How to conquer your fear and depression. An atheletes mindset. #15

How to conquer your fear and depression. An atheletes mindset. #15

Find your voice – Episode 15 – “My Way” – Raj Sallan #15

Tagline: “The only person that should be proud of you, is yourself”


Raj Sallan was the Fresh Prince, before he got shipped off to Bel-Air. His parents swiftly realised he was going to end up going down the wrong path if he stayed in Germany, he was sent to Birmingham, UK where he was forced to learn another language, way of life and develop his own mindset. Having had to learn his 3rd language, Raj utilised martial arts, kick-boxing and boxing to channel his mind and found a passion that would see him travelling the world and proving all his doubters wrong.

Raj explains that your mindset starts from the moment you wake up. He strengthened his perspective and mindset to help him handle not living with his parents for the majority of his childhood, learning English and fighting professionally in combat sports. Realising that nothing is impossible Raj has overcome his own levels of depression, loneliness and now spends his hours helping world-class fighters, girls and boys of all ages in becoming fit and finding their own confidence.

A genuinely loving guy, whose energy is infectious. He explains his daily rituals that have helped him earn a favourable reputation in the fight game, but also as a genuinely humble human being.

A story of adversity, with no excuses and an individual who found his voice and continues to write his own story.

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welcome to an episode of find your voice

