Building a business as husband and wife #10

Building a business as husband and wife #10

Find your voice – Episode #10 – Building a business with your loved one – Manny & Ras

Tagline: Good things happen to good people – A story by the Co-Founders of Build My Gift, Manny & Ras


Driven by a passion for business and making a difference in the gifting world, husband and wife co-founders Manny & Ras launched Build My Gift in 2017. Within this time they have been featured in Glamour, Bazaar, This Morning, GQ, Forbes, Metro, Brides and now Find Your Voice!

In this episode we get a behind the scenes understanding of what it truly takes to build a business from scratch and hear about a few obstacles they have faced on the way.

A raw and honest interview showcasing the highs and lows, which truly gives us all a great insight into the wonderful minds behind this key concept but also about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Now with over 500 products, and an everlasting increasing product portfolio, they have mastered the art of controlling overwhelm with their intuitive website helping you make decisions to suit your loved ones.

As the brand continues to grow and more wonderful memories continue to get shared with the Build My Gift experience, I urge to you follow their journey below.

Plus with mothers day around the corner and many birthdays, weddings, celebrations and opportunities to just do something nice for someone, Build My Gift is the perfect place for you to get started.

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welcome to an episode of find your voice

a movement led by yours truly

Aren do a guy who has overcome

crippling anxiety adversity and

difficulty like so many of you in life

whose main goal now is to help you

combat your excuses take control of your

life write your own story and most

importantly find your voice so now

without further ado I welcome the host

of the show himself mr. Aren do what’s

going on people thank you for tuning in

to another episode of find your voice my

name is Aren and as always I am the

host of the show so I’m extremely

excited today because it’s a milestone

for me it’s my first ever power couple

and the beautiful thing about this pile

couple is not only are they business

partners who have started this

incredible business from scratch

they’re also married as well so it’s

gonna be interesting to kind of

understand the dynamics of what what

it’s like to obviously start your own

business but to working with your other

half so I’m extremely excited to get

this going there are very very dear

friends of mine so for that reason it

was a no brainer to bring them on the

show and more importantly I’ve actually

used their service I think it’s about

five times now and I hope I’ve passed it

over to my mom and I’ve also passed it

over to my brother-in-law as well so

it’s something that I highly highly

highly recommend and in relation to

their service it launched in 2017 you’ve

probably heard the name I mean they have

been featured on television and in some

major pop up stores but I’m gonna leave

them to tell us all about that so

without further ado let’s get this

interview on the way okay brilliant

okay so I am sitting here today with two

of my good friends and this interview is

really exciting for me because it’s the

first time I’m actually interviewing two

people at once now the exciting thing

about this interview is that this is a

power couple this is about

entrepreneurship and it’s also about

business but another exciting thing to

add to that is they’re also a married

couple so it’s gonna be really

interesting to see how this plays out

and so I’d like to start by welcoming

Russ and money to the show

how’re you guys doing today yeah good

thank you

thanks for having us you’re very welcome

very welcome thank you for coming down

so I think it’s really important

obviously for the listeners of the show

to kind of get an insight in relation

about you guys so we’ll go with ladies

first rise if you could just tell us a

little bit about yourself and then after

that if money you want to talk about

yourself as well okay so I am co-founder

of my gift and so we launched but my

gift in 2017 but prior to that my

background is working within HR so I

worked in London for several years for a

luxury goods firm and then I moved up

north and worked for the BBC as well

Oh brilliant I’m you new University yeah

so I I studied sociology at University

that was my BA I then went on to do my

masters in education policy at King’s

College and then I did a second master’s

in human resource management as well

fantastic yeah money about yourself yes

so I went to university Aston University

where as well we met yeah yeah feels

like a long time ago and then graduated

in 2010 and wasn’t sure what path I

wanted to take and my family was

involved in family businesses and things

I’ve always been involved in that so I

naturally took that path I felt like it

was the right thing to do and I’ve been

involved in that ever since I’m still

involved in that heavily and me and Ross

have known each other over eight years

now we got married in 2015 and yeah we

decided to take this chance with Bill my

gift in 2017 and we haven’t looked back

really okay thank plastic so it’s

interesting that obviously Rhys you know

