Comparison is the thief of joy

Comparison is the thief of joy

Arguably one of my favourite quotes ever!

Comparing yourself will only drive you Crazy!

So you know what you should do? Stop being crazy!

Everyone has their own strengths and everyone has their weaknesses, right?

However, we often see someone in their element and think:

“Wow! They are special”

"Wow! They are so lucky"

"Wow! They are incredible"

Even I have been guilty of it. I remember the first time I saw someone talk on stage and think:

“How do they not get nervous speaking on stage?”

But then I had to remind myself that:
1. They probably sucked when they first started or at the very least, they were not as polished as they looked to me at that moment their first time.

2. They probably done it many times before, honing their skills and developing their craft.

3. They probably know their subject area like you know your job role/hobby or the things you would consider your strengths.

So next time you place someone on a pedestal or prerceive them as just an overall gifted human in every aspect of life, which then makes you feel inferior try this. Try to place that person into a dance contest or boxing match, or something they are not familiar with. Would the now look “special”.

Now you probably think this is unfair and I totally agree.
Of course, it's unfair.

it's just as it’s unfair as you expect to be at their level without ever following their path and putting in those hours to craft the skill set!

Just remember we can do almost anything in life, but can’t do everything!

Build on the weaknesses you need to build on. Strengthen your strengths to become a master at them.

Then go and find the best possible people to work with/ learn from and become that bad ass you think “WOW!” about every time you see them!

Have an awesome day and #JustDeuIt !

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