From being homeless to speaking on stage #3

From being homeless to speaking on stage #3

Find your voice – Episode 3 – The Art Of Connecting With Ourselves by Theodore Treveil

Theodore Treveil also known as Theo, knows what it is like to hit rock bottom. He has had a life of so much adversity and hardship that rather than killing him, it has only made him so much stronger. Determined to find his voice and show the world he was more than his current circumstances he often lay there visualing.

“Visualise, visualise, visualise” – Theo

From sleeping on the streets of Victoria Station to ridding himself of his drug addiction Theo has now taken a stand and truly connected with himself. In doing this his passion now is to touch as many lives as possible, with a 50,000 target next year. Titans Mastermind is his movement and is about becoming a Titan of your own life!

Let me assure you, this is one guy whos story you want to follow, as it has only just begun…

“Our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings influences our actions” – Theodore Treveil

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welcome to an episode of find your voice

a movement led by yours truly

Aren do a guy who has overcome

crippling anxiety adversity and

difficulty like so many of you in life

whose main goal now is to help you

combat your excuses take control of your

life write your own story and most

importantly find your voice so now

without further ado I welcome the host

of the show himself mr. Aren do what’s

going on people yes that is correct my

name is Aren and I am the host of the


so today’s interview was a fascinating

interview it was I’d say certainly for

me it was definitely a game-changer and

the reason I say that is because in

hindsight there was so many moments when

I listened to it back where I kicked

myself I kicked myself for my poor

podcasting skills I kicked myself

because I never asked the right question

I kicked myself because I never accepted

silence and I kind of rushed it because

I was panicking about the recording and

the time and all of that stuff that you

probably don’t think goes into a podcast

No one thing I will say is that I hope

you find that in some way motivational

or inspiring because you do not have to

be perfect to start a podcast you do not

have to have all your ducks in a row so

I kind of want you guys to take that on

board as well if there’s something you

truly want to do just go out and do it

go ahead and do it pivot adjust and then

go forward again and that’s what it’s

all about but there’s certainly times in

this interview and I’m definitely eager

to get him back for a second podcast

maybe in about six to twelve months time

where we really gonna hone in on some of

his answers because I think the

emotional intelligence that he showed

for being such a young man was

incredible and I hope you could take

away some of the insights and some of

the lessons that he displays and

hopefully you can follow him on his

journey as well because he is absolutely

right in his own story right now he has

found his voice and there’s gonna be a

lot of good things coming from this

individual I’m very confident of that

and hopefully I say hopefully as I’ve

crossed my fingers right now which you

can’t see my podcast goes

we’ll improve as well so without further

ado let’s get this podcast over the way

hi good morning Theo how we doing today

and fantastic today really excited to be

on this podcast really excited to have

you just for the listeners who are

listening me and Theo we exchanged a few

messages via I think it was Facebook

initially and just hearing a summary of

his story was I was quite amazed to be

honest it was so interesting it was

almost like a film created and then to

find out your age as well I think the

listeners are in for a treat so we’re

just quickly I just want to get your

full name so it’s Theodore travell is

that correct yes yes Theodore Wong okay

fantastic so so that’s the name you’re

all gonna look out for so we’re gonna

literally start this for the listeners

at home just to kind of get to know you

a little bit so if you wouldn’t mind if

you could just please explain how you

progress through life and ended up where

you are similar to kind of the story you

told me well it’s been quite a

fascinating journey and it’s a journey

that I have never anticipated it will

take me where I am today so it was only

quite a few years ago when I came across

network marketing from a friend I’ve

always been the passionate type and the

enthusiastic type even when my life was

completely the other way around

I’ve always felt a sense of I want to

help people I want to serve people I

want to do more for people and this was

my why and this driver was was what was

guiding me through a lot of challenges

and obstacles in life and so what has

happened was this drive that I had this

passion that I had it took me from a

life of crime a life of drug a life of a

lot of negativity and it brought me into

positivity but just when I thought my

journey was beautiful and it ended so

perfectly this was when I was really

tested and this was when I was really

challenged so my parents they were from

a very religious background and they’re

from a very cultural background and

personal development wasn’t something

that they really entirely got or

understood so I was going through this

mental transformation there’s spiritual

transformation and emotional

transformation and they started the they

started becoming more alien to me and I

started to become more

into them and this trip into bought me

from network marketing into wanting to

start my own business coaching and

serving people and as this progressed on

one mindset just constantly just

continue changing changing changing

changing and then came a point where I

started to really question my identity

the person that my parents have brought

me up to believe I was the religion I

was brought up in the name that I was

brought up in I just challenged

everything because I just thought I

could not be a hundred and twenty

percent myself as I am being

indoctrinated with other people’s

beliefs and volumes and rules

so first came okay I’m really

particularly believe in this religion

and I don’t really think it’s a religion

for me to be following and that was one

thing that I’ve let go off and then came

my name and then came he just every

belief every rules that my parents have

ever brought me up on I just questioned

their one at a time and the ones that I

like yes I okay you know there’s a

compromise I can make that but the ones

that I thought was absolutely no this

was not going to serve me on my journey

this wasn’t going to help me create a

reality that I want to create impact