a movement led by yours truly

Aren do a guy who has overcome

crippling anxiety adversity and

difficulty like so many of you in life

whose main goal now is to help you

combat your excuses take control of your

life write your own story and most

importantly find your voice so now

without further ado I welcome the host

of the show himself mr. Aren do what’s

going on people thank you for tuning in

to another episode of find your voice my

name is Aren and as always I am the

host of the show so as you sit here now

listening to this podcast I just want to

ask you a quick question now obviously

it’s rhetorical

because I can’t hear your answer but how

many times in the last week have you

thought about something negative have

you complained when it really wasn’t

that bad

have you mould about how little progress

you’ve made rather than actually commend

yourself for how far you’ve came my

guess is probably more than you wish to

admit and that’s absolutely fine listen

we’ve all been there but what I find

remarkable about this episode that

you’re gonna hear is I guarantee 100% if

you listen to this all the way through

your perception and your mindset will

benefit you will change it you will

start to feel I’ll say silly for morning

about the silly things that we often

moan about because this individual has

not only had to learn English as his

third language

he was uplifted as a ten-year-old from

his parents to live in a foreign country

where everything was alien to him and

the only thing he really knew how to

control was his mind and his hands and

his feet and with that he tells a

wonderful story so without further ado

I’m gonna get this interview on the way

so firstly I just wanna walk on right to

the show and thank you for taking time

out of your day to come and have this

interview myself how you doing today I’m

fine right it’s just doing well good

good the UK where they’re glad to hear

it so I think it’s important for the

listeners to understand a little bit

yourself now I’ve heard about you my

wife’s told me about you you know wanted

you on Instagram for some time now so if

you could kind of give the listeners

basically a history of how you’ve came

about to where you are today

well basically am I was born in Germany

1988 in Frankfurt and grew up in a rough

estate area basically it was there was

no Indians back then it was just if you

name it just like Turks albanian

different all different cultures but no

Indians no Asians my family was the kind

of the first Indian community around

there my uncle and everyone and growing

one went school there stayed there –

lost ten the time there was no people

probably asking what are you doing here

yeah yeah it’s just growing up in this

state area it was a rough and tough you

know being through fucking some hard

time and the other day and seeing my

parents there being there and as an

Indian people you know how did German

they say it’s not it’s not a racist

country but they won’t put everyone in

one the cultural people would want in

one area so where this day so this is

their area it was a being a bad kid I

was like a as poor really but the other

yeah okay so I’m getting into naughty

stuff at a young age theft

not going school just no he just being

wrong basically doing the wrong things

that I do you know upsetting my parents

they wasn’t happy they wanted a better

life for me so come to a stage where

they decided to send me here because my

mom’s side everyone’s here my uncle’s my

cousins so they had a decision to make

which probably was the biggest decision

in their life so they decided to send me

here to have a better life and today

that’s where I stand is here and I’m

being threw me through quite a bit you

know from being alone software

depression this is probably most of the

family members they don’t even know

themselves so when they hear this they

probably think we didn’t know this but

I’ve never come up out of it really I’ve

never told anyone about it because I

like to keep things sometimes myself and


I’ve always always had that little thing

where you know when I was young come on

my own and basically crying by myself

and I was a kid when I come here cuz I

missed my parents because the hardest

thing in my life was probably was going

to that Airport and looking back and see

my mom and I’d cry maybe one else that’s

a hard thing yeah it’s a mental thing

and that’s a ten year old I don’t know

where I’m going I don’t know what’s

happening yeah what’s going so you were

ten when you came over I was 10 years

old and was jamming your first language

but job dream dance from Indiana okay

some may not be fast champion easily

should I didn’t know I didn’t have a

clear barrage you know nothing English

from the age of 10 10 yes fantastic and

then it was just hard time it’s just

hard that moment was very hard ten years

old you wouldn’t know you took back and

why do you crying like we think he might

have great for holiday of his back of

course I know what they said that you

know going then the plan was to give it

a go see how it goes that’s what my own

custom a moment which was good and then

it was hard that day I remember sitting

on the plane at ten years old amount and

it’s going to another country to start a

new life and things started and use the

good is better for me basically because

the way I grew up in Germany there was

only one way in a prison gangs or dead

awesome other than something I didn’t

want to disappoint my parents because

one thing in my life that could never do

is disappoint them they mean the world

to me and yeah another indeed appear now

in school world screed

come in years six or years five years

almost ten years old I didn’t know no

English no English at all basically I

did not think I was that good fresh off

the boat but yeah and had to go through

lot of stuff as a kid because knowing

not know English

making friends was hard but it was just

very difficult to be fair and the way I

just gone through it I cried as a kid I

remember going home walking from school

I had no friends and this is when I

first come over and

that long road in hands of going home

and crying and just being upset missing

my parents 10 year old kid would course

Yong Yong you don’t know you know you

don’t know how you feel and it’s just

very different unexplainable to people

that unless they’ve been through

themselves they know I feels and it was

hard there’s hard times and then slowly

slowly things started changing for me

you know I just started getting thinking

in my head don’t one thing I always said

to myself in life is that it’s all about

you know your brief you got two arms two


you’re not worse than others know

there’s people out there in lifestyle

going through lot worse than yourself so

I always that’s one thing one of them

second is that the only place that’s

gonna believe and use yourself you can’t

believe in yourself

and having faith in yourself then you

know I strongly believe that you know

people believe in like North of

Attraction the universe I think

personally you are your universe you are

what you think in it you become what you

think so absolutely things change for me

you know if I didn’t have if I didn’t

want to become like my parents or

everything I took a lot of criticism in

life as well like you can’t do this my

parents up to because they sent me yeah

as if our Asian families are they’ll put

you they’ll put a lot of people down

they like to say oh he ain’t gonna do

nothing course of course being in a

making oh why you sent him there for my

parents after he all that then it was

like a it was me against the people as

one to prove them wrong that you know

what I’m fuckin of made it yeah you know

I am Who I am I’m a good person

I’ve not turned that wrong a lot of

people expected me to come here and take

advantage oh yeah and film become a

druggie junkie do whatever can you know

make most of it because my parents in

here but um you know you know plenty of

friends we just forget just before this

interview as well I’ve been mutual

friends we’ve got as well yeah

definitely is so I think that’s

interesting what you’ve touched from it

you said a couple of things that I’ve

just made notes of so one is you become

what you think and believe in yourself

this is something that I know is a very

date hero you have to say affirmations

and implant that in my head now and I

think indirectly because you’ve been put

in that situation you have to develop

that yourself and

giving you some strengths although you

might not have seen it as a strength

then it’s brought you into the person

that you are now which I think it’s

fantastic because and a lot of people

listening to this probably had a lot

more shout class yeah whereas you were

by yourself and you thinking buddy got

these two hands and legs

yeah and just speaking on those two

kinds of legs now yeah that you knew you

had you’ve done incredible things with

those yeah which I just wanted to tell

the audience as well it all started with

a fire school basically okay

when I was in Germany I was a bit of a

tempered kid you know it’s but I still

gave too loud so when I come here I was

it – I got into a few fights and this is

my first the first few month for you


and my uncle goes to meet my mom’s

brother he goes you know you got

