Don’t count the cost of a shovel when digging for gold

Don’t count the cost of a shovel when digging for gold

If you are an aspiring Property Investor or Developer then you need to really understand this quote.

We have all been there.
We have worked with CHEAPER solicitors, brokers, accountants, tradesmen and until this day have NEVER used their SERVICES again.

Quality service and experience comes at a slight premium something and was something we learnt the HARD WAY, the costly way!

A solicitor needs to be clued on and speedy without you having to CHASE them daily. Your time has its own VALUE!

A broker needs to be able to access all OPTIONS available in a timely manner and deliver the BEST product for YOUR situation, not for them.

An accountant should know exactly what serves you best and where and how you should buy something to benefit you from TAX / INCOME perspective.

A good team of builders should work without you having to watch over them 24/7 within the timescales and contractual agreements you made at the start of projects. They should adhere to the CONTRACT showcasing professionalism, ethics and true values!

Since moving on in our JOURNEY prices have increased for most of these members we consider part of our POWER TEAM.
Now before you PANIC the difference in the grand scheme of things is 10–15% at most.

This 10–15% however has saved us on TIME and STRESS which in this industry is so IMPORTANT! It has also meant we can crack on with other aspects of our business whilst the professionals carry out their own DUTIES!

We also realised that as we work with INVESTORS the importance of mitigating risks as much as possible and ensuring minimal SCOPE Creep is an essential part of our promise / business.

We regularly ensure our INVESTORS get their high interest returns with minimal fuss as we utilise our POWER TEAMS skills.

To conclude this analogy and lesson can be expanded across any industry. It’s difficult if your starved or limited in CAPITAL to not try to skip a few essentials and save some £££! But hindsight is the greatest teacher to us all. It’s never quite worth it in the end.

Have an awesome day!

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