Child Abduction Prevention #7

Child Abduction Prevention #7

Find your voice – Episode 7 – The Way I Changed The World – Mus Jones Yafai #7

Tagline: “They are willing to do this, no matter the circumstances, no matter the time of the day, no matter who you are, they are willing to take your child, no matter what!”


Find your voice – Episode 7

Mus Jones Yafai is a wonderful human being who needs your support in raising awareness for his wonderful cause, Child Safe. Having experienced a child abudction attempt on his younger child Mus has made it his lifes purpose to ensure the public are aware of all the ways possible to safe guard their children and other peoples children from abducters.

With shocking statistics, it is the first time in my life I felt scared for anyone with children, for my younger siblings, for my own family members. I felt somewhat oblivious to all that was going on, only to really be woken up by this.

I urge you all, to listen to this episode or at the very least follow Mus over on his social media outlets and help support this amazing cause to better safeguard the children of our future generations.

P.s. it is not everyday you hug a grown bodybuilder the first time you see them!

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welcome to an episode of find your voice

a movement led by yours truly

Aaron do a guy who has overcome

crippling anxiety adversity and

difficulty like so many of you in life

whose main goal now is to help you

combat your excuses take control of your

life write your own story and most

importantly find your voice so now

without further ado I welcome the host

of the show himself mr. Aaron due to

another episode of find your voice my

name is Aaron and as always I am the

host of the show so it’s very rare

you’re gonna see two grown men embrace

after an interview in fact you’re not

gonna see that because I never recorded

it but this individual was an amazing

person that after this interview we

actually we had a moment and I say that

because I thought a true connection to

this person and I trust my gut feeling I

haven’t been a social worker in my

previous life this is a person who’s out

there really trying to change the world

and more importantly what he’s trying to

tackle is gonna affect almost every

single one of us because it’s about

children and that’s one of the most

important things in the world if you ask

me so I’m gonna literally jump into the

interview you’re gonna hear about an

amazing person who’s doing amazing

things but he’s also had some incredible

experiences something that I don’t wish

upon anyone so without further ado let’s

get this interview on the way okay so I

am sitting here now with moss so how you

doing today man good very good

always and yourself very well than the

cold yeah thank you for taking time

every day I think it’s important for

listeners to obviously get a story about

yourself from you because rather than my

kind of narrative yeah so if you

wouldn’t mind if you could just give us

a little bit about your life maybe your

upbringing just like key stuff that you

think would be important and relevant

for this story and then we want to

really touch on the word that you’re

doing today which I’m really excited

about but be good to get everyone to

just get to know you a little bit

okay well I’m a family of 11 Wow okay

six reverse two sisters we grew up in a

three-bedroom house wasn’t easy but we

were so it was fun and scary at the same

time see living with strict Muslim

parents okay no people tend to still

really know about it’s not about the

religion it’s about culture the culture

is completely different I did about

Christmases I do like birthdays but that

made me appreciate life even more now

especially with my children yeah I mean

so I’m very grateful to have the little

things with someone tries to give me a

gift now I’m not well then so growing up

you know growing up I played Lockerbie

okay I plan to the playing professional

would be the age 80 after playing rugby

and then when two universities my degree

after doing a sports degree no idea what

I was doing constantly searching for it

and I always wondered what is it what

I’m going to do in life until now I

believe we all have a destiny absolutely

no matter when it will happen in our

life we don’t know as we keep searching

good surgeon and I found when I stopped


I think everyone’s trying to find the

perfect age I suppose yeah or they’ll

see somebody else next door to finding

it that’s not necessarily your story

people these days well they see was they

see the value of money objects as well

you know you know I do as well you see

someone if I want to do that look well

then you realize they put that hard work

in I haven’t just been handed it to and

then this day when their work you know

their lives to get those things I always

say that I think it’s so easy to look at

so you see people on Instagram for

example or Facebook and they’re

successful they’ve got a nice car money

and you like it’s easy for them well is

it really easy for ya do you know what

they win through the power sister

journey and actually

yeah okay that’s interesting so you

didn’t use your degree actually touched

on phase of your path so eleven children

in your house are you the middle one the

older young yes are you the young oh yes

he’s a pretty one yes we are at the

Council of four children okay just

before we go into this it was mine of

course so you’ve got your degree you

