Social media is full of pretenders

fake influencers aren deu

Social media is full of pretenders

Or as many would refer to as fake influencers.

So, a moment of reflection as I embark on my 2nd week of travelling in Japan. We have moved from Tokyo to Kyoto and soon we will hit Osaka.

As myself and my wife mingle with locals, become more present & realise that life offers opportunities to be happy, fulfilled & content at any given moment we take a moment to look back.

We took a moment to reflect on some of the daily things we see back home, and the “noise” as we call it that exists within our social media circles. I cam to the following conclusion.

Social media is full of pretenders

So often now, I am seeing people buying fake followers & trying to fabricate their influence. These are fake influencers.

I then see another set of people paying to be on stage next to real influencers. This is fine, but not when they are pretending it’s their expertise that got them the invite.

You do know I can pay £5-10k to deliver on one of those bullshit course selling, life coach hacking summits too right?

And I guess this comes down the notion of something I said yesterday. Something at least profound to me that I tweeted it out:

“The problem with today’s society is that everyone wants it yesterday. But nobody is willing to do today’s work to get it.”

Aren Deu
fake influencers social media aren deu

I may have butchered my own quote there but you get the jist. Twitter handle –> arendeu


Now this all comes down to delusion & people hearing the quote “fake it till you make it” and running with it. There has to be a fine line between delusional & realistic. Not just for those who will change the world, but even those on the journey. Yet it seems now people trying to fake it before they make it by using silly hacks. They believe hiring outsourcers from abroad, who post generic quotes of past influencers & actively engage in likes, followers that aren’t organic on pages that receive thumbs ups & love hearts from people who don’t even look real, or at the very least like they are interested in the project means they are influencers. They are not. They are fake influencers.

This is delusional people. And yes, they are delusional people. I guess they took the message behind The Secret too far, and are manifesting their future success by really building it on sand.

I digress

Now back to the pretending gig, I have 0 problems with people pretending to be who they want. For all I care you can wake up & tell me your Batman and live a life of Bruce Wayne daily. Do it. If it’s making you happy please do it.

But I get so wound up, from time to time, when people are happy to exploit any opportunity to pull the wool over nicer people’s eyes for their own gain. Both fame or monetary. They will charge for courses, coaching sessions, publications, paid speaking events where they upsell their shite, off the back of their fabricated success. This grinds my gears. It should also grind yours too. Whatever happened to people living according to the words of Gandhi:

“Be the change we want to see in the world.” – Gandhi

It makes me sick. Physically & emotionally.

It disappoints me.

It makes me almost doubt the human species.

Are we that self-centred, that for short term “success” again, subjective, we don’t care if we lie, steal (yes I’d say it goes that far) & cheat your way to the top at the expense of others?

I don’t care if you want to lie about yourself, I echo this statement a 2nd time. But why exploit people. Why not tell them 100% exactly what you did?

Why not let them know, they aren’t missing something, other than a skill shortage gap & you truly don’t have that. Why not also tell them you don’t have it because, your system is based on “pretend” metrics allowing you to become fake influencers.


Now I have been going on about this topic for a while & I am very close to unveiling some sad harsh truths soon. I sometimes I feel I need to be advocate for those more shy, timid or less confrontational.

I am going to be doing my own “exposing” as I am sick of this industry, that has provided me such a positive life. Property has allowed me to travel & see the world, develop my passions & live on my own terms. But sooner rather than later, I feel I need to speak up about these fake influencers. I need to stop them targetting people who devote their hard-earned money & savings into their pockets, or at the very least share my concerns so people can do their own research.

It can do the same for you, but it takes times people. It takes grit. It takes skilling up. It takes sweat equity. A topic for another day.

But let’s not lose hope just yet

I have travelled more than 50+ times. For this I am eternally grateful. If I don’t make it back next week, having ticked of Japan I can say my bucket list has been one I am very grateful of. In fact, I can die a happy man today, even knowing I have so much work yet to do.

But through my travels & even a select few people at home I see the greatness in people.

I see the genuine authenticity in people. There are people I see cheering you on to win, because they want you to win. Not to look like they want you to win.

I see people bend over backwards to support you, to ensure you get yours. My podcast (no shameless plug) has also enlightened me and shown me some of the best souls I have ever come across in the world. People who have genuine intent to impact the world.

And for that I am grateful and relieved. As I always live in hope & see so much hope & goodness in people across the world I want to believe we all have the ability.

But it will take some serious “balls” (I apologise for the use of this word) for people to restart, or admit their shortcomings & do it properly. Or at least should I say ethically.

Now as I begin to conclude this blog, I realise it may be my own crappy algorithms that clog my social feed with the nonsense of all these pretenders. I realise it could be my own lack of Due Diligence when vetting people. After all, I was the one who stated we should all:

“Trust but verify”

So let’s conclude anyway…

fake influencers aren deu social media find your voice

I whole heartedly urge you all to take a look at yourselves and really find honest, true contentment.

  1. What is your true calling? Not what is going to make you money.
  2. How are your social relationships? Not your likes and hearts on Instagram comments.
  3. How is your gratitude practice.

I also urge you to stop seeking external validation daily, in all the wrong places. They aren’t in Instagram likes, or Facebook pages, or on the posts you write chatting stuff you know at your core you don’t even believe.

We trust but rarely verify & get hurt by it. We go in oblivious to some moments in our life that can shape us. However, I do believe that when things go wrong & we see the light in the midst of the adversity, we can still learn from it. We can become much stronger and wiser, but sometimes my friends, it would be nice if you just stayed unhurt!

In time, we will all see things unfold before our eyes. We will realise that it is only those who truly ever put the work in, stand proud & tall when the dust settles.

And for the few pretenders who read this:

I urge you to treat people with the same respect you’d like to be treated with.

I urge you to take care of others the same way you’d want your loved ones taken care off.

Furthermore, I urge you to really think long and hard about your social media & the perception you continue to create. No amount of social validation will heal the true insecurities, trauma & pain you are trying to mask over.

Stop this fake influencers crap please. In fact, stop being fake altogether.

And on that note my sushi has arrived.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone ✌??!

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