suspended from school you just come over

here in basically Punjabi because I

couldn’t speak English course and so

from there he started and there he goes

well I’m gonna send you to kickboxing

gym and I go ah they don’t give me a

coke it’s nothing they asked or just

yeah by then I made friends

I put friends by them you know people

that were around me and school friends

and I took one friend with me and said

let’s give me a coke see what’s about

yeah and who wants me to go okay and

walked into the gym and then from there

never looked back cuz just suddenly I

found a talent I wasn’t good mmm yes so

it wasn’t actually beating people up but

it’s something I had in me and I used

that a lot if it wasn’t for that I think

that sports and combat sport fighting

and all that helped me in a way my using

my hands and feet my mentally if it made

me better and it was more energy changed

everything like if I was upset at home

or if I was feeling down

oh go to gym no I’ll use that a lot and

then that just made me who I am

from there he just kick-started amateur

fights I went to turn pro in Thai boxing

I had laws of numerous fight all over

the place over India to fight at a pro

MMA fight for winning age and over 20

pro kickboxing fights

it’s incredible a mature buck cells as

well as boxing for Saint Francis in


fantastic yes or other good chance I was

even told to stick to boxing and one way

is that gonna be pro in that but I just

love kicking okay yeah so that’s where

you all started my hands or feet and

they kicked off then I think that’s

where I I saw your Instagram stuff Nick

initially because I know my wife Tommy

love about you because you went to the

same school and she said it’s really

inspiring you’ve come from completely

different country and you found your way

in life and I remember going to be spoke

about this just before the podcast going

to ask them University yeah which is

what ten miles from my house can get

there in 15 minutes yeah and I was


so Monday to Thursday by the time

Thursday comes I couldn’t wait to get

home on a Friday so I can only imagine

what it’s like for a ten-year-old kid to

kind of have to do that but I don’t now

we’ve spoken obviously before this you

go home a lot now and you visit in

Germany quite yeah I spend much time

with my family I can I personally think

that nowadays degeneration now they

forget their parents and they forget

about the old alumni like I spend a lot

of time my parents because the

difference with me is that I’ve not

actually I’ve lost a lot of time with

the growing of pianos and not being with

them so be going back and then every

time so anytime that means the world to

me now first thing you couldn’t you know

a man if you don’t spend time I agree

and I’m sure they’re very proud of how

far you’ve come now they are yeah they

are very very proud but the most

important thing is my dad always tells

me is the only place that should be

proud this are you proud you have people

like that that’s what matters

personally I’m proud of myself that’s a

pretty messy that’s the best thing to

you now look that message as well and

that’s something that I try and get

through this podcast as well is that

yeah the way we look at ourselves in our

self-worth and stuff like it’s the most

important thing yet cuz it’s nice

getting plaudits from the person next

door or somebody across the road but

until you start looking yourself and

believing in yourself I’ll do something

like this is something I don’t are many

Byrne I wake up in the morning and speak

to myself let me read it and there’s a

reason why I do it because then I went

to see someone about three years ago


and he helped me the way to think and

why how to change negativity into

positively I don’t you feel great about

yourself so he said do something like

talk to yourself yeah but he actually

works so I realized that your mindset

starts from the time you wake up you

know when you say your feet touch the

floor yeah that is when your mind starts

working and whatever you think what

thought you wake up with so if you wake

up negative your day is going to be

negative if you wake up positive you’re

positive so walk to the mirror and I got

this little white top where I just say I

am positive I am rich I am blessed I am

my own God I am this and that so and I

talk to myself yeah and then I said to

her I’m gonna have a great day today

do that and it helps me yeah that’s

something that really helps me I know

some people might thinking wow that’s

that but that is something like I can

really really help someone it’s a mental

thing and this is like a you mentally

getting stronger and your mind you

you’re basically transforming your mind

set you straight positive team and

you’re looking forward to the day then

it can rain out there because no even

when I’m finished knowing and it’s shit

whether I’ll say it’s a toy don’t stop

me doing the finger prize of course it’s

the mindset how people yeah and I know a

lot of people that wake up in the

morning say example one day I hate

mondays absolute that’s the first

negative word that you say to yourself I

hate why do you hate go and do what you

had to do come home make a plan yeah

think coffee I love that so it’s one of

them things I think as you were saying I

just opened up my diary so I have every

morning five thoughts and it’s similar

to yourself I am powerful I understand

my own bothy

I am perfect every single morning best

thing and it’s only something I’ve been

doing recently as well but it’s so

important like what we feed am I here so

you’re an athlete you know what it’s

important to feed your body physically

strong but if this is weak that knows

everything there’s no point of it’s not

point being you know I mean the best

body but if you’re my name right it’s

the same with the fight game you can be

very good in the gym you can be

you can be whatever but if your mindsets

wrong and you my name in the fight


you must say you lost the fight yeah

because it’s not there lost it before it

started yeah but a lot of people don’t

realize that so my mind is a powerful

thing I don’t think people realize it I

think you’re right there I think it’s

becoming a bit more and this is probably

because I look into that fear you’ve got

a lot of mindset coach and a lot of

people talking about it but when I hear

it from someone like yourself who’s put

it into practice in an arena and done it

on an international stage I find it a

lot more authentic and real so I’m glad

you said that and it was actually the

one of the next questions I was gonna

ask you was about your routine and so I

love athletes and if I could if I could

have a separate podcast in this they’ve

been just interviewing athletes because

I think it takes a certain type of

person to get to the top to stay at the

top to have that mindset because it

isn’t like you said it ain’t all about

your physical attributes you’ll be the

hardest hit but if you aim right here


and somebody’s got more clued on there

they’re gonna have perform you throw it

main rhythm as an example indefinitely

so what I want to ask you is this was my

next question what do you do until the

time you go to sleep so obviously you

all can have you spoken to yourself in

the mirror now yeah what are their kind

of rituals or habits do you do in the

day often saying I can go back to when I

was fighting yeah yeah what I used to do

was we stay twice a day or three times

pushing it depending coming to a fight

waking up in a pony go for a jog I’m

just going back when I was at school my

uncle used to wet this secondary school

and I was competing then amateur level

and I was doing then I’d turn pro and I

mean my uncle waking you used to come

from a nightshift 4:00 in the morning

before I go school is to make me go for

a jog go for a run so the technologies

you hear I was 14 to 16 this was and the

dedication was built in me already you

know having that warrior mentality and

that listen you gotta train hard

maintaining one way to so what we used

to do is train three times a day say max

and diet so when you wake up in the

morning you run check your weight come

home eat you gotta watch my eat as well

you have a nutritionist watching what

you eat if you don’t have a nutrition

you some people do it themselves which

is good as well so my daily routine is

Bella and especially

all days was going school all day watch

ye at school wow this is the time when

no one hardly knew realized I was in

year eight nine I was just my name was

just coming out and not people knew the

house no one knew that I was doing it

only later on people found that coming

from school finish school come home grab

my bag

don’t do no homework come on felt like

training back there go straight to the

gym to our session and then back home

eat food go bed then after that when I

left school it was the only thing that

changed was there was no school time so

that’s when three times a day training

started just running in the morning

training from different things like

strength speed and sparring session pad

work different sessions and needs to be

three times a day eating right and he

days used to just go basically and then

I’m coming home in the evening afternoon

chilling with the family and then in the

evening if you feel good you go for

