How blindness knocked me down but gave me a vision #1

How blindness knocked me down but gave me a vision #1

Find your voice – Episode 1 – Blind, Drunk a Lions tale by Kev Dillon

Kev Dillon is a man of the people, who refuses to be average. Suffering with meningitis Kev suffered with blindness and his whole world was rocked upside down. His dream of being a boxer was shattered and he turned to a dark place in his life.

Determined to never let this get to him however, Kev fought back, in true boxing style and jabbed and hooked his way to where he is today.

He is a head boxing coach of Lions Boxing Club ABC in Brierly Hill, UK but more importantly than that he is all round genuinely lovable guy.

Alongside this he is a father, a husband, a son and a friend and who would have thought a POET!

Kev blindness has taught him more than many of us can imagine, forced to understand his limitations he refused to let them control him or stop him achieving his true desire, to help others.

His mindset is unbreakable having been at rock bottom and the most beautiful thing about this story is, his journey is just beginning.

He has a vision of a better future where people, no longer doubt themselves, hurt each other and see the beauty in the world.

Kev’s outro states:

“Take care of yourselves and more importantly of each other. May your god bless you and if you don’t believe in god, believe in yourself because someone who doesn’t believe in anything, will always be lost” – Kev Dillon

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welcome to an episode of find your voice