realize you’re not gonna do nothing with

the degree I can relate to that

yeah and you do something now what’s

happening in between here is this mom

argue just be lost the wall no this is

all found one supposed to do now this is

completely and it took something tragic

for me to find it but there’s no

uncertainty in my mind and now what I

have to do and it’s for the rest of my

life it’s there’s no doubt it’s like I’m

finally happy it’s it’s an amazing

feeling to know what you’re supposed to

be pond why’d you were put on earth for

and this is the feeling that we need to

give to everyone else to find it it’s

the most amazing feeling ever you

wouldn’t you know what you want to do

like I said life is not about just going

to work every single day to work your

well for someone else and then just to

go home yeah I’ll see you happy kid

you’re happy then just go work if it’s

up to me obviously we have that passion

to find something we’d love to do

absolutely and then spend the time with

the people we love that’s what loves

about I mean you have to do something

you love to do in life there’s no you

can’t work just to end your life

I suppose it’s a shame though society

kind of teaches us that that’s the norm

of course it’s go to school get a decent

bread innocent that’s it retire at 65

make sure you’ve got pension safe

sixty-five no we can do it now of course

the white decision is in the right

action okay so fantastic so we’re gonna

jump into the bit that I’m excited about

yeah so I just thought of a name you

know I want you to elaborate I want you

to explain it or it’s gonna be the first

time I’m listening as well okay so

hopefully the listeners will will get

excited as much as I am okay what I’m

gonna start with the Nana neighbors

child safe mm-hm

yeah bread more than that well I’ll tell

you the story and how the story came so

basically my three-year-old daughter was

almost taken from me the 7th of October

2018 at 1 p.m. and Lidl was doing my

supermarket shopping it was the craziest

scariest feeling I’ve ever heard of my

life I’m just doing my shopping as

normally doing but I noticed this man

walking around the shop he had enough

fusions constantly not taking any food

up no do no shopping

so I’m a partner there’s something weird

happen in the shop he’s everything I

could just feel it and then he carried

on following us around a shop and they

just I tried to ignore it but not know

at the same time because just when did

you involve with children your parents

did you’re the protector you have to do

anything you can’t just keep them safe

so we get to talk when we’re doing put

enough into the into the trolley and

then Otis joined our queue and he’s got

nothing any sound so I’m just like okay

and then I’ve put more daughters as both

Attilio there’s normally an edgy

something like that sent them enough

food in the toilet and then the exits to

our left and with kids it’s alright so

we’re standing and then he just wants to

please shut down I said okay something’s

definitely having no and she’s done

pause I’m gonna go get ice concert Kim a

periphery looking at him and then he

walks past in the queue so he’s leaving

the shop but he doesn’t leave the shop

he walks then to the right and goes it

six six market and I’m like don’t tell

miles of him whatsoever

mom my head’s like is he gonna do

something is he not am i playing tricks

on myself I’m not just reading into this

too much is he generally just a normal

man just stand in their way

but it wasn’t that case unfortunately he

decided to get close to my daughter

close to my daughter and then I said

time upon again I said he’s about to do

something which is like he’s not doing

anything so I’ve turned back round give

him that chance to see if he does turn

back round again he’s then about to pick

up my daughter and run out the shop with

her this is where like I completely

froze at first because that was a nut

much shock you just like you know a lot

of men would say why didn’t you do this

why didn’t you do this and fortunately I

reacting the more perfect why you’re not

even around my kids and I’ve got both of

them put them both behind me and I

stared at this man I said you just tried

to kidnap my daughter mmm the thing that

baffled me them even more he just stood

there said to me do you even say

anything did you move didn’t do anything

just the best there and I mean I’m like

you just tried to take my daughter turn

what are you doing nothing so now I’m

standing there I looked at my bond

another man comes running through the

shop grabs him in a bow the most is that

people slamming body doesn’t do anything

about it

I’m shouting this man telling me telling

him he’s a toy yeah everyone’s carrying

on with their shopping no this is the

thing that I’m trying to get people to

realize that we need to stick together

into these situations we all need to

educate on child abductions mmm I’m chod

crimes so we are aware for other

people’s children I’m just trying to put

myself in that situation even as a boy

and a girl go apprehend that or what you

must have been going through and

obviously the whole reaction side and

stuff to it people can’t see you on this

podcast you’re a big guy you know a guy

they’re gonna rob something from like

I’m being honest I would go tea yeah

it’d be intimidating for me so you just

prove she’s come out absolutely proved

to me they’re willing to do this no

matter what I mean this is at 1:00 p.m.