lives how I want to impact are not let

go of them and this was quite a shock to

my parents because you know if someone

raises you want to be a certain way and

you want entirely the opposite way it’s

a pan interrupts it’s an interruption

mark so they were just very shocked

emotionally shocked and if just shocked

even it just even affected their health

to the point they had to go to hospital

and you know we raised our son this way

and now he’s telling us he’s entirely a

different way and they couldn’t really

accept it they couldn’t really tolerate

and soon enough I found myself outside

on the street homeless for three months

with nothing but just faith nothing but

belief and nothing but vision that you

know I was going to overcome this I was

going to continue believing and continue

having faith and continue going on

forward no matter what anyone says no

matter what anyone does and no matter

what anyone throws at me this is what I

am about this is my vision this is my

purpose I

really believing it and I’m willing to

make any sacrifice to run with it and

see it till the end Wow just in that

short little bit what you just said

there there’s so many nuggets of

information that I think I just want to

quickly point out for the listeners if

you don’t mind firstly your emotional

intelligence could you just let everyone

know how old you are

23 23 okay so anyone listening to this

this guy is 23 now if you’re anything

like me at the age of 23 I had nowhere

near the level of emotional intelligence

that you you’ve just displayed there and

a couple of things you’ve you’ve just

pointed out there so religion obviously

I’m not here to talk about religion it’s

not what this podcast is about but my

personal opinion is that obviously

people need something to believe in so

whether they choose religion or not one

thing you managed to find in that bit

which I just kind of highlighted I made

a note of list when you were homeless

for three months which we will elaborate

on shortly if that’s okay with yourself

is you had the belief in something and

that’s something I believe is yourself

is that is that right would you would

you agree with definitely a hundred

percent and the reason why was because

when I was first homeless I was looking

into some false or some energy and some

creator outside of me and now again like

you said I’m not here to talk about

religion or any of that or cover any of

that however the other part of when I

was homeless so for the other two from

the second month and the third month I

started believing more in myself I’m

understanding that I had the resources I

had the tools and I was forced within

myself Wow Wow just just there as well I

mean for anyone that follows self

development personal development

resourcefulness I think Tony Robbins

he’s probably the Guru of personal

development that’s something he speaks

about and I’ll put my hand on my heart

and be honest here I’m 32 now and only

recently have I understood the power of

this sauce fulness which you’re

demonstrating at such an early age is


I’m excited me I’m actually exciting or

what you’re going to bring to the future

I think because you’ve got real-life

experiences as well that I’m sure many

people are going through or may go

through that hopefully they can

obviously resonate with your story like

I said after free month of experience in

homelessness it was just the most

powerful period of my life and why I say

because I’ve been in

development for three years it was only

within just a short period of three

months that I had to condense everything

really put it into practicality and so

at first when I was homeless it was I

was just so self-destructive I started

my old habit of smoking I had a very

quick mentality I had a very wise God

against me kind of mentality but then

later on and it’s crazy like it’s crazy

later on in the second third month I

just started meditating more and this

was when I was literally when I had no

idea where I was going to sleep or where

would wind up and I always winded up

either in hostels or strangest places

but I just I just had no more fear I was

just meditate and I was really connected

I was really like this is going to turn

out as it’s meant to turn out and I

believe everything happens for us and

not to us and now after free month I

managed to find my own shared

accommodation and from there always just

going on to building my dream which I’m

currently right now in Wow

oh haha I’m actually getting goosebumps

listening to this is it’s fascinating

just emulation to the drugs so I’ve had

experience of family members using drugs

a lot of alcohol abuse especially could

you elaborate a little bit on that was

that a dark period or was it just

recreational it was a very dark period

because when I was taking drug it was

also a period of my life or time where I

felt suicidal okay I felt like I just

want to kill myself but I didn’t have

the courage or the determination to go

through with it so I thought what other

way can I you know slowly in my life and

I slowly and my dream cannot slowly just

end all these pain away and you know

it’s very it was very II it’s very easy

for me to judge myself and be like oh

that was a very bad action for me to do

in but the reality is I knew at that

time when I was taking drug I was doing

what I was doing to the best of my

knowledge and so therefore I always say

you do better when you know better and

that was what I knew at the time and

that’s what I was using at the time to

relieve my pain but I felt like it was a

very important period of my life to I

needed to experience that and to go

through that in order to be where I am

today life is all about balance and

duality you know you don’t know

if you don’t know good if you don’t know

bad so you don’t know a terrible


you don’t know a great experience unless

you know a terrible experience so I’m

grateful I think you just touched on

something fantastic there as long you do

better when you know better and one of

the traits that you’ve you’ve definitely

highlighted in just this short amount of

time so far is a growth mindset and I’m

not sure how far your personal

development goes but growth mindset was

certainly something for me that I

suppose it affected my ego initially

because we think we’ve got it all

figured out and you know having that

fixed mindset and you’re demonstrating

here that you needed to know better

in such a short amount of time and you

also touched upon something how your

habits was a congruent say for instance

with your vision but one thing I would

point out and this is more for the

listeners as well is that just because

you do something I if you an extra slice

of cake or something for example it

doesn’t necessarily make you a bad