a movement led by yours truly

Aren do a guy who has overcome

crippling anxiety adversity and

difficulty like so many of you in life

whose main goal now is to help you

combat your excuses take control of your

life write your own story and most

importantly find your voice so now

without further ado I welcome the host

of the show himself mr. Aren do what’s

going on people thank you for tuning in

to the show today my name is Aren and

yes that is correct I am the host of the

show so this is actually my first

episode of find your voice and if I’m

completely honest I was a little bit

nervous yes I figured I could google and

work out how to do but it was more about

really doing when I put my voice out

there do I want to make myself

accountable and really stick to this but

deep down inside me it’s always been a

passion to sort of help people now this

is a strictly passion project and it’s

literally about just helping people

because one thing I’ve realized in my

life is that everyone has a story to

tell and only when we find that courage

and find our voice in order to tell that

story are we able to have an impact on a

wider level and I suppose since I’ve

been sharing my story recently with

other people and I’m very very grateful

for some really nice comments from

people I thought what in a second

there’s a lot more to tell but more

importantly there’s some absolutely

amazing people out there who I reckon I

can get in touch with and then hopefully

it can help you guys as listeners so

I’ve got a whole range of guests on this

podcast which I’m really excited to

share with you bear with me because I

have recorded some prior to this episode

and with each podcast episode as you

know with anything in life you always

get a little bit better so if there are

one or two episodes and you’re thinking

hold on a second he sounds a little bit

nervous here it’s probably because I am

because my first one or two probably

weren’t as natural as are supposed they

are now so it’s all a learning curve I’m

enjoying it I mean so absolutely

fantastic people some who already knew

some who are brand new and happened to

reach out or happen to reach out to them

so anyway

that’s pretty much enough of me for now

I’m gonna introduce my first guest now

I’m not joking he was probably the first

person I’ve thought of having on this

one of the reasons was this individual

had a big impact on my life during

probably the two happiest years of my

life if we don’t count my marriage

because that is obviously the best part

of my life

I know a lot and I just had a great time

being around this individual I spent a

lot of time with him

and it wasn’t just so much the whole

coaching aspect from a physical

perspective but it was more about the

mentor lessons that I was getting the

mindset lessons I think that sounds a

little bit better and you know I grew a

lot as a person and we just became

really really really good friends and I

think it’s been like what seven eight

years now and you know we’re always in

touch he’s a fantastic person he’s not

just got a great heart he comes from a

great family he’s family a fantastic I

know his family but he’s someone who’s

had ease levels of adversity in life and

he’s not been doubt the best cards and I

think some of us sit there and we always

think the grass is greener on the other

side or we have it the worst but let me

assure you that’s not always the case

and Kev someone who may not have had the

greatest card out to him in life but I

assure you he’s certainly playing to the

best of his ability so he’s not only a

wonderful father and a loving husband

he’s also a son and more importantly

he’s one of my very very best friends in

the whole wide world and I’m very proud

to have him on this especially as my

first and I’d love to get him back on

because I know he was dealing with a flu

but bless him he managed to still come

so without further ado let’s get this

first episode I find your voice on the

way okay so I’m sitting here opposite a

very good friend of mine kept Dylan who

I’ve explained a little bit about in the

introduction so I think it’s important

now firstly I just want to say thank you


well coming on the show it’s a pleasure

so I appreciate you being here but I

think it’s more important that the

listeners get to understand you so one

of the things I always like to start the

show with is tell us about yourself from

the moment you can remember to where you

are now in life I’m 35 years old

I’m married to a beautiful woman called


Dylan my father to a beautiful girl

called Jasmine on the head coach for the

boxing club in the Black Country called

the Lions my life hasn’t always been


while tragically lost my audience in 87

through viral meningitis back then 32

years ago flora meningitis was a big

thing where poor buggers were going in

losing limbs and I lost my eyesight my

mom had been taking me in to the doctors

for weeks and I said if glandular fever

of the flu till one day I went to a coma

and I well I was completely blind and it

comes a little bit come back in my right

eye and it was tough as you can imagine

but life is tough and life gives you

options you either carry on or you don’t

and I think they are the two options of


you carry on or you don’t but a greater

God I had very strong parents looking

