How to Love Yourself Unconditionally ft Andrea Montoya #84

How to Love Yourself Unconditionally ft Andrea Montoya #84

“Our biggest enemies, are our biggest teachers” by Andrea #84

From Emotional Eating & Bulimia to Removing Breast Implants & Self Love Mastery Andrea opens up about how we all need to love ourselves.

What an incredible story this was. Andrea’s journey of overcoming emotional eating, bulimia and the beliefs and thoughts of others is inspiring to say the least. She has seen her own mind transform, but also her body too. A chapter of her story we discussed which I believe is very significant to this episode, was about her breast implants. Having initially done this, to fit in, to feel love in herself she had these removed 10 years later. Recognising that she needed to love herself first and foremost she is now in a place where she is able to live with happiness and comfort in her own body and mind, but also help many other people too.

A beautiful conversation with some amazing takeaways for you all to learn and grow from. I urge you to check the YouTube version which has more content and fewer edits to get everything from this episode.

Some Key Time stamps:

[03:30] Why do we do what we do?

[08:30] Triggers that affect you or others

[13:40] Don’t suppress or avoid feeling your emotions

[19:40] Removing breast implants – Self Love

[29:00] Listening to other peoples opinions and beliefs

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