How to Take Control of Your Life Now! #83

How to Take Control of Your Life Now! #83

“You must become self-aware enough to recognise you have the capability to always be in control” by Aren Deu #83

This is me letting my guard down a bit. We need to promote more vulnerability and transparency, especially if we have an audience or people that listen to us. Whether it is your peers, spouse, children, parents, pupils or friends. We have to be honest about where we are in life, and we have to share not only the things that will benefit us, but also the things we are going through on a daily basis.

Since sharing my anxiety, things have changed more than you can ever imagine. I realised I am not alone. But on this episode, I speak about another area of my life I really want to take control of, just like the introduction states in the beginning. We need to at least acknowledge at the very least, we have the capability to take control of our lives. It is then we can work diligently towards that and embrace the opportunities that will enable us to do it, to truly grow. In this growth, we will become capable of controlling our vices and master ourselves. It is then we will finally be able to truly find our voice.

I hope you enjoyed this one!

Thanks for listening.

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