brother and grandparents and they helped

me to do what I could and that has been

my attitude for life you do what you can

have the best ability did you can do I

went to a promise called Church of

ascension which is in war life and had

to leave there because I had bad eyes in

reception when I went to Bromley Hills

where me and another young lad John

Frank coming the first blind kids to go


so I have to travel out the district to

go there we’re at some fond memories fun

members who I met locked on friends I

had empowering Shona Quinton helix

education I’d say let me Darren because

I had to have a support teacher it

wasn’t fun being a young lad as well as

being pointed out you were different and

I think that’s what education can do bad

for people instead of embracing our

differences sometimes would forced stand

out I was a young kid that’s the worst

thing you can do all you want to do

is to be normal oh do you get you think

what is normal and we go out of our way

to not be normal to be special

but as a child and all you want to do is

fit in it’s excruciating

however I’ve got through school by hook

and by crook aside roams poetry because

when I was a young lad I found it very

hard to express what I was feeling about

blindness and about being different or

made two books except me by giving Dylan

Pope in a vision I went to college do

media studies and then I was lost

through depression and different forms

of coping that psycho pin self

medication of coping I’ve lost and went

off the rails my dad said to me at the

age of 17 when I bet you come and coach

and because boxing was one of the only

things I was ever good at see nose

blowing got iron at reactions and I’m

strong and he got me coaching I passed

my level one at 18 level two at 19 and

that’s been my push through life

teaching others to do something that I

wasn’t able to do wasn’t allowed to do

another camp coach and I think that’s

been one of my purposes in life to help

people so I can talk to these young boys

and girls men and women have been

experiences I can talk to them about

real pain because I’ve felt pain but

life isn’t always a bad pain anyone who

says life isn’t tough has it lived

enough but anyone who says life isn’t

beautiful and rewarding also as I lived

in office yes yes it is tough but by

gaudí it’s wonderful as beautiful if

rewarding but here we look at it


and seeing these young people of watch

to grow up into men it’s been great

my greatest rewards haven’t been the ABA

champions and the people who’ve gone to

boxer England is being there for the

Forgotten well they’ve been forgotten

but maybe I ever been to them it’s said

of pheromone the scrap people build them

into something good hopefully they feel

very proud of because I know I’m very

proud of them absolutely there’s a

couple of things that I mean um I’ve

known Ken for a long time and we spoke

recently about how long about you know

Nita days it’s quite it’s quite

surprising but there’s some stuff there

that I mean I didn’t even know and I

suppose some of it is probably like the

elephant in the room so just touching on

you men in joints and stuff you know

we’re very good friends I’ve never

really discussed that with yourself

maybe that’s just me not being confident

but did you find

I mean you touched on it a little bit

there but the whole you know being

normal but what is normal I suppose in

society and all this because obviously

I’ve got foster siblings and they’ve got

ADHD autism all that sort of stuff so

they’re considered special I suppose but

growing up with your condition did you

ever feel sorry for yourself or did you

feel different especially committing to

the cult in aspect where I mean I’ve

been in quite a few boxing gym before I

really found home here at the lines and

gym where obviously everyone’s

able-bodied should we call it in

inverted commas as a coach with so I

only threw one I had to how did that

make it you feeling sorry for yourself

we all do it they’d have a big football

team or it’s okay to feel sorry for

yourself but you shouldn’t dwell on it

and that’s something I had to learn I

say to a lot of people in life you have

two options

you carry on forwards or you don’t

and my only option was going forwards

but occupy falling down but crawling

there by climbing up but in any means

necessary to

forward a lot of his difficult but it’s

difficult to everybody in anybody

it’s like someone said to me fear

there’s a rational fear and it’s an

irrational fear

I’m Aladdin little King swim fin on

Friday hippopotamuses there’s a very

rare chance that he’ll optimus he’s

gonna come and get me

as a young African living on a riverbank

that’s a rational fear an irrational

fear Allah spiders

in King’s room for the Money spider

isn’t gonna get me a lad in Australia it

might a rational fear my fears on

fighting or embarrassment yes no I’ll

take her back embarrassment is a big

fear my fears aren’t through fighting or

standing up or telling my story so I’ve

overcome knows my fears are because I’m

blind in my left eye I haven’t got depth

perception so like going down stairs or

when I go out at night I’m not sure what

to shadow or is the lamppost or it’s a

step or said that is a rational fear so

I’m not sure what can hurt me however it

won’t deter me from doing so fantastic

