Burned as a child, Homeless by 13 and Inspiring the Youth today! #6

Burned as a child, Homeless by 13 and Inspiring the Youth today! #6

Find your voice – Episode 6 – Stay strong by Hezron Brown #6

Tagline: “The impact I was making & seeing was unreal. To see their face and actually light up and think Hope!”


Find your voice – Episode 6

Hezron Brown, has been in the papers for his incredible story. As a child he was tragically burned in hot water which has left him scarred for life. His life then continued to spiral into a life of drugs and crime.

Somewhere along his journey however the idea of belonging and hope kicked in. Hezron self belief, which he accustoms his now success too is a key factor in him finding his true purpose. Hezron is now inspiring the youth who need to hear the message and realise that there is hope for them irrespective of the cards they have been dealt as kids.

There is more to a life of death or jail.

There are more opportunities if we remain commited to succeed rather than just having a slight interest.

It’s a remarkable story of seeing some change, something I was always skeptical about.

I urge you to follow his journey below:

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welcome to an episode of find your voice

a movement led by yours truly

Aren do a guy who has overcome

crippling anxiety adversity and

difficulty like so many of you in life

whose main goal now is to help you

combat your excuses take control of your

life write your own story and most

importantly find your voice so now

without further ado I welcome the host

of the show himself mr. Aren do what’s

going on people thank you for tuning in

to another episode of find your voice my

name is Aren and this is a classic this

is somebody who I actually reached out

to I’d say about six months ago and it

was following a news article that I sin

that they were mentioned in now they

were mentioned in this news article for

how they turn their life around and

that’s kind of the stories I really love

to hear but I need to make sure that the

listeners ie yourselves you’re gonna get

something tangible from this and you’re

gonna get some life lessons and let me

tell you you’re certainly gonna get some

life lessons now maybe many of us can’t

relate to the way that this person was

brought up or some of the stuff that he

did and I think he’s held his hands open

he said I’ve made a lot of stupid

mistakes but more importantly than that

if you listen to his story there’s a few

moments and we touched on it halfway

through the interview where he was

getting signs he was getting

opportunities he was getting people

coming into his life giving him the

chance to potentially turn it around and

I thought that was a really important

part of the story because I think even

ourselves in life we sometimes get

opportunities but because we’re so

blinkered or a mindset isn’t thinking

the right way or our perception isn’t

right we sometimes miss these

opportunities and we spoke a little bit

about self belief and confidence and

just having a vision and I think that’s

so so important myself for example I

have some crazy visions but what I’ve

realized is by having these and

expressing them to the world and being

accountable I’m seeing more

opportunities come my way and I’m not

saying these opportunities weren’t there

previously but

my thoughts and my processes of how I

would interpret things were different

I just wasn’t taking advantage of him so

fair play to this person he’s done an

absolutely fantastic job he turned his

life around he was very close to you

almost having no life so I’m very

grateful that he made that step when he

did I’m very grateful that he also took

time to share his story because he’s

going places remember his name he will

certainly be I think a household name

very very soon simply because his story

is one that you can’t replicate you’ve

either lived it or you haven’t and this

guy has lived it so without further ado

we’re gonna jump straight into this

interview with hezron Brown ok people so

thank you for tuning into the show today

and I am honored to have hezron Brown

here with me today so firstly I just

want to thank you for taking time out

even your day today buddy no problem how

you doing today I’m fine thank you very

much how are you I’m very well thank you

I believe you were working as well today

is that right no no well I wasn’t

working I was I was more kind of

concentrating on myself okay building up

my self today yeah that’s still kind of

working I suppose okay fantastic

um what I want to do is obviously I’ve

given an introduction

prior to this show about your life and a

little bit about your story but I think

it’s important for the listeners to

really understand you and hear it more

from yourself so if you wouldn’t mind if

you could just kind of give a whole

backstory go into as much detail as you

want and just really try and let the

audience and myself get to know hezron

Brown yeah that’s no problem at all so

for me all kind of started when I was

five years old I he fell in a bath of

boiling hot water and burnt the upper

right hand side of my body so my arm my

chest and my stomach I actually had a

jump run at that time and when I fell in

the water all of my skin had melted over

my jumper and when my mum came up she

ripped my to rip my jumper off out of

panic and because of that she ripped all

my skin off so all this skin that’s

actually on the upper right hand side of

my body is actually from my legs I had

various skin grafts I was in hospital

for numerous mumps getting all those

skin grafts to kind of correct correct

obviously what happened oh well at that

time you know when I started going to

primary school

kid’s gonna understand why I looked the

way I did and because that reason they

started to call me names started to

bully me

so from there I I I do that’s a really

bad anger problem it was something that

I couldn’t control okay and I would just

get angry at every single little thing

and he got to the point where it was

just literally out of control to and

from school I was always fighting I was

fighting in school as well and I think

for me the reason why I developed that

temper was because I didn’t want anybody

to call me names again I didn’t want to

feel weak

again and I kind of said to myself I’m

never gonna let that happen to me again

and because of that my rage and my

temper just kept getting worse and worse

and worse

Wow even though it was affecting me at

school it was affecting me at home as

well and my relationship with my mum you

know my mom was a single parent I’m one

of five children so you know it was

difficult for my mum to actually kind of

deal with what I was bringing home right

and there was times when I was getting

so angry I was throwing my wardrobe down

the stairs punching holes in doors

breaking windows you know like it was

getting out of control

a lot at the time my mum would have to

call the police because I was getting

that enraged that she was scared for my

own safety and she was probably scared

for her own safety as well of course was

this around did you say eleven years old

at this point yeah yeah when I was 11

that’s quite a young age isn’t it to be

displaying so much anger yeah is it is

this is what I mean like my temper was

just yeah it was it was uncontrollable

and he got to the point where I would

literally black out so I wouldn’t even

know what I would actually be doing or

what I was doing until I actually came

back around and it’s like the only way I

could come only way out and calm down

was if I punched something not someone

just something right I could just go and

punch a door or punch a wall or you know

punch some glass and immediately my

temper would go immediately

and so yeah it was just it was it was it

was quite bad it was quite bad so I said

like my my home life wasn’t that good of

my mom and she kicked me out that time

there’s one and I when I lived in one of

my older sister’s you know having to

travel to school every single day from

Tamworth because she lived in Tamworth

