From Prison to Prosperity & Why You Aren’t Achieving Your Goals #82

From Prison to Prosperity & Why You Aren’t Achieving Your Goals #82

“Success Loves Speed” by Erik Salzenstein #82

Erik Talks about you have the power of change through your actions & your decisions. By building better more meaningful relationships and embracing the fact we are not alone we can achieve whatever success we want, and achieve our goals. Sometimes having an intention is not enough and to turn our life around we need to take the right action and this requires some tips that Erik speaks about in this episode.

But Erik’s life was not always as simple as it sounds from this summary. Erik spent the first half of his current life making the odd wrong decision and recognised swiftly how these had such a negative impact on his life. Needing to change his circumstances and not just wanting to change them he made a positive change. He transformed himself from Prison to Prosperity. A truly humble and genuine soul who has become a friend not only of the show but myself. He is one who practices what he preaches and serves people with his authenticity and skill set.

Some Key Time stamps:

[02:30] Making the wrong decisions

[09:30] Prison life

[17:20] The 2 Books that Changed Eriks Life

[30:00] Stretching Your Comfort Zone

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