in the middle of the down I’m doing my

shopping you know I mean the taunting

you least expect under the times when

they’re gonna try and strike because we

are get so complacent

day to day lives we’re gonna do my

shopping my kids this it was a vigilant

there and I’ll sometimes done stuff I

don’t know it’s a bit of driving

something you drive something you know

driving yeah of course do you know your

daughter pilots subconsciously yes the

scary thing is especially my mom ponder

kind of beat yourself up for a because

she for a long time she couldn’t deal

with cuz she knows and even or no and I

could say she day she would have been

gone if I was in there yeah come on

partner didn’t see nothing she’s very

believers in their own world she she

wouldn’t think there’s someone trying to

take a dog especially so close to home

but this is the thing we’re gonna make

people realize it does not matter where

you are in this country next country is

happening people do these things and

it’s scary that people know people don’t

know anything about what happens we see

the films that’s how you 2018 last year

was I speak like people don’t know there

was 1189 actions with almost a hundred

thousand attempted a child yeah

Manchester being in this country

Birmingham’s third these every years

they’re very high and people don’t know

anything about it yeah I mean I was a

social worker in my last life yeah I

went back to uni and looking after

George was always kind of a my dad I

want you to be the best social worker

for children yeah wonderful children our

hopes and feel your passion in here

obviously you just can’t do something

else that’s crazy

so did the police did you get the piece

about what yeah obviously I’ll gone in

to speak to them I’m in the shop so I’ll

talk to the manager I said listen I need

the CCTV the finish of the story I’ve

actually ran out to the shop I’ve got my

kids got something and they was they was

standing in the middle of the car park

they were just basically and I’ll run up

to them again just to say listen you’ve

tried to take my daughter the police and

because I’m stealing that much shock he

played in my mind he tricked me he was

like no no

I didn’t take your daughter and I’m just

like he’s not my wife is in the shop

she’s got a full trolley she’s waiting

in the queue okay let’s go back in so

I’ve locked the door but other kids I

said I’ll be back in a second so

obviously as I’ve said that about Deb

walked off quite quickly so I walked

back into the shop they did have a woman

with him but they had no shopping all

right so that as I’ve gone in them three

are running out the shelf so this is the

thing we need to reload they’re working

in groups and we can’t judge the fuck

the male or female a comedy with a

female and two groups to try and track a

child obviously though maternity think

that woman has with children they doing

anyone would do it but yeah of course

your point he was just scared to know

that a woman would be in that group as

well so this is the thing that I’m

trying to but try to have one that not

just for our kids for other people of

course as you said we see things how we

think we would do it other way oh we

gotta realize everyone is different I

mean I already grabbed it do you know

all these kind of crazy but you don’t

know well okay

so thank God no of course all of that

from that what was your process then so

then I went to the manager

as for the CCTV footage he said there’s

a code they have to get from the head

office the police the police I said okay

we’re gonna go down and get the head and

get the code we’ll get the CCTV footage

because all I wanted to get that those

faces out to the public so they know

what they look like and they can be

aware from it you know what I blame the

police for a while because I kept going

obviously every weekend to do my food

shopping you do kept telling me the

police I’m pinned down you the police

station again I said what’s going on was

when we bend down and we said we have we

sent police down there okay what’s

happening this is the way for the code

I’ve gone down to little again I said

they come to get the code it was like no

no no one’s come down yet and I’m like

okay what’s this quite strange

after three weeks gunned down again

anyone in all come to get the code No

come down yet four weeks have gone the

CCTV footage has rewritten gun this is

the thing I’ve gonna made my social

media I make videos about the police

saying calm believe what they’ve done to

me then they let me down those foul but

this system was fine filed by the police

well I wasn’t the police went down three

times little failed me right they kept

lying to the police telling them that

the code haven’t come down yet

the code don’t come down yet yes of

course it is so they let me down they

completely let me down they didn’t get

the code when they never attempted to

get the code in the first place which

was their heartbreaking comment which

you know it was all never those faces

you mean you know I never thought for

that was gonna happen I never knew this

would be the outcome of my daughter

Thomas being taken from me as well so

throughout life things are gonna happen

we’re all gonna go straight faced you

going to go through stuff that it’s not

fair some stuff is out of our control

you have in that moment day I suppose

and moving forward of course two ways

you can either take it or you can take

those actions when you’re in control

yourself control you change the world so

could you explain a little bit more

about this net so we know it’s called

Charles Seife yes it’s based on the

story that obviously you went through

that horrific moment there’s so firstly

I opened up a social media page so how

do I reach the people these days it was

all social media so my way to reach

people with social media

told my story which I think are 10 to 15

thousand views share it compared to my

videos now I’m not yeah of course

suppose I mean how many ever got so many

views on it and that’s what then enticed

everyone else to follow me what I was

doing so what can I do to challenge it

firstly I just like okay I walk around

supermarkets are warriors shops you

gotta move it here you get to Birmingham

when you see signs everywhere saying

criminals in action watch your cars

thieves here did nowhere is that a sign

telling you that child abductors are

nowhere is someone that someone may take

your kid I know that people might not

want to see that unfortunately this is

the life we live in people need to be

aware I mean I would let my daughter a

world did let more daughters run around

the shops let him do what they want you

know me no one’s gonna tell my kid but

that’s not the way life is now so sad

ya know I’m even going back to when I

was young doors are open in the houses

cause it was a community yeah I think it

is a problem and I’m guilty of this

myself I’m sure listeners can resonate

with this is like even now I mean I’ve

got lovely neighbors on both sides your

house because its head down I’m getting

on with my life course and Tokyo yes

pose because but the thing is you say we

haven’t got time but stuff like this we

need to make it non negotiable on

Jupiter and we have okay

bring it sorry sorry trucks yes okay so

from there obviously I’ve got these

posters and I’m like I need to get

someone designed

I’ve never done anything – where do I go

some was like the graphic designer I’m

like okay I’ll go speak to so that is

only he doesn’t mean oh I have this

image in my head and what my design

looks like and then can you do me a