and having to travel from Tamworth to

worthington every single day I’m the

boss in the morning yeah it was a

difficult time but the relationship that

me and mum had was I would go home

she’ll kick me out I’ll go back home she

would kick me out again that was that

was always our relationship so a lot at

the time I knew kind of what was gonna

happen when I went back home I knew I

was gonna get kicked out again but

that’s where my home was yeah so I

always wanted to go back so that was

getting to the points where a monkey

kicking me out

I was sofa surfing I was going to I was

going to friends houses staying with

them they knew the situation that you

know I was in in knew that I had these

anger problems knew the kind of

relationship that I had with my mom and

yeah like when I was kind of going

through school school was trying to help

me to teach I’m trying to help me as

well for those that knew and you know

they were trying to better me they were

trying to keep that temper out of me

they were putting me through counts

through counseling putting me through

anger management but nothing really

worked nothing really worked and when I

was 13 so my mom kicked me out again I

went and lived with one of my friends

mm-hmm an amazing woman her name is

Devon and she literally just took me off

the street I was homeless and I went to

her house and actually went to her house

to actually see her son okay and after

speaking to me for like a minute she

could see that something was wrong with

me she could see that I was struggling

in some form of way and she invited me

inside she gave me a she gave me a hot

drink and she said to me tell me what’s

going on with you right now

so I did I told a lot situation I was in

and like that she took me into her home

she she literally made me part of the

family every time when we was out

she saw someone that she knew she would

tell him that I was her adopted son yeah

it was yes she would she’s an amazing

woman she’s an amazing woman I lived

with her until I actually finished

school can I just ask so you you find

you Vaughn and God bless her soul she

sounds like a wonderful lady

and you said things were obviously she

was introducing you as part of the

family you felt at home how did how was

your anger at this particular time then

did you find that you were able to

control it or was it still still you

were still getting flares of anger I

actually wasn’t getting angry when I was

with her I think it was just jus down to

the respect that I had I would never get

angry with her but maybe if I was like

still go into school I was getting angry

when I was a try but I was never getting

angry around her okay that’s because how

I seen it was

I can’t disrespect this person this

person has literally took me from off

the street into her own home and I had

just this deep respect for her and her

whole family up until this day you know

I still see her I called her mom my

children call her nan you know her

brothers and sisters I call them uncle

auntie like I see her family as my

family so that respect has never it’s

never gone away never gone away so yeah

she took me in and kind of went through

school life they’re living at her house

my mom actually found out where I was

now Yvonne that she lives around the

corner from my mom and it took her know

enough two years to actually come round

to the house to come and get me and

Yvonne gave me the choice she said well

you can either go home or you can stay

here and continue to live the life that

you’re living but even though I was

there and she took me in I always had

this feeling that I needed to go home

and that that wasn’t my home so I took

upon myself to go back home and live

with my mom

mm-hmm two weeks later she kicked me out

again and I was back on the street and I

went and lived with my older sister

sleeping on her floor one of my older of

her sisters and I was sleeping on her

floor she lived in a flat

she had two kids at that time my nephew

and my niece and they kept see seeing me

sleeping on the floor they kept coming

in asking her you know why his uncle

hezron just sleeping on the floor mm-hmm

and I think she got to the point where

she just wanted to you know she just

didn’t want them seeing that anymore and

I to be fair I didn’t want them seeing

me in that in that position so she came

up to me and she said hezron there’s a

neighborhood office at the bottom of her

flat so there was a neighbor laughs at

the bottom of her flat and she asked me

to go in there and just tell him what my

situation was and see what they could

actually do for me so I went down there

and I I spoke to them

I remember when I I stepped through the

door I had six black bags three in each

hand full of clothes and I literally

just collapsed on my knees when I when I

stepped through the door and I just

broke down into tears

because I think it was that realization

of knowing that I actually had nothing

and I had no one around me then was

actually truly supporting me and it’s

like I kind of felt like I was a burden

to to my family and I remember this

woman came running up to me and she said

what’s wrong what’s wrong and I I told

her I said you know I haven’t got

nowhere to go Liz there’s no one around

me that that can look after me and she

said okay what there’s no family or

friends I said no there’s there’s

there’s there’s no one around just you

it’s just me and she sat me down in the

chair and she said okay well I’m gonna

try and sort something out for you so

she got me a bed and breakfast I stayed

in that bed-and-breakfast for about two

months now I was I just finished school

yeah so I finished my exams I never and

they were left with no we’ve no grades

like none at all and at this point when

I was staying in that bed-and-breakfast

now through that time I was happy to saw

some money on my own food hmm all the

things that I needed to live on yeah

absolutely because because I was so

young the so I went to the Jobcentre and

they they said to me are there’s

actually there’s actually they don’t

didn’t know how they could help me

because I was so young of course and it

took them quite a while

for him to actually give me some money

so I actually ended up going on to

income support okay and kind of their

dead back dated me but throughout that

whole time I was trying to find ways to

support myself and it was quite hard

even down to college education

no college wanted to accept me because I

never had no grades I actually wanted to

do IT that was something that I was

passionate about at that time and they

they said to me because you haven’t got

any grades there’s there’s no real way

that you can start an IT course because

of the the level of entry that you

needed I eventually found a college that

would accept me it was Matthew Boulton

college and they were saying and they

said to me okay cool like we can’t put

you on an IT course straight away mm-hmm

but if you do this course in this course

that you make up the grades that you

need to get in onto the IT course I said

okay like for me it was just anything

like anything just something to occupy

my mind something to take my mind off

what I was going through at that time

the counts would have found me a

accommodation as well it found me a

temporary but a nation in Hockley so I

was like okay like you know things were

kind of exciting to look back up job

centered they put me on the income

support so I was starting to get money

in I found education I’ve got my own

place so at that time I thought that

everything was going great everything

was going in the right in the right kind

of order and when I was at college

that’s when things started to get a bit

kind of like off-track right I will you

know skip lessons I was being in the

common room all the time trying to hang

out with friends I had met loads of new

people that you know I didn’t know

before and then that started to

obviously play an impact on my education

hmm I finished out my first year it was

a two-year course I was on I’ve done

other media and photography and I’ve

completed my first year went onto