just collecting masters which isn’t

really directly I suppose linked to kind

of entrepreneurship and business what

made you go into that was that kind of

Manny’s influence because obviously he’s

family into business before or was it

something that you’ve always wanted to

do it isn’t really at all I think

working within HR that’s something that

I was really passionate about and I

really did enjoy it was just really the

we stumbled across an idea that we

thought there was a gap in the market we

mulled over it for you know sever

months and then we decided to take the

plunge and I suppose with his

entrepreneurial background we kind of

thought okay well we do have some

experience and some skills to bring

forward and we can kind of merge the two

obviously with me working with within

the luxury goods sector as well we could

kind of bring those together combined to

not block my gift brilliant okay so how

did the build my gift idea come about

then so advisers just touched on you

look at your skills and what you can

both bring to the table how did this

concept come about because I want the

listeners to understand this I have used

this so it’s not something that I’m just

saying yes oh good yeah gift it makes my

life so much easier yeah because when it

comes to giving gifts for loved ones and

stuff it’s literally if it’s for you for

your parents or you you’re at the heart

and go and they just let all these

amazing wonderful things but again I’ll

let you guys go into that yeah so how

did the idea come about I think that my

cousin actually was in hospice talk this

is going back at the beginning of the

year we launched and and we were mulling

over you know what’s what’s a good gift

to give her you know flowers and things

and so standard these days and the same

old thing and a lot of hospitals

actually don’t even allow him and we

were thinking and rats was thinking you

know wouldn’t it be nice if I could just

get a few things from different places

and put a gift together and build a nice

box for her and but it would just take

me forever and I was like that’ll take

you for a ages and hey who’s got time to

shop around and to do the research to

find a box to wrap it up make it look

nice and then send it that’s it there’s

so much effort and time and maybe you

will get the odd person who’s willing to

do that but 99% of people think you know

that’s a bit much and then we said you

know there’s nothing out there that’s

like that there’s nothing out there that

actually fits that kind of gap in the

market that we’re thinking and then we

modeled it over B research and research

and research you know it’s important to

do that and we’ve thought it over and we

you know the name was important and the

website and everything and so yeah

that’s how it really came about that’s

interesting so that’s your story behind

it there I never actually knew that one

yeah one of the reasons I support is

because I always support my friends and

family’s businesses as I always advocate

people should do and it is a fantastic

thing like I’ve used it once also this

is so easy this year

and then why did is a Tamil mom to do

yeah so I’m trying to spread the weight

but I think that story’s really

important as well

yeah because I’m pretty certain there’s

there’s listeners out there who have got

that same predicament whether it’s

somebody in hospital or whether it’s

just that special occasion or something

and you guys I mean through your website

and stuff you just make life so much

easier it’s trying to bring people

together make relationships stronger

basically that’s what you know the

premise of the business that’s what it’s

all about the foundation I’ve built my

gift it’s trying to keep people

connected and we’ve got orders coming in

from you know Australia to be delivered

in London from the UK to be delivered in

New York so it really is connecting

people all around the world yeah because

I think a big part of us as a couple and

maybe you know our culture in general is

relationships meet you know should be

strong Kingdom strong and and I always

believe that you know you might not

always see each other but if you message

each other or send a gift you know

something between you have relationship

is so strong and that’s the whole

premise like Russ said about don’t my

gift it’s all about letting that person

know you thinking about them and you

know we make it easy you know it’s it’s

I don’t want to obviously boast about is

that it wouldn’t make it so easy and and

you know it’s literally three steps and

it’s done so so he was the brains behind

was it I would say Russ to be honest I

haven’t heart you know Russ is

definitely more creative yeah she she

has been the forefront of the business

and I still divide my time between this

business and my family business okay

which it means sometimes you know my

brain is a bit it’s hard to juggle the

tooth and whatnot but rath definitely is

someone who knows what she’s doing when

it comes to business yeah fantastic okay

so what I want to know then so I like to

understand the life of an entrepreneur

and successful people and like their

daily habits because I’m just I’m just

intrigued by that because I think as a

listen if there’s somebody out there who

wants to perhaps become an entrepreneur

do something out of the norm I think

