5 Ways to Be Happy Now, Proven by Science #62

5 Ways to Be Happy Now, Proven by Science #62

5 Ways to Be Happy, Backed by Science #62 – By Aren Deu

So Happiness is the #1 goal for us all. There is nobody I have yet met in this world who does not want to be happy. Yet we often forget that this is the key, and we chase elusive goals or pursuit materialistic things that serve us no real long term purpose or fulfilment.

So what I did was do a bit of research and find 5 proven happiness hacks that you can literally implement today, to help you improve your overall mood and live a much better life.

The 5 are:

  1. Becoming aware and recognising your good & bad emotions
  2. Social Connections
  3. Master something + Progression
  4. Know when to say No
  5. Spend money on experiences & not things!

Now whether these are new to you or not, these work! So I need you to recognise them and really try to implement them in your day to day life. I promise you they will help you move the needle forward in your life.

Reach out, if you are ever having difficulty too, I am always hear to act as a soundboard as and when time permits.

Thanks for listening

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