I’d be just to touch on that last bit I

mean you said there’s two choices you

either move or you don’t and I think I

always try and say this to people

because I don’t want people to have

something bad happen in their lives for

them to really wake up and so move

forward in their lives or take a whole

little bit I suppose and start writing

their own story you’ve kind of maybe

drew force initially had to do that

because you were left with the cards

that you were dealt and you have to

solve move forward with that

I say kudos to you because your mindset

is something that I I’ve read more books

than I care to remember and I’m always

trying to work on mindset because I

believe if you can conquer your mind you

can pretty much conquer anything and we

see that in the boxing gym through the

great boxes and everyone I’m sure you

can probably elaborate on that and I

think mindset is crucial one of the

reasons I really wanted you on my

podcast and you were always going to be

my first episode is because your mindset

is to me at least

it’s you know it’s made of steel is it’s

very it’s somebody who could sit there

and feel sorry for themselves there’s

somebody you could always look at the

negative side but man you’ve been a

better fresher and I’ve said this before

but the two years I spent with you

personally when we were training but I

think I’ve seen you more than one missus

at the time we’re two of the best years

of my life and in that particular time I

just want to put this out there to the

listeners is when you really focus on

achieving goals and I really really want

to be become a great boxer and be be a

great boxer there’s a lot of talk behind

and it’s sometimes it’s from your

friends your family the closest people

to you and sometimes it’s not always

uplifting talk and I think being around

you in your presence not just for your

coaching skills which are fantastic

which helped me develop so much but as a

person as I sort of as a coach and a

mentor you were always able to instill

that positive influence in me you’d

always say the right words at the right

time the encouragement and I just I

don’t know I’m not sure if there’s an

answer to this but what how do you do

that I suppose because I’m here and I’m

trying to do that and I’m obviously

educating myself and I’m reading over

the books and I’m following all the

great lines but you kind of just I mean

I’m not sure deep do you read books like

how I read and woody is it something

instilled from maybe your dad or just

being around for people because we are

so bad I am terrible at reading terribly

reading and after I’m a very large fonts

or tried audiobooks all I’m a man who

loves music from 2pac to try to China to

Bob Dylan I can listen to any type of

music all day but an audiobook I switch

off from so my greatest form of

knowledge is by self experience

experiencing myself that way I realized

if I like it down like it if frightens

me or excited to me I also love talking

to people picking their brains about

religion and a better experience and

about what they did and travel is

another beautiful gift don’t only live

in your district and travel and it

hasn’t gonna be to Thailand he could be

to go to Wales or going to

where every day’s potat yourself out of

a comfort zone so if you’re only ever

going on autopilot you’re only going to

at one place

you’ve got to be willing to get lost

even if it’s only in the moment could

you never know where it’s gonna take you

and that’s the greatest form of

Education I think life can give you and

that’s probably one of the greatest

forms of Education Isaac’s just heard

now in the last year because everything

you just said then I’m sure my listeners

because I know a lot of people who are

eager to listen to this episode we’re

all habit readers and we listen to

audiobooks oh it’s almost become a hobby

of ours and a lot of that the best

audiobooks they would have the same

information or the same Isis fault our

supposed success leaves clues so there’s

always the same kind of stuff in there

everything you just said there and this

is why I find you fascinating is because

you normally this but you haven’t read

the books it’s just something that

you’ve developed and this is kind of the

premise of this podcast is to find

people like yourselves people who are

reachable people who you can after this

podcast you can reach out to Kevin you

know it gives you the time of the day

you can come see him at the lines Jim

and I spend time with you these are

people that we should be around and

staff experience of talking to people I

think I think it’s overlooked we’re in a

society now where everyone’s stuck to

their mobile phone I say that as I’m

holding it up right now

and you know that’s that’s not the way

humanity should be it should be about

experiencing new things as becoming new

people and understanding so that’s a

fantastic point mate and I’m always

there’s a very few people I come across

in life who had that sort of emotional

intelligence that you’ve just displayed

there without having gone through what

I’m currently doing I reading all the

books that I can possibly do so kudos

mate and I do want to just move this

over a little bit because I’m just keen

because because of the person you are

and the impact you’ve had on my life I

