How to achieve your dreams as a single parent #12

How to achieve your dreams as a single parent #12

Find your voice – Episode 12 – How to achieve your dreams as a single parent #12

Tagline: “Never give up and keep striving for what you deserve” Donna Marie Pegg


Donna is a single parent who has overcome depression. She is an entrepreneur, a property investor….oh and a police officer during her day job too!

You see she could have every excuse under the sun, as to why she is unable to achieve financial freedom and live life in accordance to her dreams, YET she chooses not to.

She chooses to make the best use of her time, eradicating her excuses and chasing what she truly desires.

For anyone who may have suffered from break-ups, relationship problems and found themselves working 2 or 3 jobs with a child, I hope you can take inspiration from Donna’s story as she is living breathing proof that with the right mindset and action anything is possible.

I urge you to follow her story and journey further as this wonderful lady is going places!

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welcome to an episode of find your voice

a movement led by yours truly

Aren do a guy who has overcome

crippling anxiety adversity and

difficulty like so many of you in life

whose main goal now is to help you

combat your excuses take control of your

life write your own story and most

importantly find your voice so now Aren

without further ado I welcome the host

of the show himself mr. Aren do what’s

going on people thank you for tuning in

to another episode of find your voice my

name is Aren and as always I am the

host of the show

so today’s guest is somebody I would

consider a rising star and by that I

mean it’s somebody who’s really taken

the property world by storm in such a

short amount of time now for many of you

that know me I am actually a full time

property investor and it’s kind of what

made me I suppose

financially free to allow me to do

passion projects like today but this

lady’s not far off and I say watch this

space because she’s gonna be somebody

who you’re gonna be either working with

watching or perhaps just taking huge

amounts of inspiration from now the

reason I say that is because through our

interview and through conversations

offline I found out that this person was

also working was also working on the

side was also a single parent and had a

side business as well so for anyone out

there who thinks they can’t do it or

they don’t have enough time or work

stressful or their kids are playing up

well listen I don’t want to hear it

don’t hear your excuses and I’m sure

Donna who’s I guess today doesn’t want

to hear them either so without further

ado let’s get this interview on the way

how are you doing today you’re right

yeah I’m very well feeling very poised

up actually from good weekend fantastic

fantastic okay so if you could kind of

explain how you’ve progressed through

life and ended up where you are now in

your journey okay I’ve done quite a lot

in life actually a so I’ve done yeah

there’s there’s been quite a lot of

peaks and troughs I’m sure

like a lot of people so I had a very

good upbringing I was brought up with

money so my dad is a business he was

very business minded my mom was a

stay-at-home mom to three girls so I had

that whole business influence from my

dad and also the caring motherly role

quite a old-fashioned role really

because my dad went out to work and my

mom stayed at home and looked after his

full-time so it was nice to I think you

know that the importance of modeling and

everything and I had I had a very good

upbringing because you know like I said

I had the business aspect of my dad and

the drive and understanding the

importance of money which he was a big

believer in his understanding so we

worked from a very young age I was 30

when I had my first job yeah and I did

to be honest I didn’t need to work

because we had a big house I had horses

we had land you know so I had an amazing

start in life but my dad came from a

very humble background and was like it’s

important that you understand the value

of money and to go out to work so yeah I

started work when I was thirteen and my

own money

and I’ve worked ever since maybe that’s

why I’m such a hard worker and and I

know that unless you put the grafting

you don’t get the result sort of thing

so absolutely yeah so and and then I

stayed on at school so I was very

academic minded out of the three of us I

was the one the clever one the same

there’s always one I can relate to that

yeah yeah yeah cuz you’re the brainy one

as well apparently but I probably

disagree now I think my little sisters

taken that always taken over now so yeah

so I did I stayed at school did my

a-levels I did a BTech National Diploma

in art and design cuz that’s the sort of

area was going down and then I went to

Newcastle and did a fashion marketing

degree for four years within that four

years at did a three-year and the three


were academic in university and then I

did a year within industry it was

classed as a sandwich course so jewelry

in that time I went and I design ladies

handbags for the high street yeah so I

used to that was my old rock my old

career I suppose I started designing

ladies handbags for the high street went

into designing and then I had a bit of a

moment in life are separated at a six

year relationship with my first love as

well they were met when I was 17 and

that massively affected me like I ended

up having depression and anxiety I mean

I stayed in bed mom bless mom mom she

had to come and get me out of bed

sometimes because it was just all for

coping with it

you know together six years and yeah had

a bit of a I don’t know maybe a bit of a

life-changing moment and I was like this

got you know there’s got to be more to

life than lying in bed crying over an

ex-boyfriend so I ended up going

travelling backpacking around Australia

on my own which was rather daunting he

finds herself in a country the other

side of the world on your own to kind of

find yourself yeah but it was the most

amazing thing is the freest I’ve ever

felt in my life you were in a country

you could go wherever you wanted

whenever you wanted and you weren’t

restricted by time or money or anything

and it was it was absolutely amazing and

it I spent six months over there and I

actually were hosts I was over there

started applying for jobs because I

wanted to do extreme sports where design

