Grow Your Confidence & Avoid Imposter Syndrome #90

Grow Your Confidence & Avoid Imposter Syndrome #90

“You don’t need to have it all figured out, you just need to realise your strengths, trust your gut & take action” by Betitina Árnafjall #90

Bettina states the following:

“It’s my heart’s desire to share the many experiences I made in my eight years as a team manager to help all you women out there to avoid mistakes, change your mindset and behavior and take your career to the next level” and through this fascinating discussion you can see exactly why.

Suffering with confidence issues throughout her own life, imposter syndrome and never really having it all figured out she continued to pursue her desire and develop her passion into serving others. Recognising that none of us have it all figured out, and we all have our doubts and moments of uncertainty she still persevered. She also recognised it was her action and commitment to the process that allowed her to achieve the results she is achieving today.

Some areas she specialises in or speaks about are:

  • Confidence is key for your career
  • Don’t confuse loyalty and a false sense of duty
  • Your career doesn’t need to be a “career”
  • The top 5 job search Dos and Don’ts
  • Top 5 things to promote your career as a woman
  • Are there unsuitable jobs for women?
  • The gender gap – a team manager’s perspective
  • How not to get paid less as a woman
  • How to research a realistic salary
  • Salary negotiation tips
  • How to get a raise

This was a fascinating conversation and fortunately we managed to get it recorded this time around.

Some Key Time stamps:

[02:50] Bettina’s own struggles with confidence

[07:30] Doing things even when you aren’t sure

[11:50] My own imposter syndrome with podcasting

[23:35] Migraines ruining Bettina’s life

[29:50] Fun part of the show

[33:00] Bettinas final message – How to be successful without a master plan

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