Coaching Testimonials Part 1


Aren helped me with managing my binge eating. It was easy to talk to him about this because he has suffered with it himself and still manages it. His coaching was informal which helped me but knowledgeable too.

I was very happy with the program we worked on and in the past 24 months I have only binged once on a summer holiday but i learnt to manage it when i came back.

thank you. Let me know if you ever do that hypno? Mindset mastery as you call it, is the key.


I first started working out to look good. I wanted to look great for the summer. 

Working with Aren though I learned the importance of the mental strength training provides.

I use the lessons he has taught me in the gym to help me in my personal work. Not only from a science perspective is his training and words of widsom as I call them honest but they work.

My only negative is he doesnt do burpees or mental exercises with me hehe.

Thank you for everything, not just from a coaching and training perspective but from changing the way I think. You always said mindset was everything.


I remember our first conversation and you explained your program.

You asked me what results i wanted, when i wanted them and how badly i wanted them. 

You then refused to haggle my price negotiation for a 6 monthly package but added a 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied. You told me your coaching was worth more. 

This was different and I took the best chance to this day.

I sit at 12% body fat (you said its lower than yours but I dont believe you (: ) but more importantly i have more energy in the day + i manage my food better + i can eat anything when i want + i feel better + think better + act better (except friday nights).

Thank you Sensai! <---- i know you cringe at that lol but you are ! Motivation to us all.


I started training with Aren a little over 2 years ago. A preamble is required to do the following endorsement justice. I had never in 26 or so years dieted in my life or followed any kind of fitness/weight training programme properly for more than a few days. So when I approached Deu to start training, it was almost half hearted on my part, little did I know what would follow would be a truly life changing experience.

So we began training, talking through nutrition and the exercises and body parts we were going to work through. Based on the core elements of back, chest and legs. I found out very quickly that Deu was a great motivator and would help work on areas I was weak on, but when it came to stronger elements of my body like legs, he would always give me a massive confidence boost and push me to new levels WITHOUT exhausting my body for a week to come.

It was is extremely important to point out that unlike other personal trainers who I had heard stories about, we never trained to the point that the body part wasnt fully recovered within a few days. I found this was very effective and kept motivation to train on my own too, alot easier. His coaching methods were unique!

The benefits of this was seen after just a few weeks when, I was lifting heavy weights but still recovering in time for my next session a day or so later!!

An example of this was, after just under 4 months training, having never trained legs in my life, I went from 80kg squat to 140kg squat clean. The strength conditioning programme we ran paid massive dividends and on top of that, I am still commended for my perfect form on deadlifts/squats and bench by other people I train with now regularly in the gym.

Onto nutrition and Deu’s ‘cheats’ that I referred to in my own head. Not having drank more than a glass of water a week, Deu got me drinking consistently 3-4 litres a day within a matter of months. Cleverly, Deu doesn’t pressure into dieting, more underlines the importance of Protein and Water in the diet and making gains.

So for example with water, I said I would try but every session he would say, well just get up in the morning and have half a litre, just try it for a week and see if you dont see the benefit, dont change your diet still eat as your eating but just try this one thing. And so I did, how easy to wake up take my vitamins and pan half a litre of water, soon this became second nature. Diet was more difficult but we started hitting 50g protein a day working up to 200g+.

Deu had a knack of making the impossible changes in your life, possible. No extreme changes, all gradual and took time. From someone that had take away easily over 7 times a week (yes, sometimes twice a day), never drank a litre of water in his life. To now, averaging 3 litres a day for the past 18 months, halved my calorie intake and pumped my protein to preserve muscle and build. Now even when I take a break from gym, my body and diet remains consistent for the first time in my life. Deu made it clear we can eat what we want, as long as it was in moderation and we arent over indulging at any oppurtunity. The best example was, when we are overweight we are in debt, can you really afford that cheeseburger? Or is your house (body) going to be repossessed as a consequence of your action.

All in, from a lifestyle point of view, Deu changed my perspective and mindset for the better. Happy, healthy living, committed to a fitter future and God willing, an enjoyable life 🙏🏾


You inspiration thanks bro. Lost 5lbs quick and strong now too. I do the plan again but now I add extra exercise like you told me. thanks bro for motivation and coaching.


I am half way through a 'beta' program with aren helping me with my accountability and property goals. Not only have I lost weight and made some great progress in property i have improved my confidence massively.

I am only 19 and this is exiciting for me as I have so much more to learn and do. Thanks coach.

Testimonials Part 2


Great videos, really useful content and well presented! Deffo helps me channel my strength ;) and find motivation. You have good coaching tips too.


Having worked with Aren, I can only describe him as a thoroughly  passionate professional. His approach towards fitness and training is very informative and has helped me towards losing nearly 16 pounds! Motivation is one thing but his coaching makes things sustainable and his mindset towards working on yourself is second to none.

Have your notepads at the ready folks !


Fantastic approach to coaching for health and well being. Focusing on the key fundamentals first and helping the audience through the journey. Enjoyment sustainability hard work and consistency. Your mantra for success inside and otuside the gym has helped my mindset and motivated me so much.


Great trainer, has great knowledge of nutrition and exercise, would highly recommend him! I have been doing this for 20 years too so its refreshing to see coaching done right.


Thank you so much Aren. You are truly inspiring. I have started to believe in myself now and have started my online business. Love the positive mindset. TY x