person that particular action I think

that’s the problem with society we kind

of beat ourselves down almost

unnecessarily that’s such a powerful

thing for you to say because I was only

sharing it on my social media friends

the other day that look there’s no such

thing as stupid people

there’s only people that do stupid

things our actions should never define

us and this was a huge lesson that I had

to learn when I was homeless that

whatever I’m doing right now and

whatever I’m experiencing right now it

isn’t me it shouldn’t define me yes I am

doing this and I should just enjoy it

while I’m doing it rather than feel

guilty and beat myself up about it

but once I’m done let me be

self-reflective let me say was that

really a wise decision why was I really

doing this what emotion what deep-rooted

emotion is there into this and how can I

heal that and love that so I can move

all of my lives just give me a moment

there it’s fantastic um I want to this

is more for myself my own curiosity here

just one day of living she would call it

homeless or on the streets or wherever

you were living if you could just

explain that to people because I think

in society nowadays we kind of we see it

we feel bad for a few seconds but we

don’t actually know the extent to what

it takes from a person if that makes

sense so if you could just pour upon

that a little bit please okay well one

particular and this was a period this

was a particular day where

I just felt like I hit rock like one and

that was where now when I went to that

night I thought I had a place here to

stay which I didn’t and I only had

around a pound or so on my debit card

literally and my credit card I knew I

wasn’t going to be able to book any room

and I know I’m going to be able to go

anywhere so I thought okay where can I

go and it seems like Victoria Station

seems to be the spot for a lot of

homeless people so I went to Victoria

Station and I was really tired

I was extremely exhausted bowels also

cold I was really cold so I couldn’t

just sleep anywhere because I needed to

find somewhere which I couldn’t so I go

on to Victoria Station I go in there

where all the coaches are and I’m just

pretending like I’m there sitting

waiting for a coach to arrive an hour

has went by two hours went by three

hours went by and I thought okay I can’t

do this anymore so I found a big banner

and one of the places two big banners

and I put it together to hide myself

because there’s a security guard there

that constantly checks around to see if

there’s any homeless people sleeping and

then she kicks them out so I found two

big banners and then I put them together

to hide behind this corner and I was

sleeping there I was cold but I couldn’t

feel my feet and it was really really

cold and this was a time to like can i

are now sleeping on the floor I wasn’t

even stealing you know anything I was

rock floor to myself is there any more

rock bottom I can hit them this I have

no money

I’ve asked all my friends if I could

stay over their place and nobody really

had you know has that opportunity to let

me stay in a place and I’m here sleeping

on the floor and this was a time where I

was also working in peds Express so I

had a jaw I was sleeping in Victoria

Station and I had a job at the same time

so the next day I had to go back to West

Westville Center to go to my job wearing

the same clothes sleeping in the same

clothes and doing everything in the same

clothes and my mentality was literally

like okay this is it I can do it is I

don’t want to do this anymore I want to

quit my job I just want to quit

everything I just want to quit my life

but it was also a beautiful period of

time because and this is what I say guys

visualize visualize visualize this was a

period of my time well sleepin on Victor

station I was sleeping on the floor I

was called but I closed my eyes and I

just visualized my future I just thought

okay you know what maybe I may not be

able to change my outside circumstances

and situations but I can most certainly

change out what I’m internally

processing him right now I do not

tolerate any of this to internally be a

part of me so I just closed my eyes I

could see myself standing on stage

speaking to people coaching clients

one-to-one be in a business doing what

it is that I’m passionate about and love

to do you know without any of these

obstacles becoming an obstacle and it

was so amazing because even at that time

when the security god came and she found

and she was like get out she shouted at

me I’m still okay with the house I came

to accept my reality knowing that this

one wasn’t going to be my last and

reality and I just got okay okay let me

just go along with this and let me just

look brighter for him yeah let me look

to the next day and then the next day

came I went to my friend and an

opportunities just came network

marketing came and a lot of things came

and my friend actually allowed me to

stay over her place for a month so this

is the power of visualization Wow

I think I think you’re a true example

and this is why I really wanted to kind

of get you on this podcast is that you

literally took control and you picked up

that pen and you started writing your

own story and this is kind of one of the

things that I always try and bring out

of other people is that throughout life

we kind of pigeon-holed into certain

ways for example do this because you’re

good at it what you’ve kind of done is

you’ve sat back and you thought hold on

a second Who am I who is theall and

you’ve picked up that pen and even we’re

probably a lot of people because I’ll

tell you something

I mean I’m I can’t handle any sort of

cold people that normally I’m constantly

got a hoodie on and I’m struggling so to

have that resilience and still have the

visualization like you said visualize

visualize visualize to believe that one

day you will achieve what you’re doing

and now I know looking at your story now

you’re there and that’s fantastic so I

don’t want to give too much away to the

listeners because I’d rather hear it

from yourself but what you’re what

you’ve said there what you visualized

there is kind of what you doing now

isn’t it so if you could just give us a

day in the life of the or now please

well I believe right now I wear on my

life it’s ever-growing it’s

ever-evolving but it’s going

exactly in the right direction it’s

meant to go out so alive for me today is

just I’m currently running programs and

courses 21-day programs and courses

teaching people exactly the step to step

that I used when I was homeless and when

I didn’t have a place and even when I

was going through my struggle and how I

overcame that mentally because I really

believe it’s our internal wall that

