How to avoid burnout and find your joy #95

How to avoid burnout and find your joy #95

“Join up dots” by David Ralph #95

David Ralph is living life on his own terms. Doing the things he loves & avoiding those he don’t. But it wasn’t always this way. David like many of us has gone through the motions of life, often neglecting his health. Spinning his wheels for things that don’t light him up, fill him up with joy and just to get a pay cheque. But this all changed when David took a plunge and jumped into the entrepreneurial space.

Managing his own online businesses and running and hosting the successful Join Up Dots podcast, with over 2,000 episodes of GOLD, David now works on his own terms.. at least for the majority of the week.

We discuss the 4 hour week and how books can change your life, minimalism, finding your joy and just enjoying the process along the way. So often we spend too long on the noise of the world, and we must instead look at the things that keep us thriving and wanting to put those long hours in.

With a week away from uploading any episodes we are now back and ready to bring you some incredible episodes to help you move forward to find your voice & write your own story.

If you enjoyed it or found it useful, let me know! Also drop by the YouTube channel as we have content everyday going out now to help you.

Audio versions of the Find Your Voice episodes, video recordings of some episodes, animations telling stories, giving tips and much much more!

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