don’t know you’ve had many other

people’s lives I just want to touch on

your daily routine so I’m a very big

believer that we are the resource of the

thoughts that we think and our daily

habits so if you could just give the

listeners a little bit about the moment

capital is along

from the morning to the moment you

restaurant no mate my alarm is a little

thing called Jasmine Dillon she’s

normally White’s milk okay then I we get

up we could add stairs we have breakfast

we watch some people I’m telling

normally peppa pig is not I hate blue

coherently i watch penny about myself

and then we go up we have out wash they

would come down then I’ll take it to

school they’re not normally come up here

to the Lions if but if I have got time

and I’m not in the class then I’ll go

and pick her up if not many doors would

not stay Opia working with people

talking to people because I’m up here

every night and then I’m a boxing choice

it’s very rare that I get to put my

little girl to bed off from the weekend

so in the day time for me I’ve

daddy-daughter time and that’s that

sacred to me but when I’m up here you

come in and you become a different

person and don’t think of me it’s been

this almighty confident person because

confidence is of the code do you just

come and put on it’s a lifetime of

working at it it’s about people only see

the finished results that don’t see the

progress they don’t see Arnold

Schwarzenegger Jesus Christ he’s a big

fella he wasn’t born that way it’s every

little dumbbell every little exercise


that’s from him to our league to Robert

De Niro to Katie Price don’t see the

finish resolved and that’s on the

positive scowl exactly that’s also have

seen that that drunk will not draw me on

the street you see the finished result

instead of thinking what happened on his

journey or her tunic to make them here

sorry I went off to that’s why that’s

why I think this great lesson is what

you just said there I’ll just I’ll just

whining at Danny time less doesn’t mean

so the next question I’m thinking you’ve

kind of explained a little bit and we

can obviously jump back into it but I

want you to think back in your time just

one particularly event care

if you could and I just want to say for

the listeners Kemp has no idea what

we’re gonna ask him so he hasn’t asked

for the questions he’s explained he

doesn’t lie reading so this is

completely straight from his heart but

you’ve been through a lot of adversity

in your life as many of – deserve I want

to think of a time where you’ve just

faced something they really shit day or

really shit time or something Bad’s

happened and I want you to if you could

try and explain to the listeners how you

overcome it what kind of practices you

take of one lessons you’ve taken from

that you’ve touched on it previously

like you’ve always got the the mind set

up we either go forward or back but are

there any sort of key things that you

either tell yourself or you do action

like work out or we’ll be around certain

people that you do to really try and get

you out of that situation of adversity

never ever be frightened of asking for

the help but when I go to a pub or

somewhere and I don’t know where the

toilets are and for me it’s embarrassing

there’s a lot of people in then I don’t

know don’t go it’s over there okay

which way to over there so but you will

you’ll find your way I remember when I

used to go nightclubbing 18 17 18 19 and

I remember going somewhere and I lost my

friends and it was pitch black the

strobes are going music so I’ve lost all

my senses are con here or I could see

shadows bumpy and who didn’t get angry

talkin front of toilets I remember

walking over to a wall and following the

wall to try and get out and the bouncers

there give me a sword and a whale you

can add the club but starting a fight so

I’ve got from’ name because that was the

only way that I could see I’ve get him

out of that situation but the way I’ve

dealt with things I see one of my good

friends Nick Davis who’s a

hypnotherapist and through NLP he’s

helped me to get through stuff in


I did a chemistry course myself years

ago and I didn’t like came to me in

bottom four metres a minute wrong

wasn’t for me but NLP and hypnosis

suited me changing patterns in the brain

and figuring out what is the trigger for

sadness what is the trigger for being

angry or searching for and that helped

me but I always say to the lads of the

club your place will twenty pound or

thirty pound for a dietitian or you’ll

pay someone for shredder condition early

but we won’t go and pay someone to

figure out why we’re feeling sad and I

think if we haven’t got a a good mind

then nothing else will fall into place

it’s something that I probably already

learned last year my mindset and I

kicked myself because in hindsight I

mean you haven’t gotta really be here

but when I was boxing with you I thought

I had some good physical capabilities

for example you know it was okay quite

strong and I was able to lean down quite

well not to blow my own trumpet but the

thing that really let me down was my

mindset you know on the pads and when we

were training got Phyllis Phares anyone

I was doing everything was easy right

but you stick me in that ring man and it

was like it was like I was holding 20 kg

dumbbells and I was or sometimes I was