creates our external world and whatever

we are able to conceive within us we’re

able to create outside of us so we only

have a lot of 21 day programs right now

that I’m doing and I’ve just actually

started running a mastermind group only

quite a few days ago called Titans

mastermind creating leaders that are

heart centered and that really want to

go and travel and inspire people to

become a more heart centered and to

becoming more authentic and genuine in

their work in their field of work

whatever that work may be and you know

doing these podcasts being able to share

my story and being able to be invited to

speak in on stage so I’m really really

grateful and I never take this

opportunity for granted because I know

within me I have experienced a lot and

I’ve learnt a lot and now I feel it’s my

responsibility and duty to go out there

and to share with other people in order

for them to unlock their potential and

gift and create a reality that is

beautiful for them that is fantastic so

for anyone listening you’ve just heard

their and obviously at the end of the

show we’ll give you direct access to

Theo but there’s a there’s programs out

there as masterminds but what I always

try and shy people away from is not just

going on the internet and looking at

someone who’s paid a couple of thousand

pounds for a Facebook ad and he’s

dressed up in a nice smart shirt what

I’m trying to find throughout this

podcast as well myself he’s authentic

genuine people like Theo here who’s

who’s actually been there who can

actually tell you listen this is exactly

what you need this is the blueprint so I

urge anyone who’s in that position to

reach out and can I be honest there and

I’ve done that I’ve tried I’ve tried the

whole because when I first started this

it’s very easy to get into the idea that

we need to wear suit we need to sound a

certain way we need to look a certain

way we need to be a certain way in order

for us to be successful and that’s why I

say yeah my personal growth

and your preneur journey really started

this shit because the past two years it

was exactly the same way I used to look

at people in suits and I used to think

okay let me wear soon let me cook you

what they’re saying let me do what

they’re doing and letting you go out

there and you’re getting a client and

then I realized people really just buy

into hearts they don’t buy like yes

image may play a contribution and make

play a little factor but really and

truly people buy into hearts absolutely

so that’s what I’m really about in my

mission I’m not here to create 21st

century business people I’m here to

create 21st century heart centered

people I love that I love that message

and I appreciate your honesty there as

well and showing how you thought about

it initially so I’ve got I’ve got no

doubt and I’m sure people listening to

this have no doubt that you will achieve

all of this and create some amazing

people well I say create I think

everyone’s already got it in themselves

you’ll help them bring it out or suppose

so from the moment you wake up in the

morning are there other things or habits

that people could say copy for example

to kind of get that right mindset so

we’ve had guests previously who follow a

miracle morning or we have certain

people who anchor themselves to the gym

or a long run meditation I mean I know

you briefly touched on meditation

earlier if you could just give a couple

of key things that you make sure that

you get done in your day in order to

keep you moving forward before I share

that can I share something absolutely so

I’m gonna be sharing what I do in every

single day regularly in my morning

however as you listen to this really and

truly what I want is for you to find

what suits you what really resonates

with you and what really connects with

you it’s not I might suggest a lot of

things like share I’m gonna be sharing

right now but you find what suits and

connects with you because I’ve tried

cooking in many other people’s routine

and you know on a superficial level I

was starting to feel the difference but

on a deeper level I still knew it wasn’t

really connecting with me and it wasn’t

really making a lasting transformation

and ultimately that’s what you should be

seeking for isn’t a temporary

transformation it’s a lasting

transformation sustainability yeah so

for me I tried the morning routine

morning miracle routine and only a week

ago I actually spot two

to go stop so what my morning routine

right now really consists of is and it’s

just so simple but I actually really

feel the difference when I don’t do it

when I do do it which is I do one hour

meditation but these meditations are

actually split into frees one meditation

is for forgiveness and love so anyone

that I’ve been holding on to that I feel

like I can’t forgive just use that time

to forgive them and to let go of them

and just send them as much love as

possible but also send a lot of planning

and send forgiveness to the planet and I

feel like as I do that because as I do

that I just release whatever needs to be

released within me every single day is a

new day every single day is a new

chapter so for me it’s an absolute that

I’m not taking whatever happened

yesterday or two years ago three years

ago even three months ago into my

present life into my present moment so

forgiveness and love is my first self

meditation the other second set of

meditation is visualization what do I

want my day to be like feel like what do

I want to accomplish today and I just

visualize it so vividly I don’t mean on

a superficial level like hey I’m gonna

make a thousand a thousand a thousand

pounds I mean really coming from a place

where I know I’m I am right now I know

I’ve got the resources and tools in

order to make this a real day and my

last set of meditation is really

gratitude what am i grateful for I love

a quote that says here as you go on to

pursuing what it is that you want to

pursue don’t forget to be grateful for

what you have today so my final

meditation is just great gratitude

gratitude not even just for the great

things in life but also for the things

that I have heard for the things that

kind of taught me a lesson because like

I said I wouldn’t know joy had I not

known pain so I just take it all in as

one and I’m just so grateful for and

then after that when I finish all that I

do yoga I’m half an hour of yoga really

connect with my breathing because my

grieving is navigating me through life

buddies navigate through life and my

last thing I do is just join in it so

writing down what the experience was

like in terms of my meditation my yoga

what I am what I’m gonna enjoy about or

what I enjoyed about yesterday were I’m

gonna enjoy about today and just

anything journaling anything to

