How to live with Energy with Actress, Comedian Jen Elyse #16

How to live with Energy with Actress, Comedian Jen Elyse #16

Find your voice – Episode 16- “The Keys to Live The Life” – Jen Elyse #16

Tagline: “If you’re not laughing, you’re not living”

Jen, struggled with debilitating back pain and chronic fatigue and found no answers to conquer her condition. Having numerous consultations with doctors and specialists she was left to take control of her own life. Taking it upon herself to fix her condition she began to explore the importance of nutrition, holistic health, diet and movement and found herself regaining her health, wellness and living a life of authenticity and happiness.

She is also Find Your Voice’s first oversea guests and what a way to kick it off with a story of someone who makes no complaints about their life, seeks happiness in every opportunity, loves to laugh and make others laugh and continues to write her own story at her own free will.

I hope you can all resonate with her story and take note of some great nutrition tips and tricks she mentions in this podcast that can help you all live a healthier, happier and higher energy lifestyle.

Jen is also a holistic health counsellor, Reki master, actress, MUA, comedian and a lover of all things health and wellness and I can see this list growing! Be sure to check her out over at the show notes below:

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#JustDeuIt #FindYourVoice

welcome to an episode of find your voice

a movement led by yours truly

Aren do a guy who has overcome

crippling anxiety adversity and

difficulty like so many of you in life

whose main goal now is to help you

combat your excuses take control of your

life write your own story and most

importantly find your voice so now

without further ado I welcome the host

of the show himself mr. Aren do what’s

going on people thank you for tuning in

to another episode of find your voice my

name is Aren and as always I am the

host of the show so we actually have our

first international guest on the show

today and yes we have gone over to the

states so it’s a fascinating story

actually because it’s a story of

somebody who are supposed reminds me a

little bit of myself in terms of she’s

basically writing her own story she’s

doing the things that she loves to do so

whether that’s in health and fitness

whether it’s in comedy or whether it’s

actually in acting as well and she’s

doing quite a few other quirky and

wonderful things that we explore in this

episode and again the purpose of this

show and find your voice one of the

meanings behind it is that we all use

that as a metaphor in terms of finding

our path in life and then obviously as

the tagline States write your own story

and that’s kind of what I want people to

do I want people to find out who they

really are and Jenn is certainly an

example of that so what I’m gonna do is

jump straight into this episode because

you’re gonna find it fascinating plus

you also get to hear a much better

accent than myself

okay so firstly I just want to welcome

Jen to the show and thank all the

listeners for tuning in today so how you

doing today Jen I’m pretty amazing yeah

I got a wake-up call from my buddy

Howard Hoffman at fresh green so he’s

kind of like I think he’s better than

Tony Robbins so everything’s good oh wow

wow is that a working relationship yeah

yeah we do over more like friends

honestly we’re probably like he’s one of

the rare companies I’d say our only

company’s a traction buddies yeah I’m a

big fan of him in the products yeah it’s

cool fantastic okay um so I obviously

know a little bit about yourself where

friends over on Instagram that’s kind of

where we had this conversation – perhaps

record this episode today I think it’s

important for my listeners to obviously

get to know you a little bit so if you

wouldn’t mind if you could just kind of

explain how you progress through life

and kind of ended up where you are today

mm-hmm okay I mines no I’m kidding okay

let me see well I do a lot of things I

wrote comedy last night for four and a

half hours so I’m in a few different

worlds that a lot of people would think

don’t really make sense and the but but

to me if you’re gonna live a full life

you need to be fit and healthy and you

can’t have back pain I’ve had crazy

debilitating back pain you can’t be so

tired you can’t get out of bed and you

have to laugh and you have to feel good

and maybe you want to look good so what

I do now is I do hair and makeup that’s


I’m most important thing is my health

guidebook I’m a whole health guide book

for moods immunity energy and aesthetics

I’m going backwards by the way because

you know I think people kind of need to

know where I’m at to be like oh okay

and then reverse engineer yeah I like to

reverse engineer things that make sense

so there’s a health guidebook so mousse

immunity and imaging and aesthetics

everything from immune disorders to

selling light in apps and fitness

training pretty straightforward but a

lot of different weird techniques and

yeah the comedy writing last name she

will be very absurd so yeah comedy and

health and beauty and fitness and acting

and modeling and some movies are coming

out so that’s pretty much where I’m at

now unique and how did I get here um

I’ve always been in fitness my whole

life my grandparents were like

Prevention magazine before Prevention

magazine ever came out I was at their

dinner table saying what’s the protein

so yeah that was always there and then

as far as being so passionate to help


I had debilitating back pain from

2010-2013 where I really couldn’t take a

nine-to-five job because I didn’t know

if I’d be able to walk so when you have

situations like that and chronic fatigue

you you know once you get over and you

learn what causes it and how to prevent

it and how to fix it for me at least I

