Change Your Habits to Change Your Life #68

Change Your Habits to Change Your Life #68

“Just Do It” by Morgan Gillis #68

Morgan has had her fair share of career ventures until she really started to find her way via her habit coaching. Recognising, through self reflection, that her life was not heading the way it should have been, she swiftly realised it was her habits that were determining her levels of success and progress. As a result of this, she started to work on herself and changing her habits, to ensure her goals and life moving forward was the life she wanted.

She now coaches people with their daily habits, entrepreneurs mainly, and openly shares her flaws and vulnerabilities as she does wants to remain fully transparent at not having it all figured out, and recognises she is just like all of us here, still finding her own voice and finding her way in the world. A bundle of energy and one who is destined to achieve so so much more in 2020 and following years. I urge you all to follow her journey and get your positive habits started today!

Key timestamps:

[04:45] Leaving the standard path of life

[12:30] Morgans lowest points in her life

[20:30] Morgans habits

[28:25] Embracing Fear

[36:55] Fun part of the show

[40:15] Trust your heart & Intuition

Key Quotes by Morgan:

“Just do it”

“I knew my story had power and had difficulty sharing it with anyone”

“I want to go here, but I am still a waitress”

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