mother jog and this is when it comes to

an eight week camp fight camp your aim

is to get fit get mentally strong and

get your weight down as well depending

on what weight division you find that

and then they just carried on like that

I’ve done that for a good 15 years to be

fair her

I’ve been training since I was 10 still

do it now but I’m fond of fighting fit

and fighting professionally I stopped at

25 my last fight was 24 when I was in

India a fourth road and times change but

I still keep the same similar routine I

still go for a jog here in l a– wake-up

call for one you know in the morning and

I love going running in the morning at 4

or 5 I love that I love that it’s the

fresh a door full run go work and

especially with my job now you know we

do shift work so I work everything

around it and the only thing that keeps

me going is my mind basically your body

can get old as much as they want but if

your mind is strong can control your

mind and yeah and the funny thing is

it’s your mind that tells you’re tired

even before your body is as well yeah

and that’s something we definitely kind

of battle with yeah I looked at and I

just sort of touch on that so you’ve

done this for like 15 years I had a very

very short period and this is kind of

like something that I celebrate where I

train like an athlete as a knight I

got myself under an Olympic coach near

boxing what I was doing with those

copying national champions so when they

were training free time today I was

doing the same yeah because I knew I got

into the game late and I really wanted

to go on a floors so I was training and

I was copying them I was eating the

right stuff and I couldn’t understand

what you’re saying there I’m not sure if

the listeners will get this but there is

a point where your body and your mind

are in sync that you do stuff that you

think shit how we’re doing this because

you’re training so would you do so much

and the reason I say that is because now

I’ll go to the gym and people normally

is not comparison trained or whatever

but the intensity that I had for those

two years is 10 times more than now what

I can’t do is bring that intensity back

here so now when I go to the gym the mom

I’m tired up I don’t know I just kind of

think okay let’s got that Communists

abuse away and I wish I could transform

those two years of a true athletes

mindset into now are you able to still

do that now so you know how you would

train that 25 can you bring that a

little bit back or is it a matter of

when you’re not competing it’s difficult

to do I know exactly it doesn’t make

sense yeah I don’t make sense to do

right there especially the copying part

mmm that’s exactly why I used to do

because watching people like the running

I got from sue my uncle told me run in

the mornings and everyone that fight her

mentality and I just watch people like

Tyson and knowing the jog in the morning

and he watched these videos okay and

that’s the copying part like just

thought you said yourself you copy it

and do it but that’s the only way to

these people are there it’s by of course

you learn from them so that’s why it

like Mayweather says you know what my

opponent sleep 2 a.m. in the morning I’m

going for it says it’s a very good copy

it’s not a bad thing it’s doing

something that they’re doing and then it

works on you but going to transforming

it if I wanted to do that now and

everything I could like I said it’s a

sit my head I knew boys the older you

get or do you believe as well

laziness kicks in you know and

responsibilities change appear you know

you have a lot more other things to do

you know work people get you know

relationships and everything just

changes but in your head you got a you

have like a notebook and you write

everything down

today I’m gonna do this tomorrow I’m do

this you know you can write a routine

down and it still can be done it’s don’t

coming there’s nothing impossible in

library people told me I could never

speak English

I’ve never got to speak English or a

school I get picked on here a day not as

in you know just not picked on but just

laughing you know he can’t speak English

oh my cousin’s would say oh and I think

you know what I realize now nothing is

impossible even when I was going through

the depression point no I’m sad I just

upset cry

I never should tell my family no one

used to know I should be on my own ice

like be a man just cry and miss my

parents but then while Walter went along

and I got older I realized that you know

what nothing’s impossible I could do

anything or what you know what

um these people were standing out there

what am i crying about what is wrong

with me

you know I mean I can do this dusty and

today I’m here nothing today right now

I’m probably in the most longest mindset

I just believe in myself that I’m alive

they feel the good energy yeah and this

good energy but Zampa when you pass

positive energy got me excited here

before we started this you can see how

happy I’ll wait that’s the best thing to

do is the vibrations between two people

and it’s a straightaway you send it to

them and you want to spend time with

people like that

that’s it girl one thing I have to do is

the certain people didn’t say family or

friends who all they do is negative

negative negative and when it’s your

family and friends you can’t always cut

them out yeah so after do is limit my

conversations with them or if I’m in

there if I’m in their proximity is

literally like how you doing and then I

walk away because I don’t want that you

know what all of these kind of

relationships and this is where I’m

complaining nowadays in life and on the

grand scheme of things and people have

interviewed on this and including

yourself their problems that you know

the trivial the minor compared to what

you guys have been through nobody’s been

lifted from their parents do you have to

learn a third language to that you don’t

be fired in and they’re not

understanding what people are saying

about them to then having to develop

their own – such a young age where I’m

here now as a 30 year old still trying

to develop my

and I’m seeing people who I’m actually

working with now who you are older than

me still trying to develop their Mon so

I think it’s you should be very proud

for this yeah I think it’s commendable

that you’ve been able to do that yeah

especially it’s true you don’t think I

agree with that exam it’s that fucking

that did you do so you can’t give a fuck

about anything fuck what people think

fuck what anyone thinks really and do

what you make sure you have people yeah

if you work on yourself you’re never

gonna get out of that blockage it’s a

circle around you like we’ve seen it a

lot with lot of people not mind coaches

people saying it like they put and die

in the middle then they put circle

around it that is you and you can’t get

at that comfort zone you’re just in that

middle you have to break through and

that’s what he’s like I had a friend

make for me two weeks ago saying I wanna


and I said to him you found me to tell

me you walk on

well how about you think to yourself

that I am gonna get I’m gonna have that

car or believe that you already in that

car believe in yourself like I said yeah

yeah there’s no one else gonna believe

in you you know I mean you can’t ask

phone someone can you believe in

addition of everyone else that’s it yeah

cuz I knew this was interview was coming

up and I try and learn about the person

a little bit I took myself back into

those two years and the key to my

success in those two years was a

decision I will just make a decision and

believe it oh there’s an analogy when

somebody says I’m trying to quit smoking

for a bit or somebody just says I don’t

smoke anymore they’re two different

types of people the person who doesn’t

smoke and move will not be tempted and

nobody will really ask him where

somebody’s that off stop smoking for a

bit the most aren’t you’re gonna get

asked in a grave you want one or they’re

gonna be very very tempted it’s kind of

you’ve got to make your own identity you

do if that makes sense ain’t the world

like I’m trying change that try to I am

NOT little words how you think I’m what

you say your language you know yeah you

to yourself what it’s raining today or

Congo you know but you say I will go for

when the rain stops to be rain is not

gonna kill you you know it’s just it’s

the mind thing to be fair it’s it’s hard

it’s hard I know what where people come

from like for me softly from being

judged mean creatures

is going through depression at a young

age you know feeling alone and

overcoming them things it’s just it’s

not as easy I want people to know that

they’re not on their own you know I know

people it’s hard to explain to someone

how you feel but they need to realize

that you’re not on your own because

first of all these people not worse than

what they’re going through you know

second you’re breathing you know he got

two arms two legs

you put got a roof over your head get

food on the table and end of the world

never think that and just feel strong

about yourself and even yourself

but never give up and that’s one thing I

think in the Asian community is Wally

not all there’s nothing wrong with you

don’t worry you’re just crying all

you’re just upset it’s a debate know

what’s going through yeah you don’t know

