Do what is necessary

Do what is necessary

It was Friday morning, during my regular morning cardio session that the words of ERIC THOMAS hit me so hard I felt it was a personal message.
In fact, it hit me so hard, I had to pause the podcast and take note of the exact position: 49 minutes into The Secret to Success Episode 144.

I’ll paraphrase:

“I need you to start doing the necessary…”
“There is some stuff you probably don’t want to do. But you need to do it.”
“Some of you arent going to get RICH or BLOW up because you want to skip the necessary and go straight to the IMPOSSIBLE”.

Powerful, powerful, powerful, or at least it was for me at that moment.
You see at this point I was only about 16 months into my Entrepreneurial journey with dreams that frightened me daily. I was also surrounded by individuals at this stage in my journey who expressed their desire of wanting similar dreams.
We almost began to form a cult, fantasising about the dreams we were going to achieve, simply by speaking enthusiastically about them and wanting them, “oh so badly”.

Now, there is nothing to convince otherwise that their desires were true and honest. They wanted so much out of life. They wanted a certain lifestyle comprising of cars, ranch like houses, finances comparable with Bill Gates and business they could run on the beach etc..
But although there is strictly nothing wrong with dreaming BIG we have to understand the true sacrifice it takes.

As Eric also states, you don’t get the fruit when you plant the seed and this was something I guess we somehow overlooked… I mean the Secret promised it all right? Or at least that was our interpretation of it.

So, anyway, back to the podcast it got me thinking about whether I am truly ready to do what’s necessary to get these wild dreams. Was my peers ready too?

The podcast continued to speak on how we are all guilty of falling victim to it. How we all from time to time, get impatient and frustrated, wishing to just arrive at our desired destination without doing the necessary.
And by the necessary I mean, something a little like:

  • Without working a part-time job to afford the side hustle.
  • Without working through the night, straight after a 12-hour shift to get ahead.
  • Without doing jobs you, never dreamed of doing.
  • Without getting paid for something until you put 1000s of hours into it.
  • Without getting any rewards for your hard work.

It’s even worse, for those of us who have arrived at a particular position but then need to go backwards.

Take me for example. I worked hard my whole life to get to a comfortable job where I was able to live a life I had always wanted.

You know, the new car, house on rent, beers with the guys on the weekends and flash designer clothes.
This is what I wanted.
Until I no longer wanted it.

My journey and purpose became bigger over time, but it also meant I had to take some steps back.

I had to give up a salary.
I had to give up weekends drinking and socialising.
I had to give up playing the latest Fifa editions every September.
I had to give up spending money on clothes, cars and luxuries. But deep down, I knew it was necessary.
Deep down I knew it would pay off.
How? I believed in myself so strongly that I knew I could achieve anything I truly desired.

…and it did.

But in hindsight I put a lot of this down to me lowering and removing my ego and doing what was necessary.
Remember WHATEVER you wish to achieve in life, there is always a period of time where you will need do the necessary.
You will need to forget the instant gratification and remain focused on your goals.
Do this for long enough, with the correct ACTION and I assure you, that you will be doing the IMPOSSIBLE and you will have the necessary to thank for it!

Have an awesome day and #JustDeuIt

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