How to change the way you see yourself with Rock Thomas #99

How to change the way you see yourself with Rock Thomas #99

“Support, encourage & challenge” by Rock Thomas

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As featured on mind valley, goalcast, EoFIRE, Tony Robbins, Wheelbarrow profits, the Gazette and the Bigger Pockets! Rock Thomas joins us on find your voice to share his incredible story and help you all on your journey of finding your voice and moving forward towards achieving your goals.

The way we see ourselves can massively determine our success in life and Rock Thomas speaks about the importance of this, along with all the incredible mindset that he has developed throughout his life of figuring out the next steps in the midst of adversity. This is a true story of someone who had two choices. To become a victim, or to become a victor and thankfully for us here on find your voice and the world Rock Thomas chose to become the latter and really make everyday an opportunity to better himself, serve the world and deliver his great teachings and wisdom.

Some key timestamps:

[03:10] Finding your path

[06:20] Support encourage and challenge model

[14:10] Life is about growth

[19:00] Feed and energise yourself to change yourself

[24:45] Exposing your weakness

[30:14] Choose how you see yourself

[35:25] Feeling like he did not belong

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