5 Ways to be Kind to Yourself, When You Feel Low #58

5 Ways to be Kind to Yourself, When You Feel Low #58

“Do Not Feel Guilty, For Prioritising Your Mental & Physical Health” by Aren Deu #58

So having these funky days, where everything seems grim, gloomy and life seems a little bleurgh!

Motivation is low, excitement is non-existent and you just sit there thinking what the hell is going on in my head?

Why am I feeling this way?

Why have I suddenly started feeling bad, or low when yesterday was perfect?

Why have I suddenly started feeling low when I have so much to look forward too.

So what I did on this very spontaneous episode, was to speak about what I actually did on my last “funky” / “low” day. Because let’s be honest we can all preach over and over what we should do. But saying and doing are the 2 completely different things. So for that reason, I have given a 100% transparent account of what I did on my last “funky” day!

Yes it could be better, but it could have been worse too. What I want this episode and previous episodes to show you, is that there is no blueprint for this. But there are many ways to mitigate the adverse effects and try and move the needle back to a happier you!

I hope you find this useful, and if you are ever feeling low please do reach out!

PS for those of you have listened to my podcasts for a while, you have seen some of these short fire episodes to give you tangible takeaways. If you are new however, please check out the episodes on Self Love & Self Awareness tips previously. These are Episode #52 & #54 which I believe will massively help you move forward in life, and maintain a more positive mental state.

5 Tips recommended in this Podcast:

  1. Make sure you take time out for you
  2. Treat yourself
  3. Know it will never lasts forever
  4. Be compassionate to yourself
  5. Speak to someone you love/trust

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