habits and discipline is really

important at least for myself so what’s

a day

in BMG no my gift for you both from the

moment you wake up oh there’s no another

thing any entrepreneur will say there’s

no day is the same really and it could

be kind of you know one of our peak

occasions so Christmas Valentine’s

Mother’s Day and all we’ll be doing is

orders preparation of orders to get

those out you know there might be other

things such as top management we may be

out and we may have a day full of

meetings so business development you

know networking opportunities it really

really does vary day to day to be honest

in value and you split your time are you

doing two separate things or are you

kind of working together on those tasks

that you mentioned that we do work

together so if we if we have you know

focusing on business development for a

day we’ll always try and set aside at

least a day a week or a day fortnight

where we are going to take you know take

time out of the business to go out and

about and meet people say potential

customers potential corporate clients

things like that really and also

potential suppliers too but again you

know if it’s orders we take time when we

work together to ensure that those

orders are fulfilled and we get those

out then time what we tend to do is the

night before every single night before

the next day we’ll make a list pretty of

what we’re going to do the next day Russ

is kind of the king the king of about

jobs and I’d like to do that I think we

beat one thing that’s very similar about

us is we’d like to take off listen we

like to cross things off you know the

longer the list the more you think that

morning actually this is what we’ve got

head this day organized

you know if it’s a meeting that day we

will be you know make sure that we take

a laptop and that we if we’re going on a

train we go Wi-Fi and we’re still

emailing constantly got to be you’ve got

to be available for customers for

suppliers for potential clients as well

corporate clients are always on the go

you know we’re always available on the

phone or an email as well whether you

know we’re gonna meet teens or whatnot

for their yeah I think that’s a really

important point because that rise

touched on being an entrepreneur

nowadays the same mm-my probably worst

trait is that I find myself firefight in

every day so the day kind of dictates me

hmm it doesn’t happen all the time when

I’m disciplined and I’ve got my routine

I kind of do what you guys do I’m in

full flow and I enjoy it so that’s

something I’d recommend to listeners

just plan your day before because what

happens is you wake up you pick up your

phone you look at your Facebook and your

emails and all of a sudden you’re

responding to the world as opposed to do

what you need to do in order to move

forward so that’s really interesting

just on that then so I know this I know

the answer but just for the listeners

could you just then maybe tell us some

of the clients that you work with

because I’ve seen some big names and

you’ve done some amazing things and

we’re really fortunate and lucky to be

working with some great corporate

clients out there at the moment and more

recently we’ve just secured an

opportunity with Adobe so one of the

biggest tech firms in the world really

so we’re really excited at the

opportunity to be working for them

another kind of couple of clients we’ve

got a courier and logistics firm that we

work with so and BJ’s home delivery we

work with a local business in Cheshire

we’re web-based to flow create and we

are also working with the Dorchester

Hotel in London – wow that’s fantastic

and you’ve also been in shops as well

yeah so we did a pop-up store over

Christmas in Topshop and Oxford High

Street I can ask that yeah holidays and

I mean it was a it was a massive massive

thing for us you know it was the

flagship store and we couldn’t have been

in a more centralized position in the

whole world essentially comes to look


as far dessert and we were you know we

were stretched I’m be honest respectin

and a whole operation to London but it

was it was a massive thing so it’s a

huge kudos to a company to be there

absolutely yeah and you just said you a

firefighter I suppose sometimes that’s

how you learn yeah and obviously next

time you’re better equipped yeah I’m

your person no that’s fantastic

okay so we’ve touched on just a couple

of ups and downs there as with an

entrepreneur it’s a life of ups and

downs for anyone that tells you

different they’re lying at least that’s

my opinion yeah definitely yeah what’s

been the main obstacle and since

starting your journey in build my gift

and how did you overcome this well last

year we featured for the first time on

TV this morning which is a massive thing

but you don’t realize how much different

it actually happens to you when it

happened we were like okay this is big

yeah you know are we you use this and

lytx tool that tells you how many

visitors you have on the site and and

you were used to usually seeing maybe

double figures maximum is going to

triple figures and I was flying this

flying this is at one time you know

visitors to the site at a time and it

was flying to the extent where the site

crashed and you know okay that’s one

thing but a number of orders came in not