that was a passion of mine I’ve always

been into surfing and snowboarding and

that was a great passion of mine so

basically I went over to have kind of a

holiday but I took again I think it’s

always been about entrepreneurial yeah I

took a CD basically with my whole

portfolio that I generated at university

and a posted out or the major company so

Quicksilver Rip Curl Billabong and then

I got contacted I was on Fraser Island

doing a two-day trip a incredible place

and I had no internet because it was

just in the middle of nowhere and I had

a ping on my phone and it was a

voicemail from Quicksilver saying they

wanted to interview me and I was like

wow like what an opportunity that was

for designing designing extreme

sportswear so you know like all year

snowboard any surf hoodies and all of

that yeah that’s what they do they’re a

massive brand if you’re into you some

kind of skate and surf wear so what an

opportunity so I went to Turkey where

they’re based and I stayed there for a

week I went for an interview and they

offered me a position as a junior

designer fantastic but they they said to

me we basically want you to be able to

do all your CAD design so basically all

the things I drew they wanted me to be

able to do it on a computer so I was

like you know for me to then get the job

because it was all Illustrator based and

Photoshop based so yeah I basically ran

out of money anyway in Australia SCI had

to come home right yeah I’d done

everything I’ve gone from the bottom of

Australia like that’s where the Twelve

Apostles are open book to Ken so I’d

done the whole of these coasts and so I

came home I did a CAD design course

passed the course and then I had a momen

again another maybe life-changing moment

what do I actually want out of life and

the thing is with the fashion industry

although it’s amazing and it’s so

inspiring the world of design it’s very

pretentious as well and I’m a very open

bubbly person and always have been and I

was surrounded by a lot of people and it

was all about money what you owned

rather than who you were as a person

so maybe I went a little bit deep with

all of that and was like what could I do

that would make a difference yeah and

and then I saw Lester Constabulary were

recruiting for police officers yeah so

this was our 11 years ago 12 years 12

years ago now so I went along with my

mom to the event and it was amazing the

fact that you could do so many different

roles within one job and I did all the

application process and passed it got

really high level all the written and

the mathematical but I didn’t get

through the interview I just didn’t have

what it was necessary to get the

position so I kind of gave up which was

very unlike me because I definitely am

and I’m a bit like if somebody says no

to me mate it’s me working honestly so

my coach at the time the person who

basically was doing all the application

process with us and making sure that we

knew what we needed to do to get to the

end goal which was to get the role as a

police officer she contacted me actually

and said do not give up you were amazing

real I think you have what it takes and

on that occasion you weren’t successful

but you were up against a lot of people

who were like PCSOs

or special so they had more of a police

knowledge than I did because I had no no

friends in the police no family in the

police I had no idea what was involved

so yeah I basically transferred my

application to West Midlands Police and

because I’d done everything the only

thing I had to do for them was the

different fitness tests because they

have a different fitness test – Lester

and a passed that and so yeah my 11 year

service now with them oh wow I know I

don’t even know how the time just

so I did well at school I wanted to do

well in my career I wanted to be a

business always had this dream being a

business woman and because yeah I mean I

because I’d hit on it a little bit so we

had Hall she’s growing up so when I was

13 I was asked to ride for Great Britain

yeah so at 13 I got scouted so that was

something else I used to do as well on

the side of going to school yeah I am

so yeah dude horse riding when I was

younger and I got asked to ride for

Great Britain but I again had this

thought in my mind I want to be a career

woman I had friends at school you know

and I was I did I thought if I do that

it’s going to stop my development in the

area that I want to go in right so I

never I never did that and again I think

that’s because of the person that I am

like I’m always striving for something

so I did the university thing and

obviously because of my university and

then are separated from my ex of six

years I would then spend some time on my

own I spent two and a half years on my

own I think it was really really

important to find you as a person of

course so yeah I did a bit of

soul-searching I think during that time

and figuring out who I was and what I

wanted in life because I find in a

relationship when you spend a long time

together you just become a couple yeah

rather than an individual

yeah and I lost myself I didn’t know who

I was anymore what I wanted so yeah I

then spent some time on my own joined

the police and then I met my most recent

ex who’s my daughter’s father and we

were together 10 years so yeah I didn’t

have my daughter until I was nearly 30

right okay okay

so when my daughter was four months old

I then set a business or

so I was still a police officer but I

took maternity leave for 30 months to

bring her up and I set my business up so

keepsake company it’s called made from

memories basically I make handmade

keepsake bears out of outgrown baby

clothes that’s a fantastic idea yeah yes

so it’s it’s it’s massively popular and

I’ve got a massive following now so I’ve

been doing it for six years and I also

make the some remembrance cushions out

of granddad shirts you know from family

members that have passed or teddy bears

out if I mean I get a lot of people like

they’ve lost their partner to cancer

I’ve done bears made out of soldier

uniforms because mum mums have lost

their son in war in Afghanistan so it’s

honestly it’s I love it I absolutely

sentimental is what it is and they’re so

individual because obviously they’re

made from the clothes belong to that

person that’s lovely

aslam something else I’ve just learnt

from you as well oh oh like I said it

was always property and obviously we got

speaking that was that hard in a second