want to I don’t want anyone to go into

that situation so I’m very passionate

about sharing that message so I’d say

that kind of sums it up you know my

passion says yeah yeah okay that’s

fantastic so there’s a couple of things

I want to touch on there so you remind

me a little bit of myself and this was

one of the reasons that I I reached out

to you in relation to this episode

because similar to myself I’m doing so

many random things as well so I’m a

property investor I’m a podcaster I’ve

got a separate business doing personal

training then I’ve got this social

aspect to my life so I’m kind of doing

similar to yourself just kind of

enjoying myself through life and kind of

picking and choosing whatever I feel

like doing basically so that’s always

interesting and also you just touched on

you this back pain that you’ve had and

obviously that going through that

situation is obviously giving you a kind

of purpose or suppose in terms of making

sure nobody else kind of feels that way

so if we could just touch on that a

little bit you mentioned was it 2011 you

said that like I mean I’ve had fatigue

since like middle school high school and

just not being literally like coming

home from Middle School in high school

just having to take naps and I had to

basically go from being an honor society

and in 12th grade just barely going to

school so I wouldn’t want anyone to go

through that and I’ve had a lot of

fatigue and then the back pain was late

2010 to 2013 and that was pretty bad too

and I’m just looking at obviously your

Instagram profile now where you’re in

great shape you’re doing all this

fitness stuff have you found the

underlying cause for that was it some

sort of information was it anemic or

what was it yeah that’s a good question

um my friend who just caught it would

you sell the back pay and I said no

because it took a million years I’m

dealing with quote if you saw me I’d be

quitting quotes up quote good doctors

and you’re the best of the best and good

areas but they weren’t helping me so

I’ve been failed by so many doctors and

experts in the fitness field the health

field nutrition field the back pain

field energy field that I really had to

just take bits and pieces from you know

either things that I’m pulling from the

collective consciousness or downloading

if you’re into the spiritual realm and

take you face from books and really

piecing together my own plans so what

caused it is what I found basically you

take a piece of paper and you divide

into two side

the left side look at the left side is

things that cause back pain or cause

fatigue and then the right sinus things

that prevent it in alleviate I found all

these different things that can cause

and prevent it and that I know how to

fix it so Wow

yeah it’s I will say that and when I

found the clients because I fixed back

pain would be fear alcohol crappy diets

can I say shitty like there’s something

you can say what you okay

but I curse on you yep yeah are you sure

yeah yeah all I do is when the episode

comes out I just label it as explicit so

it’s not a problem

Oh perfect let’s do it explicit that I

don’t eat character it’s really stifling

alright cool so like shitty foods should

she know a crappy processed food like

pizza stuff like that causes information

fear over here yeah if you’re not

stretching doing tightening contracting

workouts without stretching so like

there’s a whole bunch of things but

those are some main ones

oh wow that’s interesting so you also

mentioned they’re you honest like

clients know who you’re working with are

they able to access your services via

Instagram have you got anything for us

UK people over here because obviously

you across the shores over is it in New

York yeah so with Fitness I’ve done I’ve

done a few video trainings but I really

I really do think if you’re gonna do

training you should have someone that

can physically touch you move you around

but I’ve had some clients request it so

I’m like alright whatever but um as far

as nutrition and that corresponds to the

back pain I do think you have to have

that nutrition because that’s the fear

it’s the lifestyle it’s relationships

that’s to me that’s one affect your so

acid it’s gonna affect your lower back

in my whole sacral area so yeah I do my

my health guide book that I do via video

so and then I send a copy of the book so

I’d have to literally just send it I

don’t do it through an e-book I actually

give hardcopy books to everybody

excellent and the final thing I want to

touch on was a you mentioned comedy and

I’ve watched some of your videos on

Instagram as well so again it’s just

another another unique thing about

yourself what got you into comedy I just

might be a my parents are really really

funny so I’m just that’s just the way I

go through life aside aside from

last four months I dated someone who

produces literally produces like drama

all the stuff he does is like drama and

he pretty was found on my life so I was

like oh let’s let’s try this but no I I

like I like living in a comedy life I

like to wake up with jokes in my head

it’s just it’s just a nice way to go

through life it’s a good high vibration

if you give you’re into that

absolutely yeah so are you doing at your

stand-ups then in terms of what weed I

say from the UK we look on junglers or

some sort of comedy show you say okay

well a sketch sketch I do have a

stand-up written but I like I like

sketches I like to do characters

so that’s what we did last night we’re

gonna be doing I can’t really tell you

because I’ll ruin it but we’re gonna do

some we’ll probably some live events but

we’ll do a Facebook live and it’s gonna

be all these different characters

there’s going to be a lot of Facebook

lives going down like in characters and

pranks fantastic well I’ll make sure I

do is at the end of the show get your

details obviously we can put that for