hundreds of orders that come in and we

were like okay this is amazing you know

we made it this is amazing but then you

suddenly realize well we’ve got to

fulfill these orders and Mother’s Day is

around the corner Mother’s Day I think

they add right on the Wednesday and

Mother’s Day was on the Sunday bearing

in mind Saturday delivery isn’t really

an option

mm-hmm unless people have paid extra I

was eating into your you know you would

give profits really so you know

operationalize it was a very big

challenge you know at the time that was

just the two of us we had family support

but you know family will always support

you but they’ll never know the business

like you do boss of course um so yeah

although it was an obstacle I think it

was a great opportunity as well but a

really good learning curve I didn’t

anticipate the demand and it was it was

great you can never know that demand

you know anyone unless they’ve been in

that world that before they will never

know of course what will happen and our

business although it’s make it simple

it’s easy we put a lot of effort into

each gift we want it to look nice we

want it to be special when that person

opens it so you know when you’ve got

hundreds of orders to do it’s difficult

to achieve

you know you’ve got to find a balance

basically and it was I mean we we did it

up until about 5:00 a.m. that my two

hours and we’re up at 7:00 a.m. you

gotta work with over there yeah yeah you

know recommendation and loyalty and

reviews of massive businesses like any

e-commerce business and and for us you

know you’ve got to make sure you do it


fantastic and I can’t promise you the

same recognition as this morning from

this podcast just to get at least five

six whatever it is because I’m very

confident that whoever does buy

something from yourselves similar to

myself don’t be a repeat customer yeah I

mean when I signed six months ago

done it like three or four times yeah

and it like I said it’s so much easier

than googling around and then trying to

fit something from Amazon there’s

something from eBay or whatever it is

so yeah you know I would say you know at

least one in ten customers is a repeat

guys taking time to really make sure

that you think about how you present it

because it’s presented a nice and

definitely all packaged in there

everything yes I’m fantastic good stuff

okay so what’s the best thing about

owning your own business I think the

flexibility to make decisions your way

ultimately if you’re employed by

somebody else you have a manager who you

need to maybe cross-reference something

with and the final decision on certain

certain matters will be made by their

more people more senior to you and so

really all of the decisions in our

business are made by us so having that

freedom to do that really it’s quite

nice would you agree money I think yeah

definitely I think another thing that I

love about this business is the fact

that you meet new people you know you’re

meeting people you’re growing your


before we started this journey I do feel

as that as much as you know people

you’re very close as a person you you

only want to know people who you kind of

bump into already in life and whatnot

you’re not going you’re not putting

yourself out there you’re not really you

know attending events and parties that

we are now you know you don’t know

you’re not really experiencing that side

of life and then now we do we put

ourselves out there we attend award

shows we attend networking events we

attend meeting after meeting with

massive corporate people who we never

would have met before and you know I

sometimes that can pitch myself and

think well you know we’re just in the

Dorchester Hotel absolutely meeting you

know they’re client services director

and when when would we ever I was just

talking to her about cricket you know it

kind of opens a whole new world for you

and which is only become possible

because of this business and the hard

work you guys have wait that’s right

yeah and the worst thing about owning

your own business so you’re not going to

know everything about running the

business I suppose and it’s always going

to be bookkeeping that’s the worst thing

you know paperwork and the admin side of

things and that can be quite heavy and

you want to be focused on doing all the

creative fun elements of the business

but you also have to keep those gaps you

do the basics as well

I can’t think actually what what else

would I would say sometimes I do think

that you know with us being married mmm

the business has taken over a lot of our

conversation a lot of recipes you know

pressing and everything in our lives

because it’s just that it’s a massive

part of us sometimes I don’t know Russ

sometimes feels this as well as that you

know has it almost become as if you know

our business has become us and we’ve

lost each you know as a couple who we

work for that it kind of it’s hard to

remember a time before the business

although we haven’t you know it’s only

been two years or so but it’s hard to

remember a time when it was just me and

her and I understand that yeah I

understand that for a simple fact that

I’ve obviously try to juggle multiple

businesses myself yeah my wife works

full-time and then she’s coming home to


for business and literally we don’t see

each other as we’re in the same house