another course with media photography

which was a two-year long course and on

the first day I started I had an

argument with my tutor over a can of

coke and again I lost my ten

was there swearing I was punching things

and the the head of the college was

actually walking down the path at the

time I was actually losing my temper

worst timing ever the worst time in ever

and they phone security security came

upstairs got me and escorted me out of

the college so at this point now I’ve

got my own place money’s coming in but

I’ve got no education and I’m kind of

just dusting around doing nothing and

then that’s when things started

spiraling out of control

I started you know going to parties I

started hanging around with people that

I shouldn’t hang around with they spied

influencing me and even though I knew

what I was doing was wrong like there

was no one really around me to say to me

hezron stop doing that or hezron don’t

do that we’ll show you a better way I

suppose well show me a better way

exactly yes that’s exactly it showed me

a better way hmm

so I just continued to stay on the path

that I was on I started doing a lot of

foolish things I was you know committing

robberies I was walking around with

weapons I was I was doing a lot of silly

things okay and when I was doing these

things I kind of I know kind of had no

remorse like I was just like again I was

just doing it to survive you know I was

standing drugs as well and I was just

doing it to survive I was doing it to

try and make money um and again as you

said there was no one really around me

to to push me away from it and put me on

a better path can I just jump in there

just quickly I mean I’ve got sort of got

so many questions cause it’s such a

fascinating story

your relationship with Yvonne now has

that completely broken down at this

stage or is it or is it a matter of you

feel you can’t go back there now oh no

no no Yvonne

she’s as I said like she’s still a

mother figure to me okay so she wasn’t

she was always still there oh yeah yeah

she she was always still there but again

it kind of felt like to me like I

couldn’t go back there does that make

sense yeah absolutely and at this stage

was you was you taking accountability

for anything or was it just you know the

world’s just doubt you shit cards and


carry on do what you need to do to get

by that’s exactly it the world was

dealing me this hand that I didn’t

really you know um you didn’t ask for it

but you’ve got it and I’ve got it and

and I’m just rolling with it

and that’s just kind of what he got to

he got to the point where I was just

rolling with it and as you said like for

me my temper my temper has always got me

into bad situations like Mitchell II

like even till now even up until this

point like my temper has always got me

into situations and I know it’s because

of my temper and there’s so many things

that you know I try and do to try and

help me deal with my temper but when it

comes up

I can’t explain to you I literally just

have no control I literally have no

control and it’s only when people see me

angry that they go WOW like you’ve

actually got a really bad temper and

it’s hurtful really it’s hurtful to hear

that to hear that you’ve got this thing

that you can’t control and even though

you do so much things to try and control

it you can’t and it’s hard and

especially when you know that this thing

is getting you into trouble it’s ruining

relationships it’s ruining opportunities

it’s not serving you it’s not certainly

any it’s not so many purpose but you

know what I say that and so it’s a it’s

a tricky thing because times when you

know I was when I nearly got kidnapped

it was my anger that kept me alive being

able to fend for myself being able to

fight back that’s what that’s what kept

me alive and so as much as I kind of

hate my temper I also love it because

I’m able to protect myself in a way that

someone else can’t protect me well that

makes sense I does yeah absolutely it

does make sense it’s interesting isn’t

it because I suppose in hindsight you’d

rather not have the temper but oh as

you’ve got it you’ve kind of managed to

harness it at least to give you some

sort of advantage

or at least help you in some situations

if that makes sense oh yeah yeah

definitely okay so you’re now saying you

spiral out of control what are you

thinking like I’m just

trying to get into your head at this

particular moment now what are you

thinking is the future of hezron Brown

the future heads around Brown I actually

didn’t know what the future of heads

were on Brown was as I said – I was just

this person that was rolling with E so

one would say I wasn’t I wasn’t thinking

about my future I wasn’t thinking about

my loved ones I was just thinking how am

I gonna get by how am I gonna survive

and how did that change them when did it


well changed when I got done for a

robbery charge okay I got done for this

robbery charge and it wasn’t it wasn’t

even it wasn’t even a robbery like that

and as they grabbed my friend I hit that

person when he was on the floor which I

never even realized cuz I actually

walked up at that point but when he was

actually on the floor someone robbed him

someone took his stuff now when the

police came they they they they picked

me up and when they when I was in the

station they turn out to me and they

said oh you’ve robbed this boy’s stuff

and this that do and I was like no and

they said oh do you know what kind of

damage you’ve done and I was like whoa

and the policeman looked at me and he

said you did not punch him you hit him

with something and I said no I actually

punched him anyway if you’ve been able

to do that kind of damage from a punch

that’s scary and I was like I actually

never even realized I even done that

because I walked off and when it got to

court they decided to do me for the

robbery charge so not for the assault

okay they they decided to do me for

robbery and I got found guilty of this

rubbery now I have to go for my

pre-sentencing report and when I went

there I stepped for the door and this

black lady she came up to me and she

said are you my next appointment I went

I don’t know

she went what’s your name I said hezron

Brown she said yeah yeah you’re my next

appointment and she turned and she

looked at me and she said she tottered

and she she said not another black man

that was the that was the thing that she

said to me and from there I fought Wow

like okay like how much how much have

you seen today yeah yeah and she said to

me tell me everything just tell me the

whole situation mm-hmm so I did I told

her everything I told her what had

happened and she looked at me and she

said okay leave it with me I’m gonna try

and help you and I was like okay I don’t

know how you’re gonna try and help me

but you know I’m gonna I’m gonna roll

with it

you know as I do and the night before my

sentencing I remember sitting there

thinking I’m going to do like I am going

to jail

mmm yeah and my solicitor was saying to

me you know hezron you’re facing years

in prison for this like it’s not like a

half month or anything like that it was

like you’re facing yes so i sat there

the night before and I actually bought

myself a KFC and I bought myself a

McDonald’s and I just sat there eating

all these different random type of thing

you’re like someone said to you what

would the last meal be that’s one that’s

basically white look like I had Big Mac

I had a piece of chicken I had some

chips I had you know I wanted everything

that I knew that I would miss hmm and it

was crazy like that feeling of thinking

I’m actually going to prison like it’s a

hard it’s hard to describe what that

feeling is actually like knowing that

you’re gonna see the outside world again

maybe for a considerable amount of time

just I’m not sorry I mention it in one

of my early episodes I worked in a

prison for six months okay and just

working there me it was draining like

mentally because I was seem I’ve seen

good people I mean I believe we’re all

good but sometimes we do bad things and

some more than a listener and there was