there’s a fascinating story here and a

fascinating lady’s doing all these

amazing things because we touched on it

prior to starting this interview with

them I want people who may may be in a

similar situation to yourself I been a

single parent having all these

aspirations and businesses on the side

to believe in themselves a little bit

more that they can go out and do so much


yeah I mean I don’t know how you fit in

this in by the way I’m gonna ask you

that because we all only have 24 hours

in the day which is fascinating and

maybe it’s it’s probably something you

touched on earlier in your life where

you saw your dad the modeling aspect and

seeing how hard I suppose he were to

come from one more background to give

you and I think you’ve got two siblings

you mentioned I have two young younger


Trisha Harvey who’s my mentor actually

in property who’s an amazing individual

and she does real live coaching

and he’s just I think maybe I mean I

went to MMI I don’t know if you’re

familiar with MMR them

mind intensive if it’s all to do with

the P yes er Becca if you haven’t done

it you should definitely go basically

they cover your money blueprint and how

you think about money and how you’re

modeling from a child has affected the

decisions that you make regarding money

that’s very interests and I went and

yeah I went and did that for three days

and a think I had a very very positive

idea of money and I think that’s because

of my dad money was never negative like

they came out with comments like rich

people of greedy people you know like

all negative connotations towards money

and because I’d had such a positive

thought on wealth and money because my

dad God apart from my dad saying you

know wait till you get older how hard

you have to work for money yeah he did

everything was very positive around

money and business and working so yeah

babe maybe that’s where it all started I

think so because I think I have probably

heard more negative connotations towards

money growing up and I suppose even

myself having come from humble

backgrounds you do hear those sayings

monies of you a whole evil and rich

people are greedy rich yeah growing up

and having to change my own mindset

which has been an absolute minefield

yeah you know through reading and

affirmations and stuff I think you don’t

necessarily need to love money but you

need to at least understand the benefits

that it can give you so I think it’s

fantastic that you had that from a young

age and obviously you’ll be able to pass

that message on to your little one as


yeah well incredibly actually hitting on

Holly she I’ve been away for three days

in London and my sister’s real life

property event and my mum had my

daughter so I came home on Sunday to

pick her up and we were talking about

the future and everything and my mum

said my daughter said that she’s had

enough of school already

six sheshe loved school all about I

think cuz it’s getting harder now

because she’s getting old she said to

her Nana no no I don’t I don’t want to

be at school anymore

and my mom said to her Holly

well you’ve you’ve still got primary

school and high school to do you’ve got

a long time still in education and she

turned around so my mommy she says but

but Nana I’m going to do what my mommy

did yet she says mummys going to help me

build a portfolio of properties of so

that I don’t have to stay in school and

that I can be a businesswoman just like

her fix I know I was like that’s amazing

and then I sat down and I was explaining

summer mom about passive income and the

fact that I’m wanting to build up a

portfolio for Holly so that she’s got

the choice of what she does so whether

she wants to work or set her own

business up or go traveling I said I

wanted to have the opportunity that

she’s got the money coming through so

she can decide where her future lies

rather then you know life dictating to

her where she’s going to be absolutely I

think you hit the nail on the head days

it’s it’s all about choices in it and

definitely if you can provide it with

that and I suppose that’s kind of where

I’m looking at as well so similar to

yourself in terms of like children and I

want to kind of set my business up first

when I do choose to have kids I want

them at a very early age to had that

mindset that house just displayed there

yeah and to know that there are other

ways where you can if you use money the

right way especially through property

which you both understand give them that

message at an earlier age it’s only

helped them well Erin you I mean from

what I’ve read of you and seen of you in

your YouTube videos and that you’ve

you’ve had a very similar sort of status

me because you’ve done several different

things and had to find where you were

and in fact you being a social worker

and me being a police officer it’s all

about giving back is a hundred percent

absolutely and and you touched on it

earlier as always said like there’s more

to life than money and stuff and that

was kind of the reason I gave up project

management and working for a great

London company

because I was like there’s gotta be more

to life and that’s kind of where I went

into the Social Work side

my only problem was I just realized the

impact I suppose I wanted to have in

Social Work I was unable to give and

that’s the same as the place because

what I I joined to make a difference but

because of legality is and the

government and the the yeah the

restrictions of court and everything I

although I want to make that impact I

can’t make that impact because this

restrictions stopping me I suppose

that’s probably the reason you then

chose to go through property yes

well property’s always been one of these

I was one of these who sat for hours

watching and and I’ve always loved

property in the excitement of you know

having having a dirty stone and making

it into a diamond sort of thing yeah you

know buy and also again my mission is to

make affordable housing to a high

quality standard and made every house a

home I mean my company compass in

property investment is all about giving

people the right direction and making

every house a home whether it’s for a

temporary accommodation until they find

their forever home whether it’s their

first home that they’re buying as a

couple or whether I’m providing a

forever home for them it’s just giving

them that feeling of being at home I

think I think I’m as a student and also

my professional life I’ve rented and you