structure my thoughts to structure my

mind because you know we have twelve

thousand to seven

thousand thoughts a day so if we’re not

able to structure a piece of paper we’re

going to be confused about what it is

that we want from our life we’re going

to be confused in where it is what we’re

going and we’re gonna make a very

indecisive decision Wow okay so just to

recap on that then so we’ve got the our

meditation which is looking at

forgiveness in love they move up the

visualization on a deeper level and then

gratitude followed by yoga journaling as

well okay fantastic and it’s a great

point that you just said actually there

because and I should have picked this up

myself was not to just copycat someone

else because I’ve done it I’ve had all

these routines and I’ve sinned like

success for entrepreneurs that maybe I

Howard in high esteem and I’ve been like

okay if you can do this I can do this

but then you’ve got to look at your own

life and it’s got to be sustainable for

your own life so if you’re if you’re

waking up at par 4 for example or the 4

a.m. club but then you’re half asleep by

12 o’clock it’s not really sustainable I

think that’s a great point that people

should find their own stuff but I would

certainly recommend I mean most of the

stuff you mentioned there the great

leaders of the world all sort of

implement in their day so thank you for

sharing that I appreciate it so we’ve

touched briefly on your past and I think

adversity comes as one of the first

words when we think about your struggles

and how you’ve got to where you’ve got

to in this particular time if we can

just sideline the homelessness just for

a second and if you could just point out

one other particular time where you face

great adversity but you persevered

through it and what I want you to do is

if you if you wouldn’t mind just take a

few seconds to really try and put

yourself back in that moment just to

kind of give the listeners some real

true authentic feeling of what it was

like and then how you got through it and

then obviously we can move on and see

what lessons you learn from that and you

know as you ask that question now I feel

really connected to my my emotion

because the reason being is I want to

share a quote with you that I came

across which is so powerful until this

day I live by this quote it’s a

philosophy it’s a way of life for me

which is I am not who I think I am I am

not who we think I am who I think you

think I am and so for me it’s we we live

our whole life through other people’s

lenses other people’s perception

you know it’s like really how much of

who we are is it really who we are and

so for me the greatest adversity I guess

I faced was when I was in that period of

time where I just thought okay you know

I can quit all this and this was when I

was at my friend’s place you know she

was allowing me to live with her for a

month and then now I had to go out there

and I had to find my own place and I

just fought can’t do this I really can’t

do this what on earth was I thinking

you know really coming on my truth I’m

really living in my truth I’m still a

kid I still won’t know what the hell I’m

doing I’m still young and I felt at that

period of time I just felt like I could

jump off a train track and I felt like I

couldn’t care less that was when I was

under I was on the ground and I thought

let me just jump off there as you can

clearly see the pattern when I was

homeless there was a lot of times I felt

suicidal a lot it wasn’t just once it

was quite intense quite a time so that

was my greatest adversity it was really

I knew what I wanted to do I knew where

I was going with this but then my ego

just started coming out of nowhere and

started challenging that and this is

what I’m going to tell you when you have

the courage and the determination and

the faith to go out there and to pursue

what it is that you believe in it’s not

even what other people are telling you

that is the greatest challenge is what

you’re telling yourself you know that

dull part of you that that self and I

can’t do it I’m not good enough and

really intuitive what you need are

Short’s office where did this come from

it didn’t come from you it must have

come from somewhere else because really

and truly we are light we are love we

are all that is good you know we are all

that is courage and faith and otherwise

humanity wouldn’t be out where it is

today so anytime that I was experiencing

that I just asked myself is this really

my voice or is this just the voices of

people outside of me or the naysayers

and so there’s a great quote that Eric

Thomas once says if the enemy within

can’t attack the enemy outside could do

you know how so that was my greatest

adversity it was my own soft or my own

own own disbelief but I overcame that I

loved that is this really my voice and I

think so often all our limiting beliefs

throughout life is mainly is people

teachers it could be your parents it

could be your friends your family your

peers and I’m guilty of it myself to be

honest I think I am where I am now in a

much better place but the last seven

eight years with just me following

around what other people wanted from me

I suppose and trying to trying to please

other people I suppose and that’s kind

of the world we live in especially with

social media being so so prevalent in

everyone’s daily life that you’re almost

trying to keep up with the Joneses

you’re almost trying to have a highlight

reel as opposed to writing your own

story if that makes sense and you know

what the hard part about that all is is

we can try to lie to ourselves and this

is a great insight that was given to me

let’s just say for example right now

fear is bigger than your dream let’s

just say that let’s just say you know

you you know it is that you want to do

but you’re just too scared to do it so

you’ll just give away you will just give

it away and you’ll be like no I’m not

gonna pursue this I’d rather stick to my

comfortable life a year from now you may

not experience the difference two years

from now you may not experience the

difference three years maybe not but

ultimately there will come a time where

that voice what if comes and I really

believe resistance then turns into

physical illness so that means that you

have a lot of people that are successful

that have accomplished so much in life

yet they’re sick they’re spiritually

sick they’re mentally sick they’re

emotional in you’re sick they’re not

fulfilled they’re not content they know

the art they know the mechanic to

success but they don’t know the art of

fulfillment they’re not experienced in

that so I always say like you know what

you can risk it

you can try and live all comfortable as