though some people in there who I met

him on the streets or something I just

think they’re just normally just nice

people and when you see how little time

they get with their friends and their

family and how restricted their life is

in prison it was so like heartbreaking

inside and it was after that experience

I was like I am never getting on the

wrong side of the law because I’m not

going to give away my freedom and when

you’re in prison you they kind of just

take that away from you so yeah I can

imagine how you must have been feeling

at that point

yeah I think I think that’s something

that’s important something that you

actually just said it’s not that

someone’s bad it’s just that they just

do something bad at that time yeah

absolutely and you know a lot of these a

lot of the guys that are in there like

the women I window they’re actually good

people but they’ve just done something

bad just made a bad choice or a bad

decision I always look at that I always

think I think you know how we look at so

for instance we look at a celebrity for

example and we think obvious easy for

them but we forget all the sacrifices

and everything that they’re putting in

beforehand like hope the whole process

and it’s the same with somebody who ends

up on the wrong side of the law we

forget that they may have actually been

trying to sort themselves out or just

not getting a break in life and then

sometimes something comes up and

something happens and then they’ve acted

the wrong way which in hindsight most of

the people that I’ve spoken to

especially in prison wouldn’t have done

again whereas you get some people who

are just literally straight-up crazy

yeah they are straight-up criminals but

generally speaking it is that and I’ll

be honest I used to be quite judgmental

and think people don’t change

mmm again that was just my limiting

belief and now speaking with people

interviewing people especially like

yourselves and seeing that you’re able

to do the amazing things which we’re

going to talk about shortly it fills me

with like joy in like happiness and also

like hope and you know having that sense

of hope that we can create a better

world we can create a better community

and yeah we definitely can

I always feel when somebody’s been at

rock bottom they can offer so much more

somebody like yourself who’s been on the

brink of like you said you could have

been stabbed for example you could have

hit you in an artery or something and

boom you’re gone there is no more as Ron

Brown absolutely at the same situation

you could have been in the wrong place

I’ve hurt somebody else in their life

and their future is finished so I’m

grateful that that hasn’t happened yeah

yeah so I went for my sentencing I

remember sitting in the dock I was sat

there I had the the police officer

standing next to me although the guard

standing next to me and while I was in

the dock and the judge came here and she

she said hezron Brown stand up and I

stood up and she said I was actually

gonna sentence you this morning this was

her work this was her words to me mm-hmm

and even up until this point I still

have not forgotten she said I was gonna

sentence you this morning but your

pre-sentencing report was glowing she

said I don’t know what you did

or here you spoke to mm-hmm but I’m

willing to give you another chance

Wow and of the feeling I got inside my

heart just my heart just my heart sunk

second chance that’s you know that

second chance and I literally reduced me

to tears and I was just in the dock just

crying my eyes out while this woman’s

talking to me and telling me what she’s

what she’s actually going to sentence me

to but I actually just didn’t care about

what she was sending me because I knew I

wasn’t going to prison

yeah but then at the same time I thought

to myself I’ve just wasted like 20 pound

and a mat done all day hey I see like

you know thinking that I was getting my

last meal with actually I’m not there

goes a six pack you know like I was

still grateful so she gave me a two-year

suspended sentence

she gave me two hundred and eighty hours

of community service and a four hundred

eighty pound fine now this two-year

suspended sentence was something that

made me was was one of the reasons why I

had to change there wasn’t I never had a

choice I had to change because what that

two-year suspended sentence meant was

that if I had done anything in that time

at any point if the police is being

called and I’m involved or Thunder I’m

automatically getting sent to prison and

my actual sentence will get activated

that’s how they put it to me so they

kind of scared me I’m thinking no way am

I going to be put in a situation where

I’m going to prison so that started to

slowly change my mentality I had a son

along the way as well hmm I had a child

on the way now the relationship broke

down with his mom and I actually ended

up taking her to court to actually see

my son now this was a battle that lasted

in totally spin seven years now my other

partner at that time she turned around

to me and she said you know hezron you

you need to bet your life you’re your

son can’t grow up thinking you know that

you was a gang member

that you don’t know these bad things he

said you need to prove what you’re

capable of

yeah I love that when she said that to

me really made me it made me think about

the future I think that was the first

time I actually really thought about the

future I I can’t be this person that I

was before just you know doing all these

bad things I have to change there isn’t

there isn’t a choice I have to I have to

yeah and she was being able to get me

into courses so I done a parenting

course I done

health and safety I don’t food safety I

done I done my IT never one two and

three I redid my English a masked man I

went in I don’t customer service skills

and employability skills I just I just

tried to build myself up to a point

where no one could turn around and say

hmm wow you know you’re this bad person

it sounds like it was something that

happened in like a month’s time or it

happened in like too much time and I’m

saying yeah I’ve got this qualification

this qualification this talk

it took me yes yeah it took me years to

get all that done but I was proud when I

got done you should be because that

process of you developing yourself and

your mind and picking up all these

skills that can never be taken away from

you could never be taken away never be

taken away and I try and say this to

people because maybe maybe it’s my age I

can look back a little bit but sometimes

we spend that time trying to pick up

materialistic things and stuff and we’re

not training our mind no and that’s the

most important thing and you know I’m

proud of you for that well done and I

think that and the best thing with that

is it’s taking you two years and I’m

kind of glad it’s taken you two years

because now you know how hard it is and

I suppose you can appreciate the skills

and skilling up and stuff so oh yeah

100% like hundred percent um because

throughout that time you know I had

never had I’ve never had a job before

I’d never had a job before at this point

open to the age of 22 I’d never had a


Wow I was living off the system and I

was unrolled as one would pull it I was

on road you know when you walk around in

the street and you see that hooded

person walking around that was me that

was me

day and night that was me

Wow so you know I’ve gone from that

person to now and he said upskilling

myself train in my mind training myself

to be a better person and what was

actually a really big turnaround for me

was one day I was sat in my flat and I

said to one of my friends I said you

know what I need to change I sat down

with my friend and I said to him I said

you know why why do we do these things

like you know why do we why do we

actually do these things well and he

looked at me and he turned to me and he

said well we have to this we need to do

it and from there I thought now I can

survive in a different way I don’t need

to be creating heartache and committing

