Find Your Voice Podcast

Why you need to listen today…

Now of course, I am biased and think every single person in the world should have access to the podcast. Now, whilst I do not sit here and claim it to be the best podcast in the world, I will state my guests are!

They have made this podcast what it is today, a self-help, empowering podcast to help you. Yes you, the listener. The podcast focuses on interviews & short bite sized episodes to help you:

  • Overcome adversity
  • Combat your excuses
  • Grow & change your mindset
  • Improve your current mental/physical health
  • Take control of your life
  • Help you find your voice
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Now, Finding Your Voice, is not for the aspiring singers amongst us either, although you still count! It is somewhat a metaphor for finding you way in life. Finding your purpose, your drive, your ambition & doing the things that make you light up! You see we are so often living a life, dictated by others. School teachers, parents, siblings, friends and family. Yet we often stop to think about what we truly want. What is in our hearts and minds.

This podcast will hopefully give you the courage and knowledge to know that you can achieve all that is within your heart. It shows you that people just like you, have been there and done it. People just like you have also experienced the trials and tribulations, just like you.

Achievements to date

Now, I could go on forever. But if you do not believe check it out for yourself. I am extremely proud to have had:

  • 90,000 listeners within 11 months
  • News & Noteworthy for 4 weeks on iTunes
  • Ranked in the Mental health charts for, Great Britain, Canada, USA & Saudi Arabia.
  • Listened to in over 40 countries
  • 167 5-star reviews on iTunes.
  • 23 5-star reviews on Google.

So for that, I am eternally grateful to anyone who has taken time out of their day to listen. Remember, its absolutely free & might just change your life….

Where do I listen you ask?

Link to the website, allowing you to subscribe on any platform.

Have you heard the Find Your Voice Podcast yet? If not, what are you waiting for?

Click the image below to check out the website & subscribe to listen for free.

Find your voice podcast aren deu self help mental health

Or maybe you want to share your story and be a guest on the hit podcast show, Find Your Voice?

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