the listeners and then obviously they

can smile and what’s just there’s more

videos yeah only two people laughing

those two people had a kind of smile on

their face absolutely absolutely I agree

okay so I’m a big big believer that we

are a result of the thoughts we tell

ourselves and the habits that we kind of

put ourselves through on a daily basis

myself in particular I have a specific

morning routine similar to yourself is

it’s mainly around like health

well-being my mindset and everything

what kind of routine do you have on a

daily basis or is it kind of ad hoc and

you just kind of firefighting your way

through life because you do do a lot of

things yeah kind of switches so let’s

say like next week weekend there’s

someone from an over show that’s gonna

we’re gonna have to talk about the

sketch comedy show so that’s gonna be

part of me that next one today to

today’s you and today I’m gonna be

writing Facebook ads and I’m also going

to be meeting with the nutrition client

so today is one day I let myself wake up

late and I have wheatgrass and sprout so

I take wheatgrass I get deliveries from

you can get that by the way they deliver

I’ve actually had it before and it

doesn’t taste too great but I did have

it for about

great this one’s actually better because

the ones I would get in the store I

actually almost threw up

the last ones I had it so this one’s

okay and then the sprout cubes like it

sprouts loose too I make them into cube

so I’m drinking sprout cubes and

wheatgrass cubes and fresh greens I have

my greens and the reason I do that is

one your alkaline there’s so many

benefits to that there’s so many

nutrients but also it potentiates it

really has a synergistic reaction and it

basically just makes your stimulants

more stimulating so I have coffee here

right now – and you’re you’re gonna feel

the effects of coffee more if you have

greens so that’s that’s pretty much how

I start the mornings as far as drinks go

in lemon water or ginger water in

turmeric water and then on Tuesdays I do

a lot of cocaine and then I have hookers

waking up so that’s what use knees go ya

know a bit of abundance then yeah I

don’t pay for it no I tell super by

right movement you know get the looks go

and get the blood flowing get a little

detox fasted cardio I try to do faster

cardio so if I can’t get to the gym I

walk around my house in circles and I do

whatever I gotta do so that’s kind of

what I did right before talking to you

so that’s today Vernon excellent I’ve

actually just done my cardio just before

speaking to yourself as well because I

find it kind of clears my mind and it

just makes me a little bit more creative

I suppose I’m jealous

what’s your momma with you my morning

routine I wake up in the morning and the

first thing I do is like a gratitude

journal and I’d have my day planned out

from the night before so I write my

gratitude journal and I do this really

weird thing so how a lot of people kind

of inspire themselves and want ovate

themselves with their dreams and all

this exciting stuff I kind of think of

like the most morbid nightmare that

could possibly think of I need something

Bad’s gonna happen potentially to myself

or my family and what that kind of does

is it kind of fires me up and gets me

out of bed to really kind of seize the

day and not my – excuses yeah yeah I

know it sounds morbid but it’s actually

quite motivational any no yeah I just

I use all my adversity and stuff like

through life just to kind of channel

that into your positive then the first

thing I do is go to the gym I try and

train fasted similar to what you were

saying earlier and then I’ll come back

and I’ll have breakfast with

the wife and then I’ll crack on with my

work depending on what I’m doing in the

day and when I kind of hit a slump which

is normally like after lunchtime that’s

where I just do a bit of cardio because

it lifts me back up and then I’m then I

I just kind of again I do look at my

goals I write my gratitude again like

second time in the day and I kind of

write like my five wins for the day

because I think sometimes we’re so busy

and especially on social media when

you’re comparing yourselves with other

people instead we forget the progress

that we’ve made in life as well so I

kind of use that to just reflect and

it’s me just being more mindful of the

things I’m doing I suppose because I

think there was a big period in my life

where I was just on autopilot if that

kind of makes sense but I do try and

incorporate a lot of health foods so

stuff like chaga mushroom lion’s mane

coffee that kind of like organic stuff

because I listen to the model house show

by Sean Stephenson and I do try and take

a lot of oh my god he’s amazing yeah I

listen to all these stuff and any

anything he kind of recommends is where

I’ll kind of go obviously in the UK it’s

difficult to kind of get the stuff that

you guys have got over there so when I

went to New York recently I brought

myself some of that coffee obviously we

get wheatgrass and karela and spirulina

and all those kind of good things here

so do you try and put as many good

things into my body but I suffered a lot

with binge eating too many just about me

I kind of find that I have to for if I

fancy a biscuit or a chocolate I have to

have that then because otherwise I’ll

suppress my feelings for seven days and

then I’ll eat like 300 of them if that

makes right no it’s holding if you have

my family is like eating themselves to

death so it’s definitely I get it it’s a

horrible condition isn’t it because it

almost becomes a vicious cycle because

especially I mean I’m not sure when you

had it but when I did it what I would do

is I will train three times a day for

the next four days almost like torturing

myself and then yeah it’s horrible then

you keep then you get to a point where

you’re absolutely starving and then you