know these rooms in houses or you know a

single-layer if you you don’t abide to

let just never feel at home and that’s

important to me in my portfolio is to

create houses that feel like home Joel

at home that’s a lovely message and I

think I think everyone wants that dawn

there really I mean I try and do that

with my tenants as well ways I try and

let them use it as their home so if they

want to decorate they want to do stuff

that’s absolutely fine by me because he

is about creating that home because let

you said we know what it’s like

have that feeling of coming home as

opposed to just staying somewhere where

you think this is just a temporary

measure and I think it’s important you

know with regards to keeping your

tenants as well because if you provide

such an amazing environment for them

they’re safe and clean and tidy if they

want to stay there because it does feel

like home absolutely yeah I mean I’ve

had no change obvious

touchwood so fingers crossed it stays

like that but yeah I just love that

message behind what you’re trying to do

in property so I need to ask you now

because obviously we’ve touched on all

these amazing things you’re doing I’m

sure you probably miss some stuff out as

well what’s your what’s your what’s your

daily routine like then so being a

single mother getting into property and

I’ve seen some of your cracking deals

that you’ve got lined up now working in

the police force as well you’re into

health and fitness which you haven’t

mentioned but I know that from stalking

your profile so what other things are

you doing and what what’s the kind of

day in the life like for you oh my my

days are absolutely crazy

I can imagine I’m not gonna lie it they

it is bedlam because I obviously split

with my ex a couple of years ago so he

has my daughter a few days a week which

also allows me to have some time to get

things done I only work part-time in the

police now so I work Monday Tuesday

Wednesday every week and I then have my

business my keepsake business however

since I went to MMI and looked at my

business and growing the business and

coming out of the business because the

problem with me at the moment is I’m in

everything and I’ve now now I’ve come

down this mindset journey and going into

property and with my mentoring and

coaching with Trisha I’ve now realized

that I need to come now I’ve set things

up and they’re going really well and

I’ve built up a massive client base I

need to come out of it because my time

is precious and if I invest all my time

in one thing I can’t do anything else so

I’ve actually recently taken on two

ladies that I’m going to train up to

make my keepsakes

that’s going to be basically handed over

to them and then I will just manage it

which is then going to free up some time

to do more on the property side which

I’ve just started but like you hit on

Aren of you know I’ve already got two

deals and they’re big projects the like

eight bed HMOs that I’m also juggling in

between and I’m sure you know the amount

of viewings that you have to go on to

find these deals absolutely it’s

inspiring to see what what you’re doing

because like I said I keep saying it but

initially I thought was just property

then obviously getting to know you over

the last month or so I’m hearing how

many other things you’re doing and if

anything it makes me feel quite lazy to

be honest because I’m like oh I haven’t

got a child to look after I haven’t got

an occupation where I need to be there

Monday to wednesday so and yeah I know

how difficult it is it’s literally you

got to get used to the word know you’ve

got to get used to rejections you want

to be on the ground 24/7 so it’s

inspiring and hopefully inspires other

people is well out there who may yeah

think having being a single parent or

having a part-time job or a full-time

job is a way to kind of excuse them from

not aspire to there’s no excuse there’s

you are your own worst enemy the reason

you don’t succeed in life is because of

yourself and it’s and I’m a great

believer in taking action if you don’t

take action you don’t take risk nothing

ever changes and the thing is if I

carried on doing what I’ve always done I

would just remain where I’ve always been

so exactly so what I’ve done is it is

difficult I’m not going to lie it’s hard

work but I’ve done so much change

recently and so much on the mind set

because mine’s it’s so important because

to me if you’re your heads not in the

game you’re not in the game

you know and it massively you need to be

telling yourself every day reminding you

you can do it I mean every day I write

down my successes I do my five successes

every day I also write my goals down so

it’s important that

you know what your goals are you know

your your quarterly goals your yearly

goals your five yearly goals ten and

your 20 year Li goals because it gives

you something to aim towards I think I

hit on that earlier about how important

your goals are to make you drive towards

them and obviously looking you hit on

earlier as well the affirmations and

declarations it’s it’s all about you

know getting you and your mind in the

right place and it’s amazing how much

only in a matter of a couple of months

my life has just gone upside down in a

good way in a good way honestly the

things that are coming to me like the

amount of investors that are contacting

me for my projects because all my

projects are 100% investor led we do JV

partnership but I use zero of my own

money it’s all investor money that pays

for my property is which and they get a

very good return much better return than

they would with the banks but as you

know Erin you do the same core same

thing so but it’s so important because

you you know the these individuals are

buying into me it’s not just about the

deal it’s about me as a person and I’m

very positive but very brave and very

motivated I’m a very friendly

approachable person which is very

important and I believe in myself oh yes

I am a single mom yes I do own a busy

business yes I do have a job and yes I

have set a property business sort but

I’m doing it it’s so inspiring I mean

I’m just taking notes here because I

want to what I want to do from what you

just said days give single parents at

home just a couple of tips there so the

number one thing and this is something

that I’ve had to really really work on

myself in the last six months is believe

in yourself because irrespective of what