poster poster for me and I’m like oh my

god this is amazing

so I’ll get thousands of posters printed

I’m using all of my own money I’m better

than everything I possibly can into this

and then on this social media page I’m

telling everyone who was a help who was

a help me

message of the message after message and

I’m like what the hell I didn’t

understand I didn’t realize this is

gonna I’m not okay I’m gonna I’m gonna

have to take the you count by myself I’m

like this but I hate I mean I’ve had now

3,000 followers among them to free fast

follows I’m a group and my page I’ve got

900 almost hitting the thousand I’m my

page and I’m just like messages some

parents telling me what an inspiration I

am teenagers telling worried about

asking me for four posters saying I want

to help I want to get your posters out

there I want to put them in the shops I

want to post your fly for the door and

I’m like I wanted to make a difference

where I’m noticing that everyone else

wants to make it fits as well at least

yeah so I spend the first few months

ending posters here Thursday and I’m

like I’ll totally get in around in this

area by the hillstar which everyone I’m

looking it’s up in Yorkshire sucked down

south it’s it and so from there know

what do I do next

first we need to raise the awareness so

that’s the main thing we need to do

because people don’t know what’s

happening so the main thing to me was to

raise the awareness to everyone

mmm-hmm well and I’m like this is good

it was not good enough no where do I go

from here

you know what I went to met this man

called Oliver he messaged me and said

can I meet up we are because I love what

you’re doing up and he was an amazing

man he’s been for a lot of things as

well our kids he’s weren’t in prisons

and his scene is but with people and he

seen so much of his stuff and he

educated me and so much it gave me this

knowledge I’m not okay

education that’s where I’m going

education so that’s where I got to start

and that’s why I’m gonna finish we need

to educate the country and educate our

children on the dangers because ease the

children a this is happening to so

children don’t know what’s happening hmm

and as parent you know we do as well

even if you tell you know what I’ll tell

my daughter things she won’t listen

school she’s like the best pupil because

I thought I’m an authority figure tell

them something they were listen and


so I need to get into the schools

designed with the kids because the kids

are on the games and there was over a

hundred children you know they have no

idea about after doing research if you

want you’re gonna win this country of

course but it’s just like no one’s here

police like after getting them up on a

loved it because they said we used to go

to the schools and do the stranger

dangers and things I mean yeah yeah but

we don’t Lisa V Cohn anymore

you ain’t got no police we can’t send

them down you guys we need the police in

the streets and because of what’s

happened in our stabbings or the thefts

child abductions or child cards have

been pushed to the back you know I mean

be this it’s absolutely we need to make

sure it’s gonna be safe for now so I’m

gonna dust the plant

but that’s just the beginning of course

so with the school I’m not okay I’m

gonna go to my doors prime school I

can’t go down so promise don’t say

listen this is what happens when you get

this is the tips and you need to know so

I had a bear designed cord captain

Charlton okay so how can I get two kids

what do I do monkeys to teach them are

read books to them every single night

and you know what they’re nuts sometimes

they love this in their favorite but

they even recite them to me as I’m

reading because they beat him so much

I’m like I’m gonna make books I’m gonna

write books at the moment for books

books the first one I’ve just sent off

for editing he’s come back and it’s

amazing I love it

which is based on a true story called

the supermarket okay so the first story

each story will educate the children as

well as be fun which will also educate

the parents because we need to educate

the parents as well because parents

don’t know this parents understand

what’s happening so we say to the

parents the kids can’t stay next to me

so I mean I’ll where’s he gone book we

don’t but there’s no sense of panic when

they have gone always probably in the

other oil so for me to then show that

message that in the supermarkets with

he’s capturing child safe so he’s the

hero you know say Whitney got Sly Fox

he’s the one in every situation we’ll

try and take the job so in each

situation in each book there’s always a

happy ending right always a happy ending

but in happy so that’s how I’m targeting

the younger age is to to a to the other

so through story and because the thing

is also okay I’ll do a program for the

kids at the primary school what kids

forget within 10 seconds before going to

mention span as well but somebody

speaking of course of course

so if I went into a smaller I teaching

them I’ll go in there once I’m not gonna

go in everyday online so don’t forget as

soon as they’ve forgotten I sit inside

their head so if we do it for a story

it’s gonna be read to them time and time

and time again and being Brennan to

their brain and they know as they grow


no calm run off in the shop because if I

wanna finish shut the slyfox mind

getting out that’s what I’m trying to do

and feed into their brain

Wow I mean like you said when you

started this you had no idea no idea

which way to go goes the books your

North in our liver said this is

fascinating so you you were talking

about raising awareness then you’ve got

a fantastic Facebook page and all this

stuff will be in the show notes and I’ll

share it as much as I possibly can as

well okay everyone’s life’s busy course

we’re gonna hear this it’s gonna touch

more people as hearts but some people

are gonna touch them for a bit and then

they’re gonna get on with their lives

yeah of course if they could just do one

thing that’s very very quick that would

just help your message whether it’s like

is it as simple as just sharing your

video or these leaflets here you’ve got

available put in one of those oh this

I’ll have my leaflets these days I’ll

pay for our print they’re all free if

anyone wants posters they’re more than

welcome to us they all have to do is

drop a message to my page I will then

deliver send it but yet the Flyers and

the posters are free I’ve had caustic

has done as well which these are sold

and my website is gonna be finished just

called child safe okay they’re stickers

I have t-shirts made it’s Ruby sorry

right on the page as well where all the

money that I’ll music space or my own

money or the world I’ve worked for and

any profit made it all goes into the

chalk on to the police there’s something

called active citizens fund okay and I’m

waiting for the approval of it approval

of it because I can’t go into the

school’s intended I can’t go to those

kids and be like yeah as soon as they

listen they need something to read to

take the information they need the tips

so they concert can keep reading oh and

also show the parents because there’s

tips and there for parents of what they

can and can’t doing or should or

shouldn’t do even to let them children

be safe yeah and stuff you were getting

early and I’m like I I get that because

I’m sitting here now midway through this

and I just want to help you like yeah

I’m gonna help you right now

each and Brian this will probably come

in I don’t know a month’s time for weeks

