Do you need a coach?

Do you need a coach?

Somewhere along our journey the idea of a coach or mentor will crop up.
We will question whether the value and knowledge of a coach of mentor is worth the investment to help us over come challenges, build a strategy capable of achieving our goals, having someone we can be accountable too and just fast tracking our journey to our desired destination.

BUT the conflicting answer is always, “can I do it without one”?
Now I would certainly say YES you can. The is almost too much information via, podcasts, books and google itself for us not to find some information that will serve us. However on the flip side, talk about information overwhelm?
It’s sometimes the gift and the curse of the Internet as we have too much information and when they don’t fully align in their messages 100% we get a higher level of uncertainty which causes anxiety!
So when should you actually hire someone to move you forward? My answer is simple. If you answer YES to any of the following you should seriously consider one:

  1. Has my progress stopped?
  2. Do I want to get learn from others mistakes and save myself time/money/heartache?
  3. Do I need someone to manage my actions and keep me accountable.

However, although I answered YES to all these previously it still took me a lot longer to openly admit to needing a coach.
Fast forward to now, I have had many mentors in different aspects of my life. I have had great mentors, okay mentors and some I felt I was mentoring myself!
But in hindsight there was always valuable lessons that I was able to extract from my experiences.
Another way you could potentially look at whether you require someone to assist you and work with you on your journey is if:

  1. You lack some required skills or knowledge and they have it.
  2. You struggle to stay focused and find yourself scaterring from one thing to another.
  3. You feel stuck in a rut and have failed to move yourself out.
  4. You need a fresh perspective of someone who is in a position from experience to offer it.

Now this isnt an exhaustive list and it’s important you assess how much time you can commit, how much money you can invest in yourself and how long you want to achieve the results in.
Alongside this, you always want to work with someone you can relate to. You want to have a working relationship where you can understand each others values and work towards the common goal. You don’t need to be best buddies having beers on the weekend, but there needs to be a level of admiration and respect to remain accountable.
Accountability is so crucial, as you will find yourself through life making excuses constantly to yourself but as humans we are always less likely to let others down. We generally feel obliged to conform to their wishes. Simarly a monetary investment is also something that may give you an extra push to actually put the work in!

However, playing devils advocate here a coach should not just be in my opinion someone who holds you accountable. They should have skill sets or have been where you was and now moved to where you wish to go to be able to truly give you a sense of progressing in your life.
Simply reading quotes and telling you to get out of bed, is nice for a few days, maybe even a week depending on how bad you currently are in your RUT, but there needs to be more value and substance.

Have they been depressed before? Have they been overweight? Have they been poor and now reached financial freedom? Have they overcome huge amounts of adversity in their life to get to where they are today? I could go on…
So to conclude, whatever choice you need to make it. We are a result of our decisions and time is very limited…
Have an awesome day and #JustDeuIt

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