Control the Controllables – How to survive during Corona Isolation

Control the Controllables – How to survive during Corona Isolation

“Always try to Control the Controllables” by Aren Deu #91

In a time of huge uncertainty, where fear is upon many of us, and we often feel helpless, defenceless and desperate we need to ensure we regain control of our lives. We need to eliminate our excuses irrespective of how good or true they may be. We need to overcome this adversity and move forward in life. The best way to do this, is to truly control the controllables and recognise that in the midst of this current climate, with Corona (COVID-19) taking its toll on the world, we still have so much control of the rest of our lives. Our thoughts, bodies and minds are still within our control should we recognise this and work towards ensuring we master it.

I urge you all to just listen to this episode or check out the YouTube and really use this time to benefit your life moving forward. If I can help in anyway please do not hesitate to reach out.

1. Your sleep routine is so crucial.

2. Your nutrition, both hydration and the food you consume.

3. How to speak to yourself (especially if your self-isolated). Your thoughts impact your emotions & actions.

4. What you choose to listen and watch (I am all for Netflix, and Amazon) but I am so against things that do not serve my mindset.

5. How you look after your physical body (Exercise at home) ?

6. How you treat others (a dog eat dog world). Let’s not act like animals and be kinder and more compassionate and not let desperation take over our values.

7. Future proof yourself, if this happens (Formulate a plan and ensure if you are struggling this does not happen again. We have to learn from our moments of adversity and circumstances)

8. Levels of gratitude more so now than ever.

9. Learn a new skill. Language, online course or something you’ve always wanted to do. Write, blog, podcast do it today!!

Covid19, Covid-19, Corona Virus is just a phase of adversity we are all capable of overcoming and prospering from.

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