getting out of box by people who I was

thinking and that’s not no disrespect to

these individuals he was just what – it

wasn’t right and it it’s only now and I

sometimes think I wish I could just turn

back time a little bit because the way I

feel now I’m just having that sense of

confidence about myself I’d reckon I’d

be able to transform why didn’t with you

and all the lessons you told me which

I’m very grateful for in the ring and i

have had much better success basically I

suppose you work with that on your boxes

as well in terms of the mind says well

well mind is so important and it’s the

people we have around us

you can have someone up here five days a

week and that they’re brilliant dream

boxes but then their dad or their uncle

or someone puts their nerves on to that

person not a creative person

and it creates an anchor an auditory

anchor answer that’s a funny old booger

and sometimes you can feel so good in

yourself and that’s not just food box

that’s on the pool it’s I like her well

she’s too good-looking for you oh you’re

right yeah oh I’m gonna get this job I

think I’m like a Gregory Clare well you

can’t lift that much no you this is a

very hard thing not too late to get into

your world all the people’s doubts if

you can try your best to stay strong

with yourself you’ll have more success

than any other booger absolutely that’s

all powerful nothing I’ve only started

realizing that myself now my last six

months have changed so much just from

believing in myself and not to make this

about me but even this podcast which is

it’s me coming up become physical you

know me you know we’re very good friends

but on outside of the way I started the

gym sorry I’m an anxious wreck what I

used to be and you just touched on a few

things in terms of like anchors or

people saying and saying things and I

and I suppose it creates this thing

called limiting beliefs so I remember

somebody once said to me I may

understand your accent and I suppose

that’s probably why it’s taken me 12

months to release a podcast because I

was so scared of putting my voice out

there and thinking who really wants to

listen to this sir

bromine black country accent but then I

thought there’s people out there that

actually do and then over time those

people resonate with my message always

becoming more confident in myself and I

really know somebody’s one opinion

basically outweigh their opinion of so

many other people but it’s a funny thing

isn’t it because I suppose it depends

where that opinion comes from so if it

is say for instance your father or your

uncle or somebody you hold your high

esteem it can take a toll on you so

definitely I think it’s a it’s a it’s a

very good point in terms of be conscious

of the people you’re around and if you

do happen to have that point of

around you I’ll show ya you made yeah

left okay because even if it is she died

with you if someone is standing in the

way of your goal or their person you

want around you if it’s someone who’s

gonna say you’re gonna hurt yourself and

let they’re pointing out as I said if

there’s someone who’s pointed out the

fear to you the danger then maybe we’ve

got the best interest this up to you to

figure out if the painting of is worth

it but someone who to put in obstacles

in there well how about if you felt have

it there is nothing at all wrong with

our yeah it’s just find out another way

that you shouldn’t do it salute

absolutely and I think that’s what we’ve

become wrong because we’re like an X

Factor mr. Graham generation and it’s I

want to be a singer yeah

that doesn’t mean you’ve got to go

double triple platinum don’t why what

you want to do but sit by the success of

it if it makes you happy don’t send in

your local Boozer and you’re working on

school just because you may never make a

living of eating who cares if it if you

are happy to do it absolutely does that

is the reward of your action I’m just

finding happiness in but the silliest

things really finding gratitude and

fulfillment I’m not having to go through

shit in life not needing to lose

somebody in my family or you know

something bad happening it’s you know

their worlds are beautiful places

beautiful people out there and it’s

about just finding your passion so my

passion is to always happen is why

people so yeah I’m going to be the best

podcaster in the world but hopefully

this message will have all with a couple

of people and they can change their

lives you can then go on and inspire and

change other people’s life so fantastic

point mate I’m going to move it over and

I’m gonna asking you another another

question game think about it what is

your biggest fear

and you’re not allowed to say I’m

cheating here you know I’d like to say

anything we listen to Justin okay

my biggest fear at 35 is different to

how I felt fear of 30 were 25 or when I

was at school if you fast without when I

was at school it had been asking a girl

even have been read in acting class it

had been all these things but it should

grow now at 35 and it’s as I say my

simple fears there’s a big things to me

but nothing to you mmm-hmm I said going

to the toilet went on in in a in a pub

mm-hmm an unfamiliar pub or going out at

night when I’ve got a walk down the road

another so sad there not to shadow will

to step I remember working with her Nick

