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About Me - Aren Deu

My story...

Find your Voice and Write your own story - a movement led by Aren Deu

My name is Aren Deu and I was born and raised in Birmingham. A quick snapchat of some things I have done or am doing include:

Sales, boxing, support work, social work, project management, factory cleaning, bartending, personal training, investing, Forex, Property, YouTubing, online businesses, podcasting, public speaking etc.

However my life really started to blossom when I became financially free mid 2018 through property & helping investors create wealth. 

This allowed me the freedom to follow some of my passion projects and really discover my passions/interests.

These include:

-Family & Friends

-Health & Wellness

-Property & Business

-Podcasts & YouTube

-Charity & Coaching

-Travelling & Eating

-Blogging & Public speaking

-Self development & developing others
-Supporting & raising awareness for mental health

-Advocating on behalf of vulenrable children

-Helping towards curing cancer

-Helping people spread their message, to help others find their voice and start to write their own story!

My passion...

Find Your Voice a podcast movement helping people find their voice led by Aren Deu

I genuinely want to change the world. Now I know I can't do this alone so I need your help. I need you to change your mindset and habits and start reaching your potential. I want to help you find your voice. I know once I started to develop and find mine, my whole life changed. 

My relationships improved, my confidence grew, my mindset strengthened which gave me the courage to do the things I was always so fearful off and never thought in a million years I would do!

Remember there is nothing overly unique or special about me other than my desire to chase what I want daily. 

I assure you my only advantage is my work ethic! Other than that I am just a  guy on his journey trying to inspire those around me to follow theirs!

You can do the same if you are willing to just give it a shot and hopefully with my help do even better.

Don't let your excuses / fear crush your desire & drive to build your dreams. 

Don't let the opinions of naysayers halt you from achieving what they say is impossible because they believe it to be so.

Don't let time continue to pass you by, thinking tomorrow is always promised, it's NOT! 

#JustDeuIt #FindYourVoice