time because of the schedule bumbler

this needs to be out there now so up

until that time

offline after this I want you to speak

to me as well and let me know of course

I’ve got a couple of friends in the

printing industry as well okay and even

if it is quite a few favors can you just

do the first thousand free listen this

is going to stuff that’s going to change

this world the world hundred percent you

don’t mean and it’s most people are

gonna have children in their lives or no

children of course find of children to

make sure that there was no why even not

the people just with children people

that don’t have children need to know

that so they they are aware as well so

when they see someone talking to a child

and they and the child is acting in the

certain behavior that don’t look right

they can step in and say excuse me

little one you okay is this your dad is

this your mom I mean so they need to be

aware of this is for everyone it ain’t

just at first I generally thought used

to the parent and I’m like you know what

the best one that happened to me this

girl I want to be waiting just cuz I

finally realize what I gotta do if

you’re like okay this is just this is my


this is that’s my mom this isn’t our

mission so this is I’m just doing what

I’m supposed to be doing so this was

built message me tell me one inspiration

a man that and I’m like okay well thank

you flyer

she’s messaged me again and I said she

just put thank you so much again for

doing what you doing you helped me save

a life what do you mean I helped you

save a lot she goes I was in memory Hill

didn’t shopping because I’ve seen a

little boy were in on the shop and he’s

running down there and there’s no

parents and she said all of a sudden

man’s grabbed his hand and she said

she’s lucky that she’s run over to this

bone and said this dust on your son is

it she he’s let go I’m enough so she’s

obviously she said because of what

you’ve done

yeah you’ve educated me to be vigilant

and I’ve saved the boy’s life and moms

come were in that shock come here my son

she’s like some manhood and I’m like oh

that was the maddest even that was like

I’m tingling that was the best feeling

Donna my message is gonna buzz it isten

it’s working that girl is now saved

another kids

we almost need everyone to know nobody

so everyone’s singing from the same hymn

sheer supposed because there is a

tendency are suppose even we’re not

we’re not gonna have for example and you

see tail up without us and you see like

somebody may have been a bit like overly

aggressive speaking to his wife you know

Pyrus and suppose you know should I jump

yeah should I know it’s always that kind

of know your limits know your boundaries

last thing you want to do is go in and

then even she turns around he’s like

what are you doing I mean no couples all

you don’t yeah anyway we need to jump in

not justify just to stop and profess if

you’re not jumping into joining the

five-year someone because you’ve hurt

him what’s the point you’re just doing

this bad as that privacy really don’t

make money to join in just to stop

before explain this and you guys explain

this like the best I suppose

intervention methods for the phobia

percent I figure of someone who’s

probably gonna be anxious to do that

although we need to do it yes I’ve said

because I had so many messages

mmm-hmm when fortunately I reacted in

the perfect way of what government my

kids and everyone else should do that as

well especially if it’s someone else

doesn’t matter if it is that or is mom

and you think they’re acting the way of

just grab that child’s hand and ask if

they’re okay and you’re not do nothing

bad it’s so many people telling me so

why didn’t you beat him up and you know

what I didn’t know there was a group I

first turned to me there was one man so

if I’ve jumped on this Mannie my doors

are never seen that go my children are

now panicking I’m on top of this man

beating this man oh all of a sudden I

look up there my children are gone

because the other two in the group of

tank in them

we can’t this again how it’s almost like

you actually reacted in the yeah it’s

fortunately that’s not me not

fortunately I acted in the perfect way

and grab much

Oh No maybe he was the decoy to get me

together you see I think it’s plenty of

videos where there’s somebody who I seen

one the other day sorry I’m going a bit


there’s a piece of delivery driver on a

motorbike you know the guys robbed the

pizza from the back of the day okay and

as he’s run off the guys that my pizza

he’s gonna deliver it so he’s chased him

to the door of someone’s run on his bike

yes but it’s a similar kind of quality

because they saw suppose house Wow did

they use our brains again so it’s in

it’s in our interest to act 100% the way

you act you children your children is

your first priority in life no matter

what you were the first thing scrubber

Jose Cuban said don’t need don’t worry

about Emma don’t worry don’t grassy

don’t jump on him it’s if you have your

partner with them or someone else get

your pond it’s a cup of kids and they

detain that map you know mean see this

is arrest that man

that’s it you don’t you don’t wanna stop

being an absolute yeah the fault of

someone taking your child is that part

breaking you will go too far you may

kill that man and then you’re still not

going to see your child anyway okay


I could just speak about this for like a

whole day I’m conscious that the show is

it in its own yeah of course and so I

want to kind of find out more stuff

about you yeah a little bit

I’m just it’s fascinating it takes a

certain type of human being to do this

like I said I’m in my social life I said

a lot of people or moms from like a

nursing background I always thought

those kind of people with that nature

that caring nature the world needs more

of it and of course they need more

support so if I could support you after

this podcast I’ll do that thank you so

some of these questions now this is more

interested I always think it’s

fascinating when I when I when I sit

with people at yourselves you’ve got

such an amazing story so I think routine

and daily habits are where we are in

life for example so I look at successful

people like okay he’s doing this I’m

gonna just take this from his daily

honey I can explain from the moment you

wake up to the moment you sleep how is a

day that it’s all routine I’ve got a

working with you you know what

I see most times in my life I never

worked in routine and you don’t your

body is a machine your body is a

computer whether you like it or now you

need to realize that your body in your

brain it all works

on repetition so if you do something

your body knows the next day it’s gonna

do the same thing so and even to our

motion because I’ve still never planned

out course we don’t happen so I have the

keys marketed before I leave the house

just in case anything does happen to me

so that’s what I do and then I get up

I’m on a routine time I’ll just try my

so then so I’ve got my routine food

clothes give some love to my dog to work


this is me hundred percent so I’m gonna

go to work come back home spend some

time with children you know what you all

get so focused and forget a lot of

things sometimes and sometimes we forget

our children and you know I’m she was

doing 70 80 hours a week

so we just spent fun it’s on soon as Tom

goes sammartino go to the gym in the

morning I tell my kids to school when

I’m saying it seem normal because I’m

doing the key thing is I just wanna

stare is you’ve got the routine cause