you know crimes to you know I mean to

get him to go finally yeah yeah and I

actually turned to him and I said you

know what tomorrow I’m gonna change my

clothes and he said what do you mean

you’re gonna change clothes I said I’m

gonna change my clothes because at that

time I was always wearing black as I

said I was that person that you see on

the show you know everything that I had

was you were basically fitting the

stereotype this there was like

absolutely yeah 100%

and I said everything I had was black

down to my socks down to my boxers

everything was black yeah and I said to

him I said you know who I’m gonna change

I’m gonna go hey chin him and I’m gonna

buy myself some light colored clothes

and he started laughing at me and I was

like why you laughing for

and he said our heads on you’re not

gonna go and do that that gave me the

motivation that I needed the next day I

woke up I woke up early

got myself a shower and I went to town

and I went and bought a white top blue

jeans I actually came out wearing the

clothes and I put my black clothes in a

bag and I was sat at the bus stop and

this old lady came up to me and she just

started randomly talking to me tell me

about her or all day or what she was

gonna do for the day tell me about her

grandkids tell him about her kids tell

me why she had planned now when I

actually mentioned this story to people

they they always laugh because they

don’t see that as a big thing but for

me that was a big thing because that has

never happened before I’m not saying she

wouldn’t but would she have spoken to

you or would you have even been in a

place that was approachable if you were

addressed how you address yeah but

exactly so and when I I remember the

whole journey she was speaking to me on

the bus because she was um she was

coming she was on the same bus style was

on I remember the whole journey I was

just smiling to myself and I got off the

bus and I went to my flat

and I just sat there and I was just

smiling to myself and my friend came

round to my house and he said oh yo

you’ve done it of course I’ve done it

yeah I said don’t ever doubt me because

when I say something when I say I’m

gonna do something called do me and I’ve

always stuck to that model if I say that

I’m gonna do something and I said when

that old lady spoke to me that really

changed me it made me it made me realize

that actually I wasn’t a bad person that

I was I was just as you said making bad

choices can I just touch on what you

just said there so you just said

something fiercely that I wasn’t a bad

person so somewhere along your life in

your journey you had this belief that

you were a bad person because maybe

society told you you’re a bad person all

the decisions you made there’s a very

strong thing and I try and say this to a

lot of people is we are the story that

we tell ourselves so if you consistently

keep telling yourself that you’re a bad


somewhere along the line you’re gonna

start acting like a bad person you’re

gonna you’re gonna find your way to

almost fit the narrative a bit like

myself when I used to say I was shy and

anxious one I was very shy and anxious

but two I’d almost get myself out of

situations where I could grow and become

a person not shy and anxious if that

makes sense so yeah yeah definitely it’s

weird because you’ve touched on three

three ladies now who have really come at

pivotal points in your life so you had

Yvonne initially then you had the lady

who took your appointment she said not

another black man and then you’ve got

this third lady you just come on a bus

and it’s almost like somebody sending

you a message all the time yeah again

it’s those subtle messages that people

actually ignore that actually are the

things that change your life if you

allow them to and if you accept it if

you’re allowed into an if you accept it

and it’s exactly is it that simple

because you could you could have I could

have seen that in a different way you

know but I didn’t and I decided to see

in the way that I did that these people

are trying to change my life and that’s

how he’s bettered me and that’s

I’ve decided to change or did decide to

change get him back to the story of when

I was actually at court for my son or

when I got all of those qualifications I

remember I went to court and I initially

slapped it down on the table like I

literally slapped it down like he was

like it was a movie or something

and it’s just like try and stop me from

seeing my son like that that’s all I


and the judge looked at me and he said

we actually can’t stop you though but we

can’t stop you from seeing your son you

know I mean and it was a good feeling to

know that you know I had achieved all of

those things for my son

absolutely and I ended up winning the

court case so that was one of the real

pivotal reasons why I decided to change

but yeah like from there I just didn’t I

didn’t decide to stop you know I didn’t

just think to myself okay like I’ve won

the court case now I don’t need to bet

myself no more I don’t need to enhance

my life no more I’m just gonna chill

like I’ve never done that I’d still

decided to keep moving forward keep

progressing and and it was quite funny

yeah because when I was doing the

voluntary work there was people coming

up to me saying why are you actually

working in here like there is no reason

for why you need to be working here and

I said I’m doing it to better myself

like I’m doing it I love it I’m just

doing it for myself and I was there for

two months two to three months I was

there for doing the volunteer work every

day I was dressing in a suit don’t ask

me why I was just arrested in the seat

just because swaggered out I mean the

British Heart Foundation you know and

people say people just got to understand

why button again was all because of my

mentality I wanted to have a different

mentality and what was actually

interesting was that they actually took

me they signed me off from the Job

Center and signed me on to perhaps and

it was for like those people that really

wanted to find the job and it was them

that actually got me involved with the

Prince’s Trust so one day I went in and

I see my advisor and I asked him I said

oh he’s there he’s there anything going

on is there anything happening there any

jobs available and he turned to me and

he said oh there’s there’s no jobs or


like that but there’s a thing with the

princes trustees could get started in

theater mm-hmm and I was like okay I was

like what is it he was like it’s not a

job it’s like a course I was like okay

and he was like but I don’t know if you

are done if you want to do it because

it’s more like a confidence-building

course but he’s like hezron you know

you’ve already got confidence so you

don’t really need to do that course and

I don’t think that they would accept you

mm-hmm and I looked him and I said put

me on it I said even if I don’t get

accepted onto it put me on it anyway

I’ll go I’ll see what they say if they

accept me then they do if they don’t

then oh wow it’s just enough one of

those things mm-hmm so we did he put me

on it it was at the Birmingham rep

theatre where it was being held so I

went to the Birmingham rep theatre had

like a little open day for it and it

would taste a day a little workshop so I

had done that I had they had then put me

onto the course and when I was on this


I sat down and I said to myself I am

going to commit a hundred percent that

was it that was it I just said I’m gonna

commit a hundred percent I’m gonna say

hello to every single person I’m gonna

be the last person to leave and I’m

gonna be the first person there that’s

what I said to myself and I stuck to me

he got to the point where people were

were asking who I was because I kept

saying hello to random people I was I

was walking around a bearing a rep

theatre the saying just just being like


morning morning and people couldn’t

understand why I just kept saying

morning and hello but that got the

attention of people in the Birmingham

rep theatre and I ended up doing the

course so at the end of it we had to

perform a play outside the brick theatre

