Lifetime Diet Hack


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A unique walk-through creating a sustainable diet to help you achieve your goals on your journey to achieving your health and fitness goals. This will require work and effort from you, but by working directly with me you will have a lifetime understanding and methodology on how you can manage and adhere to your diet.


Fat loss / Strength / Muscle building gym training plans


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Gym plans designed to get you started and help you track your progress whilst making positive results in your physical appearance and pysiology. Created by Aren Deu.


Diet Plans


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A unique 20 page pdf that allows you to understand your caloric needs and start to build your own diet plan. Gone are the days you are picking up a generic or commercialised diet plan. Now you are in control and can dictate your daily habits for sustainability and more importantly results.  Created by Aren Deu.


Online coaching


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Online coaching means you don't need to be next to me. With exercise and plans included you will also be monitored and coached via Whatssap / Skype / Calls on a weekly basis to hit your goals and achieve your ideal physique, levels of fitness and improve your confidence. Coached by Aren Deu.

How to lose body fat in a week by Aren Deu

For all health & fitness videos check out the YouTube channel where my life as a personal trainer is thrown into hopefully, somewhat entertaining clips...