what’s going through the person’s head

or what’s happening and me as a young

kid I remember them little things when I

was on my own and crying and all sorts

it was quite hard and not family members

don’t know this to be fair but all the

comment in a way that it was that fuck

you attitude like you know what I’m

gonna I’m gonna prove people wrong you

know I didn’t care what people think but

I used that as a I’m gonna prove a mom

that I’ll turn that good and I turned up

doing I achieve things that day car so I

used them as a fuel baby that’s why I

used the mass and it carried on like

that and my mind just got stronger and

stronger hmm and anything even today

like I mean people who having a bad day

and I turned their mindset it’s just me

talking deception isn’t it yes it’s how

you see it

and I think you took started this so

you’ve been doing this since you attend

they pretty much and that’s probably why

you’re better at it than most people I

think the important thing people should

take away from this episode is make it a

habit yeah so how you go to the toilet

at night how do you go have a shower

every morning it needs to become a habit

the way you speak to yourself from how

you see stuff so another good thing I do

other than these five things I do

gratitude journal is oh so I used to do

every morning which is fine but

somewhere along like the day after a bit

it kind of rubs off so something bad

happens even myself I’m guilty of

sometimes looking at

what I do you know I do have them

tonight as well so I’m doing gratitude

as soon as I wake open before I go to


it just helping me and my natural vibes

and everything it’s very hard for me to

not be grateful for what I have like you

said I’ve got two hands and a few of my


touchwood at the minute got no diagnosis

of any illness isn’t nothing I get to go

on holiday I know what I get to live the

life are what I’m blessed

yeah do you know what I mean I convinced

myself of that because because I am

never give up attitude may seem you know

that’s the best way to be and being

grateful I’ve always been grateful I’ll

be my dad and like we come from nothing

my parents come from nothing and we have

enough today to keep us happy and that’s

all that matters

which is how well you know half is the

most important thing of course and you

know I’ve always been bought up in a way

to think that stay humble as well and be

grateful and that’s well yeah and that’s

one thing about me I love that and

that’s something you preach on your

instagrams in your facebook as well

love that because always I can relate to

that so on my Twitter I just kind of say

stuff that comes in my head it’s kind of

me talking to myself

yeah because sometimes if I’m a bad day

my first thing in my head is going back

to a prayer yeah and listen to how you

talk so be that person that you say

you’re gonna be here and I wrote

something the other day which says

growing up I didn’t have everything I

wanted but I had everything I needed and

that’s literally how I grew up and and

that’s kind of like one of my timelines

as well because I think my life is this

compared to so many other people that’s

why people it’s hard for them they think

they’re humble but they’re not really

they don’t understand how what it takes

to be grateful you have to believe in

that you know what I’m happy

coming for my breakfast is a bit hard

times II was me I know and I’ve seen you

know looking at my friend he’s buying

new train is no lazy Navi and now I’m

sitting up and for one but I still don’t

go and get what I want because I know

I’ve got enough I don’t you know that’s

not gonna change your liver what

happened it’s all still here it’s not

cause it’s a big example my friends

always like oh why didn’t get yourself a

new car you know you all you need to


what can I’m humble in a way that my car

takes me a to be I’m happy that’s what

the purpose of a car is that’s all if

you could treat yourself to treat

yourself don’t forget where you come

from people forget where they call

that’s what happened I agree

they really forget asleep hour for a

listen that is I think so I come from

similar backgrounds no not as bad as you

in terms of not being very humble

because we had normally going up and I

remember the moment I got my first good

job he was in London and I was anymore

money thing on you wanted to deal with

and when I say what money I mean to me

to other people it’s probably a normal

salary so I know all this money and I

remember Bibles designer gear these

jeans and stuff and if you go upstairs

to the third bedroom they’re all them

jeans and all them teacher I just and I

hardly wear because yeah very quickly I

realized that doesn’t make me happy

what makes me happy is being able to do

this or help people or give a hunter and

that kind of the best thing you can do

you know helping people is one of the

best things as well even if it’s done

it’s like the littlest thing like I’ll

explain some time was of course telling

them how if they’re saying the day’s

been bad try and help and be they be

better not have a joke or just have

someone just maybe someone small yeah I

think I thinking in the world but

growing up humble and down to half is

probably my first thing not taking my

heart honestly from your hair is the

first thing that there is respect being

humble and down to the best can come

after that’s the best thing I think the

world would be a better place if there’s

no greed then like lot of people are

there’s not greed

there’s a lot of competition Cuba

competition not a lot of people compete

with them with others or their mates or

their family members like I’ve always

told my parents like listen don’t worry

what people say let them talk let them

be they think what they want let them

think what they want they’re jealous the

Haiti they got a negative problem which

they need help in but they don’t

understand that especially in our

community indeed pretty they see they

won’t know that they don’t stand this

kind of stuff this is like if you can

fucking get it what can’t you why don’t

you do this why don’t you do what they

don’t realize the other person might be

happy you know they’re happy with what

that for my dad my dad one kind of

person like you were says to me what

kids are happy

be healthy about reform I’ll either see

you always you say that his whole life

and you’re drilled into my head

no even though I didn’t grow up with

them but but then let them believe

remember yeah I remember these things

and now always when I stay at home

that’s why I got that little white book

top of the mirror and I love that look

honey and I’ve got one thing that I’m

I’m rich yeah and you know how I feel

and well feeling about everything I want

you keep saying that the things that you

don’t you don’t expect they’ll come to

you anyway then you’re attracting that

or anything of course but yes like I

said it’s not easy for people out there

that’s hard but I already know I love

that you’ve shared that because that’s

literally how I think yeah so we just

before we started this episode I told

you I’m selling this house now yeah and

I was like we’re gonna get ourselves a

smaller apartment and two other people

it’s gonna be like shit you’re given a

big house for a small little apartment

for what for me is my happiness my

wife’s gonna give up WIC we’re gonna be

together I don’t care that I don’t all

my house that doesn’t bother me

I don’t care my family or friends say oh

you don’t want to have anymore

listen not many people do all that

houses the lights on the houses for a

start but secondly it doesn’t bother me

I’ve got not ego in relation to that

what I am doing is controlling my own

life I’m living life on my own terms and

my wife’s happy that’s the best way and

going back to banks on that to be fair

we don’t own exactly nothing

we’re here for a very very short amount

of time we’re leasing almost everything

in life you know to me we don’t own

nothing and all your own only thing your

own is your own happiness their own

mindset and yourself absolutely and like

you said you and your wife are happy

that’s when you care about a lot of the

people out there to care about the kids

and their parents and that’s what they

should be this I think time is more

valuable than money you know I mean the

most most important commodity you can

get money all day long you’ll get that

forever at the time you never get that

back and that’s me saying it because

that time I lost with my parents I’ll

never get anything I get that back yeah

me growing up as a most of my friends

used to go back school

don’t open the door go back home sorry

don’t open the door one day mom and dad

a day no I didn’t have that feeling I

didn’t know what it’s like growing up

with parents or what it’s like being

with you in a moment dad and my mom and

dad had to go through a lot they have to

cry you know they’re always out

every day have known a magic I mean I’m

not a parody I can only imagine how hard

that must’ve been a song he was always

said to my mom and dad I said no there’s

people are there I’ve lost you know the

parents in walls and this was going on

now and people are you know dying and I

said don’t worry I’m fine and

everything’s good

and I always came that positive energy