end up gorging againi in 10,000 calories

and you’re thinking this can’t be right

so for me it’s kind of being practical

thinking what’s sustainable and so I try

and get all the best foods I can in them

owning hard right train everything and

then if I fancy a treat like just before

our bun on the show with you I had a

couple of biscuits and I’m good I’m

happy so yeah right right but on the

binge eating um it is an addiction

actually I’m going to become a certified

peer recovery coach there’s a training

for that I’m going to apply that with my

health counseling because I don’t have I

do I did take some classes in addiction

but I want to take more and more formal

classes because what I’m finding is that

like my last client doesn’t her name is

not listed so it’s totally confidential

so confidential clients to the point

where people don’t even know I do

nutrition but um a lot a lot of people

who have the binge eating

you know it’s comorbid they’re also had

maybe had a history of sex addiction or

alcohol or opiates it usually runs hands

in hands attempt it tends to at least

that’s what I see and these people if

you can apply even if they don’t have

the substance addictions I’m applying

the principles of addiction for many

different belief systems really helps it

really helps easing you know that’s

fascinating so you till you’re in the

process of becoming that coach now yeah

I’m going to I’m going to hopefully

hopefully it starts next week yeah did

like you haven’t got enough things to be

doing right I know well you know is I

don’t have kids

and I don’t have a husband so that frees

up a lot of space where I can do a lot

of things a lot of people say you have

to pick one I said well if you don’t

kids and you don’t go to breakfast lunch

and dinner and you still have hangovers

anymore you can kind of do a lot of

stuff yeah good point

just I’m going off on a little tangent

here you mentioned at the beginning of

the show I think it was fresh coal and

you’ve mentioned all this nutritious

types of food that you’re taking what

kind of brands do you recommend I’m just

thinking for the listeners who maybe

want to just make it a take on a bit of

advice and try something sure sure okay

long list I bounced around because this

is a thing even even if you know the

manufacturer and make highly research

things there might be substances in the

foods that they don’t know about you

know it’s just like with the world how

it is in the polluted waters so I like

to diversify a lot so with

I’ll do fresh cooking’s I would do fresh

greens for since 2010 and that I met the

owner and it was like I was already

taking this stuff for eight years I

found that on a podcast while in my

shower and then we became friends so

fresh greens for sure also on Puri

Imperium is a network marketing company

I don’t sell it but I am a fan of their

green vibrance green affair um so I like

I really think it’s good to bounce

around I do like the period

it’s a beat what is it it is a

pre-workout and it’s called can’t beat

this before pre-workout pretty amazing

so they vasodilator of beet powder love

that beet powder as far as supplement

it’s not really a supplement you buy but

you can do this yourself so I highly

recommend this you can do all this with

lemons turmeric ginger and sprout they

do is all for you just take sprouts

lemon turmeric ginger putting a black

they’re all separate so the lemons are

just with water in a blender and then

blunt it turns into a pulp and then you

take the pulp and you put it into an ice

cube tray or many ice cube trays and

then you freeze it it becomes ice cubes

and then you take those ice cubes put it

in a bag so every time you have water

you can just take an ice cube and put it

in your water it’s already prepared no

mess grilled yeah so that’s the turmeric

and the ginger a big one and those are

natural it’s not a company see I think a

lot a lot of these brands we don’t

really get them in the UK which is why I

was quite envious because I listen to

Sean Stephenson quite regularly and he’s

saying and talking about organifi and

all these crazy supplements that just

sound like they’re amazing but then

obviously you go to the UK shopping

centres and it’s pretty much basic stuff

yeah so yeah yeah it’s very difficult

and I think they’ve started to do like

organic ranges now where you’ve got our

whole foods and stuff but everything’s

so overpriced I’m just thinking for the

regular family well maybe maybe stuff

like you’ve just mentioned like ginger


lemons which is relatively cheap food

that you can almost make some sort of

concoction yourself yeah just blend it

you can do it fresh but it makes a mess

it takes time and if you’re really busy

just to go in your freezer and take the

ice cube and pop it in water it’s so

easy yeah I’m not gonna grind sour


is that yeah of course okay fantastic so

we’ve spoken a little bit about your

life now obviously you’re doing all this

weird and wonderful things I want to ask

you something a little bit suppose a

little bit personal and it might again

go back to that situation about your

back or it could be something completely

different I want to speak about

adversity and the reason I want to speak

about adversity is because I’m always

keen to see how people overcome their

adversity because I believe we’re almost

faced with the choice when we go through

something difficult we either give up or

we continue moving forward and the whole

emphasis behind this show is to show

that the show must still go on so if I

could kind of ask you to maybe talk

about a time that you’ve been through

some level of adversity and how you

persevered through it and more

importantly what you learned from it

right right okay so I kind of had that a

few weeks ago breakups breakups will

kind of do that to you but I’m gonna go

up to the back pain I think that’s the

