How to deal with grief better #102

How to deal with grief better #102

“My lifes journey” – by Martika Whylly

Martika, is most certainly finding her voice in the midst of the adversity and uncertainty many of us are currently experiencing. But what is more interesting about Martika’s story is the fact her voice is now being used to speak about the adversities she has witnessed in her life. Seeing her mother commit suicide, her cousin sister do the same and losing many loved ones in such a short succession, Martika recognised there was a process to grieving. Sadly grief will catch us all at one point, whether it comes unexpectedly or whether it creeps into our lives.

However, the way we are in today’s society we rarely actually think or know how we should grieve. What are we meant to feel? How are we meant to act? How long does the grieving process take? Fortunately Martika has researched and dived into this aspect of her life in an attempt to shed light for those who may experience similar adversities in their own lives, giving them processes and tools to help them cope with grief better via her platform:

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Key timestamps:

[04:20] Martikas story

[06:55] What happens when we lose someone?

[12:27] Martikas experience with losing her mother to suicide

[17:35] Living with gratitude

[24:20] Martikas personal journey & book of dealing with death and grief

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