Cardi-no or yes? Do you do cardio?

Cardi-no or yes? Do you do cardio?

So I have an absolute Love and Hate relationship with Cardio.

Sometimes I love it but most times I hate it!
As I workout his morning knowing full well I’ve had a 6 pac in the past without any cardio & Knowing it’s just a tool to adjust body composition I still continue to do it.
Why am I doing something I hate? Why am I forcing myself to struggle? To go through pain?

The reasons are powerful and are as follows:
1. I quickly realised that doing something that makes you uncomfortable on a daily basis will set your day up from a physical and mindset standpoint.
2. It benefits my heart.
3. My clients I coach requested this, they asked if I could put myself in their shoes and feel their “pain”. So like I always say, “I’ll never ask anyone else to do what I ain’t willing to do myself!” 4. I made a promise not only to my clients but myself and above all that matters most.
5. It builds confidence.
6. It builds resilience.
7. It motivates and inspires people.

But what I’ve done recently which is pure magic in my eyes is managed to kill 2 birds with one stone:
I now manage the following:
1. I now respond to all my coaching clients during the hour of cardio
2. I produce my content for the week and plan my day ahead
3. I educate myself with audible books and podcasts

Is there anyway you can be more productive?
Push yourself further?
Improve your mindset and physical appearance like me and my clients currently are?
We are stronger than we think! We just have to get used to being uncomfortable.

Are you ready to do this?
Have an awesome day and #JustDeuIt !

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