but and if we do see each other in fact

it’s probably from our peripheral vision

because we’re like this yeah and I

forward and we’re just way it happens

they’re working that we’re on where they

said that and today actually it’s the

first time we’re going for a meal and

I’m actually really looking forward to

it because similar to what you just said

there I was like cher like we haven’t

spoke about life we’re just us or

anything you don’t want it you don’t

want to forget that yeah and this was up

to you I was gonna ask you guys so I can

imagine it is brilliant because your

best mates you’re married and you you’re

on this vision and you creating this

amazing business but then you are gonna

have that aspect of the whole you must

do bicker do you have I think you know

as any relationship you will always have

your little bickering moments but I

think when it comes to the business we

always put those aside no matter what

because we share that common goal and

we’re so motivated and determined to

make that success so you know we may

have had a small little petty argument

over something but when it comes to the

business we move on I think the business

helps and hinders and those things that

it helps in the sense that and sometimes

library said if you’ve got it you know

any any couple could sometimes have a

minor minor it should be deter but if

you’ve got a common goal that common

love which is the business you put

everything aside for the business and

you know you get over something ego

asari quick so listen what moves this

business for exactly exactly and you

gotta think you could have been mature

and you’ve got to think you know forget

yeah you know forget that my food was

calm and but you know similarly because

we are working together in a business

24/7 you spend so much time with each

other you talk constantly even when

you’re not with each other we’re texting

about the business or not it can lead to

sometimes you know you know minor

disagreements the wrath sometimes has

her opinion on something sometimes I

have my opinion on how we should do

something and you are gonna have that

kind of election that’s inevitable I

know two people who work in a business

who aren’t married are gonna have that

same issues absolutely absolutely so

yeah yeah

you know each of this opinion and

actually then finding a middle ground

but the fact that we’re married allows

us to kind of be honest you know if

you’re if you’re doing if you’re running

a business with somebody that you don’t

know so well or as a friend

it’s can be awkward how about you sage

have that conversation or be honest as

they’d like I don’t like your idea you

know I don’t think you do the right

thing here but with me and Rass you know

we’ve known each other for so long voice

of course you can be so honest I’ll say

exactly – yeah and that she dances ah

that’s good but you know that you you

know you have that kind of love for that

person that you accept what they say

sometimes you know you might take a bit

but then it’s fine because you’re

married in this you know it’s this no

more so and at the end of the day and

the key thing is you both want each

other to win that’s right and you both

want to win and I I did that sigh you

know I’ve had to put my ego aside and

stuff as occurs sometimes you wanna win

the argument and I was immature back in

the down I was always trying to win the

argument where is now it’s like if I win

the argument and upset my wife then who

really wins here like anything we both

release so now it’s like actually I want

that person to win so let’s just look at

it rationally hmm and then what muses

Falls so yeah exactly exactly a nothing

very mature yeah yeah I love it

okay so one piece of advice that you

could give to somebody now who’s maybe

thinking you know I’m in a nine-to-five

similar to how you guys could have been

denied two fives coming out of

university raspberry they’re ten masters

so you think in I’m gonna just jump into

a job what advice would you give them

just one piece of advice in terms of

going into entrepreneurship I would say

make sure you know exactly your industry

that you’re going into research your lot

yeah your market your competitors what

you’re offering you know make sure it’s

it’s something that you know that

industry inside out because if you take

a risk and you go for something like

that and you know you kind of fall short

a little bit you know your first

impressions everything to people if you

don’t get your website up to scratch and

if it is an e-commerce business for

example or if you don’t know what you’re

doing is in meetings and things and you

kind of you leave a lasting impression

your first impression is important he’ll

be spend a lot of time perfecting our

process our offering as a product the

brands that we work with and the website

tweaking and tweaking we delayed our

launch and we delayed and delay the

people who like what you’re doing you’re

gonna miss Christmas you know what

you’re doing and but we were like it’s

important that the website is top-notch

because if it’s not people will remember

and then work on that of course you’ve

got premium products yeah exactly yeah I

mean our business is all about you know

premium and while known brands and if

you want to work alongside those brands

