Fitness myths

Fitness myths

  1. “Bread makes me fat”
    Is hands down, one of the dumbest things I have ever heard anyone say.
    Clickbait perhaps? But some people genuinely believe it. They discount thermodynamics and give all the power to a slice of bread for your waistline… Shakes head.
    So often I hear people say:
    “I lost weight because I stopped bread”
    FACTS: NO you reduced your calories by eliminating bread.
    “I can’t lose weight because I love bread”
    FACTS: NO you can’t lose weight because you eat too much.
    “The carbs in bread is so bad it makes you fat”
    FACTS: NO the excess calories of what you consume daily makes you fat. Food has no morality!
    You see I always try to reason with people. I ask them if they are eating a loaf of bread a day? Of course, they aren’t me, so their answer is always no 2-3 slices.
    So as a result you expect me to believe that 2-300 calories of bread is the reason you’re adding weight? Shakes head faster
    Remember as with anything, everything can be added to a DIET providing you can sustain it. If you want a few slices of a BREAD a day then have it.
    Remember its only 2–400 CALORIES for 2 to 4 slices. It’s what you do for the remaining calories that will also affect your goals!
  2. “LIGHT weights and high reps is the key to lean muscle.”
    NO NO NO! Remember higher reps will only really work endurance and for OPTIMAL health and lean muscle benefits you want to improve your STRENGTH and build muscle to ‘tone’ that body for you! This requires hypertrophy training and getting your body to adapt to stress. It may not give you the burning effect of numerous reps but it will cause your muscles to grow and burn more FAT. Facts!
    Remember if constant reps was a reason to stimulate growth and lean muscle we would all have HUGE calves, and they would be more toned than any other part of our body. (Walking, in case you missed the point).
  3. “EATING at certain times is crucial to lose fat”
    I really want to find the person who made up this lie.
    The times I’ve heard people say:
    “I lost weight when I stopped eating after 7pm” –
    FACT: You mean you just missed a snack/meal by not eating post 7pm, therefore fewer calories. Therefore, something we call a calorie deficit!
    “I lost weight when I ate after 12 and fasted for the morning”
    FACT: You mean you skipped a meal and reduced overall calories? I see.
    Remember, eating frequency, timing are far less important than OVERALL consumption and QUALITY!
    Your body doesn’t suddenly think, “oh my Casio is at 7.01pm I better start to add fat!”
  4. “Heavy weights will make me BULKY”
    No no no. I think many of us are guilty of believing this crap without ever trying to add size.
    But rather than try to explain, if anyone is able to suddenly get BULKY within months of training whilst keeping everything else the same, ill give you £10,000 no questions asked!
    Its very difficult post your first year or two of training to make massive strides in terms of muscle growth. It doesn’t come easy. You need to master progressive overload, frequency and more importantly eat adequately in accordance to your goals.
    One heavy set of lifting won’t suddenly turn you into Arnold
  5. “SORENESS dictates your results”
    Soreness after every WORKOUT (excluding newbies who haven’t ever lifted before) does not dictate the efficiency of your workouts.
    In fact, constantly feeling SORE after workouts may permit you from training as frequently and this becomes therefore counterproductive to enhancing your LIFE and GOALS.
    This is about sustainability, consistency and enjoyment! If you focus on soreness too often you will lose the most important aspects of training.
    You don’t need to always be SORE!
    What’s the silliest thing you have ever heard?
    Let me know….

Have an awesome day and #JustDeuIt !

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