5 Health Tips

5 Quick HEALTH trends you should stop doing NOW!
Most of you know I am also a Personal Trainer. I have done more than 1200+ hours with 100 hours more research & learning during that time.
So below I’ve added some Myths you really should question and IF you are doing, IGNORE!

    A common one still being spoken about today is the scaremongering about the times you eat your food!
    People still think that IF you eat at 6.01pm as opposed to 5.59pm you will start to get FAT.
    Can we just let that sink in for a second?
    Do you truly believe your body is thinking, my god its now suddenly 6.01pm (remembering that time is a man made concept) I guess i’ll store this as fat.
    No! Your overall energy balance is what matters. Thermodynamics.
    So often, we have people scaring themselves of CARBS. It was the same with FAT back in the day.
    Carbs (just like Protein & Fat) will make you ADD FAT if you are consuming more calories than you burn off. That is a FACT.
    Carbs however (just like Protein & Fat) will NOT make you add FAT if you are eating within your caloric limits.
    The amount of people who are eating 50g of carbs a day wondering why their gym performances suck & they feel lethargic and moody all the time.
    Now I recently spoke about this on my fitness page, which I shared here. It’s not a miracle cure & IF you are doing it, check out that post over at Channel Your Strength
    These wind me up the most. The amount of times I get approached to sell juices & shakes that promote instant FAT loss in incredible. In fact, If I didn’t have a conscious and wanted to make some quick £££ I’d probably promote it!
    A few things on this:
    a) You lose weight because you are consuming so little calories. Most of these hit around 1200 a day which can be done just as easily with a bowl of porridge, fruit, protein shake, chicken, eggs and vegetables….and even throwing in a biscuit!
    b) How sustainable is this? Do you want to rely upon shakes to fill you upper 365 days? What about birthdays, eating out, social gatherings or parties?
    c) Is the price of these things really worth it? You would probably save a lot of money if you just went to a health shop and brought a green powder (which will replace the nutrients and vitamins they boast about) & then tailor your daily caloric needs with your own foods!
    I could speak about this for ages! But if you are lifting light weights for reps because you want to get ‘toned’ please just stop it now.
    You need to add muscle and lose fat.
    Higher reps however do help with endurance, but for anyone looking to lose FAT then higher reps should be a priority.
    8-12 REPS is a sweet spot.
    Where if you can only manage 6 reps, its too heavy for you & if you can manage 16 its too light!
    Hopefully THAT helps! For any other tips & tricks, check out my
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aren.deu/
    Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/channelyourstrength/
    Have an Awesome day!


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