 3,4 and so forth are much better problems to have.

Once they get solved the rewards are tenfold.

Have an awesome day & remember, in order to grow you need to learn to love Adversity.

Click the image below to hear real stories of adversity that may help you move forward in your life.

Learn to love Adversity find your voice

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