best because that was a transformational

time my life I really changed so the

2010 Thanksgiving ish was the back pain

started setting in and when I say back

pain it’s it’s not just all my back

hurts there’s a shooting pain that feels

like there’s a needle being stabbed in

your back and it goes down to your feet

wrong so that happens to 50% of the time

from 2010 to 2013 in August and one day

I knew it was gone when I picked up my

juicer with one hand and I didn’t feel

back pain I was like oh my god I can

pick a juicer up with one hand and I

don’t feel back then and I started what

like jogging through me oh my god I can

tog and I was a trainer I remember I was

a trainer teaching workout classes and

that’s when the back pain hit so that’s

pretty scary when your full time job is

of cool teaching workout classes and you

can’t walk across the room and I

wouldn’t even drink water some days

because I couldn’t get up to look across

the room to go to the bathroom that’s

how bad it was so so um yeah it took a

long time you know 2010-2013 is a long

time but there’s a lot of things that

happened I went to a handful of

different doctors that failed me and you

know that motivates me to help people

and put together a cohesive plan that

works that’s why I’m passionate about

sharing myself because nobody not one


we’ll help me unfortunately um switched

my friends around that was really

important I I wasn’t um I wasn’t an

alcoholic or anything but the lifestyle

in DC was you know it was very normal

like once a week so if you’re if you

have a lot of friends and I had a few

people even call me a socialite which is

bizarre but okay so I guess I was pretty

social and teach you workout classes and

those two things don’t mix don’t ever if

there’s any yeah

don’t try to drink tequila at a pool

party and smoke pot and then teach at

work you know until God knows when and

go to the MTV real world house and then

try to teach a workout class at 6:30 in

the morning after teaching it quite a

5-man you’re gonna die like something’s

gonna happen to you that’s what happened

I drove myself into the ground so yeah

so uh you know that the drinking I

almost completely quit I realize it’s

just a poison for me it doesn’t work my

half my family just can’t drink alcohol

like our body is just like my function

so yeah it’s so the alcohol is really

small the whole diet change the friends

that want to go out and drink and wear

high heels because I I can’t really do

that with my with my back high heels are

four sheets in the bedroom you know

going out at night on Fridays and

Saturdays and living a normal life no so

I don’t I have my fun in much different

ways now and those type of friends I

have or people want to create with me

you want to write comedy and sketches

and you know just do fun cool stuff like

this you can be healthy and you can be

kind of bad person you can curse and you

can do all kinds of fun stuff you don’t

have to live a boring life to be healthy

you really don’t

yeah I think that’s a great point and I

think it’s probably something that a lot

of people go through is especially

myself so when I first got into fitness

it was very difficult because similar to

yourself I was very sociable and I was

always going out for drinks on a Friday

Saturday and it’s kind of like an Indian

culture here where you just kind of just

go to the pub on a Friday Saturday and

get absolutely wasted and then hungover

the next day you’re eating kebabs and

fast food and then back on it again and

initially when I started especially my

entrepreneurial journey because it’s

completely different to a nine-to-five

in terms of you’re working more hours so

that lag and that hangover especially

while trying to keep in shape as well

was so diff

when you have in these two or three days

I just continuously going over and then

I almost had to kind of pull myself back

as well from that social circle and

initially it was difficult because I

still found myself coming back but then

like you said I’ve now got people in my

circle who we can just grab for a meal a

nice healthy meal and stuff like sleep

and stuff I really especially again I

mentioned him again Shaun’s demon said I

prioritize my sleep just as much as

everything else that my hearth um and

nutrition so I make sure I’m in bed by a

certain time in order to carry on with

the day and like you said do all the fun

stuff because life for me right now I

probably don’t drink how I used to drink

but I’m having just as much fun so it’s

yeah it’s about reevaluating I suppose

as you go through life priorities change

yeah I mean I gotta say that I mean

today has kind of just started for me I

woke up late but today is I say one of

the best days of my life and necessary

ghosts are the most fun days and there

is no alcohol and there is not staying

up too late but um you know at first I

think it first released for me it was a

little devastating because all my

friends not all of them but the friends

I used to party with for life it looked

like Maxim models they’re gorgeous girls

and they were these heels and they could

literally be on a magazine and we go out

at night and 8iv many sneakers I don’t

care I had to but it’s like you can’t I

literally couldn’t do the things that my

friends wanted me to do like couldn’t

walk and I couldn’t be athlete that all

the behaviors of the Fiat Li wearing

high heels you can’t help normally all

ruin my back so I had to kind of just

disappear yeah of course for your own

well-being I suppose

yeah and it’s better it’s just much

better I mean there’s a whole bunch of

people that are doing I’m actually gonna

make a list and I can share with you I

make a list of all these things you can

do instead of going out to dinner

breakfast lunch and drinks and there’s

so much actually that would be fantastic

if you have got something like that what