and that thing that I’m gonna do well

don’t worry come off it and I will never

basically we say flop come so I’m gonna

prove everyone wrong don’t worry and

same people they used to criticize us

they don’t even want to look at me now

yeah yeah I know I still pull my hand

out unshaken because that’s not the way

of yours just because they hate you

doesn’t mean you have to hate back don’t

go on to their level yeah and most

likely reason that they have these kind

of opinions or something positive stuff

is because really it’s an opinion about

themselves so when they see you doing

stuff or saying you’re gonna do

something they believe they can’t do it

and that’s what it is I had it well I

mean when I was 25

I’m 25 slate and I was like 42 pounds


heavier than I was now tits and

everything and I would but I want to go

and box it every single person close to

me other than my mom I like my brother

and like my immediate family were like

you can’t do it straightaway

dad already decided my fate in here just

incredible how do you guys know you

haven’t seen me try I wasn’t as good as

when I was 17 when I first know but I

was like oh because I was so like

focused I was like respond I think I

could do something because I had an

Olympic coach who told me I could do it

and I was at surely his opinion in that

field matters a little bit more than

your opinion yet but then saying that if

I never had that guy tell me that I

probably would have believed it and I

probably would never have tried it and I

still say to this day those two years

are the best years of my life I never

achieved the things that I want to do

chief but I built my counter and I built

my strength and I built so much about me

as a person

yeah in those two years that I think is

really important that was me literally

ignoring people’s opinions or definitely

urge people shut up everything the thing

is that when people when people say to

another person you can’t do it who are

they don’t you are needy they’re

nobodies they just feel like that but

themselves that they Condor is on you

can do it

and it’s good in a way because when you

start thinking like that you get

stronger and you think to yourself you

know what that’s true who are they to

tell me and you that’s why sometimes

that period of my life where I got

criticized judged I probably took any

now people but they won’t do to my faith

but yeah but you need them people

sometimes because they’ve got a issue

with themselves in within themselves of

course but they’re taking it out on

others but you need these people because

you use them as a competitive thing like

you know what I’m gonna prove you wrong

there and it helps you it pushes you

even more and it’s just forget it I just

have this quote from the whole two years

on my wallpaper on my phone and it was I

do because I can’t I come because I want

to I want to because you said I couldn’t

and that’s what it was because there was

so many people that said I couldn’t yeah

I’m just gonna go and do this now yeah

almost to prove them wrong so I get that

yeah it’s very hard but like I said

everyone goes to so much through life

and you mentioned the depression thing

earlier and obviously you know you found

fighting as your way of kind of

releasing energy and helping you and all

the benefits of exercise on mental

health and depression yeah how did you

overcome it or is it something that you

still feel you battle with now I think

um I don’t have it no more now basically

up in a way but back then when I was a

kid I didn’t know it was depression okay

but it was but I realized after

afterwards it what it was because going

in a room lock yourself up and crying is

just as a 12 year old and I was 10 to 12

that’s when it was the main period and

it was a bit more you wouldn’t realize

and you think one more crank you just

you know but that’s what’s going on your

head is telling you

Danya you’re on your own you got no one

there your mom and dad that’s so far

away you know you have all these

thoughts going through your head and

negative thoughts basically and he

started from there and I worked myself

in a way thinking and first of all

sports was helping me anyway keeps your

mind of things you know like I always

say to people find a hobby don’t have to

become a sport do any sport it could be

anything you know sitting playing on

PlayStation yeah sometimes it gets your

mind off things remind some well

absolutely and the way I overcome it is

basically I was just

one day I’ll just come home and thinking

to myself I’m about 14 now and I’m done

it in ages and I was thinking to myself

hold on I felt alone I’m not sitting

there I was thinking and no one cares

about me you know I want to go back to

Germany I don’t want to be here no more

but then I started thinking these people

started coming all in my head that

criticized me and just my family my

parents basically and everything and I

said if I go back now and give up I

gotta hear that for rest of my life and

my mom and dad will have to hear that

say he didn’t make nothing of himself he

ain’t done nothing so at 14 I have to

think and more 14 year olds they don’t

think about us knowing no chance I have

to prove after thinking my head don’t

think you know what I can’t do this I

give up no matter how hard it becomes I

will not give up I was there yeah and

prove everyone wrong and I’m not telling

everyone that it’s easy to do you know

depression is it’s a very I don’t think

it’s looked into as much it should be

and it’s quite hard and not many people

can overcome it

because they feel that there’s no one

day and of course you know I mean until

not only in the hard way

look I didn’t speak to no one I used

myself as in I’m gonna do this I’m gonna

do that I’m gonna prove them wrong and

I’m gonna give it a go I’m not gonna

give up and then I never gave up from

they carried on I went through a lot of

stuff through it throughout then as well

I lost my grandparents in India mum or

my dad’s mom and dad both died day after

each of that and especially a funeral

day it’s a very different thing I’ve

gone I’ve lost fights that’s made me

feel down you know I’ve had shit

performances fights I’ve been criticized

judged again this was around 18 19

so through in my whole life there’s been

bits and bobs but I had that one thing

in my head I don’t give a fuck I am NOT

gonna give up and I’m gonna carry on and

today people respect you for it you know

people think you know who’s strong

minded person yeah definitely and now

I’m just too old I’m getting I feel like

my body might not be the same that I was


was 18 I’d like mmm fire and then got

the punches got the kid speed whatever

but in my head I’m still that lion and

he still there and if I have to do

something I know I can do it my body

might have to be shattered even if it’s

not fighting or whatever is all training

using that one is yeah unify they say

people lose their jobs they get

redundant the baffled they don’t know

what to do they go to a pub they start

drinking no cuz they don’t used to

thinking one fuckin into the world

no walk through that door be happy mmm

see your family

what about girlfriend kids where that

smile say you know what

tomorrow’s another day absolutely simple

as that to do them and that’s the way to

overcome things it’s hard it’s it’s not

easy I’m not saying it’s easy but you

know yeah I think you need mindset yeah

you’ve got like an athletic like a top

top level of mindset but the things

you’re saying is you’re not saying you

don’t feel it as well yeah you still

feel pain you still feel this struggle

or making a hole and you’re not Superman

like nobody wants to wake up and running

the cold but you have to do cos

necessary you have to do and if anything

if we can train ourselves whether it’s

through exercise combat sports or

whatever it is like any goals we have is

it going to discipline yourself yes

that’s really where you get your rewards


discipline yourself alone you have to

discipline your mind and your you have

to think right and it’s just like like

you said it’s not easy but what isn’t


nothing’s easy in life and this is a

thing and I think I’m not sure of the

right word for it but I feel a little

bit sorry for people who haven’t been

through the hardship in life or suffered

as much because it’s more difficult for

them to put themselves in somebody like

yourselfs position yeah see the thing is

you had your back against the wall you

had no other choice easy there look I

quit and this is the end now or I keep

fighting forward and you’re calling

forward stand by swing it’s true even as

a kid like when I was in Germany going

through being bad influence through I

was only seven eight and I wasn’t doing

theft and that and literally you know

just I think the only time one thing I

remember is getting my head kicked in by

a bunch of sixteen year olds me I’m a


seven years eight years old but that was

the life growing up in the state and I

think coin from coming from Frankfort

they stay area there and come into hands

with it’s just as bad well yeah I bought

that mentality to England that no one’s

gonna fuck with me and I am Who I am I

see and they’ve helped me I don’t know

me I remember last time getting in

trouble here in England you know just

stay disciplined and then what I have to

