3 Books to Help You Overcome Worry, Stress, Anxiety & Find Your Purpose #64

3 Books to Help You Overcome Worry, Stress, Anxiety & Find Your Purpose #64

3 Books to Help You Overcome Worry, Stress, Anxiety & Find Your Purpose #64

I have read many books over the years, but very few have had such a profound effect on my life. These 3 books have massively helped me level up and served me well. They have helped me deal with my emotions, anxiety, stress and make better informed decisions. On top of that they have provided tangible actions that I can implement daily whilst motivating me to want to do and become more too.

I can recommend 100s of books that offer similar messages, but these 3 came straight to mind when I thought about the stages of my life where I was able to really level up and use the wisdom in these pages. They also differ from the obvious “Think & Grow Rich, As a man thinketh and other popular books people love to read”.

If you want to check these out, I’ve provided links below:


The Chimp Paradox – Dr Steve Peters


This book will help you control your emotions to help you act in your own best interest when you make decisions.

“The Person that you want to be is, the person that you really are” – Dr Steve Peters


How to stop worrying & Start Living


This will help you put stop losses on stresses and grief. It will help you when you suffer with overwhelm or confusion. Allow you to manage today, not consumed by yesterday or fearful of tomorrow.

“You can sing only what you are. You can paint only what you are. You must be what your experiences, your environment, and your heredity have made you. For better or for worse, you must play your own little instrument in the orchestra of life.” 


The Power of Purpose: Les Brown


This is about finding your purpose, hence the title. But it is about getting out of your own way, writing your own story, overcoming your obstacles.  It will force you to question yourself and your current situation. It will also help you:

Experiencing your freedom and power, focus on your greatness, guard yourself against negativity and live each day being true to yourself.

“Ask yourself, What do I really want out of my life?” – Les Brown

I hope this episode and books add value to your life in the same way it added to mine.

Thanks for listening

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