can actually put it in the show notes as

well yes so then people that would

obviously give the list of some value as

well thank you I appreciate that

well there’ll be a valuable list because

a lot of people don’t know what to do

when people ask them to do these things

and then they do it and they feel like

shit and then they’re like well this

life is slice Lots it’s like they’ll

just create anyway yeah absolutely I

think that’s a great point that is

because I suppose one of my excuses

actually at that time was are there’s

nothing else to do you know it’s a

Friday there’s nothing

to really do but I think that list will

certainly help people thank you for that

yeah yeah I’m gonna do that and have the

77 they’re just absolutely sublime

brilliant fantastic okay so my next

question it’s about fear so you’re a

very very happy bubbly person who loves

the laugh but what kind of scares you is

there anything that scares you in terms

of everything everything Wow okay bye

that person like hey I think you might

see my Instagram because you can see

watches your stories but I recently

became with on a comical level I’m

obsessed with and then on a comical

level I’m into it like 80% but on a 20%

level I’m really into it because I

believe in it the show doomsday preppers

so like home invasions and security and

looting and the government going or

whatever in the water levels rising like

these are some things that go through my

head all the time right okay

you know in a healthy way because I did

in our environmental event a couple

months ago and there are there is all

this research that shows that in Long

Island there’s going to be I think it’s

a hundred thousand people that will have

to relocate because there’s they’re

going to have flooding in their homes

like there are real things going on so

things like that worry me and then

homelessness has always been on my mind

I’ve never gotten close to it but I

think about it all the time which is

weird I don’t think it’s weird I just

think I think it’s different I think the

fact that you’re thinking about

something like that maybe with like

empathy or something is it shows your

your nature in terms of I assume when

you think about it obviously upsets you

and you think that’s not right I’m just

trying to figure out why something so

external that’s in terms of

probabilities probably not going to

affect you while you’re letting that

kind of consuming because it is an

external factor

I suppose consume me but it’s something

that like it’s just something that you

know I’m not driven by fear but it’s

definitely something I think of like for

example I used to give my dad a lot of

shit and you would always have two cars

and what are you gonna do you’re gonna

you’re gonna ghost ride the whip you’re

gonna have one foot on one car one on

the other and sometimes you talk about

saving money and I’d be like what are

you doing just get rid of one car so I

so by psychic and this is really bizarre

but she’s looking good you’re gonna be

really successful and all this stuff and

blah blah blah you know by the time

you’re 40 and you’re not gonna have to

watch your money but you’re gonna be

very preneur yes because and you’re

gonna save money you’re not gonna waste

money I was like yeah because I always

think you know what if it’s that $7000

1000 dollar purchase and that’s why I’m


yeah right okay yeah absolutely that’s

it that’s a different way of thinking

I’ve never really thought like that

yeah weird no no it’s not weird at all

it’s just it’s unique

so clairvoyance I just want to touch on

that as I see do you believe in

clairvoyance oh yeah I do I do I don’t

think that I definitely think there was

a lot of BS out there and we’re more BS

and there is truthfulness but I’ll give

you let’s see I’ll give you this example

my first my first situation someone came

to my house in my apartment in college

right after college and we had gone to

the University of Maryland and partying

our freshman year with like older people

and it was crazy and she goes she goes

she walks in and I’m smoking a hookah

and my diagram my living room table and

I’m not really paying attention she goes

Jaden do you remember my friend Holly

and I just look up and I go he died like

that was my reflex reaction I didn’t

follow him on Facebook I don’t have any

friends in common we’re at the same

university and she just is like what the

hell he died I just knew so I’ve had a

lot of situations like that where I just

know things it comes out of my mouth so

something’s going on yeah yeah

I don’t I don’t want to scare off my

listeners I know yeah but I believe in

it as well

and actually did a course for a very

short amount of time I did it with my

mom actually and just to kind of

understand what goes on behind the

scenes of it yeah and yeah it was

interesting not that I saw anything or

anything but he kind of explained how

psychics say what they say ie they get

images and stuff and then it’s kind of

like about interpretation how you

interpret what you’re being told and

actually there was a lady close to me

and I actually I’ve probably been to

about ten times in my life and some of

the stuff she’s told me stuff that you

can’t guess you know it’s not stuff like

oh you’re gonna have someone die of a


or something very generic it’s it’s

almost like your great granddad died

because he had an infection in his left

toe and that killed him and then I’ve

gone home and I’ve asked my dad and I’m

like wow how is that just happened so

yeah it is some freaky stuff that you

kind of think why there is something out

there but like you said there’s probably

a lot more fake people out there which

was I suppose suppose the narrative

really but yet I got stories on stories

from the same psychic who didn’t know my

dad at the time and he didn’t know his

current girlfriend of like 10 or 12

years they both saw the same psychic and