this is so important because plan plan

plan plan plan like I did before mrs. I

never planned anything Moloch was all

over the place watch your reactive

impulse on the moment live for the day

that’s all it’s one of the things so

when I gave up my job I had to get

routine in place

I’m scatterbrain yeah everyone knows

that regimented from the moment I wake

up similar to yourself Anderson even

stuff like I have to have a liter and a

half of water so nutritious in

everything is so regimented of course

but you get so much more done because

because I’ve got no time I guarantee

you’ve got you probably said no but it’s

amazing stuff you’re doing now you’ve

got three doors as well yeah you’re

doing all this amazing stuff you’re

working out as well

I know you’re in competition prep it’s

tough I know what it goes through mentee

to use that that way in everything so

this Lodge we live in this live from

when people are going free

just doing the easiest things possible

just to get through the day no mean

there maybe you go to the pub have a

drink of a laugh or no but this love you

got a challenge yourself man every

single day is supposed to be a challenge

I mean if you ain’t challenge yourself

or fluff about no mean cannot do that

lets covergirl let’s do it

I’m scared of that let’s do the scariest

thing possible man cuz that doli those

things will give you those amazing

feelings no if nothing else will give

you that feeling it’s impossible hundred

percent I mean I always say at the

moment your brain tells you should we do

that or no do it do it cause that is

something that you need to do yeah of

course that’s where you’re talking

yourself know a little bit like we spoke

about just before a stylist podcast the

reason I’m doing this part I have to do

this yeah I have to do this and it’s not

about me and I keep saying this this

podcast is nothing to do with me like my

story’s not on here but this is about

people like yourself yeah

because even if I get 5 people to listen

to this and to share your story and

think child thing’s safe enough I love

that model stuck in my head lookee what

he said it was yeah if we can stop five

people that my job is don’t do of course

that’s Michael isn’t that 5 or 10 said

someone else and then that Forbes or

someone else and then the word passes on

that that’s it that’s how the world

works it’s all gonna do we’re gonna

change each other’s mindset to make

positive impact you know what happens to

me every day

it’s just it’s no even downpour this is

a teenagers well I didn’t expect the

reaction this is one of them adores

fence follows me on Instagram

no I’ve seen his post and he was on his

story these poor

named neo gliese girl in my class and

then the only boy in my class and

everyone’s going in on it

no what is this boy doing so I have to

message it no I don’t know him

personally I saw I saw a young man

that’s like we can’t judge people we

smell up to us the judge I said you

might affect someone’s life really backs

people are putting four names on this

thing I’m a man I said we need to do

someone else we need to change water

make it positive let every wheel I said

people will love you more if you do

something good and tell say who is the

prettiest who is the best of football

who is the funniest and then you know

what I was expecting a little teenager

yes he said to six laughs he deleted it

people who defeats the funniest and he

thinks the face he got so many more

comment soon he had so many people he

was reported look how many more people

commented now because it’s a positive

message I send you know yes so that was

a wicked never write anything like that

as a kid because simply we gotta have

that emotional intelligence when

somebody create new almost constructive

criticism AUSA’s which is hard to take

as hundred are you going stuff but as

I’ve dropped my ego as I’ve grown

through life and personal development

it’s easier now 100 would I had that

intelligence Isaac as a kid so if I see

something like I was driving yesterday

do you man see people said really does

no people think that maybe we may have

all bad bad things happen in our lives

and he’s supposed to choose how we deal

with them problems and happy happy or we

gonna dwell on it and be set for the

rest of our lives this is what I need to

teach people we need to teach people a

lot of people think they’re stuck in the

rock yeah I mean they don’t know how to

get out and this is their life now

that’s how they’ll be with celebrities

this is a message to perform coach edge

we’re all in control of our destiny

everyone is in control of it well Easter

day tomorrow in a month we are control

you say you want to go do that so many

time you put the hard work in and it can

get done

there’s notice things are possible kids

say I carnate a word in my addiction

yeah yeah you know body get rid of

that’s one of the first Birds I got rid

of nano magic screen there told oh man

he’s powerful you remind me of myself so

you’ll meet my wife one day yeah hope

you have this we hundreds ain’t gonna

keep in touch I’m sure died for this

because I I’m one of the most emotional

people like you’ll ever see for a guy

yeah I like I’ve done the whole boxing

scene may I do that all day but you show

me a sad story when I see someone hurt

whether I normal not I I don’t know what

what happens to me but I feel they hurt

and you almost want to just say look let

me take that away from you know kind of

thing like we bless we’re looking even

better listen people like this yeah we

have such big hearts and we came here

have that emotion to give to everyone

else so I used to so I’m gonna

front-engine here I just have this thing

where a leopard doesn’t change this bus

and all we believe people could have

changed and I’ve interview some

fascinating people are gonna cook on

here and they’ve changed their life as

well yeah so I’ve almost changed my own

beliefs to sort of think everyone’s good

but we sometimes make bad decisions yeah

of course we do and I think if we can

try and like you said chain that

perception get everyone thinking

positively doing good things will it

come and I used I used to be scared of

saying like I want to change the world

right yeah because it’s that you change

the world you just don’t just a normal

guy whatever I’m like okay I want to

change the world I can’t do by myself

it’s a bit like you say you don’t know

how you’re gonna get there but you just

take one step on it I’m gonna get there

this is the thing that you don’t do


this is why I attempted to do I wanted

to know I wanted my boy I did and I’m


completely burned myself out and I was

like I even doubted myself there is too


I mean in my Eskimo convict’s a picture

of my kids there is I was in the paper

recently there’s an established news of

pictures the article to remind me of

that day you can even use the analogy so

I always talk about how to finish

because it’s a part of me you want to

get to where you want to get to on your

date so one thing always trying to do

with people is I wanted to get involved

in the gym or some sort of activity

because that’s the transferable skill

when you master it you can take it into

anywhere it can

the next question is about adversity so

if you could think of a time where

you’ve been through adversity you’ve

come over it you know more versity my

luck was you know I gave my love to so

many people for one more friend and it

was the hardest seems to be for me to do

okay so much love and I generally fought

my friend on me back my life and then I

remember sitting down watching Bobby

