10 things to stop now

10 things to stop now

Find Your Voice

Now this list isn't exhaustive to just Podcasters, but just in the short time of my Podcast I have been able to easily distinguish 10 powerful things we all ought to stop doing NOW!

You do not need to be a podcaster in order to take these on board. These apply to all areas of life.
They are as follows:
1. Excuses.
I have yet to see anyone do well of the back of excuses. Your excuses may ease your current peace of mind, but in the long term you are depriving yourself of growing, learning lessons and moving forward towards your goals.
I made excuses as to why I should start a podcast. Yet within a month I've had 2000 downloads helping others and inspiring people to take action.
The only way to overcome excuses is via ACTION.
My guests are a combination of action men & women who have all taken complete control of their lives now.
2. Self Doubt.
There is nothing worse than self-doubt in this thing we call life. Yes don’t be deluded but doubting yourself based on only your thoughts and limited experience will cause you to never go out there and realise your potential.
I doubted whether I could host a podcast, engage with my audience and attract people to share their stories. It’s been the complete opposite once I changed my mindset.
My guests have all displayed incredible self belief moving forward into life, overcoming their adversities. As they say, that which don't kill us, only makes us stronger!
3. Accepting toxic people.
“You wouldn't let ass-holes live in your house, so why let them live in your head?”
You see, being around toxic people has its mental consequences and no positives towards bettering yourself and your future prospects.
I don't advocate completely cutting them off as this isn't always possible BUT I do believe we should limit our connections with them and begin to change our circles.
The most amazing transformations from my guests occurred when they removed themselves from circles that didn't serve them to better environments.
4. Pleasing people.
Before you wish to please other people, please yourself first. The opinion of yourself is the most important thing. Pleasing people often leads people feeling unfulfilled and putting on masks that aren't necessary in line with their own core values, beliefs and ethics.
Don’t spend your time living for someone else, instead spend your short time here living for yourself first.
The guests on this show have all found fulfilment in pleasing themselves above all else before helping others.
5. Judging others.
Before judging others, maybe we should judge ourselves. Everyone is doing the best they can, with what they have at that particular time. Judging others moves you forward how?
I have yet to see anyone doing amazing things spending their energy on judging other people. Positivity always wins as my guests always show!
6. Being late.
My own personal pet peeve, is people who aren’t punctual. We are all conscious of our time, and we all know it's our most important commodity. So what about other peoples time? Why is that not as important as your own?
For me it's a pet peeve and something that shows you value your own time more than others.
Fortunately, all my guests have been on time ;)!
7. Procrastination.
I'll get back to this point later.
A poor joke I know. But procrastination serves no-one and is just an excuse. There is no perfect time to do anything. But there is always a time to take action and then learn and improve.
You want to be great, you have to start! I am grateful my guests have all taken action to pursue their passions in live and write their own stories.
8. Fearing Failure.
The fear of failure will destroy more dreams than any failures or obstacles you will overcome taking action. Put the idea of failure away and trade it with an opportunity to learn, grow and be better.
9. Wasting Time.
Our most important commodity is time. We are going to die, soon. We may even die sooner than we think. So go out all guns blazing and make the time you have available worthwhile!
10. Waiting on validation.
I spent 2 years waiting for validation before launching my podcast. Why? Probably a combination of all the above. Now I kick myself for all the above as I could have been a better host, had more guests, share more stories and helped more people with this movement.

Find Your Voice

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Have an awesome day!

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