How to overcome childhood trauma #96

How to overcome childhood trauma #96

“Alcohol saved my life” – Nancy Legere #96

Healing from trauma, being compassionate to others and forgiving ourselves are just some of the incredible points we tackle in this episode. Nancy bravely shares her story of childhood abuse and speaks about the things so many of us, who have gone through adversity need to know and do. We all need to heal, we all need to forgive ourselves and we all need to continue to shine our light on the world and find our voice.

From reading her forward in her book, I myself was in tears. Unable to comprehend how people can openly abuse or hurt others is still beyond me, but one thing I know is, that is on them! For anyone who may feel they are the fault, of any abuse or trauma, you are not. Nobody has the right to make you feel any less a person or to abuse your boundaries. I am also so grateful to have met Nancy as she is such a beautiful person who I felt a deep connection with via our talk.

I urge you all to check her book out and to use the lessons we bravely discuss in this episode to help yourselves move forward and heal from this trauma too.

Important time stamps:

[07:10] The importance of speaking about trauma (finding your voice)

[20:11] What to do if you are going through trauma

[29:30] Finding the silver lining in our adversity

[36:00] Would life be easier with adversity?

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