and we had to market it ourselves we

educate posters we had to do the play

ourselves and we look doing this play

and guy from the West End came and the

directing manager of the rep was there

as well

his name was Steve bored and after

winning had finished everyone was

getting their awards and he when

everyone was getting their awards for

completing the

course the guy turned around from West

End and he said Oh where’s hezron Brown

where is he

so I’ll step forward and he said I’m

actually a talent scout and I would like

you to play a part on the West End and I

was like what so every wonder there

everyone’s there applauding everyone’s

clapping but while they’re doing that

I’m standing there baffled thinking I’m

not an actor like and I actually said

that to him and he was like you’ve

actually got talent he said you might

not know it but you have he actually he

wanted me to play donkey in Shrek but I

said to you no I haven’t got no

experience and he said yeah I know you

haven’t got any experience that’s why

the repple gonna take you one sit in

Steve ball he then stepped forward and

said yes as wrong if you come and see me

next week we can talk about

opportunities about how to kind of

better your skills and enhance your

acting basically so I did I mean I’ve

seen him and he gave me some acting

position that the Birmingham rep theatre

just like that and from there that’s

when things really started to change so

I have now gone from this person that

was homeless this person that never had

no food at times never had no money at

times that was unrolled at times to now

this person who’s an actor at the

Birmingham rep theatre you can make a

film on that I could make a film be the

actor as well so then the Prince’s Trust

got wind of it so I sat down with a

woman called Tsukiko Hale who is the

young ambassador executive manager in

the West Midlands and I sat down with

her so I told her my story as she said

okay she said how would you feel about

becoming an ambassador for the Prince’s

Trust and I said yeah like I’m up for

that I definitely hundred percent I

think I think that’s a great lesson for

anyone I’m not saying necessarily you

wanting to become an actor but what you

did want to do is put yourself in a

better situation around better people

and have a better life and by you

embracing that opportunity and just

literally throwing yourself out there

because I can

imagine how comfortable you must have

felt coming from straight black black

hoodie black jogging bottoms to a suit

saying hello to people who you don’t

know how they’re gonna perceive you

being overly enthusiastic spending time

out of your own day go to charity places

like British Heart Foundation and to put

yourself in that environment and then

just shine I just I just think it’s

amazing and hopefully people listen to

this and think if you really want

something in life and if you know what

you want just go ahead and do it do you

know what I mean don’t wait don’t wait

for someone to give you give you the nod

or the acceptance because you’ve got to

take control of your life and you’ve

done it may in fair play Tia thank you

you know what it’s all about South

belief I agree oh you know like there’s

nothing more powerful than self belief

nothing if you believe in yourself and

you believe that you can achieve then

you can if you tell yourself every

single day I’m gonna be a millionaire

you’ll be a millionaire not just because

you’ve said it every day but because

you’re you’re putting it out there to

the universe you’re installing that into

your mindset so things that you will do

from that point on will be things to

make you a millionaire absolutely a lot

of people don’t believe in themselves

they don’t and to be honest I’m guilty

of it so I never believed in myself I

was into podcasts about two years ago or

three years ago yeah they are always

wanted it because I’m always fascinated

by people’s stories and I used to say

certain things about my life and people

find it inspiring and it’s taken me like

12 months to really have the self belief

and you touched on something there like

the millionaire thing and it’s a bit

like you know for instance you go and

buy a red car for example you’re going

to see that red car everywhere and that

they call that the reticular activation

system is kind of some scientific term

so when you start saying you’re a

millionaire and you start putting it out

there into the universe you’re going to

start seeing opportunities where you can

potentially become a millionaire you’re

going to be you’re going to see

millionaires and millionaires you might

have a conversation with one you might

pick up some information from him

through your 20 minute conversation or

whatever so I think you’ve hit the nail

on the head there self belief is so

important especially to inspire people

are motivated to go out there and do

what they want to do you have to believe

in yourself you have to have him and you

have to because what will happen is that

opportunities will present themselves to

you but you won’t take them because you

don’t believe in yourself because

said you might feel like you’re too shy

or you know you’ve got this anxiety when

you’re around so you know like then is

you then start to lose out on some of

the things that are actually there to

actually better your life things are

only just started now really you know to

look up and as much as you know I had

done all those things before to better

myself it’s only now that the

opportunities are actually coming my way

things that I had never seen before now

I was doing like garner dinners I was

going to red carpet events I was I was

standing in front of corporate buses

telling him about my life story telling

him about how the Prince’s Trust has

helped me and I’m at these I’m at these

places and I’m thinking to myself how

did I even get here

like sometimes it’s a bit unreal because

I’ll be sitting there and I’ll be I’ll

be remembering the people that I used to

hang around with mmm

I remember the things that I used to do

I remember the hard times that I was in

the times when I was literally I went

for a depression I was literally like

you know I was having suicidal thoughts

I was I was I never thought life was

worth living you know every day crying

myself to sleep because of the situation

that I was in so I’ve gone from that

person to now sitting down at a table

around millionaires literally

millionaires pretty it’s corporate

bosses eating lobster like literally

eating lobster for my start I mean I’m

kind of things I’m thinking like it’s

crazy like it’s crazy how I got myself

from there today but obviously it was

possible and obviously I’m done later

self belief and it’s the process and

it’s the process and people forget the

process and you you’ve had to endure it

and a lot of people think they can just

wish something and it just happens in a

month in a week sometimes it can take

five years sometimes it could take ten

years I’m glad for your sister for your

sake and for the community because of

the work you’re doing now it’s happened

it’s quicker because now you’re out

there and you’re able to do great things

so mmm it’s fantastic man thank you

thank you so he built up my confidence

it built up

the passion that I had actually because

I think what was what was hindering meet

me before was that I actually didn’t

know what I wanted to do a lot of people

were always like saying okay what do you

want to do you know like you know what

you want to be coming I was always like

I actually don’t know and I actually

don’t know what I want to do I don’t

know what I want to become

but the Prince’s Trust gave me the

answer and it was from doing all those

events because I was doing those events

and I was talking to these people in my

mind I was always thinking these aren’t

the people that need to hear my story

it’s the young people that need to hear

my story surgery and from there I

started going into schools I was doing

it for free I was just going into

schools speak into year groups and I was

