10 Tips to crush 2019

10 Tips to crush 2019



Surround yourself with better people! Yes you can still keep your besties around but remember you have NO obligation to stay loyal to those who bring you down, belittle you, remind you of your limitations or tell you how you can’t do something. There is also nothing stopping you finding people who think like you!

There's plenty of “us crazies” out there thinking we can change the world, knowing that 1 day we actually will!


As the saying goes, “by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail”
Gym bag by your bed before you sleep, protein shake ready for after and a pint of water by the bedside table when you wake up!

Food shops done a full stomach so you don’t pick up all the 3 for 2’s in the junk aisle. Out of sight, out of mind! It’s harder to binge on the wrong foods when they aren’t visible. It's also difficult to ignore the gym bag when you trip over it in the morning!


One of the key things I used to do with my clients was to substitute things for better alternatives rather than eliminate totally.

You see simply eliminating things from your life, is difficult. It takes an awful lot of willpower and although it’s possible to go a year without your favourite foods, it’s a lot easier to simply replace them with alternatives!

I have loads of tips of these on my fitness page if you’re interested.


Wait this isn’t telling you to dream small this is about focusing on the 1% rule!

It’s a hell of a lot easier to be 1% better a day than it is to suddenly reach your goals of becoming a millionaire, having a 6pac and sailing on a yacht in the next few weeks.

So try small hacks that will develop and produce results over time. An extra glass of water a day, 1 less takeaway a week, 5 extra calls a week to prospective clients, 5 more house viewings etc…

This will accumulate and help you over time just like Darren explains in the Compound effect!

Okay, so now this is where you have to just ENDURE some discomfort. Nothing is easy, if it requires change and growth. But nothing is impossible either. Make yourself accountable to your coach, spouse, mom, dad, brother, sister or Facebook! You are less likely to let others down with lame excuses!

Yes you have to be a little crazy!! David Goggins taught me this was okay but I did this about 8 years ago myself

I would train 3 x a day and under eat excessively 7 days a week for 18 months and convince myself I was the only guy in the world mad enough to do it. Was I? Of course, I was !

You are the stories you tell yourself! Make sure they are good ones.


Yes, we won’t always be perfect and some days we will get it so wrong! But it’s okay. Try again tomorrow. Just don’t let 1 bad moment take over. Don’t be a drama queen about it!


Remember this isn’t about what others are doing. This isn’t their journey. Believe it or not they have their own life and are living it, without considering you.

Try to do the same. Be better for you, daily.


Remember the only limit you have is in your mind. You have to control your subconncious thoughts to believe you can achieve what you want. Not so blindly that you sit there wishfully hoping the world will change, but by taking action towards your dreams and sooner or later you will see opportunities present themselves.

Okay, so I had to plug this in! 7th January in case you didn’t know but I want to be completely honest here.

I am out my depth interviewing people, but I’m not out of my depth in terms of knowing where it’ll go.

Where I want to take people, that I interview and how badly I want to inspire people to find the courage to face anxiety and go chase their dreams! Yes my mic skills have a lot of improving to do, but every artist was once an amateur right? Besides isn’t that what life’s about? Trying challenges, pushing ourselves, to do things we want, regardless of what others may say or do. To truly learn a craft and hone it for a bigger cause…

2019 is close so get ready to go find your voice and kick ass!!!

Not for me, for you.

#JustDeuIt #FindYourVoice

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