5 Ways on How to Become More Self Aware #54

5 Ways on How to Become More Self Aware #54

“We need to know why we do what we do” by Aren Deu #54

5 ways to become more self aware. Self awareness has become one of the biggest areas of personal development for me and has helped me massively create the life I want. So as a result, I feel obligated once more to share this with you. I don’t just share the importance of self awareness however, I also provide 5 ways you can literally start to become self aware starting today!

This is where I hope you take action and really start controlling your life. Sooner or later, if you incorporate just some of these measures you will see very swiftly how different your life is. It has been a catalyst in my journey and something I deliberately focus on as much as possible.

The 5 ways discussed in this episode to become more self aware are:

1. Know who you are & who you are not.

2. Have an accountability partner

3. Travel

4. Meditate

5. Document

I hope you all have an amazing end to the week, or start of the week if you are listening to this late and if you have any comments or feedback on this episode give me a shout, id love to learn more or hear if they helped you!

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