Kahn you did a little casting session he

was like we need to figure out why you

love the people that don’t love you back

and we know you know I never really

figured it out till you Vince it up

until now and the main thing I had to do

because there were bad people I didn’t

understand why doing do things like I

would call my friends daily ask

like they’d go for trial tribulation so

I thought I’ll be there

I mean I know we’re doing the stuff that

you would have done for this yeah course

but I generally thought that’s what

friendship is yeah you know I mean but a

lot of people see friendship as is he

got something for me

and you know what broke my heart man

remember cry my eyes out dedicated to

him and never got it back no and then I

grew and then I met some other people

I’m not are these clothes cool and i’m

adjoining with these and then the same

thing happened again man I’m like I

blamed me I mean I’m like this is

something wrong with me when I’m on

doing what about done this must be

something wrong till I met my partner

then we got kids they love me yeah must

have never done anything wrong like I’ve

done bad things I never do Bettis to

people don’t know I’ve always had

people’s backs and I never understood

Brian and you know what people want to

be my friend or he would talk to me and

need help I’ll never stop change it’s

not can’t change that’s this theme I’m

never gonna stop changing but I’ve

learned to never expect it back that’s

my wife sister is something about these

at home I’m not gonna call the system

their expectations and that’s the

problem so when you come from a good

heart in everything you do you expect

the person to reciprocate that in the

same way as yourself only did it cause

and it doesn’t weather and I learned

this in solar even in the property game

or I’ve had people reach out and I

always take it on face value I’m like

I’ve got no reason not to trust you so I

trust you straight away yeah

so when they telling me all this amazing

fun right this is fantastic then all of

a sudden there’s a hidden little oh is

that one yeah then I used to start

thinking is that the reason that you’re

you’re nice to me for you

after all this time and I’m here like

willing to do anything for you I suppose

people sit as a weakness oh yeah so that

yet people could see as weakness by

Pegasus strength days so powerful what

you’re gonna go on and do yeah and I

think as you go through this like you

mentioned a guy earlier Oliver for

example yes

you’re gonna meet Oliver’s in the world

gym right he was the first same user

John who’s the first person a person oh

wow these people don’t know what’s going

on this is what I want yeah I wanna you

are an influencer of the people you

around yeah of course you you when you

start spreading this you’re only gonna

trap genuine people yeah because I’m

gonna become a millionaire supporting

this but I’m gonna change ahead of a lot

of lives do and if that’s somebody’s

true purpose lie like it is mine yeah

we’re gonna back this season mean this

is amazing I mean not the fact that I

got 3,000 followers in what’s it’s

October November 3 to two months it’s

just two months man and I’m like that

many people want to make a difference as

well this is like changing my timezone

by a thousand a million because that

many people actually want to do it we

just need to get it in their eyes get

them seen this it’s not I didn’t even

attack a lot of work doesn’t take a lot

whatsoever all it takes is that little

pin on the board this podcast yeah and

even it’s just them viewing it they are

building the knowledge we’re not even

knowing they’re getting the knowledge

just by watching the videos I don’t know

there’s I mean I just think it’s another

social media page okay cuz I’ve there’s

so many social media pages and I see so

many videos but we tend to get enticed

in this board into the funny video when

it comes to the serious things people

try to forget about it don’t want to see

the serious book they have to is you

can’t forget I know what your answer is

to the next question right and it is

what is your biggest fear you touched on

it basically idea I know anything

opportunity kids before I had kids a

little bit stank’s

in sports I was the best in the Midlands

and even now like you know I guess I

felt like a failure to my family as well

I still I believed I was gonna change

the family my family’s lives I still

believe that now there’s no I’m still

going to so that feeling never went

without failure okay okay so next

question I think you’ve kind of answered

it again it’s kind of just about

motivation song yeah what motivates you

you know I’m still human this is the

thing we’ve got to remember that we are

still homeless okay so on the days where

you don’t feel like getting out of bed

and doing the stuff what we mud Smokies

everyone says that’s something

you know before I was my kids was to be

the best so if I didn’t get up in the

morning and go do that run someone else

again up in the morning doing that run

and then he’s gonna be better than me so

I don’t want to be that loser so mean

sob I’m doing it soon as I’m like a cake

you know now someone’s going to sleep so

let them sleep I’m gonna do some more


yeah I mean that’s how that’s what I was

my motivation to be the best I mean its

challenges and those sort of things

even other people mana motivate me we

have to learn more about ourselves well

known as why we might abandon ourselves

because we want to do this we want to

get this far even if it’s the motivation

to work hard cause you want to go buy a

new car

I mean for some people that’s they think

yeah cool it’s not necessary my there’s

nothing wrong with that or I do what you

do so I do this thing right and if

somebody doesn’t understand all going

through a person development States

gonna think I’m crazy but I do this

thing so I’ll go to the gym for example

not Sam do cardio I hate cardio is

because I then start talk to myself who

else is doing this at this time

that’s only I’m doing it I hate it but

I’m doing it and I kind of like almost

stop digging myself up yeah yeah what

happens you start feeling more confident

powerful and then it’s like then I’ll go

in for like a gym workout and the lay

down but nobody else is doing this

while I’m working 16 hours a day what

I’m trying to do this one time and it’s

that self-talk and I suppose the reason

we’re doing so much done is because a

lot of my life I was talking to myself

the way the negative people had spoken

to me you know you’re shy you’re anxious

you’re this you’re that and he was

always those kind of stories those

telling me now it’s like the story I

tell myself is the story I wanted Thomas

yeah that’s gonna bring me out into the

world in new ways it yeah so so do

people don’t be scared

this is a thing don’t be scared if that

bus is bigger than you or the challenge

is bigger than you you guys think okay

then let’s tackle this i’ma take you

down so now we’re at the fun part of

show so we’re gonna start in three two


the ability to fly or be invisible fly

when your fame Netflix our youtube never

Coke or Pepsi Pepsi would you rather not

how you would die or wake you without

love or money no books or movies movie

sit with one person in the world who

would it be

what is your biggest addiction to win

summer or winter winter your favorite

place in the world

speak all languages will be able to

speak to animals in the world what would

it be you favor some Emma voice the man

in the read minds or forget the teacher

God have you ever been in a fight okay

