But what if I Fail?

But what if I Fail?

“Oh, BUT darling what if you FLY?”

I love this. It resonates with me.

Too often, for far too long the assumption of FAILURE over the possibility of SUCCESS has halted me doing what I’ve wanted. I am sure you can resonate with this.
Now the reason I know I am not alone with this and why many of you reading this can relate is because MOST of us aren't doing what we know we should be doing!

We have dreams, gut feelings, thoughts about what we should do BUT so often sideline them or think of excuses as to why we can't do it!

Now the key to overcoming this, comes from the MIND.
We need to look at changing our thoughts and mindset, so we can all truly FLY!
The way we talk to others and to ourselves has a direct impact on your physiology/psychology.
Think the word FEAR? And your body will close up, your thoughts will bring memories that aren’t even present but you’ll start to feel them.

Think of something that scares YOU — Snakes/Spiders/Dogs/Heights etc and really think about having to confront it. How quick will your body and mind change?
It's almost too REAL isn't it.

You see our body can't really distinguish between REAL or FAKE thoughts, so that fear of failure is only there because you PUT it there!

Alternatively think of words that will HELP you. Think of words to crush that FEAR, more powerful words and change your body language and see the difference. Your shoulders back, standing up straight, chest proud and suddenly your physiology changes to a person oozing an element of CONFIDENCE.

Do this daily, change those negative words for positive words, eliminate those people who bring you down for those who lift you up and watch your WORLD change and those fears you once had, turn into experiences and triumphs!

Have an awesome day and #JustDeuit !

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