How to Control Your Thoughts, Emotions & Practice Self Care to Improve Your Mental Health #86

How to Control Your Thoughts, Emotions & Practice Self Care to Improve Your Mental Health #86

“You are NOT your Anger” by Alexander Walker #86

Alexander Walker, is a clinical hypnotherapist who works with clients who have or are experiencing depression, bipolar, anxiety and stress. But he fell into this line of work due suffering depression himself, struggling with his own anger and realising he never quite fitted in. Eager to now help others, having dug himself out of his own hole, Alexander helps people on a daily basis. He kindly joined us on the show today, where he shared methods for reducing anxiety and overwhelm; managing anger management and more important recognising that our thoughts are not us. Our emotions are not us. We are not moments of our life, we are much more than that. This insightful perspective of looking at how we often criticise or judge ourselves, can increase our happiness almost instantly.

It is for that reason, I encourage you all to listen to this episode, maybe even watch it on YouTube where it is not edited and has a few extra bits thrown in. It will teach you to manage your emotions and thoughts much better, which in turn will enhance your life, improve your happiness and help you find your voice.

Let me know your thoughts, and be sure to share this on social media and share it with anyone you feel could benefit from the wisdom Alexander shared.

Some Key Time stamps:

[04:30] Understanding my own Depression – Alexander

[09:00] Controlling your thoughts & bringing in a new experience

[14:00] Dealing & Understanding your Anger problems

[17:55] Why some people act in a “bad” way

[25:30] You are responsible for your world – The HO-OPON-OPONO Technique

[31:10] Acknowledge the small wins in your life + Your Journey Matters

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