anyone else says whether it’s your mom

whether it’s your partner your siblings

you have to believe in yourself above

all else and also if there’s no

if people around you you don’t

necessarily need to get rid of them but

maybe you’ve spent less time with them

so if you’re spending two hours a day

with those people maybe spend 20 minutes

a day with them because the people that

are around you the the negativity that’s

around you will only keep you where you

are it will not move you forward I think

that’s a great point because some people

always think how can I just get rid of

somebody who’s negative in my life yeah

and we’re not necessarily saying you

need to get rid of them what I do is I

kind of do this thing where I look at

them and I’ll smile and nod but I’m not

listening to a word they’re saying

if I know it’s negative and at the same

time and that’s mainly for people I know

I have to kind of be around but if it’s

someone negative I do the same thing or

try and reduce your time with them you

also mentioned a very very good point

which is you write down your goals daily

you do your lashes but I just want to

quickly elaborate on something you said

the five successes is that five

successes that you want to achieve or is

it five successes that you’ve done

perhaps the previous day no that day so

it means every day yes at the end of

every day I’ve got a success book just a

little book a notebook and I write the

day and successes and I do five so it

can be as little as often it’s the

school run I’m late on time and you know

we get the thing the thing is we don’t

we don’t celebrate our small successes

we’ve achieved on a daily basis and it’s

just sometimes the little things

especially with people with depression

and I’ve been there just getting up and

showers and getting dressed for the day

is a massive achievement for somebody

with depression you know simply picking

the phone up to ask for help when you’ve

got depression that is a massive thing

so it’s little successes like I said

getting to the school run on time going

and doing some viewings putting an offer

in on a house networking with somebody

to possibly get another investor on

board for a project they’re all little

successes that believe you need to

highlight and and they they say about

once you write it down the mechanics of

your brain work differently and it

you’ve you kind of take it

even better when she write it down so

that’s what I do at the end of every day

I write down my five successes no matter

how big or small I love this so what you

referred to at the end I think it’s

called a reticular activation system is

that what it is yeah that’s how you say

and it’s kind of like these so an easy

example is if for instance you go out

and you looking for a red car or you buy

a red car all of a sudden when you’re on

the road you’ll notice in that red car

everywhere where it’s prior to that you

probably didn’t so I think if you can

tune your brain in the right way that

you’re looking for opportunities you’re

seeking better that better purpose or

vision of your life you’re going to

start attracting that sort of stuff and

you are just touched on something

they’re really important about the small


I suppose I’m guilty of this myself

because I will probably have a lot of

small ways in the day but I’m not

generally in that probably the way I

should so I’m literally written out here

that I’m gonna literally copy what

you’re doing there because I think

that’s an amazing point to do I know the

depression stuff that you mentioned be

showering and little things like that

haven’t haven’t seen my mom struggle

with it for the best part of eight years

I know that as a personal thing so it’s

it’s it’s a fantastic point there and

hopefully people listening to us could

take that on board so it’s not as easy

as it sounds I suppose obviously we’d

like the Instagram success and we’re

looking around on social media seen

everyone doing all these amazing things

24/7 yeah but he’s like you know Aren

is do not ever compare yourself to

anybody else that that is the worst

thing that anybody can do you know focus

on what you’re doing where you’re

heading what you’re wanting from life

and also you hit on yeah I’m a big

Fitness nutrition that’s one of the

reasons actually Aren that I found you

through your fitness journey to be fair

before before the property journey and I

massively believe healthy body healthy

mind I have a very clean diet only in

the last four months have I started I do

weightlifting and all of those people

out there again single moms I don’t go

to the gym I do this from home but be in

the last couple of months I’ve lost a

stone and I’m only small anyway you know

I’ve always been slim but it’s important

to me

that you get every part of your life in

balance I think and and in your diet

exercising you know they release so many

different chemicals that make you feel

better about yourself so yeah it is hard

work trying to fit all of this in

thought you know it makes such an

incredible difference it does just have

to do it

oops I agree I think it’s it’s just

small wins no habits rather than looking

at the big picture I think the

comparison thing is a massive point but

it’s again it’s easier said than done I

think once you find yourself looking at

stuff constantly

I would just news it I would just stop

using that up and just really try and

find yourself which is something that

you mentioned before great stuff and so

the next thing I want to know is about

adversity so you’re very bubbly you’re

doing amazing things and I’m sure like

like many of our listeners you’ve had

your fair share of adversity as well

could you if you wouldn’t mind explain a

time where you’ve perhaps been through

adversity maybe something recent I

suppose in your journey whether it’s a

deal falling through or something

something significant that you think

that could normally break somebody will

give somebody the opportunity to present

themselves with an excuse I mean we all

have struggles in life I mean only red

light it’s it’s quite recent only two

years ago now like I said I split with

my ex and it’s it’s been difficult you

know I’m not I’m not gonna lie becoming

becoming a single mom knowing that had

my business work you know all the other

day-to-day role the role of a mother to

contend with and juggle with it’s been

difficult I I took the decision to end

that relationship which again was a