they described that they would meet each

other at the brick wall behind them and

the whole place and how it would happen

and it happened that I mean that’s one

of them is crazy so yeah and I actually

use it with clients I actually I’ve

taken a few psychic development courses

just because I used to really be

negative about it I used to kind of like

be really mean to my mom because my mom

used to be able to crystals and I was

like listen does it make sense you’re

being crazy

the only way to knock something is to

fully immerse yourself in to learn about

it so I was like you know what I’m so

mean about this stuff I’m so negative

my name’s like let’s just take some

psychic classes in 2014 I met some guy

at a grocery store and he’s like

literally throwing business cards at me

so I was like alright let’s try it and I

actually um i i’ve known with every

single client 100% if they’re a binge

eater if they’re lonely there’s certain

things i just know fine yeah that’s

fascinating you have to keep me updated

in relation to your journey because who

knows how much they’ll take you some

more courses as well myself i think you

know it’s just good to know like if

you’re in real estate or if you’re in

the entertainment business like i I know

pretty much right away now like if I

should deal with this first right not

just you know it’s not even psychic you

could even just call it intuition or

just reading people really well whatever

you want to call it it’s just really

nice to be able to walk into a room and

wygor having to deal with all these new

people you know as an actress and be

like you know and they gonna that you

know is it should I go to this audition

are they gonna steal my organs and they

get a kidnapped into versus a real

audition and it is a real audition is

this something that I should do so you

got a feel out so much and all these

industries in real estate – you know

that’s where’s your time just playing

devil’s advocate there do you not feel

those sometimes and this is

the response I get from my wife or

somebody is that when somebody tells you

something you almost start acting more

towards that kind of path if that makes

sense so are times where somebody said

are you gonna purchase this or you’re

gonna do this and then maybe

subconsciously it’s gone into my head

somewhere I mean I don’t try and do it

knowingly but you feel that maybe that

kind of and you can’t rule that out

yeah I will tell you writing a book is a

lot of sacrifice you know it takes hours

and hours and I’ve been writing this

since 2010 it’s a hundred thirty-five

pages but I’ve had at least eight if not

20 different psychics who don’t know

each other all over the world tell me

that I’m going to be like a global

healer and help people la ville Bluff so

when you have all these people tell you

things it helps because if for me to

write a book and then think you know

what this is a piece of garbage no one’s

gonna care but when all these people who

are you know winning awards would be

collecting so they’re all telling me

you’re gonna change the world and help

all these people it helps it helps me to

go reaffirms it right yeah me too as

well how more podcast is up okay yeah

what helped a lot of people ten thousand

people before I die that’s what I

decided oh you do more than that you do

like definitely definitely

okay so you’ve actually kind of answered

my next question which was about

motivation and I’m assuming your biggest

motivation is probably to help other


yeah to help people to be out of pain

and help the people who are struggling

to get out of struggle and to help

others who are pretty much doing well to

be more alphonse really super win that’s

a major main goal of mine I love that I

love that tough one as well on the way

yeah you you gotta have fun you gotta

have the vibration for fun actually

you know the vibration of fun is gonna

help you to succeed more absolutely so

what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put you

through the paces now having heard the

buzzer go off so we’re gonna go in three

two one

what did you eat for breakfast we’re

spells coffee gold lemon juice the

ability to fly or be invisible invisible

money your fame money your idea job what

I’m doing right now

your proudest moment mmm writing last

night’s comedy your favorite food man no

I’m just kidding I know yeah I love so

many things I don’t have a favorite I

don’t know Netflix our YouTube mmm shoot

you YouTube’s getting better networks

right now your number one goal this year

put out at least 20 hilarious comedy

videos and to get my book to at least at

least 30 more people minimum if not 100

tea or coffee coffee your favorite sport

all racket sports where it’s tennis

racquetball ping-pong if you could sit

with one person in the world for an hour

who would it be

oh shoot god I’m my dad in second Andy


okay why is your biggest addiction food

summer or winter summer your favorite

place in the whole wide world my home

lately would you rather speak all

languages will be able to speak to

animals animals if you could abolish one

thing in the world what would it be pain

in every single form your favorite song

ever Oh God

okay we’re gonna go with what I listened

to yesterday which is not the truth but

it’s captain and it’s Ricky Ricardo and

the final question is read minds or

predict the future

Finnick the future fantastic it’s weird

that the last question was actually in

relation to the stuff we were quite

talking about that’s strange

okay fantastic so we’re almost at the

end of the show now just got a couple of

more questions I just want to ask you so

I’m a firm believer in hindsight being a

wonderful thing obviously we can learn a

lot from our lessons we can learn ways

to get to where we want to get to

quicker easier or with less heartache

but I’m also a very firm believer that