cool so the next one’s about reflection

so I believe that how it’s a wonderful

thing because as we’ve spoken about

already yes so you can always think of

ways to get there quicker easier with

less heartache I suppose but the journey

teaches us a lot of course it does I

think the process is so important so if

you knew what you knew now unless say

you could go back to say before your

degree for example yeah and you could

whisper something knowing everything you

know now to that to most at 17 for

example what would you say you know what

it’s probably tell him it’s gonna be

okay it’s you’re still alive it’s

because you know what when you go

through the trials or tribulations in

your life those things feel like they

last forever don’t you just like yeah

like a week from then and what’s on the

menu here from then that won’t even

matter now this all was I wish I could

tell could’ve talked as I dwell too much

on the bad that was happening in my life

and whenever someone made a mistake

every time someone bad happened to me

I’m not boys happening to me again what

am I gonna do and if I could’ve just

Thomson don’t worry about it yeah don’t

dwell on it

it’s okay it’s a case no I tell myself

this all the time now through everything

like we are so lucky to be where we are

in this world are you still alive Korso

so if you’re in that situation and it’s

that hard but you still know there’s

nothing than someone no one can take

that away any long as you know no one

can take that away from you know me so I

wish I could have told myself that Wow

okay last question okay okay so the last

question I always ask my guess is if in

150 years time science doesn’t save us

right and we’re no longer here and

there’s a book on the table now and I’m


and a little bit to this crystal as well

so there’s a book on the table in it’s

about your life right so what I want to

know is in any order you want firstly

what is the title of the of the book and

if we turn it on the back you know

you’ve got blueberry there what will

that tell us about you okay the book

called the world I think it’d be that

will be I’ve always wanted to change the


and like you see so much bad happening

there’s no way I’m gonna go from bridges

and I’m gonna come over and there’s

gonna be everything that’s good this

things are gonna tackle me these people

that may even go against me no I think

now sometimes I would have to save

children’s lives here but there’s still

gonna be people out there I never

thought I’d have one person at all so –

and the one I did I’m like yeah of

course in them do something positive is

exactly what he went on I’m trying to be

nice and said back into this and that

wasn’t Denise yourself I’m referencing

what I’ve got it from unrest he’s doing

a quick Google search he got the first

thing they said look at this no no no it

goes deeper than that and then then I

actually said to him in the end I said

you got so much energy because look how

much I said use that good that energy

you got tackle it someone new and tell

someone about what I’m doing that’s the

last thing to do everyone a message it’s

not just about giving the people the

message that want to listen yeah yeah

some people will find it at the wrong

time but it’s in the beginning yeah

everyone’s journey is different of

course the information is there you

maybe you just keep you’ve done your job

there long as you’ve told all those

people always gonna come like I said

when I release this podcast bless

everyone frame even reviews it I’ve got

something like 65

like five-star reviews right you know I


I was overwhelmed but because it’s not

again like I said like I said to you

before this is about touching the people

out there and getting people stories

heard and I send a 3-star like in there

just randomly no comment nothing I’m a

Bravo message me actually I’d be upset

but I know the way the world really

somebody’s got the energy there probably

has a listen to an episode I understand

that person’s stories you know what

what’s he doing it on Facebook three

stone because it is the way the room my

mission is one person finds this and it

changes a life that’s going to ripple

effect yeah there’s always gonna be

people trying to bring you down no

matter what you’re doing in lot just

take their energy and then use it to the

positive and then we’re gonna do more

with it you know bring you down just

buddy that’s the end of the show young

man oh what a pleasure what an absolute

pleasure but just before we leave yeah

I’m gonna put everything in the show

notes or all the links and everything to

Charles Seife to yourself to your

personal page if you don’t mind course

of course hopefully we get you like

thousand friends after this new people

if you could just tell us the best

places that we could reach you or

normally ask my guest to give one yeah

but because I’m literally this is touch

my heart yeah Facebook and my social

media pages child safe so got the both

group and the page controls medical

choices yes child safe there are other

links on their choice at UK they’re all

different ones but what you’re looking

for is an orange circle we’re the child

safe wound across the middle with like

cube right in pink blue so that’s what

your that’s the symbol you’re looking

for so I’m my group and on my page so

people on my group opposite the group

you can hit a wide you can hit

everywhere on pages on our people you

can it’s on the group the group yes

that’s the public because with your page

your page can only hit the people that

Facebook to try and get it out because

it doesn’t always show of course so cuz


I’m a group do I put butt off do bi do

both but the group mainly I’ll put

everything on the group and put it on

the page okay like just to make sure

because there’s some people on the page

Instagram child-safe one chance everyone

mistook child-safe but you know what

this is the thing like when I started

doing this you gotta realize there’s so

many people out there doing it not doing

the way I’m doing it there’s so many

people that have different platforms as

people go out there like justice for

children hunters for children they’re

all out there they’re doing an amazing

job of capturing all these online so

props all of you they’re doing an

amazing job there so and there’s people

out there do not block my page raising

the awareness but no one’s doing what

I’m doing this is what I believe I’m

doing on there on Wednesday next week my

website we’ve finished where there’ll be

tips and how-to on child abductions in

the streets and these tips of what to do

and helplines what to call on your

online Grumman’s things you need to look

out for know situations and online

gaming clothes we got all the kids

online game at the moment every day

online so we need to be aware of this

and what to do and what they’re doing

you know I mean you put I’ve put my mind

in there I’m thinking what would I do

and the things I’ve found out how they

do it you know so you can then be aware

of the things they’re doing so Charles

Seife online code at UK and there will

be my t-shirts or sounds people want to

buy any more t-shirts also more cost

because they’re one pound fifty each so

those are the pages now have okay so all

that stuff will be in the show notes

and as always people thanks for

listening and remember this podcast is

absolutely free so all we ask in return

is for you to share this with a friend

and drop us a five star review over on

iTunes have an awesome day

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