massive you know because I my decision

was going to affect three people not

just myself however I’m i sat one day

was like I feel lonely and I feel

negative and I feel unhappy and I’m in a

relationship and that isn’t what its

life’s about you should be in a

relationship you should feel adored you

should feel that that person brings

the best of you brings out the best

version of you and that they add to your

life so that was a massive thing for me

to do was to end a relationship

especially when we had a young child

together and almost stop being selfish

because I had to think about the bigger

picture the future and obviously the

position of you know how it was going to

affect my daughter I suppose so yeah I

mean I could have easily have just said

look let’s just carry on you know let’s

just make it work let’s work harder at

it but I had to make that decision to

like we’ve got to the end of the road

and it’s it’s not it’s not making me any

better it’s not making him any better

and it certainly isn’t going to make our

daughter any better so I’d say that’s a

massive achievement in itself to make

and realize that you needed to make

changes Wow I think you just heard there

it is an achievement I think thinking

about the bigger picture in that in that

scenario because I see spar – often

people who are just unhappy in life yeah

being unhappy you have to accept that

it’s a choice and you’ve sat there and

you thought actually I need to make a

decision here to change this and for the

better and it seems like it’s going for

the better I hope obviously the other

party is fine as well and obviously your

daughter’s in it in a good place as well

so we’ve got a very amicable

relationship he’s a great guy he’s an

amazing dad so and I could never take

that away from him but together I mean

as a family unit we works but together

as a relationship we didn’t and and it’s

important for for everybody out there

don’t be scared like I say so many times

two friends of mine who are in happy

relationships but it’s all about the

money and it’s all about the security

and you know they’re scared but I’d hand

on heart say it’s not as hard as you

think it’s going to be it really is and

I suppose I’m guilty of it myself

because sometimes when you have to make

a decision and if you know it’s going to

hurt one of the other parties I really

really struggle with that and it’s only


I just kind of do like a five-four


a kind of a Mel Roberts approach where

I’m like okay five four three two one

and I’ll just send that message out or

I’ll give him the cord yeah say the

message and like you said it’s not as

hard as you think and in hindsight I

mean after a day or two you everything’s

normally a lot better than probably the

scenario you’re telling yourself in your

head exactly so what’s your biggest fear

then my biggest fear I think he cycle

okapi who is failure and doing something

and not succeeding I’ve been very

fortunate the decisions that I’ve made

in life of always I’ve always succeeded

over succeeded and everything that I’ve

done even little jobs I’ve had

reception jobs at dental practices and

the the head dentist there is then

offered to give me a position and as a

dental nurse I worked in adopts of

surgery as a receptionist and got asked

if I wanted to train as the practice

manager so people honestly people of

always whatever position I’ve ever done

in my life they’ve always seen something

in me to go further than where I am

however you always still have your own

fears and your own doubts about whether

you can achieve what other people can

see in you so yeah I think that’s one of

my fit my just fear of failure and fear

of not you know I suppose like Pete

people think that I’m going to be here

like a certain level and I’m like oh my

god am i you know am I gonna let yeah am

I gonna let everybody down

and I’m not gonna reach even their

expectations of me

yeah that’s a massive fear of me

sometimes and what what if so for

instance you did fail so say for is this

your next venture in property it didn’t

go the way that you wanted it to go

I mean I’ve struggled to believe that

you would let that knock you down no I

bloody wasn’t you know it’s one of those

things that you know what at that

particular time that deal wasn’t right

and it didn’t work and you know there’s

massive learning

in it I mean already with my first

project things are coming up that I’m

having to get over I’m learning so much

already because this property that I’m

working currently on is in a

conservation area and I did realize that

the loft extension in its been done and

it’s not got planning permission and

there’s permitted development for

certain things so loft extensions are

under committed development but in a

conservation area you basically can’t

even move a tree

you can’t cut hedges down you can’t

change windows you can’t do anything

without planning permission so it’s like

little things like that but I’m learning

because I’m now working with planning

I’m now working with HMO offices you

know contacting I’ve got a tree that is

like push the roots are pushing into the

property so I’m having to get a survey

done but it’s like now I’m in touch with

the council

I’ve spoken to tree surgeons and all of

that just ask the mom database my you

know everything that I’m learning along

the way and next time if things aren’t

that come up he’s scary thought because

I’ve dealt with it all really yeah

absolutely I would personally think

judging by that and say that your

biggest fear is probably expectations

rather than at your failure because I

just feel like you’re just go through

your learn and then you’re you’ll be

better and you just kick ass next time

basically yeah definitely

and I mean I’ve I’ve gone very big with

my first projects because a lot of

people said oh my god Donna like it’s

your first projects that it’s an

eight-oh and obviously we get all the

people the negative people say you can’t

do a hecho mo for your project you’ve

got to 1/8 birds for your first project

you won’t get the investors you can’t

get a bridge loan because we deal with

bridge loans and I’m like well it’s

funny because I’m doing all of that

exactly so but but it’s only through the

fact that my sister is my mentor that I

know she’s doing it she’s getting

properties passed through blanket

article 4 areas people on the HMO groups

which are also on our own are saying

that’s impossible that’s impossible


