How to Create The Life You Actually Want by Nate Bailey #63

How to Create The Life You Actually Want by Nate Bailey #63

“Integrity Bank” by Nate Bailey #63

Nate is a man of many talents. A successful entrepreneur, real estate investor, speaker, coach and author. Along with many other talents and avenues he has pursued such as podcasting, serving his country in the war and running 100 miles (ca. 161 km) at once! But one thing from this interview that really stuck out for me, was his authenticity and integrity. Nate is a man of his word, who has used his life experiences to not only level his own life up and reach a life he is proud and happy with, but he also now helps other people too.

Recognising there has to be more to life, Nate went on a personal journey of transforming his own life. He did this by banking all the things he said he would do, into what he calls the Integrity Bank. Then through consistent actions and staying true to his word, he has achieved some incredible feats that have not only built his resilience but also his experience that he now shares with the world.

Super intentional behaviours and being clarity on all aspects of his life, Nate has really managed to mould his life into a place he is now happy with. One that now gives him a meaning, but is not just about him. Using his own words, of: “It’s not all about you” Nates honest story showcases the journey of life many of us go through. We rarely have it figured out, however we can figure it out if we put the work in!

Key timestamps:

[05:25] Figuring out the purpose of life

[14:45] What do you want from life?

[24:00] Imposter Syndrome

[30:00] Running 100 miles after a 3rd attempt

Key Quotes by Nate Bailey

“When emotions are high, clarity is low”

“Be super intentional”

“Its not all about you”

I urge you all to please follow Nate and support his amazing journey.

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