the journey that we go through teaches

us a hell of a lot so knowing what you

know now if you could take yourself back

to a young agent and maybe whisper

something in her ear when she was going

through some level of adversity even if

we look at 2011 for example what would

you say don’t deal with true gas pitcher

yeah basically I mean that it sounds so

stupid but basically in who and that’s

not you know at your level or basically

related to the goals at hand and purpose

just don’t deal with them I love that I

think that sound advice that’s pretty ok

fantastic so that brings us to the last

question and the last question I always

ask all of my guests is if in 150 years

time we are no longer here and all that

exists is a book and this book is about


it’s about Jen it’s about her whole life

everything she’s accomplished or the

weird and wonderful things that she’s

done firstly what would the title of

that book be and secondly what would the

blurb at the back of it tell us about

Jen oh man well first I’ll just have to

interject and say that I would hope that

my how-to guide book would be much more

prolific and well-known than a book

about me because that will help more

people but um that being said to answer

your question um the title of the book

maybe you read this fuck off or the life

which energy and then the eggs blurb

would probably be how to live the life

the life of the life without pain the

life with laughter good all by having

fun in health and having that that draw

the viewer you know yeah yeah absolutely

it’s a terrible summary that’s not her

thing don’t don’t destroy it I’m sure we

can obviously work on it when it comes

out but yeah no that’s fine absolutely I

think I think that’s it that’s a good

point you’ve said it a few times in this

episode is about the fun bit and one of

the things I’ve always preached in like

especially in health and fitness so I

always say it takes hard work and I say

you need to be consistent with whatever

you’re doing but my other two things are

always about sustainability and

enjoyment that’s kind of my four pillars

that I always kind of practice I suppose

so it’s just interesting obviously

someone else who’s in the kind of health

and fitness space as well that you also

say you know you need to be happy and

you need to enjoy it basically as well

because I feel like we’re kind of

missing that element in there yeah in

the health effects especially yeah I

would like to add to it though I mean I

live to NTC my own

for ten years away from my mom my dad

and my mom definitely has told me no

have fun but my dad more so you know I

am very critical even though I like to

act goofy and be stupid you know and

just played them

I am very critical I can walk into room

and I’m an artist I was art studio art

minor in college I can see every single

thing that I consider to be a flaw and a

person in a home and I and how to fix it

this is just how my mind works so you

know as I the reason why I’m like this

is my dad would always you know

influence and try to be like you gotta

have fun he’ll ask me you know I’m like

I did this and I got an A or you know I

help this client or a bubble blind you

go well did you have fun did you have a

fire mmm it’s a brilliant question to

ask isn’t it

it’s and he’s one of the most important

ones as well yeah it’s so important so

I’m glad that you know he said he would

remind me because I can be I can get

very serious actually mm-hmm

I think the whole world can’t to be

honest and I think I’m not sure what

it’s like over in the in the States but

if you if you pay a lot of attention to

the media and the the television and

your newspapers here it’s very very easy

to kind of become depressed and just

think bad thoughts all the time because

it’s just so much negativity being post

passed around and you’re almost just

hearing like bad stories all the time

yet there’s so much light in the world

as well and so much wonderful things

that I think need to be expressed a lot

more so it’s refreshing that you had

that attitude as well

and I think I think the world would just

benefit more from that so thank you

sharing that I appreciate it before we

go Jen I just want to give you a chance

just to obviously for the listeners let

us know where we can contact you and

obviously are poor or they’re the finer

details into the show notes as well yeah

I don’t contact me I like my piece um no

no I I like people

oh the good ones the good ones so we

have two instagrams at the life with

generally we have at Jen Elise we have

my website which just got hacked the

life with Jenner ChiCom Facebook Jen


feldy there’s Tumblr and Twitter and the

Twitter is life with Jenner G yeah

that’s good and in relation to your

publication yeah I’m gonna have

bits of things on Instagram and Facebook

like if you go to my facebook profile

photos of Congress on there’s a lot of

like the major productions like there’s

five movies coming up and the next few

months so they’re gonna be like you kind

of go through that you’ll kind of see

what’s going on but I also do have like

a resume four people are in the

entertainment business on backstage comm

and I have like a seven page whole thing

with links and YouTube so you could just

be like okay just what what’s going on

like can we just have it in one sheet so

it actually lists everything I’m up to

and it you know goes through voiceover

and health counseling and hosting and

it’s totally organize and categorize

fantastic okay excellent so I’ll make

sure I put those all in the show notes

thank you for your time today and for

everyone else at home thanks for

listening thank you as us and remember

this podcast is absolutely free so all

we ask in return is for you to share

this with a friend and drop us a 5 star

review over on iTunes have an awesome


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