From shooting Your Husbands Mistress, Drug Addiction & County Jail to & 26 Years Sober #78

From shooting Your Husbands Mistress, Drug Addiction & County Jail to & 26 Years Sober #78

“I believe that love is action” by Wendy Adamson #78

Wendy Adamson, has a story that sounds like it is from a Hollywood movie. Almost so morbid and depressive, when we signal the events but one that has a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Distraught and riddled with adversity, Wendy has seen her own mother who was diagnosed Schizophrenic commit suicide. She has seen first hand the problems drugs and alcohol can have on a family. Yet during her early years she was unable to change her circumstances and her choices led to her having a psychotic breakdown and following the footsteps of her mom.

To make things worse, Wendy then ended up shooting at the mistress of her husband and found her life spiralling out of control straight into country jail. Needing to now take action, and accountable for her decisions and choices Wendy started with forgiveness. She began to show her sons the love of a mother through her actions. Now a women of service Wendy shares her stories of adversity and experience to help others. Someone who is an author, a motivational speaker and activity. Wendy is such a courageous women who speaks her truth to inspire and help others.

A truly incredible story, and having experienced the effects of alcohol in my own family, I ordered her book straight after this show to hopefully give hope to my family who are struggling with addiction. it always helps having a blueprint, of someone who has overcome the trauma, ptsd and problems we have experienced in our lives.

Some Key Time stamps:

[01:15] Wendy’s story

[06:45] Psychotic break

[08:00] Shooting her husbands mistress

[22:20] Wendys book – Mother Load her experiences and story

[29:00] Importance of being of value

[40:00] Inspite of adversity we can become and do more

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