Davis journalist subjects only slowly

again and we did a seminar up here we

have to stone

boxers to super 88 boxes and we all sat

in a circle and he said to if we went

what five things have will frighten off

and people went dying in my loved one

dying getting hurt public speaking and

all these things and then Nick said to

me said embarrassment I missing what you

mainly because you’re all boxes doing it

would rather go into that ring and have

the snot knocked out of them for two

rounds than to have to do a bit of

public speak you know go and ask that

girl out too and everyone went in from

put the razor pointy you’d rather put

yourself in physical danger than to do

something that you might feel like a

plonker live woman yeah and he said if I

could take you off now to Brazil and you

could fight a lot of super every way to

me not your bed would you care when

Noakes it’s not the physical thing it’s

good then why cuz cuz I don’t know that

don’t care

my mom to see me so it’s the fear of

making something a little punk were

letting people down and that that fear

is the funniest book Raval isn’t it

where there’s no feel physical bad can

come from it but the emotional it’s

almost like a fear of rape you know it’s

I think you’ve just hit the nail on the

head and I’m and I’m nodding here

because you mention the physical danger

thing and I remember I was sitting in a

mastermind and I was letting the emotion

that you just touched on there almost

consumed me as if I was in like the

whole world of trouble yeah if you ask

me the same question would I rather

stand in a ring it be oh boy you’re a be

a champion mate I’ll do that any day at

least I would have a few months ago and

it’s amazing that there’s there’s people

out there I used to be one of these

people who would put myself through

physical pain just in rod then instead

of looking like a plonker shariq say as

a cowboy reference just for a few

seconds and like you said I can’t hate

you unless you let it hear you unless

you let those emotions consume you and I

suppose it’s it’s about understanding

when something happens it’s not what

actually what happens it’s the meaning

we touch a touch to it so if if for

instance you get rejected by a girl if

you touch and meaning to that such as

I’m ugly I’m not worth it I’m not good

enough then obviously you’re gonna feel

absolutely crap and you’re gonna have

some negative impacts but if you just

say okay fair enough

I had a 50/50 chance there let’s go

again hopefully the next one’s better

and I think that’s something I’m

consciously trying to do much better but

I know I speak with a lot of people it’s

it becomes crippling because then you’re

you’re just hiding hiding in the shadows

and watching the world go by not doing

the things that you need to be doing and

I really want people to hear what you

just said then you know stop it and play

it back because that’s really important

messages there and also just if you’re

following my journey however small is

see that I’m coming out of my comfort

zone as well and I’m trying to do this

yes I’m doing it one for myself because

it makes me happy but two I’m doing it

to let you guys

that if you’re shy if you’re anxious and

you all those that you’ve had in your

head I guarantee 100% I’ve had it myself

but I’m here you know I’m sitting here

put myself out there but myself are

there on social media every day because

you know we’ve got one life and

tomorrow’s I promise

silly as that science-based trip one

think I learned we we all think we’re

individuals will think we are the only

person who’s ever felt this and yeah

it’s a load of nonsense gang we all want

to be low fuel get fried

gonna have a laugh and anyone who says

different is trying to sell you

something you’re not alone with all this

more you can talk to people about it

easier becomes a promise yeah I

understand agree mate and you’re not

alone we are gonna come to a fun part of

the show now guys but just before that

just wanna quickly yeah so I know your

mindset I know you know how motivated

you are and especially towards the

community here you know you’re training

kids and all those women guys you know

people of all ages religious backgrounds

coaches everything on a day where let’s

just say for instance you wake up in

your in a bit of a funk so anyone who

tells you they’re super motivated I

wonder percent of the time I think

they’re lying I’ve yet to find anyone

doing that so on that day of the week

say for instance when everything’s fine

you know the day before nothing’s gone

wrong you haven’t a damn accident or

anything but you just build up a bit

shit bit sloppy in that day what keeps

you going on that day as I said there’s

two options you do what you don’t the

fear of not doing it projector catapults

me into doing it fantastic okay so then

you’ve heard it that’s the buzzer going

off and now we’re at the fun part of

this show so what I’m gonna do now is

put Kevin through his paces I’m gonna

ask him questions for 60 seconds and

it’s up to keV to see how many he can

answer so keV you ready yes okay buddy

let’s get the timer ready I’m gonna go

in three two one

okay the ability to fly or be invisible

invisible money or fame fame Netflix our

YouTube YouTube Corner Brook Brook Coke

or Pepsi would you rather not how you

