Addressing Suicide Prevention & Mental Health with YouTake10 founder Chelsea #61

Addressing Suicide Prevention & Mental Health with YouTake10 founder Chelsea #61

“Kindness matters, matched with uncomfortability” by Chelsea Von #61

The journey of finding one’s individual purpose is crucial for us all to really understand what we are meant to do in this very short space of time on this Earth. For Chelsea, this came through seeing her parents battle with mental health, bipolar disorder and seeing her own mom tragically take her life. Chelsea has had to grow up quicker than most and deal with her own mental health having seen the ill effects that it can have, not just on day-to-day life but also for those of us who struggle to continue. Now starting her initiative of the YouTake10 Project,

Chelsea is trying to change the conversation and to create and spread awareness of kindness, compassion but more so, ensuring she addresses the mental health and suicide stigmas that exist.

This was our first ever live YouTube recording, where you will see mistakes, nervousness, but raw genuine conversations about what we both believe can help people move forward. Chelsea shares her deepest vulnerabilities and stories to hopefully spread light and help others recognise that they are not alone. That together we are strong, with kindness and compassion and together we can learn to manage our own well-being better, so that we can then serve others much better.

I urge you all to please follow and support this amazing project, The YouTake10 Project. It is one that I feel strongly about and believe will change the future for so many people.

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