you want but how long is it really gonna

last and how deep is it really and I

believe a lot of our successes and a lot

of the happiness that comes from our

successes is very superficial

for me what I’m interested in is really

creating a lasting fulfillment and

happiness in my life that comes from

within my soul not just for me

accomplish and achieving mechanic

success based things I love the answer

because I had a debate with somebody

about this previously so I’m not gonna

speak about myself too much here but one

of the things my mom who’s like my best

friend always taught me was always about

giving and like the importance of being

grateful and just helping as many people

as possible and I remember as a child

whilst a child was about 15 I got my

job and I was working as a sales

assistant and I had something like 42

pounds or something I think it was and

straightaway I went home and this was

without any sort of guidance or anything

I and not many people know this and I

sponsored a child straightaway and I and

I donated the about four pounds to like

WaterAid and I think it was cancer I

didn’t have much we come from humble

beginnings and throughout my life I’ve

always whatever I’ve had I’ve tried to

give as much as I possibly can and the

reason I say this is because you

mentioned something there about the

superficial part and you mentioned about

fulfillment because I believe there’s

two different types of people on a macro

level and what I believe is you have

people who genuinely just have a desire

to help people and then you have people

who achieve all this amazing success

feel somewhat unfulfilled feel unhappy

and then what they do is in return start

doing charities getting a sense of

fulfillment now I’m not here to say

one’s right and one’s wrong and one’s

better than the other because I believe

anyone who helps anyone in any way is

doing a great service but I can truly

see within you for somebody who’s been

at the bottom who’s still there with you

know trying to be positive a positive

beacon to the world you’ve got that

first trait you’re the person who’s

always wanted to help you’re not the

person who’s I when I when I make a

million pounds and I’ve got the car in

the house then maybe I’ll take a bit of

time at and it’s like my friend says

though my personal development is our

personal development the work that I

leave today will be left to future

generations yeah so that’s why it’s even

more important that you know at the end

of the day yes enjoy life yes you know

make the most of it but make sure that

if you’re going to leave this planet

neither we’ve leave it in a great way

leave it in a way that’s so positive

that future generations where they come

to come alive and grow up here they can

pick it up from somewhere positive I’m

sure the listeners I get in plenty of

nuggets see I’d even recommend pause in

this just to kind of take in some of the

some of the stuff you say and there’s

some fantastic quotes there as well by

Thomas somebody who I have a lot of

admiration for as well deal we’re gonna

we’re gonna just switch gears a little

bit here I wanna I want to ask you and

again I mean I don’t really need to say

this to you because you’re very well

thought out but if you could just tell

me what your biggest fear is not not

living up to my full potential and gift

let me share a story with you actually

and this is what really scares me when I

was born I was born and this was 1995

and I was a civil war going on and you

know there were a lot of soldiers firing

a.k rifles and ask where you were born

sorry to Tamale so there were they were

firing aka rifles and there was one

bullet could have potentially really hit

me in the head and I could have died and

as a child so I really I don’t take my

life for granted

I believe every single day is a miracle

and my biggest fear is not living up to

that miracle and that opportunity and

chance that has been given to me Wow

see that’s a remarkable story and it’s

something that I even now I take I’m so

grateful of my circumstances when I was

born and I’m sure everyone listening to

this as well never came from such a such

a difficult start it was almost like the

odds were against you from the start but

you kept persevering so I’m confident

that you will destroy that fear shall we

say and you will live up to your

potential and if I can help in any way

or if anyone listening to this can help

in any way then certainly reach out to

Theo thank you for that I appreciate it

we’ve kind of spoken obviously about

your wire your inspiration your

motivation and I suppose I don’t want to

kind of repeat the same question again

but do you have days where you just

don’t feel like doing anything and I

want you to be completely honest here

because yes we will ever why we all want

to change our parents lives our wives

lives our partners lives we have a goal

to help serve people let them write

their own story let them find their

voice and all of that stuff but in those

moments where you’re not feeling quite

up to it because I know it happens to me

and I’m pretty confident it happens to

99% of the people out there otherwise

they’re lying so when it does happen to

you what keeps you going on that day I

would say it would be alive for me to

say no I have experience and this is no

question I was just asked me today was

also asked to me last night and I would

say yes I have a lot of days where I

don’t want to wake up out of bed and I

don’t want to do anything and I just

want to quit and I just want to give up

and I just want to say you know what let

me just

around and do absolutely nothing because

it’s challenging it’s like first your

personal growth is the most remarkable

the most exciting the most fun thing but

at the same time is the most challenging

thing because what it really brings out

is triggers what it really brings out is

a lot of part of you that you’ve been

neglecting and suppressing so for me

days there where I actually start to

experience these triggers which was like

three days ago where I was supposed to

go to this event but I just felt like I

don’t want to go to it I don’t want to

wake up our bed I just want to stay in

bed I just wanted to be tucked under my

duvet and I just want to sleep and what

really you know I don’t push that

feeling and I don’t resist that feeling

I embrace it because like I said every

emotion that is a deep-rooted reason to

why we’re feeling what we’re feeling

there is a reason behind every feeling

so the way I motivate myself is I try to

get to the 80 grit T of why I’m feeling

that way what is this really about it

isn’t about the fact that it’s just cold

and I just don’t want to go out there’s

a real deep root very concerning reason

why and I get into that why and I

