Things I cant live without!

Daily Journal

Journal My pro planner

My Pro Planner has changed my life and helped me hit my goals. The only diary that lets you record and track: Income, affirmations, gratitude, progress, hourly plan your days, measure your progress & so much more! 

Worth every penny. Now I just have to find a place for my other 20 useless diaries!

Coffee alternative

Chaga Mushroom Powder Coffee

My alternative to a morning cup of coffee with 100 +  health benefits! No jitters, no crashes post consumption. Just a vegan friendly nutrient dense health supporting natural powder!

Also reccomended by Shawn Stevenson so you don't have to take my word for it.

Gym gear

Gym wrist wraps

One of my go to essentials when throwing around weights in the weight room. The most effective support I have used.

Ideally you should always aim to work build your strength but as you progress, or age like me, supports are crucial for longevity and performance.

Body Tracker


So I am an advocate for otimising health over fretting over your weight. But this beauty is something I use regularly as it gives you a baseline to measure and monitor your progress.

It may not be 100% accurate but you can monitor your BMI, Body Fat, Water Percentage, Skeletal Muscle Rate, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Protein, BMR and Metabolic Age and of course your weight!

Tumeric tablets


So if you follow me on social media I have this every morning. It helps with my immune system, but my god does it taste awful in non tablet form.

So recently I have switched to this! No gagging and all the health benefits -1420mg dosage!

Sleep Smarter


One of the most overlooked and important things we need to understand and master in our life, SLEEP!

The importane of sleep hit home reading this and it changed not only my physical output but more importantly my mental focus, attention, mood and performance.