do found a talent kept up with it kept

my head strong you know regardless of

what happens in life they’re gonna be

ups and downs gems are gonna come that’s

no matter what they don’t matter who is

okay you can be a celebrity you can be

yeah multi-millionaire credit they’re

all going through storms and they all

come through life where they stressed

and they’re whoever but the carrier of

the carrier they don’t give up you know

and that’s the way to be to be basically

and I carried on to be fair I bought

that same mentality it took time and

like I said I still you have ups and

downs now I have ups and downs now and

then but doing that thing like waking up

in the morning how makes it positive

it helps Lord and I hope people try that

this you try all right definitely I mean

I’ve started yeah I told you you’d like

to get people to start it because it’s

important out and the thing that’s

important is you showed your under

ability there so we all know you as this

tough guy yeah you know kicking ass all

over all over the world but it’s good to

have wannabe of you as a human saying

look I still struggle that’s it but like

you said you’ve got two choices you

before you go backwards and yours is

always to go forward keep looking

forward and don’t look back basically if

you start looking back you living in the

past of course live in the moment that’s

what we’ve gone the future that’s got to

be fair forget the future the past live

in the limit yeah I believe in that

moment you know you wake up that’s your

day live in that moment that time that

you got in that lake every minute hour

whatever counts yeah and giving that

moment I love it future is a plan past

is gone forget that and the moment is

what you’re gonna do then whatever you

do in the day doesn’t mean I’m telling

people to train or whatever not as

athlete wise as a normal human being

wise find happiness first

in yourself and think positive and what

your mind just starts changing myself

I’m just living that moment I love it

that’s the best way brilliant bro I

appreciate that great lessons there um I

would ask you then another question and

so I know you’re not scared of like

combat and stuff stuff that most people

a normal person on their own will be

scared of confrontation is tough because

obviously you’ve been then you’re not

just competing against a normal person

throw it you’re competing against

somebody who’s trained and probably just

as hard as you yeah but other than that

what else in life scares you then you

know what be honest I’ve never feared

anything to be fair the only thing I

fear and as in person who Dean he’s

probably my parents losing my parents I

don’t feel nothing else I can go back to

the bottom I know I’ll rise up again

nothing fears me but we all know that we

get old at one point and we’re gonna use

people we love and it’s a hard thing and

especially like me that I haven’t spent

time with them as much as I want to do

my life and try my best I’ll do

everything now a lot of people ask me

what you want you go holiday come with

you mate so I can do that whenever of

course at that time I have off I’ll go

home and that time I spend with my mom

and dad it’s the most important time in

my life and I think if I fear anything

it’s losing my parents in life basically

nothing else fears me I could lose wah

wah lose my house I can lose my job I’ll

do whatever is but you can’t replace

that you can’t replace certain things

your parents are one thing that you

can’t replace you loved once something

you know and that is my fear

we take you for granted yeah we do

another fear that a lot it’s it’s

something that you know you gotta accept

it one day it’s no and but you don’t

want it to come and that’s the fear you

have any you’ve got the right mentality

though that every day is you basically

seize the day

yeah so you make the most of it I’m the

same I think that probably one of my

biggest fears as well my immediate

family obviously if you know is you do

and I know a lot of people use that

dreams to inspire my sometimes use like

my nightmares to inspire me so I I

sometimes I know it sounds a bit morbid

but it’s like just imagine if this is

their everlasting

do you know what I mean

that requires we have to really give my

all on the day because my my end game is

for them to have their life that they’ve

always wanted a do you know mean until

they have to find that for them so if

you always because I’m not the longer

you take the more chance it is of that

day coming that’s it yeah that makes it

and you’re right that is using that is

basic I use the same thing like I always

think the opposite I think to myself you

know it’s God forbid something happens

to him that’s why I booked my ticket on

the last minute hang on when I have that

time off it can be two days three days

I’m their dog of course no catch the

flight I’m gone you know I mean I could

use that money to do anything I want I

don’t know anywhere in the world if I

want some toys and do I want but that

time I spend with them that’s the best

was the best time and even if he’s just

sitting at home and just talking to

having it laughing just chilling it

can’t be no there’s no that’s the only

thing I personally fear anything else I

don’t feel like you can throw me in the

jungle with nothing you know I mean

obviously I’ll come at what I’ve gotta

do and going back to the bottom of my

advice by cooking I’m not scared normal

because you know once you’ve been there

yeah you don’t fear to be there again

but you know how to wake yourself up

then yeah you can be poor rich but they

were still living our India and you see

poor people you see you know how people

live and how people are they still have

you know yeah you don’t mean it’s crazy

easy it’s still happy I’m going Thailand

back end of last year and I remember

this one particular family was a three

generation family and they were just

smiling in this very small hut where

clothes on the line that didn’t look

like they were washed but they were

washed I don’t mean that in any

disrespectful way but happiness it was

almost like an advert you know that when

you watch these business embolus and I

walked past it with the wife and we just

walking back to the hotel sir that’s

bliss I mean like no God they’ve got

each other that’s actually enough you

know those relationships they got

happiness love and I was like I love

that it did change my perception a lot

coming back from a place like that and I

think them as people especially in

today’s society so glued to our

Instagram and we should go out there we

should look at these people and travel a

bit of the world and see how lucky we

actually are I went when I fought in

India for in Bombay and

it was a the poverty day was crazy and

poor but I’ve seen it remember going

growing past in the car on the right

hand side there’s a mom with the two

kids and they seemed happy

they smiley and the kids were playing

and they ended up in the dirt

things are not change you know you’re

gonna experience a lot that change and

you think you know always complain

complain why am i complaining but yeah

going back to the fear that’s the only

thing I fear in life otherwise I don’t

fear anything – yeah I was gonna say if

you don’t see that the guys getting it


fair enough fair enough so I’m gonna

assume obviously your parents are your

big motivation but you’re also like

you’re inspiring other people as well

now so you when I’ve talked about your

Instagram yes if you’re waking Mackenzie

away commit will China another minute as

well what keeps you motivated to still

keep that up because I’m not even about

day job as well yeah through touch phone

yeah so you went from network around is

it yeah engineer you’re an engineer and

you do that full time when I see you I

just see you is it after you keep

finding people and doing amazing things

what inspires you in terms of keeping

that going is that just something that

you just enjoy this part of your life or

have you got a bigger inspiration to do

anything and I’ll be honest you know

when it’s been in use since 10 years old

it’s an it is in your blood and you will

never give it up he’s always gonna be in

you that attitude that fighter mentality

that been there done it and he inspires

me in a way that I used to do this it’s

the world I lived he was it’s what made

me I’m not I’m not when people say know

me as me they know me as the fighter

yeah yeah no means nothing so easily

it’s gonna live with me forever

yeah so that’s why it pushes me to help

others I like to help but I like to be

in that environment in that gym

environment where kids are training it

reminds me of me and when these guys are

training for Big Show’s big fights and

I’m holy punch to them I’m training him

it reminds me that I’ll be through this

and I love it

I think it’s great and Guilds all boys

and we have students that are little

kids from girls to boys and this so much

talent out there and I think it’s just


for them to get off the couch or hang on

the computers they enacted yeah I think

it’s it’s gonna be in me forever always

when it comes to that side I’ll always

be there in that sport environment

because that’s something that stuck with

me yeah yeah it’s always there and I’m

always there to Harper I think this

interview is going to be interesting