explore every possibility I question in

every way so that therefore is got no

way of taking over me because you know

our thought creates our feeling and our

feeling influences our action so I just

ask as many questions about this feeling

as possible I try to really cover it

from all aspect of like you know a

cylinder and soon enough is that oh okay

that’s why that’s why I’m feeling this

way and then when I accept and I

acknowledge it I just think to myself

you know what this is my thought this is

my feeling but it doesn’t have to be and

something that I act upon it you know I

get to choose how I want to respond to

this so once I can really get into why

I’m feeling the way I’m feeling and then

I choose to respond and the way I choose

to respond is I just love it I

acknowledge is that and I say to myself

you know what I can rather act on this

but I know I’m gonna regret it later on

I could just choose what feels hard

right now but ultimately later on I’m

gonna be very thankful and grateful for

it so that’s how I motivate myself I

dissect and you’re very very self aware

in order to be able to kind of separate

those things the reason I asked that as

well is because

when I went on my entrepreneurial

journey when I used to have those days I

used to absolutely beat myself up and I

used to be like I’m a bad husband I’m a

bad businessman I used to just basically

label myself based on my mood that day

and then what one of the quotes I think

such a from a song and it says it’s okay

not to be okay and I love that because

you can use that across all walks of

life but when I say that then I’d then

adopt a similar approach to yourself

okay so kay not to be okay today and

maybe I don’t feel like working out for

example or going to a conference event

but what I will do is understand why

that is happening and you hit the nail

on the head there because really truly

understanding the deeper reason behind

why you do what you do if you can master

that then you can almost I suppose next

time it comes handle it much better

would you agree with that it is it is

but this is the biggest problem the

biggest problem is people are very much

focused on outside in rather than inside

out because you know we can’t resist

instant gratification so we can’t resist

instant result but what people need to

really understand is that it’s when you

work from within you take ten step

forward rather than just taking one step

forward so yeah it really really is I

think it’s just you have to really

understand why you’re not feeling

motivated when you’re not me feeling

motivate don’t try to suppress and I’m

force yourself to do something that you

don’t want to do if you don’t feel like

you’re going for a run today don’t go

for a run today then you know but then

people is that you’ve gotta push you’ve

gotta push you’ve gotta push there’s

what happens when you push the same

problem repeatedly shows up in your life

again and again and again and today it

may be very subtle but tomorrow’s gonna

be very big and very overwhelming and

you’ll find it even harder to overcome

it okay guys you’ve heard the buzzer go

off and that means it’s the most fun

part of the show so what I’m gonna be

doing is putting Theo through his paces

and I’m gonna set the timer for 60

seconds and I’m gonna be asking him as

many questions as possible

Theo you’ve got no time to think I want

your first answer okay okay start in

three two one

okay Theo the ability to fly or be

invisible fly money or fame fame

Netflix our YouTube

clicks calling or texting calling Coke

or Pepsi coke would you rather know how

you would die or when you were dying how

I would die Christmas or birthdays

Christmas tea or coffee tea summer or

winter summer your favorite place in the

whole wide world

Oh Brazil Brazil Brazil Brazil would you

know how to speak all the languages in

the world will be able to speak to

animals and animals if you could abolish

one thing in the world what would it be

greed Facebook or LinkedIn Facebook read

minds or predict the future read minds

cats or dogs cats have you ever been in

a fight

yes did you win no last question your

favorite movie star Hugh named from

Wolverine Hugh Jackman yeah Hugh Jackman

okay fantastic brilliant okay that’s

time just that was very interesting I

just thought I’d just mix it up a little

bit the Hugh Jackman thing I’m not sure

if you’ve sinned he’s recent from the

greatest showmen um I wonder what sure I

haven’t seen about how the great things

about yeah well it’s the musical so

initially I was kind of like under fence

with it I don’t know about you but I’m

quite an emotional guy saying say Joe

and I remember watching that and I was

watching it with the wife and like

there’s quite a few scenes that were

really kind of touching and I think

especially with your story as well

because this without giving too much

away it’s a guy with a dream he’s got

his partner supporting him and he’s just

going through all these obstacles and

adversities to kind of get to where he

wants to get to you know the songs are

powerful but it’s a brilliant movie and

especially if you’re a fan of him so

make sure you check that one out buddy

definitely thank you I only think the

friends between him and me is how I need

to find my partner which I’m sure you

all sure they’ll come running in okay so

we’ve got two more questions left the

next question is about reflection

obviously hindsight’s a wonderful thing

and upon reflection we can always think

of ways to get to where we are currently

quicker do the things we’re currently

doing earlier or perhaps just move

towards that goals that big

but I guess the journey also teaches us

a lot as well and sometimes I suppose

you could say everything happens for a

reason so what I want to know is if you

could go back in time to one particular

moment where you really struggled and

suffered with adversity and just whisper

something in your ear knowing what you

know now what would that be it was when

I came back from Slovenia and to go to

my parents house and to finally really

lay out the balls for them so to tell

them okay this is who I am and this is

who I’ve become and this is my desires

and these are my visions and you know it

doesn’t really resonate and connect with

you so what I would have told myself

when I was when I made that decision was

that rather than doing it in a very

defensive way do it in a very loving way

because a very beautiful quote I really

enjoy unlike is that love and honesty

can penetrate through anything in life

particularly when it comes to those hard

conversations that you were having with

your family or your friends if you do so

with hate intent or doubt or anger or

frustration or irritation or even a