just speaking to the young people turned

him about my story

sometimes on a one-to-one basis

sometimes as a whole year group and the

impact I was making and that I was

seeing was it was unreal you know cuz

there are a lot of young people that are

going through similar finger yeah what

I’ve gone through and to be able to say

to them actually like I went through

that but this is where I am now and to

see their face actually light up and

think hope to know that they’ve got hope

that they can now you know that they can

continue like there was a boy that I

spoke to I told him my story and it was

it was during a it was during one of my

talks that I do and and he was to the

whole year group and this boy came up to

me at the end and he’s eternal it’s okay

what’s mean he said can you be my mentor

and I said well yeah like if you want me

to any went I’ve got a temper and it’s

exactly how you describe yours and he

was like to see and it’s because he said

you know he always keeps getting into

bad situations and his temper keeps

defining him and I looked at him and I

said your temper doesn’t define you I

said you know I’ve got a temper you

wouldn’t even believe it but I’ve got a

temper as well but look where I’m

standing and now you’re coming up to me

asking me for help you

I said you can be that person in the

future absolutely and and to see his

face was light up it was great man and

it’s nice really it’s the best feeling

to know that you’ve made an impact on

someone’s life in a way that you never

actually thought you could you know was

it sitting there before and I was

thinking you know if I speak about my

temper that’s gonna help people

something that could be possible it’s

well deserved given from me it was wrong

because you couldn’t were given up and

you could have just I could have given

up stayed in that life and contrib sent

a hundred percent and this is what

people need to understand that life that

I was in before there was only two there

was only two roads

it was either jail or death and the life

you live in now the opportunities and

just the hell it’s unreal to be honest

this is kind of like one of my missions

as well because you mentioned like

temper then just from you saying that

story one person who could relate to

your story you could potentially have a

role on effect for his life and then he

couldn’t do fantastic things and the

guests that I’ve got on this podcast

they’re all got their own story so one

of my good friends he’s got blind in one

eye and all eyes people because he’s a

boxing coach he’s a fantastic person

that one of the best people I know and

somebody who’s going through those kind

of issues they might be able to relate

to each story I’ve got somebody who’s

enlivened with cancer and they’re

struggling in their mindset and dealing

with that so that’s gonna help people

who are suffering with cancer so what

about finding people who have had

adversity in their life but they’ve been

not given up they’ve not let the cards

that lived out an effect and what

they’ve done is they played with them

the best way they can and they found a

way to win the game and you’re under

money you’re winning and longmate

content I’m winning my I’m gonna move it

on a little bit now I’m a big believer

that we are resort of the things we tell

ourselves but I’m also a big believer

that ideally habits are really important

as well so now if you could just tell

people now it’s a day in the life of

hezron Brown a day in the life of hezron

Brown yeah well you know I need I need

to be true for everyone I’m not I’m not

a celebrity yet you know yeah yes but

it’s the process and he still sees to

the process I’m just looking to be

someone that you know these young people

can look up to and and hopefully how

change some people’s lives but a life in

the day of

Brown is a life like everyone else you

know I get luck actually what I one

thing I do is when I get up I look in

the mirror for about five minutes and I

just stare at myself as much as as much

as we’re that that sound yeah stare at

myself I put my hands on my hips hmm and

I just stare I’ll just stare into my

face I just stare into my eyes okay and

I’ll just keep saying to myself you’re

gonna make it you’re gonna make it I’m

gonna make it yes and that’s all I keep

saved myself and I do it oops about five

minutes sort of standing it and that

actually gives me the motivation to to

do what I need to do in the day mmm mmm

you know if there’s anything that I need

to look at in regards to work or you

know if there’s someone I need to go and

speak to it just gives me the motivation

that I need

it’s a powerful affirmation and

subconsciously you’re strengthening your

self belief which is the reason you’re

doing amazing things now so I think that

that’s really important this is kind of

why I asked the question because

somebody always has something in their

routine which they might not necessarily

see as an amazing thing but it’s some

kid out there who doesn’t believe in

himself just simply stands up in the

mirror tomorrow morning with their hands

on the hips or wherever they want to put

it and they just say empowering things

like I am NOT shy for example or I am

worth more I will achieve more I will do

more for people and they consistently

say that and it’s not not just once

you’ve got you’ve got to keep saying it

especially if you haven’t got the self

belief they will start seeing they will

change so mate that’s a fantastic point

I think I think it’s I’ve actually got

an image now because I said I said what

you look like and standing there now

decide I shouldn’t be thinking it you

know because I’ve got black boxes I’ve

got you there and I know it’s empowering

for myself as well you know for my

mindset and because I said he just gives

me the motivation that I need but yeah

after that put my clothes on go to work

and come home eat food

go to bed well actually no that’s that’s

why I eat food and work on work on

myself again so that’s good at the

moment when I say

that I go into schools and colleges and

people are Farrow units youth offending

teams prisons I do my talk but I also

talk about some of the social issues

that are plaguing a society as well so I

give talks on nice crime I give talks on

county lines and I’m creating other

programs as well other presentations

that I can do in schools as well so at

the moment

that’s what I’m doing just trying to

create those presentations create I said

I’m just I’m out here trying to help

people so love it in the evening that

just work on myself fantastic just

offline we’ll take this conversation

offline on my I did this little bit out

I was a social worker in my last life as


and I send the kids that I’ve gone

through the system and how hard it is

and stuff so one of my big goals in life

is to have a social impact change as

well so something for offline because

obviously you’re in Princes trust I want

to start a social enterprise for mental

health as well there’s a lot of things

that I feel that in the future we can

work on to make a massive difference in

the world so let’s definitely go let’s

let’s do it mind let’s do it let’s go


the next question is about adversity and

I think you’ve pretty much touched on a

hell of a lot of adversity but if we can

just go back to one example and what I

want you to do is give us the lessons

that he’s taught you and how that’s made

you stronger today oh I would say the

toughest like adversity that I faced was

when I was in that bed and breakfast

going through that time when I never had

no money I never had no food when I mean

that time for me was harder I mean that

time for me was hard I was 15 years old

turning 16

imagine being that age – to fend for

yourself literally like everything yeah

and you know I remember nights Mitchell

I said I was crying myself to sleep

because I was that hungry that my belly

fat like he was turning inside out and I

think that taught me especially now he

taught me not to take for granted things

that I do for me yeah that’s one of the

biggest things for me at the moment like

