How do you value yourself?

How do you value yourself?

Do you love yourself the same way you love your favourite football team, your spouse, your best friend? If not then WHY?

Loving yourself is the single most important rule to living a successful, happy, fulfilled life...
But sadly, life has a funny way of directing our attention and thoughts to the wrong areas, removing our attention from what truly matters to other aspects.

We now often find ourselves becoming slaves to the opinions but I ask you this...
Since when did that PERSONS opinion of you, towards you, become MORE important than your OWN opinion?
Too often we concern ourselves with looking GOOD in front of others, impressing people we hardly see, hardly know at the expense of our own happiness.

We dress in accordance with the general population.
Sing along to the same songs.
Rant and rave about the same things.
Is that truly who you want to be?
Is that truly who we are?
This isn’t a cheesy blog aimed at utilising motivational or inspiration terminology.

But it’s something we all need to focus on and be mindful of before we continue going through the motions becoming a sheep of society.
I am an advocate for HEALTH but health and fitness goes far beyond the body.
It starts in the MIND.

Therefore, if our mind is already polluted, filled, with the wrong motives and actions were almost destined to never feel fulfilled.

Find what you want. Do what you want. Remember they ain’t living in accordance to you, so why are you living to please them?

You want to lose 10lbs for the summer. Excellent do it. But do it for you.
Not for your classmates, not for the gram, but for YOU!
You want to try a vegan diet? Or go vegetarian? Excellent do it because of your own reasons not because others condemn meat eating or dairy products.
Do it for reasons that inspire you, improve your own health, your mind, sanity and well-being.
The day you control your OWN feelings, thoughts and actions is a day you’ll truly feel liberated and be able to make progress to better yourself in both body and mind.

Now I haven't got this from a self-help book. This is real life for me. As many of you may know I have a tiny YouTube channel.

Expressing myself on YouTube over the past year has been something I wanted to do for personal reasons that has scared and almost disabled me for 20 years with ANXIETY. I am also very confident that it has people sniggering at me behind closed doors, wandering "what the hell is he doing"?
The beauty of it all however is, I no longer care.

I care for the people who send me messages and say I've helped them improve an aspect of their life whether its finding a sustainable diet, a better exercise regime or just more confidence in their own self.
Those who say I inspired them to do better, be better.

Those from countries such as Greece, USA, NZ, Pakistan, UK, Canada all of whom have said genuine nice things. Now that's an impact I never though an anxious wreck with a tiny channel could make.

How? I’m not quite sure, but I am sure its something that I did because I wanted to do. I never listened to naysayers who told me it would be a silly move. I stepped outside my comfort zone and LOVED every second of it!

Now I’m far from where I want to be or great but I've proven with the right attitude and work ethic you can achieve great results in whatever you choose to do.

More importantly I’m sure you could do the same, if not better…

Have an awesome day and #JustDeuIt !

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