so I don’t even comment anymore it’s

possible yeah absolutely it’s just

impossible for them I would just

literally leave it I think it’s a

blessing in disguise that obviously

you’ve got Trisha there to help you as

well because I’m not she’s doing

fantastic things but you also have to

give yourself credit as well for your

mindset yeah yes I’m sure she’s been a

massive catalyst and help but I just

feel that your enthusiasm and like you

said anything you you generally touch

you will make a success of it so don’t

forget to obviously give yourself praise

there as well

yes no no I I think I use my sister to

remind me you know when my little voice

comes in over where yes yes I use my

sister as my no she’s done it no she’s

done it she’s got those figures on

refinance she’s managed to do that so

why can’t I so she’s just I suppose

she’s my little crutch at the moment

because I haven’t done it so when I have

done it I’ll be saying well no I did

that last time you know I’m doing

already done that I just want to bring

up that point as well you mentioned the

little voice because I can so relate to

that and I’m sure there’s many of my

listeners who have this little voice in

their head and the beautiful thing with

you just saying that there is we all

have that little voice so some of us

might sit there you might have this

self-doubt and believe that maybe this

just isn’t for me but when you start

speaking to people who are doing amazing

things and I’m sure Trisha would

probably say the same thing I bet you

she has that little voice as well but I

think what we have to do is we have to

learn how to calm that voice down and

kind of overpowering I suppose in it and

also reminding yourself that your little

voice isn’t you yeah that little voice

isn’t you this is all your that’s all

that all your insecurities all your

negativity all those it’s like the

little devil sitting on your shoulder it

really is telling you that it isn’t

possible that you can’t do it but you

can because all you need to do is take

action stay positive keep the the right

people around you and network with the

right people and you can make anything


absolutely I love that

what we’re gonna do now is we’re gonna

go into the fun part of the show and

just keep it that you have no idea

what’s gonna happen but oh my god it’s

really easy

hopefully it’s a bit of fun it’s just

sixty Seconds where I’m gonna ask you

the most random questions just to kind

of give the listeners a little bit more

about yourself and mix it up a bit so

are you ready yes all right fantastic

we’re going to start in three two one

okay romance or comedy a comedy Italian

or Chinese Italian the best place you’ve

ever been Australia cinema or bowling

cinema the ability to fly or be

invisible Oh probably to fly money or

fame money horse riding or fashion horse

riding Netflix our YouTube YouTube

Snickers or Mars

Snickers every day favorite TV show ever

probably friends speak all languages

will be able to speak to animals

language is your biggest inspiration at

this particular moment in time

definitely my sister Trisha love it if

you could sit with one person in the

world for an hour who would it be

it’s a queen you know would you rather

know how you would die or when you were

dying when if you could have polish one

thing in the world what would it be

bullying your favorite song ever

Stereophonics performance and cocktails

is there and the final question is would

you rather read minds

or predict the future read minds love it

brilliant that’s it oh my god bless ya

it’s more fun that way because you can’t

plan for it really yeah okay so I

believe hindsight is obviously a

wonderful thing and it teaches us that

we can get to places quicker faster and

probably with less money as well but at

the same time the journey does teach us

a lot as well so what I want to know is

if you could go back in time to maybe

one moment where you were younger what

advice would you give yourself yeah I

think at school I got bullied which I’m

sure a lot of people went through so you

know if I wish I had my thoughts my

feelings of our positivity back when I

was like 12 13 I said Terry

with my skin so yeah it was a hard time

during my teenage years and I just wish

I could go back and tell that person

that you know your you are stronger than

you think you are and these people it’s

their own insecurities it’s their own

issues with themselves that are causing

them to bully you yeah so I I own ously

would not change a single thing that has

happened in my life because it’s been

Who I am today for like you said if I

had to go back I would love to tell that

little girl the life will be good life’s

gonna be amazing you just need to

believe in yourself I love it

I hate bullying like when you said that

yes named with me because I’ve had

family members suffer with it I was I

suppose I was very fortunate that I was

quite popular at school so I kind of

never really in aspect but even now

growing up and becoming I suppose more

intelligent more emotionally aware I

sometimes keeping myself how I never

really like intervened or stopped sort

of you know how yeah kind of laugh with

the crowd and I suppose that yeah that’s

just as bad really but at that time yeah

so you feel like you’d you feel like you

should have stood up myself for that

because if I ever see anything now as a

man I’d always jump in but as a kid I

suppose you’re almost kind of worried I

suppose that if you jump in then you’re

gonna be at the crux of everyone’s jokes

yeah I think social medias happen in

terms of bringing it out there so when

there are these cases going on and I’ve

seen quite a few terrible stories it is

bringing the importance that you know

this just isn’t acceptable because it

was such a long term effect but I’m so

glad that it hasn’t obviously affected

you too much because now you’re doing

amazing things and inspiring yeah and

and you know what it’s quite nice now

that I’m older and I am successful and I

look back on those people at that time

who aren’t doing very well now and I’m

like that’s because of the decisions

that you’ve taken because of the actions

you know and how you’re behaved is

resorted to where you are today and – to

be honest I’d love to sit down with them


then reflect on their decisions and what

they’re doing in their life to make

their lives better yeah absolutely

brilliant so sadly that actually brings

us to the last question of the day and