I just I just I’ll just live life how I

want to live life but I just do what I

want to do

because as I said I look back to those

times and and I realize actually where

I’ve come from and you know you’ve got a

sense of gratitude now as well for

anything that you take which is really

oh listen you should see me when I eat

food you should you should yeah ah

though you don’t want to be around me

the chicken brilliant brilliant

okay so the next one’s a little bit

we’re gonna spin it a little bit again

what’s your biggest fear now my biggest

fear is my temper even now and me losing

my temper losing that control and

something bad happens which puts me back

in that situation that I was in when I

was younger a hell of a lot to lose as

well now and I’ve got so I’ve got so

much to lose like and you know when I’m

trying to say like I want to be a role

model for these young people and how can

I be a role model if I’m out here

getting locked up for something or you

know I can’t be that role model that

these young people need if I’m doing

those if I’m doing those things and it

is hard there’s a guy called inky

johnson I don’t know if you know him he

says something about there’s no point

you trying to be a public success if

you’re a private failure exactly it’s so

powerful because it’s so easy on social

media to try and portray yourself to be

somebody else do you know what I mean

but I think you have enough having that

in the back of your mind knowing how did

these kids depend on me you don’t know

he’s watching you tomorrow it could be a

kid who’s about to go and do the worst

thing in his life but if he sees you and

he’s looking at you and think it’s hot

in a minute this guy he’s going places

doing things that maybe I could do that

it might just completely change his

trajectory of his life on the basis of

that so obviously you’ve got that in the

back of your head you don’t wanna let

yourself down you go you’ve got your

little one as well what’s your what else

keeps you going what’s your motivation

is it just to know go out there just be

bigger better help more people yeah my

motivation now is to get into as much

schools of a can as much prisons as I

can as much people refer units listen I

just want to get in front of as much

young people as I can

and spread my story and hopefully change

people’s lives that’s my motivation

along with my kids as well as I said you

know I don’t I want I want my kids to

grow up

clean him proud of me err you know how

yeah that’s something that’s something

in my life that I’ve never really had

you know people being proud of me

and I think as well that’s something

that I’ve tried to strive for yeah I’ll

try to strive against that that

acceptance you know and for my kids main

leaf mostly I just want them to be proud

of me yeah I just want them to be happy

and know be able to say to people you

know that’s my dad you know there were

100 percent hundred saying man to man

I’m proud of you for how far you’ve come

as well in your stories is I’m excited

mate for you for your future I’m

genuinely excited yeah I can’t wait for

the things it’s okay so what we’re gonna

do now we’re gonna go into a quick fire

round of 60 seconds and we’re gonna put

has run through his paces we’re gonna

ask him as many questions as possible so

if you’re ready we’re gonna start in

three two one

okay the ability to fly or be invisible

ability to fly money your fame money

Netflix or YouTube Netflix Coke or Pepsi

or Pepsi would you rather know how you

will die or when you were dying oh when

I would die love or money love books or

movies movies if you could sit with one

person in the world for an hour who

would it be my kids I love them what is

your biggest addiction my baby oh they

give the Dixon food summer or winter

summer your favorite place in the world

my bed speak or languages will be able

to speak to animals speak or languages

your favorite song I don’t have fun the

last song you listen to okay love it

your favorite superhero Superman if you

could abolish one thing in the world

what would it be or badness love it love

it okay times up so now we have finished

that round we’re gonna move over

straight back into the interview section

of the show so the next question has run

it’s about reflection so how that’s a

wonderful thing and upon reflection we

can always think of ways to get to where

we are currently quicker easier or with

less heartache but I guess the journey

teaches us a lot especially

your journey as well and I’ve got a real

belief that everything happens for a


Oh hundred percent absolutely so what I

want to know is if you could go back in

time to one moment where you really

struggled let’s let’s take that

bed-and-breakfast example and suffered

with that adversity being hungry in that

moment and you could just whisper

something into your ear knowing what you

know now and where you’re going now what

would it be

stay strong mmm literally stay strong

cuz I said that was something that I

always and I struggled with men when I

mean like you know I was having those

suicidal thoughts I was having some real

suicidal thoughts you know and if I

could go back then and you know speak to

myself I would just say heads one stay

strong don’t cry just stay strong stay

on the path I wish I had done this stuff

earlier but you know one thing that I

always say it’s people is I’m glad that

I’ve lived the life yeah people people

always people always say to me like oh

if you could go back in time would you

change would you change anything no I

wouldn’t and if anything called probably

do it worse because because now I have

the story sit down and speak to people I

can sit down and speak to well I have

I’ve sat down and spoken to older people

hmm about things that they thought I

would never know nothing about but I’m

able to sit down and speak of them

because of what I’ve been through so

suddenly that brings us to the last

question and the last question I always

like to ask my guess is if in 150 years

time we’re all dead because science

hasn’t managed to save us and all that’s

left is one book and that book is based

on your life about you telling the world

who hezron Brown really was what I wanna

know is what that Blair would say and

then I’m just gonna add a little

question at the end is what would you

call it as well

okay I’m gonna probably call it the

struggle is real of it that’s not

probably what I would call it the

struggle is real so if anyone’s out

there who’s listening that can write a

book for me that’s what the fight will

be the struggle is real

and I think the blurb would like the

blurb would just have to be something

like you know this is a man but you have

to say in a voice as well you can’t just

do it like normally he has to be like in

a voice like you know okay like a Liam

Neeson kind of voice I’m gonna try a

success with Scott let’s go this is a

man this is a man after facing hard

times changed and became a better man

for the love of his kids and for the

love of what he wanted to do for society

I like it I like it I like it I like it

but it would have sounded better with

the Liam Neeson voice but oh that’s

brilliant that’s – basically the end of

the show so what I normally do now as

well is I ask people to reach out to you

if you wouldn’t mind and I think your

story just one that’s gonna inspire

thousands of people so I’ve got you on

Twitter but I know you’ve just started

that have you got any of the social

media platforms yeah like I’m on


okay um I’m on Twitter I’m on LinkedIn

as well is Helzer on brown on on most of

them I think um Twitter its hezron Brown

90 okay fantastic fantastic what I’ll

also do is I’ll put all these links to

hezron social media in the show notes so

if anyone wants to reach out please do

check the show notes and you’ll find

everything and as always thanks for

listening and remember this podcast is

absolutely free so all we ask in return

is for you to share this with a friend

and drop us a five star review over on

iTunes have an awesome day

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