sense of fire within you you know it’ll

never turn out exactly the way it can

possibly turn out but if you do it from

a place of love and honesty no matter

how how great the mistake or how great

or how hard the conversation is if you

do it from a place of like I’m just

gonna do this in a very loving way and

I’m gonna do this in a very honest way

I’m sure things would have turned out a

bit differently so that’s what I will

that’s what I would have told myself is

as you’re having that conversation it’s

okay to speaking your truth continue

doing that but change the intent a bit

do it from a place of love and not from

a place of doubt anger frustration or

irritation love and honesty can

penetrate through anything in life

okay so sadly we’re at the last question

now if if we fast forward and we move up

150 years in time and sadly science

fails to save us or if there was

somebody who wrote a book about theodore

travel and it’s sitting there and then

somebody else walks over and picks up

that book

and realizes there’s too many pages to

read here do I really want to read this

so instead they turn it over and they

look at the blurb in the back what does

that blurb tell him so if there was a

book what would what it will tell them

is who was I really that’s what he will

tell them the most enjoyable and

beautiful part about the life I’m living

right now

is every single day I’m a different

person and it’s not to say oh the person

I am today is you know fake and

somewhere tomorrow person’s gonna be

real but every single day I get the

opportunity to unravel a part of me

that’s always being there but it’s just

being shy it’s being scared away always

been frightened away so who was Theodore

because like I said I changed my name my

name used to be Mohammad and today my

name is Theodore and I can change that

tomorrow so it’s just who was I really

Who am I really

and I think the person that picks up

that book and see that I wanted to

excite as they’re reading that I want

them to challenge themselves and ask

themselves so if this person you know

was able to change his name and is able

every single day he’s evolving what

about me Who am I and that is the most

powerful question because once you can

have that question which I believe it’s

an ongoing journey

you’re not gonna fully a hundred percent

hack it you know you want to be over

fifty percent at least two beautiful it

really is a beautiful beautiful thing to

understand who you really are and just

on the sidelines so Who am I I really

believe the way to summarize Who I am is

just divine I love that I love that I’m

sure they’ll pick up the book and read

all of it if you said that absolutely

fantastic my friend okay so for anyone

listening that now I’m sure you can

agree that was an unbelievable story and

one that is still being written and I

think they all hit the nail on the head

there where he explained that it’s an

ongoing journey and that’s the same for

all of us even myself even as I go

through the process of trying to become

a podcaster I’m still learning and even

my self development in other aspects but

they always certainly demonstrated

amazing traits and his story is

certainly one that I urge all of you to

reach out and speak to him about so what

I’m gonna do is I’m gonna give Thiel a

chance now to basically let us know the

one best place where you can find him

thank you so much

by the way this has been such a

privilege and what you’re doing is

absolutely incredible thank you so much

thank you

so like I said right now I’m actually

working an exciting exciting exciting

new project which is called the Titans

mastermind and my vision and passion for

quite a while has always been to create

a community where we can all support

empower inspire each other with

authenticity integrity love and honesty

and just just about anything that is

positive and heart centered so I’ve

quite recently started this few days ago

and already right now I’ve got six or

seven members but by next Jim and that’s

why I don’t plan on doing this alone I

plan on touching as many lives as

possible so that therefore they can

create a ripple effect by next year I

wonder I want that to reach 50 K so 50 K

members were all supporting each other’s

business were all supporting each other

in personal life professional life so

it’s cool Titans among us Titans

mastermind and it’s really about helping

you become the Titan of your life owning

your life and really running your life

as you want it to join in you know just

and follow me on Facebook and drop me a

message and I will invite you into the

group yeah it’s a very safe place as a

very comfortable place it’s not just

it’s not all about just money motivation

it has so much more to do with that so

any support you need any assistance you

need whether it is business whether it’s

your life all there is

whatever struggle you’re going through

come and come along and join it because

this is the one thing that I wish I had

three years ago when I was in the

beginning of my personal growth journey

you know being able to be in an

environment where I wasn’t just kind of

being superficially honest I was being

really honest some people were taking

that in that would they were absorbing

it in there with digesting in and they

just had so much excitement into helping

me so I wish I had that and so today I

had the opportunity to create that so

why not so if you are and whatever

wherever you are in your journey whether

you feel like you’re doing great and you

don’t be there whether you’re in the

middle whether you’re in the beginning I

believe we all need support so come

along join in let’s have fun and let’s

create 2019 to become an awesome year

they are is that free to access for

anyone in the public yeah it’s a free

attack so yeah so it’s a closed group

that’s why I message me for

so I can invite what number is free yeah

what I will do is I’ll put all the odds

details in the show notes as well so you

can direct message him personally I just

want to say thank you to Thiel for

taking time out of his day today and

sharing his fantastic story I’m sure

we’re all gonna hear and see his name a

lot more I mean this guy is like wise

beyond his years he’s he’s so young he’s

doing incredible things so I know my

next job after this call is to get on

that Facebook group as well so Theo if

you wouldn’t mind adding me in as well

please definitely I’d appreciate that

buddy and for everyone else at home

thanks for listening thank you so much

and remember this podcast is absolutely

free so all we ask in return is for you

to share this with a friend and drop us

a five star review over on iTunes have

an awesome day

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