and you want to come across like that

you need to make sure there is no

amateur and nothing is along the chain

because that’s your market audience yes

I would say that personally mm-hmm

ya know 100 percent I mean although we

had the initial concept I’d say at the

start of 2017

it was researching that and then you

know going into launch so it was a lot

of back-and-forth a lot of perfecting

and getting things right and we didn’t

get it perfect even then you know and

yes you may launch a business and thing

actually yes this is great but it’s

taking on board feedback from customers

from the people around you your network

and and continuously improving on that

as well I agree I love the word perfect

exists in terms of like business or no I

ever you do because there’s always

something and we are our own biggest

critics as well ya know something and

what we always try and do is the best

that we can do in that moment

ya know in hindsight we let this history

you know I lost can’t be my time that I

said oh I wish I’d said that yeah sure

than that and we even on the way here

said let’s make a few notes because I

don’t want to leave this podcast and

think oh you know what I could have

given this advice I think you won’t

forget happens in the time you have

forget to ask you something yeah but is

what it is but hopefully after this

you’ll get people reaching out to you


sliding into DMS and then more

importantly easing bill my gift so yeah

definitely you’ll be fine okay so what’s

your motivation then moving forward now

to the end of this year what one thing

would you like to happen

they really grow the corporate side of

the business and when we first launched

bill my gifts it was focused on the BTC

market and that’s the online platform

that we had but you know BTC for the

listeners join expand on that sorry yes

mr. consumer market side of the business

so and we had the online platform of

course but for us you know we really do

see there is potential and opportunity

for the corporate side of our business

and to continue growing and building on

that is really really important for us I

think oh yeah yeah definitely I think we

see a lot of potential with corporate

and weddings I don’t know if you’ve

noticed we’ve started working with more

and more businesses like you said and

and wedding planners and things like

that and when we first launched the

business we didn’t have any idea about

this thing you know we we felt like it

was an opportunity said we needed a gift

that we wanted to give someone and we

just thought I wouldn’t be nice for an

everyday person to have to access this

and no idea that you know this this kind

of a kind of model would work for

businesses it would work for events and

work for wedding for couples all sorts

of things and as you go along you learn

more and more and we’ve really grown

that side of the business especially

back end of last year and the beginning

of this year I mean we’ve really pushed

on and I know twelve months from now

we’ll be like well last year we really

yeah and you’re probably over another

opportunity were you thinking yeah we

never thought this exactly yeah and

that’s the beautiful thing

yes games and and it gives you it gives

you a lot of hope and it gives you a lot

of confidence that yeah you know this

business model has a lot of avenues to

pursue and you know we’re not done yeah

absolutely just to start yeah exactly

fantastic okay

okay fantastic so you’ve heard the

buzzer go off now so now we’re at the

fun part of the show and again I’ve

never done this before with two

different people so I’m gonna do is I’m

gonna put rather money through their

paces for 60 seconds asking them the

most random questions okay and in true

family fortune style you can’t repeat

the same answer advice okay money yep

cool I’m gonna start with you Reza

we’re gonna go in three two one romance

or comedy romance comedy Italian or

Chinese Italian I hate Chinese

favourite place you’ve been together

rube oh yeah

cinema or bowling both the ability to

fly or be invisible invisible be


what is your partner’s best trait I love

no he’s really good-hearted I think

thinks about everybody a little bit when

you’re fame fame has never interested me

guess money no money what is your

biggest addiction success that Pixar

YouTube Netflix Snickers or Mars

neither favorite TV show there’s a show

that Love Actually is so it’s actually

really rubbish but I love it it’s called

Peep Show

Ecore languages will be able to speak to

animals speak all languages episode your

biggest fear failure your biggest

inspiration I always am massively

inspired I think we both are by you know

to name an entrepreneur expose you so

there’s a stationary brand Swedish

Swedish station on Van kekeke a said the

owner of that I think she’s massively

inspirational we’ve been listening to

her podcast as well

you should get yourself on there as well

absolutely and your favorite BMG gift I

personally like the kind of the cocktail

sets okay yeah I think they look really

nice and they’re quite cool for anyone

who’s into you know hosting parties and

things like that could be yours

bottle of champagne nice and if you can

sit with one person in the world for an

hour who would it be

Michelle Obama Will Smith would you

rather know how you would die or when