the last question I always ask my guess

is if in a 150 years time and science

fails to save us and all that is left is

a book on a table and that book is about

yourself it’s about your life and

everything that you’ve accomplished in

your life what would the title of that

book be and what would the blurb tell us

about you oh what a question the title

would definitely be never give up hmm

love it so doesn’t matter how hard it

gets doesn’t matter how many obstacles

get in the way it doesn’t matter how

many people tell you that you can’t do

it just never give up because I can tell

you now if you just keep striving for

what you want you will get what you


never give up obviously that’s a

motivational thing it’s something that’s

why people but when they turn it over I

want them to understand the author a

little bit so what will it say about

Donna I think it will say that I was a

very hardworking forward-thinking

bubbly motivated person who at the

moment even I just want to help so many

different people so yeah I just hope

that even just 2% of my energy rubs off

on people and and I think like after the

real life event that we’ve had this

weekend the amount of people that came

up to me and said oh my god you’ve made

this weekend amazing because of your

energy and your Drive and how positive

you are and it really is buzzed me off

I’m like I’ll just feel like I’m on

cloud nine now so yeah I think

and that’s the sort of lasting

impression I live on people and I hope

that’s the lasting impression on people

because that’s what I want to do I want

to make people feel like anything is


absolutely I’m confident in well because

I think your infectious you remind me of

a good friend of mine sunny yes we yeah

we both know sunny day I’ve not met I’ve

not had the pleasure it’s a meeting yeah

because unfortunately we’ve had to

rearrange a couple of meetings but yes

he’s another individual I’m looking


absolutely it’s just good to be around

people who can lift you up especially in

a world where there’s always negativity

flying around it’s always good to be

around positive people yes just before

we close the show I want to give them

you an opportunity to let the listeners

connect with yourself where would you

tell him to come and find you yes oh I’m

everywhere at the moment very quickly

yeah luckily because I’ve already got a

business I know how it all works oh I’ve

already got an Instagram account

a compass property investment I’m on

Facebook compass property investment

also under my own name Donna Marie Pegg

anyone can contact me there I’ve got

email it can contact me for email so

yeah everything’s up and running and

I’ve even bought my domain for my

website that will I’m sure be getting

set up within the next 12 months

yes so I’m I know how to be out there

and in your face that’s Brad because

that’s what I want I want the listeners

to be able to connect to you so would

you say Facebook as a first point of

course yes definitely Facebook I do far

more on Facebook than anywhere else so

they can find me through my personal

page Donna Marie peg and it’s open to

the public now it never used to be a

compass property investment page which

is also active

it’s got ongoing updates what projects

I’m working on I’ll be doing live videos

on their videos if the properties show

you how my build team are getting on and

also I’m wanting to use it

also a little bit like a blog so you

know they so they can see what I’m doing

when I’m doing it how I’m doing it and

also what things I’m coming up against

so because I’m hoping to use it as a way

of teaching others the you know this is

the problem I’ve come up against this is

how I’ve got around it this is what I’ve

done these are the people that have

contacted this is the strategies are put

in place so I’m also teaching people to

the things that I and the self and I

know you’ve had problems along the way

but I hope that by sharing the problems

that I’ve had it will allow them to

either avoid the problems or deal with

those problems head-on because they’ve

had the information and the tools that

they need to get past it really okay so

what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna add all

of those links and the Instagram which I

never knew about so I’ll add that as

well in the challenge I’m standing here

on Instagram my compass property

investment group because I was actually

looking this morning I think it was

before we started this interview I was

like is she on Instagram and I was

typing in Donna I couldn’t find anything

no made from memories so made from

memories are on there my keepsake bears

and my property I haven’t got a personal

page because I think it’s him back on to

the gym and fitness and outfitting it’s

something I imagine to go into possibly

setting up a business aimed towards

single parents so single moms single

dads and giving them a place that they

can have no reason to not go because

there’s childcare in their package in

their membership package and I think

that’s something that I’m going to aim

with my purse maybe set up a personal

Instagram and you know build that up

around the setting of her gym PT

sessions with mums single mums and

single dads to allow them the

opportunity to always focus on their

their health and their physical exercise

regardless of having children I love it

as if you haven’t got enough to do

you’re gonna sell

so everything else is being ran by

everybody else because this is what you

do you set the businesses or can you

come out of the business then it gives

me the time and the freedom to do the

other things that I love so much

no that’s brilliant I think I certainly

recommend sit in a pair a personal one I

kind of do the same thing I have a

personal one I have a property one I

have a social enterprise or now I’ve

just I had a podcast one is also it’s

almost my job that’s right yeah find

your voice podcast yeah fantastic I’ll

have to follow you back straight after

this Donna I just want to say a massive

thank you for taking time out of your

day to share your story I’m very

confident it’s gonna inspire many many

people and to the listeners at home

thanks for listening

my absolute yeah thank you very much for

asking me I read and remember this

podcast is absolutely free so all we ask

in return is for you to share this with

a friend and drop us a 5-star review

over on iTunes have an awesome day

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