though when people listen to it because

there’s a lot more about this as well as

you as a person

yeah and I think you don’t give yourself

credit for how wise and how emotionally

in terms of you you’ve obviously taken a

lot of knocks to the head as I telogen

because I listen to a lot of large

premieres and world leaders and most

people speak the same things so that the

max of everything is the same everyone’s

trying to motivate us by I said there

was stuff but what it is we will have a

different way of communicating and yours

is obviously through your fight game but

some of the words you’re saying today is

it’s literally like I’m hearing it and

you can see how excited I’m when I’m

sitting here because I was just hearing

someone I admire lip killing it across

the game saying the same stuff yeah so

there’s obviously a secret to the

success you know the secret ingredient

which people have it and whether it’s

making money or whether it’s inspiring

people are getting to the top of a

5-game the things you are speaking about

are amazing so hopefully this interview

gives that and I think you should

definitely try and showcase that more as

well we touched on mental health and

this is something we’ll take offline

because I’m deuce a couple of projects

in mental health so my mom suffered with

it for eight years on know how serious

it is and I think having someone from so

of health and fitness background into it

there might be room for us to

potentially work together or something

to what help into poor people awareness

is tough so I’m excited for that because

I think you’ve got more than just horny

pants for people you’ve got a lot of

life why I like helping doing space of

that I don’t see I’m doing yeah yeah

sometimes if my friends all my family or

even my parents of the day of negative

times on the talky negative I’m thinking

I’m explaining it to them yeah it’s true

like you said you don’t realize you have

that in your head you have it here like

you don’t have to have a great a be

all agree but if you got general

knowledge in life and you know how to

especially help people I made people

happy no life experience is the main

thing a female nowadays this youths out

there that like that

you know I mean of course parents want

to give them everything on the plate

don’t want to see them struggle but

they’re not gonna experience life she’s

not gonna not true no and I think the

best lesson they could teach at school

is how to control and understand your

own mind which is something that you’ve

had to do definitely cuz I remember last

time using science I use it a little bit

for fitness but generally speaking yeah

it’s some of the stuff is okay yeah I

don’t know how to pay tax and yeah of

course they should just be like a life

school or thing yeah yeah but I think

that’s something that I’ll probably do

with my kids because I’m not I’ve got

academics yeah then the whole degree the

Masters and stuff and it’s not really so

me where I want to go look this stuff I

wanna do I don’t actually need any of

that so for me it’s like I’ve just

wasted so many years so when I get kids

and stuff I’d love first I’m gonna get

in the club box it’s a little boxy

engineer sports all that’s also but

generally speaking what I think when

they get to a certain age if they find a

passion or something they wanna do I

took their choice yeah absolutely their

choice and another thing I want to hit

on is basically a lot of people don’t

realize this when there’s no difference

between a girl and a boy a girl can do

anything that a boy can understand I

know girls are tough for the boys yeah

they’re champions and I don’t disagree

with the thing that a female can’t do

what American you know they can do

anything anything that American and

nowadays females are more successful

than men really do what and he’s just

the individual that’s why yeah because I

get a lot of parents saying that oh yeah

my boys gonna do this but how about you

girl look of course it what means she

can’t do that no example like fighting

or boxing

oh my boy he might not want to do that

but you go might become a world champion

be and it it’s I mean yeah there’s a lot

of female fighters now I’m seen coming

up as dangerous imagine you also is all

gonna bring on a female power lifter

it’s just a normal girl that you

wouldn’t think that

the power of technique and everything

they got and everything else boys this

got their own training and it’s hard and

it’s all a point athlete and fighting to

the sign as a person and human I’ll be

through things but I’m still standing

okay so there you’ve heard it the buzzer

has gone off now we’re gonna put Raj

through his paces and I’m gonna asking

the most random questions ever was 60

seconds so are you ready buddy yeah I’m

ready let’s go okay brilliant three two

one what did you eat for breakfast see

ya the ability to fly or be invisible

visible money or fame money Bruce Lee or

Chuck Norris Bruce Lee your proudest

moment your favorite food pizza Netflix

or YouTube Netflix your number-one goal

this year just be healthy boxing or

kickboxing boxing

would you rather know how you will die

or when you were dying your favorite

boxer ever everything more or less your

favorite MMA fighter ever John Jones

love or money love books or movies

you’re number one fitness tip your

favorite workout song yes if you could

sit with one person in the world for

another who would it be

not bad your worst fear is a child you

ever seen what is your biggest addiction

junk food summer or winter winter your

favorite place in the world India if you

could abolish one thing in the world

what would it be your favorite superhero

your biggest friend and the final

question is your favorite movie star

Robert De Niro really good stuff okay so

the next thing I ask is about reflection

so if you could go back to maybe an

earlier time in your life where you

could whisper something to your younger

self say for instance when you’re first

coming to Tom that Airport yeah you

leavin funfair fine you comin up to

England and you can just whisper

something into that kids yeah knowing

what you know now what would you say if

I’ll take it back to that time

when me when I first left Germany going

to that Airport back with my bags no

whispering to that kids hear my sob I’ll

just say go there and smushy hmm you’re

gonna make it okay

so we’re actually at the last question

now and this is a question asked all on

my guess yeah and it’s if you’re not

hundred fifty years no members are

around anymore and all that exists is a

book book on the table and it’s a book

about your life and everything that

you’ve done open to whenever you pass

and on that book what I wouldn’t

obviously what the player would be and

secondly what the summary would tell us

about you at the back Montana would be

basically my favorite song with no one

knowing this notion of comedy it’s my

way from Frank Sinatra okay love like my

book would be called my way yeah because

I’ve done everything my way the way I

wanted it to do the way I wanted it to

be and that’s why I’ll call it just my

way but a picture yeah okay straight

ahead my legs and the name my way and at

the back just a great human being

basically like how people and went

through the struggles through journey of

my life and a Beatle come my way my way

try and get the truck oh yeah I love

that song literally but um yeah that’s

it really but that wouldn’t be the book

and I will be the back the journey of my

life okay

that I destroyed my way no fantastic and

I’ve sort of said thank you again for

obviously sharing your story I knew it’d

be good my wife’s been telling me for

ages brought myself as a podcasting back

in the day but she was like you need to

reach out to write you know it’s got an

amazing stories inspiring

from the moment I met you today your

energy and stuff appreciate that

thank you very much days on I’m just

like as a friend now I’m proud of

everything you’re achieving and what

you’re doing going forward until your

parents are as well and just before we

close up the show what’s the best place

the audience can connect with you or

follow your story they can connect with

me through Facebook social media

Instagram Facebook and your names for

the names are red silent

okay on Instagram only one radish salad

I like

and they’re on Facebook right silent

I’ll come up and you’ll know

straightaway and you spout Raj Raj and

my second name is sa double L a and

fantastic so I do he’s operating in the

show notes as well you’ll find a lot of

like training footage as well I’m sure

there’s a lot of mindset stuff in there

as well obviously if you throw a like

training like I knew actually before I

met you I was gonna want to go to the

gym after this episode so I’ve got my

shaker ready I’ve got my gym attire on

I’m going straight to the gym hopefully

inspires you guys but also inspires you

not to make excuses in your life because

there’s always somebody out there who’s

probably got it with so thank you

Raj and for everyone at home thanks for

listening and remember this podcast is

absolutely free so all we ask in return

is for you to share this with a friend

and drop us a five star review over on


have an awesome day

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