you will die when if you could abolish

one thing in the world what would it be

greed I think and kind of selfishness

expectation what is your favorite song

ever Beyonce and jay-z crazy alone oh

yeah so one song naturally yeah I listen

to for motivation miscible random it’s

57th from his film get rich or die

trying’ I just think it’s very


is it the gym that I use it I get

generally if you’re feeling a bit it’s

lumpy that day I guess you guys lumpy

yeah finally

would you rather read minds or predict

the future and yeah read more deep voice

yeah okay brilliant how’d you find out

kind of questions that you you think oh

I know then I would know it it comes

down to it absolutely so you mentioned

briefly in these questions that we just

had the cocktail set could you elaborate

maybe on your sets or the kind of gifts

that people could go onto your website

find and then give to their loved ones

yeah so I am I suppose it’s really for

any occasions and whether it’s a

birthday gave to get well soon gift and

you home gift and you baby gift maybe

the list goes on so any occasion we’ve

pretty much got it covered and at the

moment we have more than 500 products

that you can go on and select and build

her own gifts we also have a prebuilt

gift section so if you want it to be

even more easier than it already is you

can literally select one of our

pre-built gifts and check out fantastic

anything time I mean yeah I mean like I

said we’ve got massive array of products

but we’re always looking to expand we’re

always looking to you know what’s one

trend what’s cool what can fit for

different types of people for different

types of budget for different types of

occasions and you know that’s that’s the

beauty of Bill my gift there’s this very

rare that you can find everything all in

one place and um you know you you could

shop for your mom’s 50th but at the same

time you’re

neighbors had a new baby then you can

buy the both gifts at the same time all

in the same place but then within five

minutes you know and it’s really simple

we’ve got a massive range of products

that help stores every occasion so yeah

I mean like russ explained I think

that’s I think that’s everything yeah

there you go so it’s like kind of like a

one-stop shop one-stop shop yeah I just

want to touch on something that you

mentioned there is all you’ve got 500

products and you’re also open

potentially to other products as well

yes and we’re always growing our product

portfolio always looking to take on new

brands again as we’ve been to 2019 we’ve

you know been in touch with several new

brands and we’re going to be taking them

on board and introducing them to the

sites they’re always open to new

fantastic so if anyone’s out there with

a product or something as well maybe get

in touch with it’s definitely definitely

we always were always approached by by

you know companies as members who have

products and we are very open and we’re

not dismissive we will always at least

give it a chance to look at it and read

up on it and if we fill is something

that adds value to our business and to

our you know offering as a gift box then

definitely we’ll look into it really

yeah like Russ said we’ve taken on I

think two or three new brands in 2019

it’s all about staying fresh and yeah

absolutely yeah no no it’s really

inspiring and just all concept obvi I

mean we started the interview and you

spoke initially about the story behind

it and how you were saying how difficult

it’s gonna be to get a couple of gifts

together like a hamper set that’s right

get it all coordinated here you are now

with 500 products I just find that

really yeah yes very passionately I

think sometimes we’re we’re so here and

now and we don’t think you know the

achievement to get here yeah absolutely

that’s my only lunch produced right yeah

because we’re always seeking what’s next

that’s where I forget yet we’re always

we’re so used to seeing most products

that they’re that we don’t even think

just look back and think look at all

that how we got I remember your first

snapchat summit yeah yeah yeah you guys

yeah you know at the beginning of my

remember what we what was our first I

think we used to have supplies that now

why why did we even have those things at

least that got us through the door you

know and we’re lucky I mean I’m very

lucky that I you know through our family

businesses I’ve connection for some

wholesalers who then allowed us the

opportunity to kind of get stock in

Andrus has a connection with luxury

companies and from her previous jobs

which have allowed his connections there

so it is really about making use of your

contacts absolutely and then growing

your network in absolutely ivory your

net worth is based on your network

that’s right and sometimes we fail to

actually tap into our own network mm-hmm

and even myself so from property

perspective I didn’t realize how many

plumbers I knew how many conveyance is

that I knew like brokers all within like

my family it was only when you start

coming out and you saying I’ll do this

and then people start reaching out to

you so I’d always implore people like

there to kind of firstly understand your

network and then your networks then work

because that’s where the magic is

definitely yeah actually really just

before we get to the final question and

