How to Crush Your Goals in 2020 #69

How to Crush Your Goals in 2020 #69

“How To Crush Your Goals in 2020” by Aren Deu #69

Yes we’ve heard it all before, but have you ever tried these 5 tips to make your goals and dreams come true?

Don’t worry, it will cost you nothing but time and a bit of effort.

New year, new decade, new me and all that, let’s make it worthwhile!

So in true find your voice format, I want to give you 5 ways to absolutely crush 2020, and guess what, It’s Free!

If not, you will of course get your money back ;)! Just kidding.

Okay enough bad jokes, lets get going!

1 Reflection of 2019

2 Write them goals down!

3 Be intentional about your life

4 Reverse engineer success

5. Look after yourself

Now of course I can list at 37 more points here, but for now let’s just try and master these simple 5 methods.

Thanks for listening

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