would die or when you were dying

wait Ali or Tyson are like fury or AJ AJ

summer or winter your favorite place in

the whole wide world

on the catch would be to girls speak

four languages must be able to speak to

animals or languages if you could

abolish one thing in the world what

would it be

that’s a cruelty skipping or running –

burp running the best boxer ever are lay

or legs lose your favorite song ever

fastclaw Tracy Chapman and final

question would you rather read minds or

predict the future read mind fantastic

okay so that was a quick fire right just

a little bit of light fun there so you

really think AJ can be fury yeah really

yeah I’m on the fence there I’m I’m more

of a fury fan but yeah let’s not make

this a boxing podcast we can do that

some other day okay so sadly we are

coming towards the end of the show now

so we’ve only got two more things that I

really wanted to try and get from you in

this interview the next one’s gonna be

on reflection so high so it’s a

wonderful thing and upon reflection we

can always think of ways where we can

get to where we are quicker or do things

easier or perhaps with less money or

stress but I guess the journey teachers

are so light as well I’m a firm believer

that everything happens for a reason so

what I want to know is if you could go

back in time to one moment where you

really struggled and suffered with

adversity kind of like us I suppose when

you when you’re 17 and your dad got you

to come to this gym and knowing what you

know now what would you tell your 17

year old self that would help them on

their journey

don’t settle being average

normals are variety and I’ll be okay in

the morning so just keep trying

absolutely I’ll be all right in the

morning fantastic okay so sadly we are

actually at the end of the show now and

I just want to gain taste more but just

a quick thank keV because I’m sure

you’ll agree has been a fantastic guest

I promised you it would be good and

hopefully I’ve delivered on that but the

final question I always like to ask my

guess is if in a hundred fifty years

time we’re all dead

and science hasn’t managed to keep us

all in life and there’s a book and all

the book has is the title which says keV

Dylan and on the back there’s a blurb a

summary and that explains a little bit

about what your life was and who kept

Dylan was what would that blow say about

you first of all want the book to say

keV Dylan blind drunk Alliance – –

anything I ever want to be remembered

for his it was a good bloke who helped

people when he could and if I can do

that if I can leave that as my legacy

a good man who helped when he could I

think I left a good one absolutely and

your story’s still being written night

but my experience with you is you’re an

amazing person I’m proud to have you as

a friend I genuinely mean that you’ve

always improved my life you’ve always

been somebody who of how closed closed

in my life I mean equal gone once

without us talking but it’s always like

we just seen each other yesterday when

we pick up and I think it’s important to

surround yourself with people like your

keV Dylan’s in the world because I

believe there’s any of us out there and

some of us may need to just find our

voice and kind of come out of our shells

but if you find a kept Dylan certainly

hold on to him now Ken’s not too

involved in social media but I know

there’s a lion’s Instagram page which

I’m following and I know there’s a

Facebook page but if there’s a one way

that people can contact you keV

because I really want people to kind of

reach out to maybe 100% recommend people

of all shapes and sizes and ages to come

down to this gym it’s a family community

it’s run by a family it would like I

said it was the best two years of my

life that I can remember being here I’d

certainly recommend it you’re you’re not

only fitting well enjoy it but you look

good in the process as well no I

certainly get you through your paces but

if there’s one place where people could

reach out to you care what would that

one place be Eva as it’s only scrap

Kevin Lyons Dillon okay or at the club

which is located Braulio dy5 and free RA

and it’s the lines Boxing Club fantastic

the Lyons Boxing Club what I’m gonna

also do is put all of the information to

contact keV in the show notes so you can

all have access to that I’m gonna

obviously share this on my Facebook page

so please do reach out please show the

boxing club some love and I know having

been here it always feels at home when I

come here boxing comes a hard one as

well so if there’s anyone that you know

out there who can perhaps help either

with funding or equipment or anything

I’m sure they’ll definitely appreciate

it they’ll go to good hands you know

you’re keeping kids off the street and

doing a good service so thank you to keV

and as always finished from one note

absolutely yeah one of T’s take care of


and even more important to each other

may your God bless you and if you don’t

believe in God then believe in yourself

the son who doesn’t believe in anything

will always be lost and remember this

podcast is absolutely free so all we ask

in return is for you to share this with

a friend and drop us a five star review

over on iTunes have an awesome day

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