that always I tasked my guess is about

reflection so if you guys could go back

maybe to when you first I’d bill my gift

and that first idea came and you knowing

everything you don’t know what one piece

of advice would you whisper in the ears

of yourselves I think be more bold and

just put yourself out there I love that

yeah again like I said you know you go

to events and things in at the beginning

we were maybe bit hesitant engagement of

people and build your network and but we

realized as time goes on that is so

important to do those things and so I

would definitely say that as well yeah


brilliant so sadly work the last

question now of the interview so yeah if

Finn hundred fifty years time science

fails to save us and all that’s left is

a book and it’s about your life and it

explains to your journey a little bit

about you basically your inspiring story

what would the title be and what would

be blown say to make somebody want to

pick it up and read it

so we did give this a little bit thought

and so I think it would be good things

happen to good people

hmm I think I was I would like it to say

I think I’ve always been somebody who

likes to see the good in everything and

do good by people and so I’d like to be

remembered for that as well love that

okay I’m not gonna put you on the spot

if you both had that together would you

agree is that kind of where you you’d

want to be remember yeah definitely I

think you know there’s there’s an

entrepreneurship but there’s also you

know your life and in life we both try

to be good people we try to do right by

our family and everyone around us and it

is difficult sometimes to balance

everything you know you want to be

selfish sometimes and think about

yourself and think about your business

but you have to think about everything

you know the grand scheme of things

and balance everything and do the right

thing which I think we both do I think

we agree we always think you know other

repercussions to this you know should we

do this should we do that and I think if

in 20 years time 100 years time like and

we used to look back and people would

say you know what they made the right

decision by everybody they didn’t just

think about themselves and this door was

successful diversity a lot of stories

they’re successful but they’ve had to

make a lot of enemies along the way you

know they’ve had to be very selfish and

I’d like to think that we weren’t those

people we look good people you are

fantastic so before I close this show

what I want to do is give you an

opportunity to connect with the

listeners of the show and vice versa so

what’s the best places that listeners

can reach out to yourselves

is it your personal profiles is it build

my gift yes so I think people can get in

touch with us by visiting the website

there’s a contact us form they can reach

out to us by Instagram so it’s app build

my gift – mm-hmm and the website is it’s

wwl my gift calm dusty yeah we have like

a live chat facility on the website as

well if anyone wants to you know get a

quicker answer I’ll be more than likely

to respond quickest on there like Russ

said our Instagram is I’ll probably a

bigger social handle yeah we also

respond by our Facebook and Twitter but

in surroundings our biggest thing so if

anyone wants to get in touch this app

bill my gift fantastic and you’ve also

got all loads of black amazing forwards

instagramers oh yeah I mean everything’s

everything you know a to Zed if you want

a quick snapshot on the company just

visit hit our Instagram and you can see

we’re very very much a visual company

and Instagram is a big driver for us

yeah fantastic so we’re at the end of

the show and this has been it’s been

exciting for me it’s a it’s good to see

you guys I’m very proud of how far you

guys have come thank you in this

business it’s it’s inspiring hearing

like the ins and outs of it as well I

definitely urge my listeners just check

it out on Instagram go on the website

because you just find that yourself just

adding all these wonderful things which

is lived–and I’m excited now you’ve got

more products as well so again it’s

something that I use I got it I’ve got

photos of it I’ve got proof in case oh

yeah this isn’t the Hat absolutely yeah

really it’s something that I I believe

in if I didn’t believe in it I wouldn’t

I wouldn’t send it out there get

obviously then my reputation is on the

line as are so it’s a fantastic thing

thank you guys

once again thank you for having us like

sharing my story about you sharing your

story sorry but hopefully you know your

listeners you know can resonate with

what we’ve been through and what which

I’m sure they will absolutely because I

think we’re all going to be that kind of

thing in there in our daily struggles

and life and stuff and you know

instagrams a different thing because you

only see the highlights that’s right

we look to hear you guys kind of just

tell us a little bit about what yeah she

goes on yeah behind closed doors so

thank you once again and forever and a

whole thanks for listening thank you and

remember this podcast is absolutely free

so all we asked in return is for you to

share this with a friend and drop us a

five star review over on iTunes have an

awesome day

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