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All these fat loss programs have come from years of practical experience. Combined with scientific knowledge, research and qualifications. It was always our belief and mission (myself and my brother Ennil Deu) to create something that would work for everyone. We want our consumers to buy fat loss program that works throughout your life, offering consistency, sustainability and results. For this reason we created the ultimate health and fitness bible.

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We recognise, through practical 1-2-1 personal training that people are different. Nobody is the same so when we first thought about giving our customers and the public an option to buy a fat loss program or buy a fat loss program that it isn’t just a generic eat less train more type of plan. It is going to give you the tools to start to make something that will work specifically for you.

So once you buy this fat loss plan you will understand how your body reacts to certain foods, the importance of thermodynamics and how you can progressively improve your training. Remember though, you can’t just buy a fat loss plan and expect things to suddenly start to change. It will require you to develop your habits, work ethic and following the plan.

Our mission

Our mission was to have something that explained:

  • What they were doing (tailored 12 week fat loss program with both training and diet plans)
  • Why they were doing it (60+ pages of easy to ready scientific backed knowledge)
  • How they can tailor their training and diet to suit their lifestyle.

We are 100% confident in what we provide, and we offer a 100% money back guarantee for anyone who adheres to this plan fully and fails to see results. We do this because it is impossible to not see results in your:

  • Strength
  • Confidence
  • Fitness
  • Health markers
  • Nutrition understanding
  • Diet adherence and sustainability
  • & so much more.

On a final note, we can’t wait for you to achieve your results when you buy this fat loss plan, and transform your life in  12 weeks. Also, you will be happy to know that once the 12 weeks are up, you can repeat the program with the ‘alterations’ recommended and continue to grow forever!

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  • Price: £ 49.97
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“Remember there is no wealth without health” – Aren Deu

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