Lifetime Fitness Bible


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So it is finally here:

“When science meets practicality”. 

A combination of 8 years Personal Training  with 1000+ hours on the gym floor, combined with a sports science  degree myself and brother have put together a 100-page document to help  you transform your health and fitness.

Inside you will find:
- a 12-week training plan
- Meal plans & recipe ideas for both vegetarians and meat eaters
- meal ideas
- tips on eating out
- supermarket shopping tips
- exercise explanations
- and much more!

Additionally, you will learn about:

▪ losing body fat    

▪ build muscle    

▪ eat a sustainable diet (No stupid FAD diets)   

▪ build strength     

▪ manage your weight     

▪ increase bone density     

▪ increase cardiovascular health     

▪ improve blood markers     

▪ reduce blood pressure     

▪ decrease risk of heart disease    

▪ reduce anxiety    

▪ look better naked     

▪ eat your cake from time to time, whilst not sabotaging your goals     

▪ implement a lifestyle change that you can manage for the rest of your life     

▪ how to continue a training program   

PS I have likely missed stuff out as it’s 100 pages!

So to end, I’m not a marketer nor do I do any BUY now scaremongering tactics or add 97p to the end of the price.

It’s  a fixed price, it always will be and as guarantee by me and my brother  it will be a 200% guaranteed money back if you follow the plan for 12  weeks and get no results.

I genuinely hope this helps you all, as being a personal trainer was one of the best things I ever did. Sadly I can’t commit to it for now but I hope this handbook is like carrying us around in your pocket !

Have an awesome day & #JustDeuIt

Available now!

Created by Ennil and Aren Deu.


Fat loss / Strength / Muscle building gym training plans - 72 hour delivery


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Gym plans designed to get you started and help you track your progress whilst making positive results in your physical appearance and physiology. Created by Aren Deu.


Diet Plans - 72 hour delivery


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A unique 20 page pdf that allows you to understand your caloric needs and start to build your own diet plan. Gone are the days you are picking up a generic or commercialised diet plan. Now you are in control and can dictate your daily habits for sustainability and more importantly results.  Created by Aren Deu.


Online coaching


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Online coaching means you don't need to be next to me. With exercise and plans included you will also be monitored and coached via Whatssap / Skype / Calls on a weekly basis to hit your goals and achieve your ideal physique, levels of fitness and improve your confidence. Coached by Aren Deu.

How to lose body fat in a week by Aren Deu

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